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Overrated Ep. 15: 'Crazy Rich Asians', Casting the Indian Version, and Potential Oscars Categories

Sagar 'J' Kamnani and Uday Mehta discuss their pre-watch feelings surrounding 'Crazy Rich Asians', talk about their film role models growing up and the dichotomy of having Bollywood, break down the movie's casting controversy, and cast a potential 'Crazy Rich Indians'. Then, they work through the logic of having an Academy Award for 'Best Popular Movie', throw around other categories that the Academy should consider, and debate Uday's proposal to co-ed-ify the awards.


Overrated Ep. 14: James Gunn's Controversial Tweets & Barack Obama's Return to Politics

Sagar 'J' Kamnani and Uday Mehta discuss the firing of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn and the appropriate punishment for bad social media behavior (2:40), and break down the return of Barack Obama to the political arena and how much his endorsement will matter in the upcoming election (33:00).


Ep. 31: Theresa May, EU Copyright Directive, Big Food Mergers, Cody Wilson's Ghost Guns

Uday starts off by quickly exploring the nuances of the expansion of Medicare buy-in and the Supreme Court approval of the travel ban (1:10). Then, he dives deep into British politics and Theresa May's current situation (09:10), reviews the most controversial articles of the EU Copyright Directive (25:30), recaps recent mergers in Big Food and what to expect (37:00), provides the full story on 'ghost guns' and who Cody Wilson is (42:30), and spotlights LeBron James' new public high school...


Overrated Ep. 13: Instagram's Q&A, IGTV, Feature Changes; MoviePass Pricing, Disruption, Finances

Sagar 'J' Kamnani and Uday Mehta take a deep dive into social media and conventional media in this episode. First, they talk about Instagram's place in the social media sphere (1:45), express their displeasure with the new 'Ask Me A Question' feature (7:30), run through all feature changes over the past two years (25:00), and debate the promise of IGTV and long-form vertical video (30:00). Then, they delve into how MoviePass got where it is today (45:00), its role as a disruptive...


Overrated Ep. 12: Independence Day, Drake's New Album, Short vs. Long Albums, Posthumous Features

Sagar "J" Kamnani and Uday Mehta discuss the significance of American Independence Day with respect to that of other countries, break down the consumerism associated with the Fourth, and float out possibilities for national holidays. Then, they dive into the uniqueness of Drake's new album, debate how long albums should be and the use of posthumous features, and have a music-themed 'Would You Do It?'.


Ep. 30: LeBron-to-LA, Legalized Sports Gambling, Mohammed bin Salman, Brooklyn 99, + More

In his return from a two-month hiatus, Uday goes introspective (1:00), breaks down the science behind Hawaii's still-erupting volcanoes (10:00), discusses the importance of Saudi Arabia's crown prince Mohammed bin Salman (18:30), provides the background and ramifications of the Supreme Court decision to legalize sports gambling (31:00), explores the motivation behind the revival of Brooklyn Nine-Nine (42:30), and is almost reduced to tears while discussing the arrival of LeBron James in...


Overrated Ep. 11: Priyanka Chopra's Quantico Controversy and Debating '13 Reasons Why'

Sagar 'J' Kamnani and Uday Mehta break down how the controversy around a recent 'Quantico' episode relates to Indian cultural and political norms, and debate the effectiveness and the morality of '13 Reasons Why.


Overrated Ep. 10: Brown Republicans, Indian Political Culture, Kelly Marie Tran, & Toxic Fandoms

Sagar 'J' Kamnani and Uday Mehta discuss Uday's latest piece on Dinesh D'Souza and why people like him are particularly concerning, tour through other prominent Indian-American politicians like Nikki Haley and Raj Shah, break down why there is a disparity between voting patterns and political involvement among brown-folk, and delve into the toxicity of fandoms like Star Wars in light of the bullying against actress Kelly Marie Tran.


Overrated Ep. 9: Avengers Infinity War Questions & NFL National Anthem Policy

Uday (in the absence of Sagar J. Kamnani) goes through all of his problems with Avengers: Infinity War (1:00) and breaks down the new NFL rule regarding standing during the national anthem (34:00).


