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DWI Podcast #215 Your Shuttlecock Is Not Out Of Our Realm

A title so odd I can't even explain it...you'll just have to listen! Or wonder forever, what do I care what you do with your time! Apologies for the sorry audio from my microphone. I tried a new mic today and it failed miserably. The lesson is...never try! If you can get past that, the show is really great! PC Tunney and DPP preview this weekends NXT Takeover show, which is on Sunday for the first time! Is this the pre-cursor to NXT officially becoming their own brand? We discuss this, along...


DWI Podcast #214 Return of the Tri Cast

It just hasn't felt like the Royal Rumble in a long time...and I figured out what was missing. It was the TRI CAST!! Kinny Killa makes his triumphant return to the wrestling airwaves to join Big Dave, PC Tunney, and DPP, as the Tri Cast returns to talk about the Royal Rumble. We run down the card and give our thoughts on each match. But more importantly, we discuss the Royal Rumble, it's entrants, our thoughts on surprises, and who we ultimately think is going to end the night pointing at...


DWI Podcast #213 Skia-Vone Bye-Vone

DPP & PC Tunney take a brief moment to hit a few of the big topics in the world of pro wrestling. The excitement level of the Big Show's return & the current feelings on AEW & NXT. Finally, DPP gives his thoughts on Brock Lesnar's entrance into the Royal Rumble in the first ever Brock Tock!


DWI Podcast #212 Becky 2 Drinks

PC Tunney and DPP attack a plethora of topics around WWE. Who had a disappointing 2019 and who will break out in 2020. We discuss the Rollins heel turn and his alignment with the AoP. Also, we look forward to the Royal Rumble including early favorites and possible matches.


DWI Podcast #211 Tables Ladders & Chairshot

DPP & PC Tunney break down the card for this weekends WWE TLC show!


DWI Podcast #210 Surviving the Takeover

DPP & PC Tunney takeover the cards for this weekends two big shows! Could this be the final NXT only PPV now that they are beginning to become the third brand of WWE? We discuss some possibilities of what the future PPV's will look like if this happens. Also, what does the future hold after the CM Punk appearance on WWE television?


DWI Podcast #209 Lamar Jackson 5

The road to Survivor Series started off with a boom...bay bay! NXT joins the tradition, and they staked their claim with an invasion of Smackdown. How will they retaliate? Also, we review Crown Jewel, and give our latest thoughts on the progression of AEW.


DWI Podcast #208 It's A Fact...It's Science

PC Tunney and DPP are back for another edition of the DWI Podcast! We are talking the WWE Draft, Bayley's new persona, AEW vs NXT, and Crown Jewel. Finally...DPP describes what it's like to be a scientist.


DWI Podcast #207 Ding Ding M'er F'er Ding Ding

Greg DeMarco joins the podcast this week as DPP is on assignment. PC Tunney and Greg talk CM Punk's backstage screen testing for a potential WWE show, is John Morrison back in WWE, and Rey Mysterio getting a Universal Title match. Will The Fiend make another appearance and take out another legend in Mysterio? Also more discussions on the upcoming Kofi vs Lesnar WWE Title match on the Fox Smackdown premiere. Finally, NXT vs AEW on Wednesday's begins this upcoming week. Greg and PC both give...


DWI Podcast #206 Back In Your Earholes

Guess who's back...back again... That's right, the DWI Podcast is back in your earholes! PC Tunney and DPP back in the saddles after the summer hiatus. We are here to talk about the aftermath of Clash of Champions. But most importantly, we are looking forward. NXT debuted on USA this week, AEW is on the horizon, the Fiend is ready for Hell in a Cell, and Brock Lesnar challenges Kofi Kingston for the WWE Title on the Fox debut episode of Smackdown! Wrestling is ready for a boom bay bay!


DWI Podcast #205 Frankie DeFalco Show - Red White & Bruised

The Stars will be shining bright at Red White & Bruised this Friday, July 19th at the Elks Lodge 400 in Waukesha, WI! The Godfather of Brew City Wrestling, Frankie DeFalco, is here to give us a rundown of all the fandemonium action taking place. Don't miss your opportunity to see former WWE superstar, Swoggle, team with Brandon Blaze & Nic Colucci to take on Doc Simmons & RoH's #1 contenders for the Tag Team Titles, The Bouncers!


DWI Podcast #204 It's Tucker MoFo

The MVP has returned! Christopher Platt is on the DWI Podcast. We've got WWE Stomping Ground this weekend. Will Brock Lesnar make an appearance and possibly cash in? Can the women's right bring gold to Lacey Evans? And can KofiMania continue its run with the WWE Title? In a very last call, we give our quick thoughts on the NBA Draft and the new landscape of the league!


DWI Podcast #203 NXT Takeover XXV Preview

The 25th NXT Takeover show is upon us! How will WWE respond in their first special after AEW's Double or Nothing? Is there extra pressure on the WWE to put on an amazing show? NXT Takeover's have never disappointed in the past, and I see their 25th to be the best yet! We also discuss the state of AEW after their inaugural show. Finally, a quick preview of the upcoming Super Show Down match between Goldberg and The Undertaker!


DWI Podcast #202 I Thought That Was 70s Porn Music

Big Rick from The Uncomfortable Truth joins the DWI Podcast! We break down the card for this weekend's Money in the Bank show! Also, we discuss the latest news from the world of AEW, including their new home on TNT!


DWI Podcast #201 Greener Pastures

As we move closer to the debut of AEW, we discuss the possibility of greener pastures in the world of professional wrestling. Jon Moxley makes his return...but where will he take his talents? Who do we see winning each of the Money in the Bank briefcases? Tune in to find out!


DWI Podcast #200 Two Hundred

What else is there to say...200 Episodes! Thank you to all the listeners and all the supporters that made this a reality. We have a few special guests join us for different segments of the show. A Braun sized Braun Strowman's favorites, the superstar shake up, Becky two belts, and how fans need to support their favorites. Join us for a very special episode, 200 down, and the road to 300 begins...now!


DWI Podcast #199 With Plattitude

Our Chairshot MVP, Chris Platt, is back on the DWI Podcast! I mean, what else do you need to know? Ok, well, we give our opinions on Wrestlemania weekend, and the fallout on Raw and Smackdown.


DWI Podcast #198 Over/Undertaker

Wrestlemania weekend is here! Join PC Tunney and DPP as they walk through the marathon that will be the weekend of WWE. NXT kicks off the weekend on Friday. The Hall of Fame is celebrated on Saturday. Then the biggest event of the year, Wrestlemania this Sunday! Will KofiMania run wild on Sunday? Can Seth Rollins truly become the Beast Slayer and burn Suplex City to the ground? And finally, the first ever women's main event of Wrestlemania, as Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair, and Becky Lynch...


DWI Podcast #197 Shock the System

We had to take the defibrillator to the computer setup...Shock the System you might say...(nailed it...) and the DWI Podcast is back in business! PC Tunney's observations are back for a Smackdown Live Live review. That's right, I meant to type that twice! Also, DPP & PC Tunney discuss all that is Raw & Smackdown this week and the current shape of Wrestlemania!