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#076 - The Secret to Never Running Out of Prospects

Running low on prospects? Feel like you’ve contacted everyone in your market and you’re wondering what to do next? If so, today’s episode can help. Stay tuned to learn 2 reliable ways to expand your target audience without sacrificing quality, 4 basic filters you can adjust to find thousands of new prospects online, and how to use your own customers to find untapped, profitable prospects. Enjoy! HERE’S WHAT WE COVER IN THIS EPISODE: How to get unstuck when the list runs dryAre you running...


#075 - What's Working This Month

Hey cold emailers! In this episode, Jeremy shares with you the principles behind a campaign that's been working exceptionally well this month with QuickMail. You'll learn how one simple change in the offer allows you to break some rules and still achieve over 60% reply rate, then what it means to have more than 100% adjusted reply rate, and the power of combining multiple weapons of influence well together. Enjoy! HERE’S WHAT WE COVER IN THIS EPISODE: What type of businessIn Person...


#074 - How to Launch Your Startup with Cold Email - Part 2

Hey cold emailers, welcome to part 2 of our conversation about starting a business using cold email. In part 2, Jeremy outlines how to go from a brand new business idea, based on real customer interviews, take that info and turn it into cash by landing your first 3 paying customers. Let’s dive in! HERE’S WHAT WE COVER IN THIS EPISODE: What is the most common big mistake once you figure out your business ideaWhy you should not give up on your cold prospects and how to win them overHow to...


#073 - How to Launch Your Startup with Cold Email - Part 1

Hey folks, this week’s cast is part 1 of the episode that covers all about startups and cold email. In Part 1 Jeremy walks you through the steps needed to go from zero customers to having a product that a market will pay you money for. Enjoy! HERE’S WHAT WE COVER IN THIS EPISODE: How can cold email help you find an idea for a startupThe very first things you should look into when you are choosing a market for your productHow to find out what it is that the market would be interested in...


#072 - Test this! 9 Simple Cold Email A/B Test Ideas

Hey cold emailers! If you are lacking inspiration for your next A/B testing, this is an episode you don't want to miss. We'll give a lot of quick tips to try for your cold email campaign including time delays, compliments, and other actionable ideas you can try right now. Tune in! HERE’S WHAT WE COVER IN THIS EPISODE: Why it is important to have a custom intro sentence at the beginning of your cold email campaignHow to experiment with the time between your emails and modify the content of...


#071 - Rapid Fire: Worst Cold Email Mistakes, GDPR Recap and Startup Advice

Hey folks, here’s another rapid fire episode, let’s dive into newest cold email questions we got from you! RAPID FIRE QUESTIONS: Who should handle cold email in your startup?What should I learn about a company before drafting a cold email?Should I bother sending Linkedin Inmail?What's the worst thing I can do for my company as a cold emailer?Are people still sending cold emails now when GDPR is in effect?Is cold email a good tactic to promote my website?What’s the biggest difference...


#070 - How to Land Massive Deals with Cold Email

Hey cold emailers! In this episode, you’ll find out how to start conversations with your dream clients and industry influencers, even if you have zero connections or a well-known brand. You’ll learn what a “VIP prospect” is and how they can change the course of your business overnight, 4 powerful advantages behind building outreach campaigns for just 10 prospects or less, as well as new and old school outreach tactics beyond traditional cold email. HERE’S WHAT WE COVER IN THIS...


#069 - Teardown: Go-2-Market, Nigerian Prince & Link Building Cold Emails

Hey folks, today we have some emails from Jeremy’s folder in front of us that we want to analyze. Some are good, some are interesting, and all of them have something important to take away to make your cold emails even better. We picked up four, so let’s dive right into them! We wanted to showcase different strategies used for cold emailing, so we hope we provided a good overview of some of them. Go out there and address those silent objections in your follow up emails, switch up your CTAs,...


#068 - How to Double Your Reply Rate with A/B Testing

Are you A/B testing your cold emails? In this cast we discuss the ins and outs of A/B testing - why you need to test, and also the right way to do it. We cover the main pitfalls to avoid when setting up successful A/B testing and give some actionable tips to double or even triple your reply rate easily. Enjoy! HERE’S WHAT WE COVER IN THIS EPISODE: Why testing is important and how you will be rewarded for putting in the effort to testRevisiting your tests on a weekly basis to keep boosting...


#067 - Common Rooky Questions to Cold Email Experts

Today we are going to cover the most common questions about the ins and outs of cold email - how to get an email out of Google jail and into the inbox, the right way to cold email a massive newly purchased email list, what reply rate you can expect from a good campaign and more. Enjoy! QUESTIONS WE COVER IN THIS EPISODE: How do I start with cold email?Why do I have to clean my email list?Where do I find people to contact?What’s the difference between a prospect and a lead?How many emails...


