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Short Treks - The Trouble With Edward

In this bonus episode, Dan & Bill discuss The Trouble With Edward, the second Short Trek of the season! A familiar lifeform returns to the Star Trek universe and causes trouble for an entire ship and crew - all thanks to one very interesting member of the science staff. The Trek Geeks will talk about their likes and dislikes for the episode, as well as give predictions on what happens next during their Long Range Scan. =/\= Music for Discovering Trek is provided by Five Year Mission....


Short Treks - Q & A

In this bonus episode, Dan & Bill discuss Q & A, the first Short Trek of the season! This 15 minute mini episode focuses on Ensign Spock's first day on the Enterprise! After being greeted by Number 1, they get to know each other when they get stuck in a turbolift after a malfunction. Questions, answers and songs abound in this first of 6 Short Treks for the season The Trek Geeks will talk about their likes and dislikes for the episode, as well as give predictions on what happens next during...


Discovery Season 2 Wrap-up Spectacular

In this Bonus episode, Dan & Bill talk about their favorite and least favorite moments of Star Trek: Discovery's sophomore season. From Section 31, to Control, to Captain Pike, Mister Spock, Reno, Saru, Burnham, Talos IV and so many others, there are so many aspects of the season worthy of discussion. What did they like? What did they not like? And what do the Trek Geeks think will happen in Season 3, set almost 1000 years in the future? Join them for this interesting and illuminating...


What I've Learned From Saru

PARENTAL ADVISORY: The following episode contains adult themes, adult language, and a frank discussion on child abuse and its aftermath. PARENTAL DISCRETION IS STRONGLY ADVISED. Earlier in 2019, Bill wrote a column for the Official Star Trek Website titled, "What I've Learned From Saru." In it, he discussed what the Kelpien from Star Trek: Discovery has taught him in his journey living with anxiety. As he continued to examine the character, he found that he identified with Saru in more...


Mary Chieffo

In this very special bonus episode, Dan & Bill are joined by "The Mother of all Klingons," "The Chancellor of the Klingon Empire," the honorable L'Rell of House Mokai!! That's right, the one and only Mary Chieffo stops by to talk about her incredible experience playing this amazing character on Star Trek: Discovery! The Trek Geeks were honored and humbled to have Mary join them to discuss what it was like to prepare for this role as well as how much she loves to engage with fans. It is a...


Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2

SPOILER ALERT The final battle between Control and the USS Discovery & USS Enterprise takes place in an explosive season finale of Star Trek Discovery! Burnham and her team frantically work on getting the new Red Angel suit ready for a jump to the future while Captain Pike, Admiral Cornwell and the crew of the Enterprise work to keep Control from obtaining the sphere data once and for all. Co-writer Michelle Paradise said this episode is 'bananas' and she was not kidding! This finale is...


Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 1

SPOILER ALERT The USS Discovery must be destroyed to prevent the sphere data from getting to Control! When the Enterprise arrives to assist and that plan fails, the crews must come up with a new way to prevent Control from obtaining the data, gaining sentience and destroying all life in the galaxy! Michael Burnham has a plan, but it will come at a devastating cost. Her crewmates cannot allow her to do it by herself, so they join her in attempting to get the data out of Controls grasp -...


Through the Valley of Shadows

SPOILER ALERT Discovery and her crew, with the help of Chancellor L'Rell, visit a sacred monastery on the Klingon planet of Boreth to acquire a time crystal as they continue to work on a plan to defeat the evil Section 31 AI 'Control'. While on the planet surface, Captain Pike comes face to face with a terrible realization and must make an gut wrenching choice. Meanwhile, Michael Burnham and Spock locate a Section 31 ship where all the crew has been blown out into space. After finding a...


Perpetual Infinity

SPOILER ALERT Section 31's AI "Control" will stop at nothing to complete its mission to destroy all sentient life in the galaxy and Captain Leland becomes an unwilling pawn in its plan. Meanwhile, the Red Angel, also known as Dr. Gabrielle Burnham has been jumping back and forth through time for years in her efforts to stop the deadly AI and protect her beloved daughter. Will Michael's reunion with mother she thought was dead be short lived? Plus, Ash Tyler and Phillipa Georgiou are...


The Red Angel

SPOILER ALERT The crew of the USS Discovery believe they know the identity of the mysterious Red Angel, and conjure up a plan to capture it - but the cost of that capture may be the life of a beloved crew member. Meanwhile, Leland drops a bombshell on Burnhams past. While trying to cope with the details, she and Spock have a tender family moment which may change their relationship forever. Plus, Hugh Culber is still trying to come to terms with his new life, and looks to Admiral Cornwell...


