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The Couple of Shankers Golf Podcast hosted by Ben and Tom Sherreard. One is a former Tour Pro and Major competitor and the other plays off 11. They discuss everything to do with golf and help give tips for golfers of all abilities.

The Couple of Shankers Golf Podcast hosted by Ben and Tom Sherreard. One is a former Tour Pro and Major competitor and the other plays off 11. They discuss everything to do with golf and help give tips for golfers of all abilities.


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The Couple of Shankers Golf Podcast hosted by Ben and Tom Sherreard. One is a former Tour Pro and Major competitor and the other plays off 11. They discuss everything to do with golf and help give tips for golfers of all abilities.






031. 2020 Highlights with special guest Sam Harrop

After a short break while Ben valiantly battled the sniffles, the boys are back to wrap up everything golf. They talk through DJ's impressive Green Jacket winning display at Augusta, play Hunting Mahan and as usual, discuss food for quite a while. Then the boys are joined by YouTube sensation Sam Harrop to talk about his golf parodies. Ben and Tom finish up with their highlights from 2020, or the year of flaming dumpster fire as it shall now be known! You can find Sam's music here:...



IT'S MASTERS QUIZ! Ben and Tom are back to discuss the upcoming Masters tournament held for the first time in November because... 2020. Along with the usual Hunting Mahan and Non-Shanker of the Week, the boys talk through some of their favourite Masters Moments and Tom talks us through what it's like to walk around Augusta. Before that, a Masters Quiz for you to play along with! Can you beat Tom? Listen and find out! As usual this episode is sponsored by Gimmie Golf. Music by...


029. Hoodies and Hair Do's!

After a short break the boys are back and catching up on everything that's been happening. A lot of golf, a fair amount of sambuca, a good number of shanks and zero haircuts. Ben and Tom discuss the now famous 'Faversham Bowl', Tom's defence of the Kings Hill Club Championship, golf simulators and the RNJ Gift of Golf Foundation Charity Day. They also talk about all the latest news from the golf world including Sei Young-Kim winning the Ladies PGA Championship and Tyrrell Hatton winning...


028. Ryder Cup Rollercoaster

2020 continues to be a steaming pile of microwave bacon (all will become clear) and so the boys spend some time remembering the highs and lows of 27 years of watching the Ryder Cup. They also talk about the Bryson winning the US Open, Georgia Hall winning on US soil and throw in some Hunting Mahan for good measure. Also, some toast. This episode is sponsored by Gimmie Golf! Gimmie Golf is a monthly subscription box for golfers that care about THEIR game. Subscribers receive balls, tees,...


027. Happy Birthday Shankers!

That's right, the Couple of Shankers Podcast is a whole year old! To celebrate Ben and Tom do... nothing really. They discuss Mirim Lee's unbelievable win at the ANA Inspiration and her caddies honesty after the victory. From one major to another the boys then look ahead to this weeks US Open. All that and a short round up of other golf news, an easy Hunting Mahan and a discussion about what is more important when choosing a new golf club to join - good greens or a good halfway hut? As...


026. Rham-alama-ding-dong

On this episode of podcast Ben and Tom discuss Sophia Popov's epic win at the AIG Women's Open and talk about Dustin Johnson shooting the worst 60 in history. The boys also cover Jon Rahm doing John Rahm things and Tom wonders where in the world Bristol is when discussing the British Amateur. And, Tom poses the hardest round of Hunting Mahan yet. This episode is sponsored by Gimmie Golf! Gimmie Golf is a monthly subscription box for golfers that care about THEIR game. Subscribers receive...


025. Morikawa and Matchplay Mind Games

The boys are back to discuss US Amateur hijinks and shenanigans and who we should be comparing Collin Morikawa with. Heads up - there is some 'language' in this episode as Tom tells some Q-school stories that require specific words! They also discuss some of the best matchplay mind games, the biggest caddie mishaps and any famous golf 'fisticuffs'. They also definitely answer the question 'are instagram trick shots rubbish?' with Tom making a bold claim. This episode is sponsored by...


024. Caddying through COVID - with Jason Palmer

Our first repeat guest! Official Caddy of the Couple of Shankers Golf Podcast Jason Palmer returns. He joins Team Ben and pulls an absolute blinder in Hunting Mahan to level the game 3-3 with Tom. The boys then discuss Bryson hating on wildlife, the European Tour restart and Jason talks through what it's like for a caddy during the Covid lockdown. He also virtual caddies for Ben who is getting ready to play Forest of Arden next month. This episode is sponsored by Gimmie Golf -...


023 - Rose Series Winner Gemma Dryburgh

This week the boys are joined by two-time Rose Series winner Gemma Dryburgh. Gemma teams up with Ben to take on the latest round of Hunting Mahan and then they all discuss the latest golf news including a new world number 1 and a bit more Bryson. Then the boys interview Gemma, focusing mainly on how she has easily the best sponsor ever and her recent incredible form on the Rose Series as well as the state of the Women's game generally. They finish off by choosing a non-Shaker of the week...