#066 - When (and How) to Scale Your Cold Email Campaign

To scale or not to scale? That is the question for today’s cast. If you’re already having some success with cold email, listen in to find out if you’re ready to 10x your results, or if you should stick to small batch sending instead. You’ll hear our slightly counterintuitive advice for scaling, assembling your “cold email” team and whether or not you should bother with increasing volume at all. Tune in! HERE’S WHAT WE COVER IN THIS EPISODE: The definition of cold email scalingHow to...


#065 - Designing a Winning Cold Email Campaign for Framer

Hey folks, in this episode we are showing you how to create a winning cold email strategy from scratch. You’ll find out who to target and what to write in your emails in order to maximize your reply rates and profits. We are using a company called Framer ( as our example for today’s “strategy walkthrough.” Enjoy! HERE’S WHAT WE COVER IN THIS EPISODE: Starting point - how to decide who to go after and find the most profitable customersHow to identify people you should...


#064 - These GMail Updates Just Changed Cold Email... Again

Hey cold emailers! If you are Gmail users, you have probably noticed the change in how your reply drafts look like. In this cast, you’ll hear about 2 new GMail features that could change the way you cold email in 2018 and beyond. Coming up, you’ll see why this update matters and how it can impact your overall reply rate. You will discover a new way to proofread your cold emails from now on, and find out hidden costs that come from easy-to-reply emails. Tune in! HERE’S WHAT WE COVER IN THIS...


#063 - Rapid Fire: Landing a Dream Job, Mastering Outreach & Finding Mentors

Hey folks, today is rapid fire, we have new questions and answers, all about cold email, so let’s dive right into it! Rapid Fire Questions: What is the most challenging part of identifying potential sales prospects?What advice would you give to a new STR that is in charge of cold email when they first got hired?Should you talk about pricing in your cold email?What is the most embarrassing cold email mistake you have ever made?Should I ever give up on a cold prospect?How much time per week...


#062 - Cold Email Pro Advice for Beginners

Hey cold emailers! Today’s topic is what advice we could give to newbies to cold email. This cast is covering baby steps towards quickly setting up a very well thought up and productive campaign, in an early stage when you are testing the waters to see if cold email is a viable channel for your business. If you are already up and running you might want to pass this by, although there are takeaways that are always going to be helpful. Let’s start! HERE’S WHAT WE COVER IN THIS...


#061 - 4-part Email Teardown: How to Get a Reply from Jeremy

Hey folks, today Jeremy is sharing a whole cold email sequence of four parts that he received recently. We are going through the email, follow ups and share what worked and what could have been improved. Let’s dive in! Make sure to check out the Fox and the Crow episode and the one about reciprocity that we mention here, and feel free to send us your own cold emails if you’d like to hear them teared down in one of our next episodes. Happy cold emailing! Jeremy and Jack OTHER TEARDOWN...


#060 - Are You Making These 5 Cold Email Mistakes?

Hey cold emailers, today we’ll share our top 5 cold email mistakes. These mistakes can change what could have been a successful campaign into a complete dud. Listen carefully to find out how to avoid this common pitfalls and be on your way to have a successful growth channel. Let’s dive in! JEREMY’S TOP 5 LIST: Trying to close the sale too quick instead of opening a conversationWriting essays when you haven’t yet earned the right to grab minutes of your prospect’s attention Fancy fonts and...


#059 - Build Your Network of High Profile VIP’s With Minimal Effort

Hey folks, if you hate networking, but want to make meaningful connections with influencers, this cast is for you. Today we are going to highlight what it takes to email and get replies from VIP people like high profile founders, bestselling authors and keynote speakers. This cast is full of actionable advice and templates, so pay attention as this may land you a meeting with the door opener you need most right now. Tune in! HERE’S WHAT WE COVER IN THIS EPISODE: Who are these VIP people...


#058 - The Secret Behind 100% Automated Email Outreach

Hey cold emailers, in this episode we’re covering outsourcing and automation. It’s the perfect cast if you want fresh leads in your inbox, without doing any of the work. Throughout the episode, you’ll notice how some of the most time consuming, challenging parts of cold email are actually the easiest to automate. Stay tuned for tips on automating your prospecting, reply handling and entire outbound effort. WHAT WE COVER IN THIS EPISODE: Steps included in cold email process that can...


#057 - Teardown: Monkeylearn

Hey folks, this time we are tearing down a special email, because it actually got Jeremy to reply with interest, and we all know by now he has high standards when it comes to cold email. So today you will hear a very good cold email that uses a few interesting tactics, and you’re going to get a lot out of it. We also have a surprise for you in the second part of this cast! For anyone looking to get a deeper insight into proper cold email research, customization and a great approach to...