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Candida, Parasites, and Geoengineering

Geoengineering, also known as climate intervention, involves manipulation of the earth's environment, air, weather, ocean, and sunlight through techniques like Solar Radiation Management, Ocean Fertilization, and Enhanced Weathering. In the past, some have believed it to be something only conspiracy theorists discuss, but did you know that geoengineering (and its severe consequences) was the entire topic of discussion during the Rhode Island general assembly in January of 2017? In this...


Benefits of Infrared Saunas with Robby Besner - Dr. Jay Davidson

Join me (Dr. Jay Davidson) as I interview Robby Besner, the founder of Therasage. In this interview, we discuss the benefits of Infrared saunas, and other products, and how you can add them to your journey of healing and healthy living. Purchase Therasage products here: Use Code "drjay" to get 5% off. Show Details: 1:40 - The History of Therasage 15:09 - What is...


Blood Sugar Dysregulation & the Immune System with Dr. Brian Mowll

Join me (Dr. Jay Davidson) as I interview the Diabetes Coach, Dr. Brian Mowll. We talk about blood sugar and how it effects the immune system and chronic illness. Dr. Mowll also dives into his dietary recommendations and gives other helpful health tips. For more information or to request a free consult with Dr. Jay Davidson and his team, visit us on our website at For more information or to contact Dr. Brian Mowll, please visit Show...


Blood Sugar Imbalances and Chronic Illness with Dr. Hank Williams - Dr. Jay Davidson

Join me (Dr. Jay Davidson) as I interview fellow chiropractor, Dr. Hank Williams, about his own personal health journey and how he became an expert in kidney and autoimmune disease. Despite being on dialysis himself, Hank chooses to live his life to the fullest and maintains an extremely active and healthy lifestyle. Show Details: 1:30 - Dr. Hank Williams’s Story 10:10 - Mindset 11:55 - Type 2 Diabetes 12:45 - Dr. Hank Williams’s Specialty: Kidney, Blood Sugar, Diabetes,...


Building Habits to Live a “Winning” Lifestyle w/ Dr. Chris Zaino

Join me (Dr. Jay Davidson) as I interview former Mr. America, Dr. Chris Zaino, about his own struggles with ulcerative colitis and how he focuses his mindset on creating habits to help you live a winning lifestyle. Show Details: 1:38 - Dr. Zaino’s Journey 2:30 - Building Principles, Systems & Habits to Live a “Winning” Lifestyle 4:45 - Creating Micro “Wins” with Habits 6:18 - Fears Holding us Back 12:25 - How to Neutralize Fears 16:30 - “Fears” vs “Fogs” 19:40 - Courage 23:40 -...


Mast Cell Activation, Mold and Gut Health - Dr. Jill Carnahan & Dr. Jay Davidson

Join me as I interview functional medicine expert, Dr. Jill Carnahan, as she walks us through her own personal story of healing from both cancer and crohn's disease. Jill and I discuss the connection between stress and the immune system, the importance of gut health, mast cell activation, and how mold can impact any chronic illness, especially Lyme. Jill wraps up with her number one health tip so make sure you don't miss out on this interview! Show Details: 1:06 - Jill's background 2:43...


BrainTap - Meditation Made Instant w/ Patrick Porter - Dr. Jay Davidson

Today I (Dr. Jay Davidson) meet with Dr. Patrick Porter, the creator of BrainTap, a guided meditation app that can be paired with a BrainTap device or your own headphones. Dr. Porter dives into brain waves and frequencies, explaining how and why the BrainTap works. Click the link below to try the BrainTap audio app for FREE thanks to Dr. Porter, all you need is a pair of headphones. Show Details: 1:11 - Dr. Patrick Porter’s background 1:50...


