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Ep. 187 - Edwins Leadership & Restaurant Institute Offers a Second Chance to Ex-Offenders

This week’s podcast features Brandon Chrostowski, founder of Edwins Leadership & Restaurant Institute. Edwins is an organization that exists to provide skilled training and a number of resources to ex-offenders. 6 million people in the US are imprisoned or under community control and face dozens of obstacles after their release. Employment is one of the largest obstacles they face when attempting to re enter society. It is a vital aspect of their journey because it can help ensure that these...


Ep. 186 - Why Chiropractors Could Change the Narrative in the Opioid Epidemic

This week Greg sat down with Dr. Pat Ensminger to discuss an alternative therapy for pain treatment. It is fairly common to treat non-cancerous pain with prescription opioids. Unfortunately, one in four patients struggle with addiction to these medicines, as millions of prescriptions are written each year for pain. Chiropractic care is a drug-free, yet extremely effective alternative form of treatment. Dr. Ensminger discusses how chiropractors are introducing a new standard of care to...


Ep. 185 - Ken Daniels Speaks on the Harsh Reality of The Florida Shuffle

This week’s podcast features Ken Daniels, Detroit Red Wings broadcaster, who discusses patient brokering and the devastating effects of The Florida Shuffle. Ken speaks of his son Jamie and the Jamie Daniels Foundation, in hopes that others will hear his story and avoid the dangers of being exploited. Patient brokering is when a drug rehab facility pays a third party for referring a patient to their establishment, but the treatment facility is solely focused on their finances. This has...


Ep. 184 - A Journey from Hollywood to Recovery Inspires Leader of Drug–Free Workplace Initiative

This week’s podcast features John Mabry, director of Public Outreach for the Addiction Campuses. John has a degree in counseling, an award-winning public speaker and a background in the film industry. Rubbing shoulders with A-listers and working twelve years in the Screen Actors Guild, he seemed to have everything in his life going for him. He even landed a job working with best-selling financial author Dave Ramsey. All that changed for John in March 2011. Listen to John’s story and hear...


Ep. 183 - Opioid Addiction Can Happen to Anyone, Even a Doctor: Dr. Faye Jamali Shares Her Story

Dr. Faye Jamali is a soccer mom. An anesthesiologist. A friend. A wife. By all accounts, she had it all going for her. But a fluke accident and a trip to the ER, started her down a path to addiction that changed everything. In 2007, Dr. Jamali was attending a birthday party when she slipped and fell, breaking her wrist. An excessive amount of painkillers were prescribed and she noticed life got easier when she took the medication. Her stress levels diminished and she began abusing pain...


Ep. 182 - Palm Beach County State Attorney on Patient Brokering and “The Florida Shuffle”

The fear inherent in searching for help for an opioid addiction should not include the additional worry of becoming exploited. But then, “should” is a meaningless word. There are unscrupulous players in the treatment industry eager to turn suffering into money. On this edition of the Cover2 PPT podcast, Greg welcomes Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg back to the program. to discuss the scourge of patient brokering. He offers advice on how to avoid being victimized and...


Ep. 181 - Using Genetics to Treat Addiction with Dr. Howard Wetsman

Greg is joined by Dr. Howard Wetsman, an addiction psychiatrist that explains the biological process of dealing with any form of addiction. Dr. Wetsman is the author of Questions and Answers on Addiction. Genetics play a large role in whether or not someone will struggle with addiction in their lifetime but unfortunately genetics are so often ignored. Dr. Howard Wetsman envisions a day when people no longer struggle with addiction. He has been actively treating addiction in facilities...


Ep. 180 - Plant Manager Addresses Drug Addiction in Workplace Head On

Greg is joined by Eric Hicks, the Plant Manager at Jones Plastic & Engineering located in Benton County, Tennessee. Hicks was new to the plant when he was immediately faced with high turnover and absenteeism rates. Unfortunately, this was not unusual for this rural area with its limited population and heavy drug use. The opioid crisis is taking a toll on American businesses and has affected many manufacturers in our country. Hicks tells the story of how he was faced with unfamiliar...


Ep. 179 - Mayor’s Task Force to Combat the Opioid Epidemic in Philadelphia

In 2016, more than 63,000 people died of drug overdoses in the United States, more than triple from 2000. Among the many cities that are affected by this crisis, Philadelphia has been drastically affected. Greg is joined by Dr. Tom Farley, the Commissioner of the Philadelphia Department of Health. Dr. Farley says that the opioid epidemic has surpassed the AIDS epidemic that was sweeping Philly in the 1990’s and surpasses the amount of deaths from the entire Vietnam War. Since Dr. Farley is...


Ep. 178 - Addiction and Sobriety with "My Fair Junkie" author, Amy Dresner

Greg is joined by Amy Dresner, a former professional stand-up comic who appeared at the Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory and the Improv. She is most recently known as the author of “My Fair Junkie: A Memoir of Getting Dirty and Staying Clean” where she describes her struggles with addiction, and the extreme circumstances that led her to sobriety. Amy’s book is brutally honest about addiction and how it affected her life. Amy tells Greg about the arrest that led her down an even darker path....