Ep. 29: CERN's Antimatter, Health Worker Shortage, ICE vs. Citizens, & Facebook Downvote Button

Uday explains what antimatter is and why it's one of the great unsolved physics problems of today (3:09), outlines the impending shortage of healthcare workers to care for an aging American population (15:58), shines light on the frightening ICE practice of detaining U.S. Citizens (18:30), delves into the significance of Facebook's introduction of the downvote button (26:21). Plus, a diatribe on the value of government bureaucrats (39:06).


Overrated Ep. 8: Cons of Coachella, 4/20, and the Productivity of Weed

Sagar 'J' Kamnani and Uday Mehta dive into the cons of Coachella's festival setup and the role of social media, discuss 'National Weed Day' April 20, and debate the social good of marijuana in terms of individual productivity. Plus, an Avengers-themed Would You Do It.


Ep. 28: Zuck's Testimony, Shinzo Abe's Scandals, Wells Fargo Fraud, Scooter Libby Pardon, & Hannity

Uday points out some inaccuracies in Mark Zuckerberg's congressional testimony, provides background on the Japanese system of Government and how it affects Shinzo Abe amid scandal, details the context around Wells Fargo's latest penalties, explains the Scooter Libby pardon by president Donald Trump, and laughs at Sean Hannity while wondering whether he's simply an entertainer.


Overrated Ep. 7: The Impact of 'Blockers', Paul Ryan's resignation, and 'The Problem With Apu'

Sagar 'J' Kamnani and Uday Mehta talk about the place of the movie 'Blockers' in the genre of R-rated comedies and the significance of having a female director, rejoice over Paul Ryan's resignation and speculate as to its cause and impact, and dive deep into 'The Problem with Apu' and the Simpsons' response to the controversy.


Ep. 27: Syria, SpaceX, Laura Ingraham, Lockheed Martin, & Shohei Ohtani

Uday dives deep into why Syria and its chemical weapons matter (00:50), explains the tech behind SpaceX's Starlink plan for Wi-Fi (11:50), counters Laura Ingraham's misunderstanding of free speech and boycotts (15:37), details the importance of Lockheed Martin's patent approval for a nuclear fusion reactor (23:24), and gives background on baseball phenom Shohei Ohtani (31:47). Plus, diatribes(39:50) on interchangeable employees, the importance of advisers, the technical ignorance of...


Overrated Ep. 6: Religious Holidays, FX's Deadpool, and NBA Injury Impact

Sagar "J" Kamnani and Uday Mehta sort through the predominantly Christian holidays that populate the American working calendar (2:10), discuss the circumstances surrounding the premature cancellation of Donald Glover's deadpool (17:30), assess how they would handle the injury landscape in the NBA (30:00), and play their grossest round of 'Would You Do It' (38:10).


Overrated Ep. 5: Streaming Wars, Betsy Devos, Student Loans, and Time Travel

Sagar "J" Kamnani and Uday Mehta hash out the latest updates in the streaming wars for Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO, including marketing in India, and draw the parallel to music and Spotify. They then explore the incompetence of Education Secretary Betsy Devos, the system of choosing the cabinet, and potential improvements in student loan reform.


Overrated Ep. 4: DACA, Russia on Reddit, Hope Hicks, & Donald Glover

Sagar "J" Kamnani and Uday Mehta discuss the developments in DACA and the extents of immigration policy, the extent of Russian influence on Reddit and how it compares to Facebook, the gendered treatment of Hope Hicks, and the 'tortured genius' archetype as it applies to Donald Glover.


Ep. 25: Emperor Xi Jinping, CPAC, Snapchat, Blue Apron, & Black Panther

Uday talks about the potential for political turmoil in China (01:18), takeaways from CPAC with a tangent on the NRA (11:53), Kylie Jenner's effect on Snapchat (25:29), the Blue Apron-style harvest boxes for SNAP recipients (31:49), and flaws in Black Panther (37:26).


Ep. 25: Emperor Xi Jinping, CPAC, Snapchat, Blue Apron, & Black Panther

Uday talks about the potential for political turmoil in China (01:18), the takeaways from CPAC with a tangent from the NRA (11:53), Kylie Jenner's effect on Snapchat (25:29), the Blue Apron-style harvest boxes for SNAP recipients (31:49), and flaws in Black Panther (37:26).


Ep. 17: Game Of Thrones, Popularity & Television

In advance of the Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere, Uday talks about why it's a television show and not a movie franchise, discusses the breadth of characters and why it's so important, and what makes the show marketable and popular.