Functional Medicine Approach to Lyme Disease with Dr. Todd LePine

Join me (Dr. Jay Davidson) as I interview functional medicine expert, Dr. Todd LePine. In this interview, we walk through Lyme disease, parasites, the importance of mitochondria, nutrition, infrared technology, parasites, and much more! Show Details: 1:12 - Dr. Todd LePine’s Background 5:50 - Top Testing Dr. LePine Uses for his Functional Medicine Approach 8:25 - Dr. LePine’s Preferred Lyme Disease Specific Testing 11:00 - Genetic Testing 14:40 - Mitochondria and Your Health 17:15 -...


Microbiome of Your Mouth - Gerry Curatola

Join me (Dr. Jay Davidson) as I interview Dr. Gerry Curatola as part of the Chronic Lyme Disease Summit #2 to discuss oral health and the micro biome of your mouth. Gerry has been working on his research backed natural toothpaste, Revitin, for over 20 years and is giving our Chronic Lyme disease #2 listeners a special deal which you can find here!


Repairing Relationships After Illness - Jon Butcher

Join me (Dr. Jay Davidson) as I interview Jon Butcher as part of the Chronic Lyme Disease Summit #2 to discuss his creation of Lifebook. Lifebook is a tool that helps you to examine and illustrate 12 important categories of your life, including health and fitness, financial life, career, love relationship, parenting, and more. Jon walks us through the background of Lifebook and has a special offer for Chronic Lyme Disease Summit #2 listeners who want to get started...


Heal My Gut - Digestion

Today I (Dr. Jay Davidson) discuss the topic of digestion and tips on how you can heal your gut and keep it healthy! For more info go to


Lyme Disease w/ Dr. Tom Moorcroft from ILADS

Join me (Dr. Jay Davidson) as I interview Dr. Tom Moorcroft who previously served on the board of directors and continues to serve on several committees of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS). Tom and I discuss how to handle a Lyme disease diagnosis from mindset to detox, gut health and much more!


Toxicity and Top Toxins to Avoid Part 2

Today I (Dr. Jay Davidson) continue the discussion on some of the most important toxins to avoid in your daily life. This podcast continues on from “Toxicity and Top 6 Chemicals in Food to Stay Away From” posted on April 24th, 2017.


The Anxiety Expert - Tim JP Collins

Join me as health expert Tim JP Collins shares his personal struggle with anxiety and the tips he practices and teaches for dealing with it.


Toxicity and Top 6 chemicals in Food to Stay Away From

Today I (Dr. Jay Davidson) discuss the top 6 chemicals to stay away from in your food. I also discuss the current average life expectancy in the United States and how the bucket theory plays a role in our health and happiness. More info at


Stroke at Age 27: Autoimmune Root Cause - Dr. Brad Gorski

Join me (Dr. Jay Davidson) as I talk to Dr. Brad Gorski about his personal autoimmune struggle and how he prevented permanent damage after a stroke at the age of 27. Brad also shares with us some of his daily efforts, including grounding, intermittent fasting and the consumption of apple cider vinegar before meals.


Vitamin G & Resveratrol Damages Mitochondria - Dr. Jay Davidson

Research published just two weeks ago shows that resveratrol causes mitochondrial dysfunction. Also discover what I refer to as 'Vitamin G' and how to get it without having to buy another supplement! Visit for more info.


All about PRP Injections w/ Dr. Tyna Moore - Dr. Jay Davidson

Join me as I talk with Prolotherapy & Plasma Rich Platelet expert Dr. Tyna Moore about the benefits of prolotherapy and PRP Injections. We also walk through how to prepare for an injection, which body parts are best for rebuilding with PRP injections, and my own experience in receiving PRP. More info at


Is Bone Broth Protein Worth The Hype? - Jordan Rubin

It seems like everyone is talking about Bone Broth Protein! Is Bone Broth Protein worth the hype? Today I sit down with the inventor of the product, Jordan Rubin to get settled on whether this is better than collagen protein. You will also learn Jordan’s personal journey and secret facts about bone broth protein. More info on