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Episode 40 - Bay Area’s Current Real Estate Market: Part 2

The current market may be down-trending, but sellers still have plenty of reasons to feel optimistic! Today, Matt Wheeler and Michael Bryant are back with more expert advice from Alan Wang of Alan Wang Realty Group, who shares how sellers can maximize their house’s value and realize why this market isn’t all doom and gloom. In this episode, you’ll learn: How to make your house stand out in the marketWhy Alan believes home staging is a worthwhile investment for sellersWhy now is a good...


Episode 39 - Bay Area’s Current Real Estate Market: Part 1

Is it a good time to be a buyer in the current Bay Area real estate market? The answer is yes—and today’s special guest will tell you why! Today, Matt Wheeler and Michael Bryant bring you expert advice from Alan Wang, founder of Alan Wang Realty Group and one of the Bay Area’s top-performing Keller Williams Realty brokers. In this episode, you’ll learn: Why sellers are struggling with the current real estate marketWhy Alan believes we’re in an excellent market for buyersWhat kinds of...


Episode 38 - Your Guide to 2018 Tax Planning: Part 2

Matt Wheeler and Michael Bryant are back with more tax-planning strategies for 2018! In part two of their tax planning mini-series, Matt and Michael cover must-know tips for Roth conversion strategies, new tax law changes that apply specifically to self-employed individuals, and more! In this episode, you’ll learn: What to consider when deciding if the timing is right for a Roth conversion Year-end planning strategies for stock options and how they’ve changedAbout the new deductions for...


Episode 37 - Your Guide to 2018 Tax Planning: Part 1

Don’t wait another second to start tax planning for 2018! As always, Matt Wheeler and Michael Bryant are here to guide you along in the planning process. Today, Matt and Michael unpack this year’s tax law changes, explain which ones will affect Bay Area residents most, and highlight key points to consider when tax planning. In this episode, you’ll learn: Why many taxpayers will actually benefit from the new tax law changesHow deferring income and accelerating deductions helps taxpayers...


Episode 36 - How to Prepare for Accounting Recruiting Season

Matt Wheeler and Michael Bryant know from experience that recruiting season is a nerve-wracking time for accounting students. It’s a time filled with meeting recruiters, completing applications, and hopefully landing interviews — all to secure a job after graduation. Because of this, there is a lot of pressure on students to shine and stand out from the competition. To help students prepare for this hectic time, Matt and Michael are sharing the advice they wish they’d had when they...


Episode 35 - Top Six Financial Tips for HENRY Millennials: Part 2

Do you fall into the HENRY (High Earners, Not Rich Yet) category? If so, what steps have you taken to build your financial future? In part two of this mini-series, Eric Rodriguez of WealthBuilders, LLC, shares his top six financial tips for this demographic of future high earners. As part of these tips, Eric explains how to follow the 50/20/30 budgeting rule and emphasizes why it’s essential to know your net worth. Tune in now to learn Eric’s simple, yet effective, tips so you can start...


Episode 34 - The Financial Challenges of HENRY Millennials: Part 1

Today, Matt Wheeler and Michael Bryant are joined by Eric Rodriguez, a financial planner and founder of Wealth Builders, LLC. Eric specializes in serving HENRYs and millenials. These aspiring high-income earners called HENRYs: “High Earners, Not Rich Yet” are often part of the millennial generation. In part one of this mini-series, Eric shares valuable insight about the common financial issues that HENRYs face, including a lack of affordable housing in areas like Silicon Valley and their...


Episode 33 - Breaking Down Stock Options and Equity Compensation

In this episode of the Debit This, Credit That, Matt Wheeler and Michael Bryant share what you need to know about stock options and equity compensation. Speaking to one of his areas of expertise, Matt explains the four main types of equity compensation, outlining the benefits and drawbacks of each, including important tax considerations that need to be planned out ahead of time. Tune in and learn more about the taxation of stock options and equity compensation, and some useful...


Episode 32 - The Benefits of Proactive Client Accounting Services—with Partner Jaclyn Skull

Today, Matt Wheeler and Michael Bryant are joined by partner Jaclyn Skull to discuss the world of client accounting services. With 20 years of accounting experience, Jaclyn helps set Wheeler Accountants apart from other accounting firms through her personalized and proactive approach. Throughout the episode, Jaclyn discusses her specialties and past experiences in accounting, the range of services she provides through Wheeler Accountants, and how her proactive approach helps clients...


Episode 31 - Matt Wheeler Q&A Roundup: Foreign contract work, writing off renovation and caregiving expenses, and becoming an LLC.

Matt Wheeler is back at it with another Q&A. Don’t make tax-related decisions based on what you’ve read on the Internet or heard from friends. Receive expert advice from the experienced and talented Wheeler team. Solving complicated tax issues is the Wheeler team’s speciality, and their knack for it certainly comes through in this episode. Listen along as Matt offers creative solutions to their clients’ tax questions. Here are some of the questions that Matt answers in this...


