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Join your host CEO Bob Levinstein as he interviews cruise travel experts about their cruise experiences. Learn about different cruise lines, cruise ship, ports and itineraries and get insider advice from about to have the smoothest, safest and most memorable cruise vacation for you and your family. Interested in being a guest on the show? Please see: contact host Bob Levinstein about appearing on your own podcast, please see:


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Join your host CEO Bob Levinstein as he interviews cruise travel experts about their cruise experiences. Learn about different cruise lines, cruise ship, ports and itineraries and get insider advice from about to have the smoothest, safest and most memorable cruise vacation for you and your family. Interested in being a guest on the show? Please see: contact host Bob Levinstein about appearing on your own podcast, please see:






Bryan DelMonte, President of the Aviation Agency on Air Travel in 2021 and his Defense Department Career in the War on Terror

Please join me and my guest, Bryan DelMonte, President of the Aviation Agency for a wide-ranging interview about the future of air travel as COVID-19 vaccines come on line, vaccine roll-outs, and stories from his Defense Department career.


Captain Dan Blanchard, Uncruise Adventures CEO, on Alaska Small Ship Cruising, COVID Restart and More

A wide-ranging interview with a legend in the small-ship cruise business, Captain Dan Blanchard, CEO and Owner of UnCruise Adventures. A can't-miss for active adventure lovers. Before founding UnCruise, Dan spent years traveling, including four years sailing the world with his family on a sail boat. His passions for cruising, and for the wild lands and native cultures of Alaska have culminated in Uncruise Adventures, the small-ship adventure cruise line he owns and helms. Today we’ll be talking with Dan about how new protocols for the resumption of cruising; and of course about small-ship cruising in Alaska and in South and Central America.


Air Travel in the Age of Coronavirus: Insights from an Industry Insider

Staying healthy while flying is a major topic these days, and my guest today has a fascinating, behind-the-scenes perspective. As the founder and director of AviationRFI (, Fran Hume is the expert that airlines call on in their efforts to make flying safer. With more than two decades of experience in airplane interior solutions she has a vast store of first-hand knowledge of what goes on “behind the scenes” in the airline industry. She has continued to fly –and fly safely--- during the pandemic.


Cruising the World From Gondolas to Megaships: Cruise Photography with Dennis Cox

Dennis Cox, AllThingsCruise official photographer and veteran of cruises on 17 different cruise lines talks cruise photography and his new book, Cruising The Word: From Gondolas to Megaships.


Seven Weeks on the Pacfic Princess World Cruise During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Join my guest former U.S. Navy Flight Surgeon Dr. Donna White as she recounts her seven-weeks odyssey about a Pacific Princess world cruise during the Coronavirus outbreak.


An Art-Themed River Cruise on AMAWaterways on the Seine River in France (CruiseCompete Cruise Podcast #7)

A unique river cruise experience sailing on the AMAWaterways Amalegro with an onboard artist/art teacher and painting classes. This sailing included visits to Paris, the gardens at Giverny, as well as a stop at Normandy. Join my guest travel writer Julie Hatfield as she tells stories from this fascinating cruise.


A Luxury Yacht Cruise Experience Onboard the Sea Dream II (CruiseCompete Cruise Podcast #5)

Today's topic is an all-inclusive journey onboard the SeaDream Yacht Club ship SeaDream II with my guest travel writer Judi Cuervo. Learn about a very different kind of Caribbean cruise experience in intimate luxury and personalized service beyond what large ship lines offer.


How to Save Money Onboard Your Cruise (CruiseCompete CruiseBite #7)

Sophisticated cruisers know that you have to shop around to get the best cruise deal. But saving money when you book your cruise is only part of the equation. It also pays to be smart with your money during your cruise vacation as well. We’ll be talking about how to save money onboard your cruise in this CruiseCompete Cruise Bite.