022. Open Interview

This week would have been our preview of the British Open. However, as the Open is not taking place Ben decided to interview Tom about THAT Open Championship. In 2008 Tom qualified as an Amateur and played in the Open at Royal Birkdale finishing in tied 19th place with an eagle, birdie finish on Sunday. Ben and Tom discuss the experience in detail, hoping that the conversation will help any aspiring amateurs out there. Also, Hunting Mahan returns and quick round up of Tour News...


021 Lumberjackets

Hello Shankers! This week Ben and Tom are back to discuss everything happening back on the PGA Tour including Sergio wishing Covid on others and Daniel Berger protecting the field while picking up a W on the way. There is also a fair amount of solid jacket chat in this episode. Plus controversy strikes in Hunting Mahan. As always please subscribe and tell all your golfing mates about us! Music be


020. Covid and New Handicaps with Gemma Hunter from England Golf

On this episode of the podcast the boys interview Gemma Hunter, Head of Handicapping and Course Rating from England Golf. We discuss how the last few weeks have been for Golf's governing body in England and the new handicapping system coming in November this year. This is a GREAT episode for Ben. Tom also brings us round 3 of Hunting Mahan (no spoilers this week) and the boys talk about the return of competitive golf on the PGA Tour and the upcoming UK Swing! Please rate and review us and...


019. Golf is Back?

GOLF IS BACK SHANKERS! Download this episode, pop your earphones in and stand 2 metres away from anyone else! On this weeks episode Ben and Tom talk through their triumphant return to the golf course which led to one of Ben's shoes being covered in blood. Ben then levels the scores in this weeks edition of Hunting Mahan. Then they dig into the recent charity golf events and the fallout of Mel Reid's comments on twitter. The boys then pick who they would want to see play in a 'Match'...


018. Golf Geeks

GOLF IS BACK SHANKERS (sort of, and strictly in line with social distancing guidance - don't be all Patrick Reed about this). This week Ben and Tom are joined by Matt Allison of Golf Geeks to discuss the best place to go get used golf equipment. Ben falls in love with a 5-wood. Then the gauntlet is thrown down by the Golf Geeks. The boys also discuss what the recent lifting of Coronavirus restrictions means for golfers. A new feature is launched and there is the usual level of admiration...


017. On the Spot Ryder Cup Captain

This week the boys are back to discuss what events should get the Sky Sports Golf #watchalong treatment. Then they pick their 12 Ryder Cup players for #TeamEurope and #TeamUSA. Finally Tom asks what 'golfer tattoo' Ben would get. Please subscribe, share and rate us. But more importantly stay home, stay safe. Music by


016. Rivalries

Hello world! The boys are back after a few weeks with technical difficulties. Ben and Tom discuss some of the best Golf Rivalries in the game and look at the updated Major schedule. Make sure you follow us on Instagram to get the all the episodes of the Shank Tank! As always, subscribe, rate and share us with all your golfing mates - assuming you can remember who they are! Stay positive Shankers! Music by


015. Matt Wallace Interview

This week the boys are joined by 4 time European Tour winner Matt Wallace. This is a long interview with Matt. Apologies for the slight sound quality issues - we had some technical problems but we really enjoyed the interview and think you will too. Matt discusses joining Callaway, his epic waistcoat game, his Alps Tour dominance and favourite golf clubs. Matt then faces our quick fire round and helps out with 'Matt's Big Tip' and the Non-Shanker of the Week. Please subscribe, share and...


014 A Real Zinger... (sorry)

In this weeks episode of the Couple of Shankers Golf Podcast, the boys answer questions from the listeners. As you could have guessed they touch on the crushing disappointment of a Reed/DeChambeau podium in Mexico. They then move on to talk about the huge success of 'Scandi-golf' and decide exactly how big of a Douche-Canoe Paul Azinger is. Tom also chats about some greenkeeping stuff. But don't let that put you off. Send us your questions and as ever, don't forget to subscribe to the...


013. Ben Goes the Distance

On the latest episode Ben is celebrating breaking a 25 year curse having picked up a win over the weekend. Tom is handling it very well indeed. Considering Tom came second on count back. OUCH. The boys also talk about the latest news from the world of golf including Adam Scott bombing it, Phil gassing it and the USGA/R&A Distance Report. Please remember to subscribe, rate and share out podcast. Help spread the word to other shankers! Music by


012. Time to Talk 2020

This episode is split into two parts. Firstly Ben and Tom discuss the latest news and results from the Tours including the bedlam in Pheonix, GMac's win in Saudi and the emergence of a challenger Tour. Then, back together in the studio, they discuss Mental Health in Golf by focusing on Tom's struggles while on tour and deciding to give up on his dream, once and for all. We are really proud of this episode and we hope that you enjoy it. We have released the episode a couple of days late to...