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Ezekiel Vicente

Ezekiel Vicente is the Chief People Officer at Mindvalley, a company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Mindvalley is all about innovating education by using mindfulness and personal development techniques. Today Ezekiel talks about what’s in the DNA of a true leader, the failures of our education system, the main values that guide them at Mindvalley, why people seek jobs at organizations they resonate with, why investing in yourself as a person will end up benefiting your business, and why...


Anurag Gupta

Anurag Gupta is a lawyer-turned-social entrepreneur who made it his mission to figure out a way to hack bias. He is also a public speaker, a mindfulness teacher, and an educator. He founded Be More America in order to train professionals to eliminate conscious and unconscious biases. Today he talks about measuring and hacking bias using the PRISM framework, how compassion is the essence of us as human beings, increasing well-being by dealing with the emotions that form biases, remembering to...


Scott Goodson

Scott Goodson is the author of Uprising: How to Build a Brand and Change the World By Sparking Cultural Movements, the founder of creative agency StrawberryFrog and the person who brought movement marketing to the world. His groundbreaking work involves award-winning movement campaigns and innovative communications for some of the world’s most iconic brands. Today he talks about the strong appeal of purpose, empathy-based marketing, the immeasurable power of movements, why advertising has...


Seth Godin

Seth Godin is an entrepreneur, best-selling author and speaker, and owner of one of the most popular and influential blogs in the world. Today he talks about dancing with fear, why there is no such thing as authenticity, what makes someone remarkable, the old way of doing education and his antidote to it, unlimited resources and possibilities, the difference between leadership and management, and what to ask ourselves more often. On today’s podcast: Links: Stop Stealing DreamsSeth’s...


Eric Edmeades

Eric Edmeades talks about why it’s important to have the bigger picture in mind and protect the environment, how tough phases can translate into something greater, baby boomers and Brexit, the future of economies, automated workforce, changing buying patterns in order to influence manufacturers, and why companies should value their employees more. On today’s podcast: Links: WildFit Full show notes at:


Rachel Botsman

Rachel talks about who we trust and why, pockets of stillness, companies that will win, how we got lost, living with trust scores, the missing human voice, how you can reframe your business, education factories, the power of communities, and where Facebook is going. On today’s podcast: Links: Who Can You Trust?: How Technology Brought Us Together and Why It Might Drive Us Apart Full show notes at:


Axel Dunlap

Axel Dunlap is 20 years old, from Stockholm with an American-Swedish background and is right now fully immersed in studying Italian. He lives in Rome enjoying La Vita and reflects on the next steps in life. Axel talks about passion, thresholds, what truly changed him at the age of seventeen, why not to rush, the importance of character, scrapping insecurities, how to lift a group up, why he is drawn to companies, why respecting all age groups is key, what the world really needs.


Lisa Lindström

Lisa Lindström is the CEO of Doberman, an Experience Design firm, and she is also a popular speaker and renown expert on strategic design and customer experience. Lisa talks about her passion for people, the drive to fix the unfairness, lessons from New York, the power of prototyping, why everything is possible, why an itchy feeling is serious, invisible pockets of society, value-driven mindset, and the power of goodness and integrity.


Lisa Renander

Lisa Renander is an entrepreneur and founder of five companies. Today, she is expanding a Techfarm, a large scale co-living concept. Lisa talks about safe harbours, conscious societies, how it is to raise a kid in a tech farm, what to expect from the fifth level of consciousness, what happens when you lean into the flow of life, who inspires her the most, the collapse and recreation of housing and education, who you attract in life and why, what is in the way is the way, fluid leadership...


Reynir Indahl

Reynir Indahl is the Founder and Managing Partner of Summa Equity, elevating the way to futureproof companies. Reynir talks about why he was disappointed in himself, how the financial sector will change, why he welcomes competitors copying their formula, the ongoing trust shifts, what freedom from fear brings, how to become an exponential organisation, his best advice for leaders and the one thing every company needs to figure out first.


Yvonne Clamf LIndesvärd

Yvonne Clamf LIndesvärd is a designer, entrepreneur and co-founder of the well-known global jewellery brand Yvone Christa. Yvonne talks about her constant source of inspiration, the best sister she could get, film stars knocking on the door, transformational moments and what the world needs the most right now.


Tomas Björkman

Tomas Björkman is an author and social entrepreneur supporting a sustainable development for individuals, organizations and society. He talks about expanding consciousness, new narratives, complexity and behavioural economics, the concept of Bildung, the importance of technological and personal development going hand in hand, and the power of vulnerability and authenticity.


Ashkan Fardost

Ashkan Fardost is a former musician and scientist, now entrepreneur and global speaker on how technology and digitalization affect industries, societies and human behavior. Ashkan speaks about immortality projects, future corporations, interconnected brains, behavioral trends, fake safety and true risk, our need for mythology, how to understand yourself, and why hyperloops will change our life style.


Emma Stenström

Emma Stenström, Emma Stenström is Associate Professor and Center Director for the Research Center for Arts, Business & Culture at Stockholm School of Economics and one of the founders of Global Challenges, transforming business education. Emma talks about pockets of resistance, what students want, how to revolutionize and humanize business, survival of the kindest and what truly drives her crazy.


Yomi Abiola

Yomi Abiola is a Media Entrepreneur, change agent and international speaker. Yomi talks about chasing ghosts, her talks with herself, the concept of giving from the overflow, the importance of conscious language and power-filled women, what diversity and inclusion bring, what you need to know about the wisdom of seasons and the global battle of sameness.


Mats Rahmström

Mats Rahmström is the President and CEO of the Atlas Copco Group, a world-leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions. Mats talks about sustainability, diversity, his passion, one dream scenario, why consensus is clever, what all companies should prioritise, and shares what he thinks the world needs the most at this time.


Fredrik Wikholm

Fredrik Wikholm, Entrepreneur & co-founder of several companies and initiatives creating climate positive businesses. Fredrik talks about cognitive gymnastics, the treasure map we have all been looking for, who will hold the power, what to do with fear, new social leaders, what will turn the textile industry on its head, personal transformative moments and his soon to come book, The care economy. And what he can’t stop doing.


Karen Dolva

Karen Dolva comes from a world of interaction design and tech startups and is the CEO and co-founder of No Isolation helping people out of social isolation and loneliness. Karen shares how it is to be a young entrepreneur, and talks about social isolation, robots for kids, solutions for elderly, the importance of trust, her ultimate passion, having fun with technology, and what the world needs the most.


Pietro Martani

Pietro Martani is a serial entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Halldis and Copernico Holding, embracing the megatrend and need for smart workspaces, serviced apartments, and holiday rentals. Pietro talks about how to foster collaboration, new social norms, what true openness can bring, how to leverage your community, the universal need to learn again and evolve, the role of a leader, the art of staying focused and lean, and the one factor that you cannot be without.


Richard Barrett

Richard Barrett is the founder of the Barrett Values Centre, an author, speaker and internationally recognized thought leader on the evolution of human values in business and society. Richard speaks about the number one killer of efficiency and culture, the education system we really need, the concept of flat land, what cultural entropy is, why we should put faith in global business leaders, and reveals the best question to ask when you have a problem.