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Coffee Break Minisode 04: V.E Schwabs's A Darker Shade Of Magic Fancast!

This week we have another coffee break episode with Danielle and Nelson! Listen to them geek out on who they think should play the amazing characters in V.E. Schwab's book "A Darker Shade Of Magic." Heads up Nelson tends to age up the cast and Danielle really pushes for one actress.


Episode 21: A Controversial Christmas

Last week we gushed about our favorite Christmas movies (and Die Hard), this week its all about our favorite Christmas songs! Raf is excited to share something with baby, Nelson had an interesting weekend involving his car, and Danielle is just trying to keep it all together.


Episode 20: The Great Christmas Movie Debate.

This week Danielle, Nelson and Raf are talking all about Christmas movies. We start with the number one question of all time...Diehard, is it or isn't it? We also get a humble brag out of Danielle, we learn Nelson is to distracted by Reindeer Games and Raf is busy tracking Santa Clause. And on top of all that, the gang takes the ultimate Christmas movie quiz! Find out who knows the most about them!


Episode 19: The Conundrum of Drinking Games

This week we are talking all about your favorite adult beverages. Yep... Alcohol. We talk about different drinking games, some fun drunk stories and our go to drinks. We also learn that Raf owns land in Rhode Island. Danielle invents a new drunk dance move and Nelson plays drinking games with whiskey. On top of all that we discuss...the ultimate question regarding a drinking game!


Coffee Break Minisode 03: Star Wars

It's finally here, the third edition of our coffee break minisode series! In this episode Danielle and Raf just touch upon some of the Star Wars franchise. (Lets be honest this could be several main episodes!) In this half hour we learn that Danielle would maybe go to the dark side unless she could marry Rey. We also learn that Raf has quite the theory on who exactly Snoke is...well was.


Episode 18: Holiday Extravaganza (In the Middle of Spookfest and Present-Town)

This week we dive into the holidays. We discuss holiday traditions, how they are different from when you were a kid, and what Elf on the shelf has done to kids these days. We also learn that Nelson hates boiled fish, Raf's got a twisted mind (did we already know this?), and Danielle is accepting the fact that she is turning 30. We also have a special guest this week...Ellie, who interrupts the podcast several times with her cuteness and her squeaky toys.


Episode 17: Writers gonna write, sometimes about lumpy headed babies...

We start off this episode with some fun talk about those lumpy headed babies, better known as the Rugrats. (Remember that cartoon?) Once we finally get on track to the topic of the episode we learn some neat things about each other. Danielle reads some old poetry she wrote and and explains why she calls herself a "writing romantic." Nelson writes some dragon fan-fiction and Raf gets some hate mail on one of his pieces of writing!


Episode 16: What's The Google? (Our Intro Into The Internet)

Today Danielle, Nelson, and Raf talk all about the internet and reminisce on what it was like and how far it has come since they were kiddos. Nelson does some research and may be able to lead another episode....eventually. Danielle spills the origin of her erotic fan-fiction obsession? And finally, Raf may need a lawyer.


EP 15: We Must Not Tell Lies... Harry Potter Is Everything.

This week we talk about the one and only Harry Potter. We discuss some of our favorite moments, characters and dark aspects to the franchise. We also learn that Nelson is not allowed to lead another podcast episode, Danielle learns what G.B.A. Games are and Raf gets real "Sirius".


EP 14: Halloween Part V- Demon's First Time (Story Time With DNR)

The week has finally come! Happy Halloween and happy Halloween writing prompt special! This week we hear Danielle's fan-fiction, we hear Nelson's demon observe an odd human, and we learn that Raf kills it with a dialogue based story! We also share what we are dressing up as for Halloween!


Coffee Break Minisode 02: The Legend Of Zelda

In our second Coffee Break Minisode Nelson and Raf share the love for The Legend of Zelda franchise. In the episode we will learn when they first played the game, which is their favorite game and what they hope for future games. We also debate whats scarier...redead or Dead Hand? And as for a bonus...we learn why Raf is banned from Ebay.... trust me you are going to want to hear this one!


EP 13: Halloween Part IV - The Ducks Are Watching... (Fear vs. Phobia)

This week we talk all about different fears and phobias! We learn that Nelson is only human (or is he?) and that he cheats. Raf thinks everybody should try Whitney's "cookies" and Danielle is sick but still pulled the episode together and did some research. Unlike Nelson...who is only human.


EP 12: Halloween Part III - Traumatizing Children and Loving it.

In part three of our halloween series this month we wanted to talk a little about the holiday itself! After our news for the week we talk about some haunted house, trick-or-treating and classic candy! This week Raf wants to whip is out and play, Danielle picks a comic to finally read and Nelson get pile drived but his now ex girlfriend!


Ep 11: Halloween Part II - Even Lousier With Ghosts

In part two of our month of Halloween themed episodes we talk more about spooky stories including one personal one from Raf who may or may not have done something illegal in a cemetery. We also learn that Nelson doesn't personally know any serial killers and Danielle necessarily find a spooky story but still managed to earn 10 points for Hufflepuff!


EP 10: Halloween Part I - SpOoKy Movies or Childhood Classics?

This week we launch part one to our month long Halloween series! To start the month of we talk about some of the classic spooky and not so spooky movies that get us in the haunting holiday spirit! Raf schools everyone on popular horror monsters, Danielle only watches scary movies if her current favorite leading lady is in it, and Nelson only wants the human version of Mikey Myers.


EP: 09 What Hero Makes You Cream Your Jeans?

Last week we talked about Villains and what is a good villain without a hero to stop them? In this week we find out that Danielle is not basic but she IS extra. Nelson is confused about which universe he is in and Raf gushes about Batman's genitalia and lesbian zombies.


Coffee Break Minisode O1 "TV's The 100" (SPOILERS)

In our first ever "Coffee-Break" (a minisode series we will periodically post) Nelson and Danielle sit down and talk about theTV show "The 100". They share favorite characters, fight over which season a new viewer should watch first (Spoiler alert....Danielle is correct. Nelson is wrong.), and give many many spoilers on the show!


EP 08: Villains All Day Every Day.

This week we discuss some of our favorite badies! Because who doesn't love a villain! In the episode we discuss some of our ultimate favorite bad guys (or gals), what makes a villain a villain and what villain was maybe not so bad after all? Maybe?


EP 07: Gotta Catch 'Em All... Except One.

This week we talk about one of our favorite video games, card game, tv series and movies...okay so lets just call it a brand. We talk about one of our favorite brands growing up (and still today really). We also decided Nelson's not allowed to buy the coffee, we learn that Raf barters with demons, and Danielle is in the process of creating a "Lesbian Lounge".


EP 06: We Think These Movies Are Jawesome!

In this weeks episode we talk all about some of our favorite movies. We also learn that we can't trust Nelson, Danielle is still reading fan fiction from The 100, Raf is lifting his ban on Pixar, and everyone loves Arnold Schwarzenegger.