Episode 30 - Making Sense of Estate and Gift Tax—with Partner Jennifer Hauck

In this episode, Matt Wheeler introduces you to his colleague Jennifer Hauck. Jen is a partner at Wheeler Accountants, specializing in individual income as well as estate and trust taxation. Matt and Jen discuss her practice, how she got started, and what she enjoys most about her job. Then, Jen dives into discussing her expertise, Wheeler Accountants’ approach to the estate and gift tax process, and some helpful estate and gift tax planning tips. Tune in to learn more about Jen and the...


Episode 29 - Walking the Path of a Public Accountant

In this episode, Matt Wheeler and Michael Bryant describe their journeys to becoming public accountants in Silicon Valley. Whether you’re a soon-to-be, novice, or seasoned accountant, you’ll find value in this episode as Matt and Michael share what they wish they had known at the beginning of their careers. They also share advice for getting on the partner track, finding a role model at your firm, and showing accountability if you make a mistake on a client file. Tune into this lively...


Episode 28 - What Lessees Need to Know about the New Lease Accounting Standards (ASC 842)

Today, Matt Wheeler and Michael Bryant discuss significant changes brought about by the new lease accounting standards effective for nonpublic companies for the year ended December 31, 2020. The Wheeler team explains how companies will perform their financial reporting in light of the new regulations, when to start this transition, and some of the disadvantages of transitioning early. Listen in as Matt and Michael cover what lessees should know about the new lease...


Episode 27 - Who’s Your Coach? An Enlightening Conversation with Scott Stauffer, CFP®

Today, Matt Wheeler and Michael Bryant have a special guest. Scott Stauffer is not only a CFP® and the Founder of BetterWealth...he is a neighbor in the Wheeler Accountant’s office building! In this episode, Scott explains why it’s so important to work with a fiduciary advisor and what it means for a firm to be fee-only. Scott also discusses the coaching approach that is so embedded in BetterWealth’s client relationships, along with his unconventional opinions about market timing. Sit...


Episode 26 - Demystifying GAAP: Accounting Principles Generally Accepted in the United States of America

In this episode, the Wheeler team discusses Accounting Principles Generally Accepted in the United States of America (GAAP). GAAP is a set of rules that encompass the details, complexities, and legalities of business and corporate accounting. Sound complicated? Not to fear! Matt and Michael answer their clients’ questions in this lively Q&A. Listen in and learn how to capitalize software implementation costs, how to record commissions, how to record grants to nonprofit organizations, how...


Episode 25 - Tax Season - Questions and Answers

Tax season is upon us! Are you wondering how the new tax law will impact your 2018 tax return? If so, you’re in good company. Our clients have had a lot of questions about their taxes this year. In this special Q&A episode, we share the answers to our clients’ top questions. Tune in to catch our answers and become more prepared for tax season. Here are the questions we answer in this episode: How will the new Tax Law changes affect tax filing for pass through entities?What is the best...


Episode 24 - Are You Ready for Anything? Your Guide to Insurance Coverage - with Mark Caufield of Cook Disharoon & Greathouse Insurance Brokers

Life is full of surprises; they can be positive or exciting, but also shocking and upsetting. Are you prepared for whatever life throws your way? In this episode, Matt Wheeler and Michael Bryant speak with Mark Caufield of Cook Disaroon & Greathouse Insurance Brokers to share how you can be prepared for life’s hiccups, ranging from car crashes to earthquakes. They also discuss different types of coverage to consider for your personal or business insurance. Brush up on your insurance...


Episode 23 - The Current State of the Mortgage Market and the Real Estate Market - With Brandon Knapp

In this episode, Matt and Michael discuss the mortgage and real estate markets with guest Brandon Knapp of RPM Mortgage. Together, they discuss the current real estate climate, how homebuyers can become better prepared for the underwriting process, innovative lending options, which tax strategies homeowners can use-- and plenty more! Whether you’re a real estate enthusiast or a new homebuyer with plenty of questions, this informative podcast is for you! Links: Brandon Knapp - RPM Mortgage...


Episode 22 - Tax Changes That Will Affect Individual Taxpayers

How will you be impacted by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act? In this episode, Matt and Michael discuss changes to tax rates, itemized deductions, 529 plans and more! Learn about key changes to tax laws for individuals and how you can adjust your tax strategies accordingly. Listen in as Matt and Michael give their best advice for how to benefit from the new tax laws! Questions and Answer Period: Matt and Michael also answer some of their clients’ most-asked questions about selling real property,...


Episode 21 - Welcome to Watsonville

In this episode, Michael Bryant and Matt Wheeler discuss the recent expansion of Wheeler Accountants to Watsonville and Santa Cruz County and what this means for current and future clients of the firm in this area. Learn more about Wheeler’s expansion to Watsonville in this podcast: