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Episode 59- Just Add Offer, Accept, Rent Buttons To Put Your Real Estate Website On The Blockchain!

Company Bio: ShelterZoom™ is the first real estate technology company to have successfully delivered a blockchain-based real estate offer and acceptance platform to the mass market for both property purchases and property rentals. Built on Ethereum, ShelterZoom’s solutions help standardize and streamline the offer process, provide enhanced security, reduce laborious paperwork and deliver a better overall user experience for realtors, buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords — all while driving...


Episode 58: Keepkey: Make your Cryptocurrencies Safe

Ken has been involved in cryptocurrency since 2011 and has contributed to the KeepKey product since 2015. He is an enthusiastic supporter of the ideals of decentralized currency and autonomous computing. He has worked on security-focused products for a significant part of his career and is a strong advocate of agile development and management methodologies.


Howey coins: Take a closer look

Dr. Kanth Miriyala exposes a fraudulent ICO that was planted by the SEC to teach prospective investors a lesson


Jimmy Wales on ICOs

A word of caution from the co-founder of Wikipedia.


Episode 57 - XYO Network: Using IoT and Blockchain To Enable Location-Sensitive Trades

Ohio native Johnny Kolasinski has over fifteen years experience in marketing and media production, from e-commerce to video production to live performing arts. Before being recruited by XY, Johnny coordinated the marketing efforts of the Stanford Arts Institute and Stanford Live, the University’s performing arts organization. Johnny has been mining and trading cryptocurrency since 2013. Fun fact: New episodes of Johnny’s Game of Thrones podcast are frequently among the top 50 most popular...


Why are Some Big Names in Economics and Business Cryptophobic?

Are cryptocurrencies here to do more harm than good? Some of the best minds around the world think so. Listen to Dr. Miriyala, as he tells you otherwise.


Episode 56- If You Still Don't Have Bitcoin, You Don't Get it!

About The Guest Michael Alden is an engaging public speaker, best-selling author and the founder and CEO of Blue Vase Marketing, LLC, a multi-million dollar full-service Direct Response Marketing Agency offering media production, sales and customer satisfaction call centers, warehousing/fulfillment and analytics. Under Alden’s leadership, Blue Vase has grown from a small call center into a comprehensive marketing management company ranked by Inc. Magazine for three years in a row as one of...


Episode 55- What if all AirBnB Users Co-owned All AirBnB Properties?

About The Guest Darvin is the Founder and CEO of REIDAO, a Singapore-based company digitizing real estate assets on the blockchain which has just launched its new venture Crowdvilla, an NPO (non-profit organization) for shared holiday homes. Darvin has a strong background in business development, project management, and entrepreneurial background and was previously responsible for branding and marketing for Thomson Reuters Asia and former founder of multiple start-ups.


Episode 54 - Hey Teachers, Make Amazing Augmented Reality Lessons...Snapchat-Easy

Description Disruption In the Classroom Augment. Incentivize. Discover. Exchange. “Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland Pioneering the leap in creative education that teachers and students have long been waiting for, Leap With Alice is a revolutionary tool for passionate educators - serving as every “Teacher’s Aide”. Classrooms are transformed from a work environment to an immersive experience where teachers...


Episode 53: Loci: Creating An Economy For Ideas

Description: Loci, a platform for intellectual property discovery, creation, and exchange, is built on patented technology nearly a decade in the making. The company uses a combination of intuitive user interfaces, machine learning, and blockchain technology to optimize this process. Loci has an established market presence with its proprietary IP platform, LOCIsearch, and has its own expansive IP portfolio. About The Guest: John Wise is CEO and Chairman of the Board of Loci, Inc., a...


Can Bitcoins be Destroyed? Company tokens

What if organizations mint their own tokens that could be exchanged for their own products and services? Will Bitcoins hold any good then?


Can Bitcoins be Destroyed? : Chapter 2: Will the giants take over?

Imagine Facebook and other giants, creating BTC wallets and rewarding users in cryptocurrencies whenever they can and using their unused computing potential to mine. The future is not too far.


Can Bitcoins be Destroyed? Chapter 1: Will Federal Reserve coins take cover?

Blockchain is a technology that can be put to use in a diverse manner and is gathering massive traction. On the other hand, there is an apparent possibility of Federal Reserve backed coins coming into existence. Where will Bitcoins position itself in the near future


ICO Why Hasn't The Market Shrunk Yet?

The ICO market is constantly growing. Listen to this episode and find out why the market's evaluation has not dropped yet like we saw in the case of bitcoins.


Episode 52: Synereo: Make Money With Your YouTube Content...Finally!

Episode synopsis: Synereo has finished its token sales. They were one of the first ICOs to have been created, that used Blockchain technology to solve economic problems. Listen to their VP, Avi Lior divulge what happens to an ICO after token sales have concluded. The episode addresses the content creation ecosystem today that has been taken over by giants like Youtube and Netflix. This has alienated the content creator/curator form the content they create, also leading to the uneven...


Episode 51: Netvote: Enabling Trustworthy Verifiable Votes That Count

Episode Synopsis: We are on the brink of a socio-political revolution, where blockchain technology might be used to fine tune our voting systems around the world. The technology will enable a business to business or business to government voting solutions that might also enable voters to adopt the role of auditors as well. Listen to the episode, to understand the technological and policy-related underpinnings of Netvote. Portia’s Bio: Portia Mills, holds over a decade’s experience in...


Episode 50- Menlo One: Painless Investing in Token Sales

About The Guest Matt Nolan, CEO, and Co-Founder, Menlo One Matt Nolan is the CEO and Co-Founder of Menlo One, a decentralized ICO marketplace, and asset management platform. He is also a Partner at ARK Advisors, a firm built to guide companies through tokenization and the creation and sale of digital assets. Prior to founding Menlo One, Matt was the Co-founder of Speek, which was acquired by Jive in 2015. Previously, Matt was a Sr Engineer at JP Morgan and at IBM. He is a globally...


Episode 49- RankingBall: Transforming Sports and e-Sports Fans

Charles Chang brings more than 20 years of computer entertainment and telecommunication experience to RankingBall, where he leads product design. He was a founding member of Key2Net Solution Inc., which had a successful exit in 2008. He was also a roundtable member at Sony’s gaming division, a researcher at Korea Telecom, and a regional representative of Executive Voice. Born in Japan and educated globally, Charles excels at navigating multiregional challenges. LinkedIn:...


Episode 48- High-IoT: Become a Soldier, Protect Homes

About The Guest: Igor Rabinovich, CTO and Co-founder of HighIoT, the cybersecurity company behind the Akita IoT security device, and provider of smart home security as a service. Igor has 18 years of experience in software development and R&D management. He served in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) technological intelligence unit. Igor has vast experience in large-scale systems for operators and a strong background in C4I systems development and specializes in the cybersecurity of smart...


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