Project Daedalus

SPOILER ALERT The USS Discovery and her crew are wanted for harboring a fugitive, namely Spock, as well as visiting the forbidden world of Talos IV. With a surprise visit by Admiral Cornwell, the crew head to Section 31 Headquarters to try and reset the AI known as Control. But someone on board is trying to thwart their attempts to set things right. Meanwhile, Burnham and Spock have lots of family issues that are making it very difficult for them to work together to figure out who or what...


If Memory Serves

SPOILER ALERT Spock and Burnham visit the forbidden planet Talos IV seeking help from the Talosians to restore Spocks deteriorating mind, but help will come at a cost. On board Discovery, Hugh Culber continues to struggle with his literal new life. His confusion and anger finally boil over with an emotional confrontation with Ash Tyler. Plus, as Captain Pike has a shocking reunion with a lost love, he also has to deal with Section 31 continuing to be a thorn in his side as he races to get...


Light and Shadows

SPOILER ALERT As the crew of the USS Discovery deal with a dangerous temporal anomaly while in orbit of Kaminar, Michael heads home to Vulcan to continue her search for Spock. When she gets there, she finds out that Amanda has been keeping something from her and Sarek - literally. When Section 31 intervenes and threatens Spock, Michael realizes that they must travel to a location that holds many dangers and demons for both Spock - and Christopher Pike! Joining Dan and Bill to examine...


The Sound Of Thunder

SPOILER ALERT One of the mysterious Red Bursts shows up over Saru's home planet of Kaminar which allows him to go back to the home he thought he would never see again. His return is not as positive as he hoped as the Ba'ul show up and threaten the crew of Discovery as well as the entire population of Kelpiens on the surface! Plus, Dr. Hugh Culber is dealing with the fact that he is alive...again...and he seems to be having trouble accepting what has happened to him! Joining Dan and Bill to...


Saints of Imperfection

SPOILER ALERT As Burnham and Stamets attempt to rescue Tilly from the mycelial network, a startling discovery is made--and it changes everything! Joining Bill to examine this episode is our friend Barry DeFord from PoliTreks to discuss the monster destroying the mycelial network, the confrontation between Pike and Leland, the return of Phillipa Georgiou, and all the long term implications! We’ll also give you predictions as to what we think could happen both next week and during the...


An Obol for Charon

SPOILER ALERT While trying to track down Spock, the crew runs into a massive strange new life form which has potentially fatal effects on Saru in this weeks episode of Star Trek Discovery, while down in engineering, Stamets and Reno have to use everything in their power to save Tilly from the alien who appeared to her as May. "An Obol for Charon" continues some amazing Star Trek storylines and we discuss them all on this weeks "Discovering Trek"! Joining us to look at this episode is our...


Point of Light

SPOILER ALERT Have you been curious about what has been happening on Kronos since the end of the war? Well your questions were answered with the latest episode of Star Trek Discovery's "Point of Light"! Joining us to look at this episode is our dear friend Hayley Stoddart of Standard Orbit to discuss the Klingons, Tilly, Amanda and all the latest developments in Season 2! We’ll also give you predictions as to what we think could happen both next week and during the season, and we'll...


New Eden

SPOILER ALERT The crew of the USS Discovery spore jumps to the Beta Quadrant and find what they LEAST expected! Join us as we discuss “New Eden” and uncover more mystery about the "Red Angel", learn more about Spock's whereabouts and see the struggle the crew has with the age old "Religion vs. Science" debate. This episode of Discovery was pure Star Trek and it is a discussion you do not want to miss! Joining us to look at this episode is Krazy Joe of Megapodtastic in his first...



SPOILER ALERT The second season premiere of Star Trek: Discovery picks up right where season one left off: nose to nose with the Enterprise and Captain Christoper Pike! Join us for “Brother” as we discover more about the unknown signals that Pike has to investigate with our crew. Joining us to look at this episode is Shashank Avaru of PoliTreks on The Tricorder Transmissions Network of podcasts in his first appearance on Discovering Trek! We’ll give you predictions as to what we think...


Short Treks - The Escape Artist

In this bonus episode, Dan & Bill discuss The Escape Artist, the fourth and final Short Trek! This 15 minute mini episode focuses on the dastardly Harry Mudd and his latest scheme to turn profit, which as usual doesn't go according to plan - or does it? It is a wonderful adventure filled with humor and calls to classic TOS and their discussion is one you do not want to miss! The Trek Geeks will give their thoughts and opinions on the episode and rank all four Short Trek stories, plus...