Cosmetic Procedures at Sea (CruiseCompete Cruise Bite #6)

One of the great aspects of a cruise vacation is it gives you time to focus on yourself. One of the ways you can do that is through some quick, simple cosmetic procedures at sea that can upgrade your look. Cruise lines continue to expand their offerings, and here are three of the most-popular.


When to Cruise for the Best Cruise Prices (CruiseCompete Cruise Bite #5)

Travel prices fluctuate based on the time of year, and cruise prices are no exception. Today I’ll explain the one simple rule that dictates the majority of cost differences, as well as tell you the very best time to cruise for absolute best rates.


Small-Ship Alaska with Uncruise Adventures (CruiseCompete Cruise Podcast #4 with Debi Lander)

Join us for a different type of Alaska cruise on small-ship cruise line UnCruise Adventures. On this active voyage, hear about getting up close and personal with humpback whales in Glacier Bay; porpoises and bears; the northern lights; kayaking among calving glaciers; hikes to waterfalls; and Juneau highlights with my guest writer and photographer Debi Lander.


How a Free TSA-Precheck Membership Can Help You Breeze Through Airport Security (CruiseCompete Cruise Bite #4)

No one enjoys waiting in line, especially as part of a long day of travel. Fortunately there is a very easy way to breeze through security at US airports. Today I’ll be telling you about a program called TSA Pre-Check--and how to sign up for a five-year membership for free.


Disney Rhine River Cruise and Disney Ocean Cruising (CruiseCompete Cruise Podcast #3 with Sandy Nussbaum-Giercyk of Instant Impressions Travel)

A Rhine river cruise through France and Germany is a fantastic experience filled with castles, cathedrals, fine food and wine and old-world charm. Experience it Disney-style on an AMAWATERWAYS river ship with guest Sandy Nussbaum-Giercyk, founder of Instant Impressions Travel. One of the top Disney specialists in the country, Sandy has been on more than 30 Disney cruises and travel experiences, and compares and contrasts her river experience with Disney's big ocean ships.


Understanding and Comparing Cruise Offers (CruiseCompete Cruise Bite #3)

Take the stress out of choosing between cruise offers from rival agencies with a better understanding of exactly what your cruise offer includes--and doesn't include.


Secrets for Turning Your Vacation Photos Into Art (CruiseCompete Cruise Bite #2)

As our mobile phone cameras get better and better, most of us taken at least one incredible vacation photo that we wouldn’t mind seeing every day. Learn how to turn that photo into a piece of art on your wall with minimal effort—and very inexpensively. There really is a very simple secret to saving hundreds of dollars on your one-of-a-kind vacation memory.


The Casual Luxury of Oceania Cruises (CruiseCompete Cruise Podcast #2 with Bob Durnan of Cruise Vacation Outlet)

Oceania Cruises is known for its high-end, casual country-club-style luxury. Join host CruiseCompete CEO Bob Levinstein and guest Bob Durnan of Cruise Vacation Outlet for an in-depth discussion of the Oceania experience. Bob shares his insider knowledge gained as a top luxury agent, and a veteran of 54 cruise sailings.


Sound Advice on Audio for Your Cruise Vacation (CruiseCompete Cruise Bite #1)

This Cruise Bite is about sound advice—how to help maximize your enjoyment of your cruise by controlling what you hear and don't hear throughout your cruise vacation. Covered are the gadgets to bring, how the keep them running, and the entertainment you will want to pre-load onto your devices before you leave home.


Cruising the British Isles on Celebrity Reflection (CruiseCompete Cruise Podcast #1 with Celebrity Expert Tim Joseph of Revitalize Travel)

On this edition of CruiseCompete Cruise Podcast join your host CEO Bob Levinstein and guest Tim Joseph of Revitalize Travel for a detailed discussion of Tim's once-in-a-lifetime experience cruising to the UK and Ireland on the Celebrity Reflection. Highlights include a visit to Giant's Causeway, a Beatles Tour in Liverpool, and lots of details and advice about this cruise in particular and cruising in general.