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Conversing About Season 1 Finale || Episode 16 || Namibian Podcast

In this the season finale episode of Conversations About Nothing I just speak on the seasons guests,planned returned date for next season and details on the Blog(Which is now live) link below. Blog Link: My Twitter: My Instagram: Email: The Graduates Holy Grail Link: Opening Song:...


Conversing With David Wamambo || Episode 15 || Namibian Podcast

In this episode I sit down with David Wamambo; Creative Director at Vaultz Connect,a graphic designer,content creator and an overall creative ninja in his own right. We discuss the journey of creating a platform from the ground up,the growing pains that come with it,Vaultz Connect and its ascencion,Windhoek fashion week,grooming tips and a bunch more. Davids twitter: Vaultz Connect Link: My Social Media...


Update Pod || Episode 14 || Namibian Podcast

In this episode I update yall on the podcasts future and all the little things I plan to expand the platform. Furthermore I shout out a couple of endeavours that I love and look forward to using and experiencing. Links below African Mental Health Foundation Twitter: Link to shirts: Stefanus Twitter: Link to Book thread on twitter:...


Conversing With Ashwyn Mberi || Episode 13 || Namibian Podcast

In this episode I sat down with Ashwyn Mberi; a poet,playwright,dancer,actor and just overall creative swiss army knife. We discussed things ranging from how he became a swiss army knife to his top 5 DOA with many jewels in between. Links to Ashwyns various projects. 1. Tickets to One Night With Ashwyn: 2. The Gathering: 3.Lyricist Lounge: 4. Open Mic Night Windhoek:...


Conversing With Denzel || Episode 12 || Namibian Podcast

In this episode I sit down with the little brother Denzel Amakali. We chat about his chess club,the new Joker,Captain Marvel and Dark Phoenix trailers and a few other things.Chilled fun energy,like share retweet comment and just share if you enjoy. Chess plugs: 1. 2. 3. My Social Media and Email. Twitter: Instagram: email: Songs used...


It's Ok Not To Be Ok || Episode 11 || Namibian Podcast

In this episode I sit for a bit ramble and speak on why it's ok to not be ok and how feeling helps us heal in the long run. I also recommend a couple of dope albums I have been playing non stop this year as well as a few other nuggets. Halla at me on twitter or instagram Twitter: Instagram: Drop a comment in the youtube comment section or send an email at : Intro:...


Episode 10: EPL Weekend 1 Review || Namibian Podcast

This is the first episode in my series of Premier League/Arsenal/Uefa Champions League Reviews. I dropped a few hot takes West Ham are 2017/18 Everton,David Moyes > Unai Emery and a few others,hope you enjoy,engage and share. @ me on Twitter: email: Opening song: Closing Song: FPL Code: 1051835-267898(League disabled)


Ask Me Things PSA || Episode 9.5 || Namibian Podcast

This "Episode" I am just announcing that I will be doing a QnA/Mailbag in episode 10,so I want the listeners to send in questions to the addresses listed below. Also I announce the Conversations About Nothing Fantasy league and Boycott Shoprite Namibia. You can send your questions to. Email: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube Comments section You can DM me or @ Me and use the #Tulitokyo Songs used: First...


Conversing With Beauty || Episode 9 || Namibian Podcast

In this episode I sit down with Beauty Boois a Psychological Counselor,a Yogi,A blogger,A Plant ninja and a Mother. We discuss a range of things from yoga,mental health conversations,bringing psychology in Africa to the front,singing to plants and a whole lot else. This episode was really tranquil and fun. I will have the links to Beauty's blogs below as well as links to my social media if you want to drop feedback. Beauty's blogs: 1.BB BOOIS PSYCHOLOGY...


Conversing About Being Black and Daring to Dream || Episode 8 || Namibian Podcast

In this episode I sit down with myself and share a few thoughts on black people and not being afraid to dream and believe in our ability to be great. Furthermore I touched on how the black man/boy should provide the shoulder for their brother to cry on as we lament every day that nobody is there to listen to us so lets listen to each other. Black Panther,Binti,Queen Of Katwe,The Dream,Common and Pusha T all get mentions. Hope you enjoy. My Twitter: My...


Conversing With Lynn || Episode 7 || Namibian Podcast

In this episode I sat down with Lynn,the founder of By Design Cosmetics. We spoke on her business,astrology,Ja Rule and Ashanti vs Beyonce and Jay-Z and a whole bunch of other things. Links to Lynns business website ,social media pages as well as her blog can be found below. By Design Cosmetics: Website- Instagram: Facebook:


Conversing With Lifa(again) || Episode 6 || Namibian Podcast

In this episode the homie Lifa makes a return and we touch on my Men are trash rant from last week,mental health and mental wellness and a whole bunch of randomness in between. An electric episode which I really enjoyed. Lifa's Blog- Drop some feedback in the comments section or on my social media accounts listed below Twitter: Instagram: Intro:...


Conversing About Men Are Trash || Episode 5 || Namibian Podcast

In this episode, I sit down and ramble(eish) and vent and try to use my platform to get a discussion going amongst the male listeners of my pod and whoever they pass the message on to. I tried to make as much sense as possible and I would really appreciate feedback and also I invite anybody else that wants to speak on this in a much more nuanced manner to to hit me up and we can record. Twitter: Instagram: Outro:...


Conversing With Wayera || Episode 4 || Namibian Podcast

In this episode, I sit down with Wayera and we chat about Black Owned Namibia,Fonts on restaurant menus and a whole lot of randomness. Really fun and relaxing to record hope you enjoy it. You can submit your business at Black Owned Namibia below: Visit Black Owned Namibia here: Black Owned Namibia Social Media: Twitter: Facebook: Drop feedback and...


Conversing With The Siblings || Episode 3 || Namibian Podcast

In this episode, I sit down with Katherine and Denzel and we chat and laugh about a whole lot of randomness. Not as serious as previous episodes but will definitely leave you with something to take home. Drop feedback and keep up with the pod on my Twitter: Instagram: Audible Trail(Audiobooks): Instrumentals used: Intro: Joakimkarud – Outro:...


Conversing With Ndeipanda || Episode 2 Part 2 || Namibian Podcast

In this episode(Part 2 of 2) I sit down with the Ndeipanda and we have conversations on wide range of topics from the idea of a United States of Africa,5 Albums he would give an alien if it landed on earth and whole bunch of things in between. In depth and very fun. Link to Part 1: Drop feedback and keep up with the pod on my Twitter: Instagram: Instrumentals used:...


Conversing With Ndeipanda || Episode 2 Part 1 || Namibian Podcast

In this episode(Part 1 of 2) I sit down with the Ndeipanda and we have conversations on wide range of topics from where we as a people want to go,the Namibian school curiculum and whole bunch of things in between. In depth and very fun. Drop feedback and keep up with the pod on my Twitter: Instagram: Instrumentals used: Intro: Joakimkarud – Say-good-night Outro: Joakimkarud – Piano-sax


Conversing With Lifa || Episode 1 || Namibian Podcast

In episode 1 I have a discussion with my good friend Lifa. We touch on Kanye,Castration,Avocado slander and more. It's a wild high energy episode that goes everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Read Lifas words on his blog: Drop feedback and keep up with the pod on my Twitter: Instagram: Instrumentals used: Intro: Outro:...


Promo Pod || Namibian Podcast

Quick Promo for new Namibian podcast ,Conversations About Nothing. Check My twitter & Instagram for updates,looking forward to this journey. Twitter: Background song: Joakim Karud - Say Good Night