Ep. 177 - Expanding Naloxone Availability Throughout Our Country to Save Lives

Greg is joined by Matt Ruth, the Chief Commercial Officer at Adapt Pharma, a privately-held company committed to expanding affordable access to NARCAN Nasal Spray. NARCAN is the brand name for Naloxone, which is a formulation used by first responders to reverse an overdose. During this episode they discuss the stigma attached to the use of this product, and Greg touches on the subject of the marketplace exploiting this opportunity to increase prices. Matt says that Adapt Pharma’s price has...


Ep. 176 – How to Be a Respectable Junkie: Greg Vovos, Cuyahoga County Public Library in Parma

In honor of the FREE showing of ‘How To Be A Respectable Junkie’ that takes place this coming Thursday, April 19th, we are re-releasing Episode 104 featuring Greg Vovos. Greg is the playwright and director of HTBARJ and will be putting on the show at the Cuyahoga County Public Library (Parma Branch, 2121 Snow Road), you can register for the FREE showing here Greg interviews Greg Vovos, a playwright and director who has worked in Cleveland theater since 1998. While Greg has written a myriad...


Ep. 175 - A Discussion with one of Time Magazine’s “Top 100 People Who Shape Our World” Dr. Volkow

Greg interviews Dr. Nora Volkow, Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) who has also been named one of Time Magazine’s “Top 100 People Who Shape Our World.” Focusing on the science of addiction and the effects it can have on the human brain, Dr. Volkow discusses how physically addiction can take hold of the person and how each person has a unique fight with addiction due to their genetic makeup. Some environments can have a direct impact on each situation. Whether you come...


Ep. 174 - Cover2 Salutes First Responders and Recognizes First Responders Appreciation Week

The week of April 9th through the 13th, Summit County Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Board (ADM) recognizes the first responders. These are the individuals on the frontlines of the opioid epidemic, and the first responders who witness the effects of the crisis firsthand. Greg McNeil sat down with Jerry Craig, Executive Director of the ADM Board, and with Barberton Police Chief, Vince Morber. The panel discussed the role of the quick response teams (QRTs) and how they...


Ep. 173 - Greg Interviews David Sheff, One of Time Magazine’s “Top 100 Most Influential People”

Greg sat down with New York Times best-selling author David Sheff to discuss the devastating effects the opioid epidemic has had on families. Sheff has also been named one Time Magazine’s “Top 100 Most Influential People,” and is no stranger to the opioid crisis. His award-winning books “Clean: Overcoming Addiction and Ending America's Greatest Tragedy” and the memoir “Beautiful Boy: A Father's Journey Through His Son's Addiction” have made their literary mark and “Beautiful Boy” also won...


Ep. 172 – Part 5: Podcast on Showtime Series: “The TRADE”; a front row seat to the opioid epidemic

Welcome to the 5th and final episode in our five-part podcast series on the Showtime program “The TRADE,” a docu-series providing a front row seat to the opioid epidemic through the eyes of those most affected. We invite you to Binge, Listen and Share this series to make a difference in the opioid epidemic. First: Binge on all 5 episodes of The TRADE available for free at Next: Listen to the podcasts with back stories from each episode and related programs that are making a...


Ep. 171 – Part 4: Podcast on Showtime Series: “The TRADE”; a front row seat to the opioid epidemic

This is the fourth episode of our five-part series on the Showtime original program “The TRADE,” a docu-series providing a front row seat to the opioid epidemic through the eyes of those most affected: the growers and cartel bosses, addicts and their families and law enforcement. In this episode, once again veteran documentary producer Pagan Harleman, who serves as executive producer of The TRADE, offers her insights and the backstories behind episode 4. Following the introduction to...


Ep. 169 – Part 2: Podcast on Showtime Series: “The TRADE”; a front row seat to the opioid epidemic

This is the second podcast in a five-part series on the Showtime original program “The TRADE,” a docu-series that provides a front row seat to the grim realities of the opioid epidemic through the eyes of those most affected: the growers and cartel bosses, addicts and their families and law enforcement. Each podcast features an introduction by veteran documentary producer Pagan Harleman who serves as Executive Producer of The TRADE and offers backstories for each episode. She is followed...


Ep. 168 – CMA Award winning Artist Shane Runion Concert Tour: DFCA Chapters in 38 School Districts

Greg interviews emerging CMA award winning artist, Shane Runion. Shane talks about growing up in Portsmouth, Ohio and the journey from 8th grade history teacher to a Country Music Award winning artist in little more than two years. Shane helped his struggling community go after a multi-million dollar grant by recording a music video for his song, “I’m Proud of Where I’m From,” about small-town U.S.A. and the people that make up the city known for southern hospitality. The goal was to...


Ep. 166 – Darryl Strawberry, Former MLB Player, Author, Minister and Recovered Addict

In this very honest conversation, Greg talks to Darryl Strawberry who opens up about his life struggles which began in early childhood and reached into his highly successful baseball career. He was suspended three times for drug abuse during his 17 years in the league, but since then, he has walked the challenging road to recovery and turned his life around. He shares with Greg his journey involving an alcoholic father who abused him physically and emotionally before leaving when Darryl...