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The Diva's 338th Blogtalk Talk Radio Show

Join the Diva as we discuss this pass week's show and all the crazy comings and goings on Days of Our Lives. Topics will include the Brady/Eve/Theresa Triangle and Eve making a deal with Stefan. Ben and Ciera in the cabin. Lani/Eli/JJ Brady and Eric having a civil conversation. Will gets injected with the memory serum. Kate and Ted have dinner. The DiMera's have been MIA. In fact many of our favorties have been missing and are gone from Salem. Thaao Penghlis, Stephen Nichols, Marci Miller,...


The Diva's 337th Blogtalk Radio Show

Join the Diva as we discuss three days of DAYS. We had a short week because of tennis coverage. Brady threw Theresa out and ask Eve to take him back which she did. Theresa ran into her old friend JJ who offered to let her stay with him. Brady and Victor had it out and Maggie once again has Victor sleeping alone. Kayla made a deal with the devil agreeing to get the goods on Kate in exchange for Stefan helping Steve. Kate hires sexy lawyer Ted to help her and Leo win their sexual harassment...


The Diva's 336th Blogtalk Radio Show

Join the Diva as we catch up on the past two weeks of the show. Topics will include Theresa returning to Salem and leaving Chloe behind. Chloe returning to Salem and exposing Theresa. Brady tells Theresa to leave and she threatens to take Tate with her. Tripp and Ciera break up when Chase haunts Ciera. Theo dumps Claire. Tripp and Claire comfort each other over their breakups. Victor fires Sonny as CEO of Titan. Xander wants the job. Gabi is to be released from prison but is attacked again...


Diva of DOOL's 335th Blogtalkradio Show

Join the Diva of Days of our Lives on May 19th at 10 pm est live for our 335th Blogtalkradio Show. Topics this week include: Theresa tries to escape Mexico with Xander, Lucas debates on whether or not to look for Chloe, Vivian dies after Kate shoots her, Kate is fired from DiMera and kicked out of the DiMansion, Abby learns from Gabi that Gabby slept with Stefan and Chad knew about it and didn't tell her, Hope reconsiders her annulment of her marriage to Rafe, John and Marlena plan a...


The Diva's 334th Blogtalk Radio Show

Join the Diva of Dool as we discuss this past week in Salem. Thaao Penghlis was back in heartbreaking scenes as Abby remembers she killed Andre. Chad battles Laura and Gabby as he fights to get Abby back. Stefan loses Gabby. Brady and Eve are about to reunite when Victor interrupts. Xander is back! Chloe and Theresa sceme to bring down Mataeo. Paul and Will are all over each other. Sonny tells Paul to back off of Leo. Kate has a showdown with Vivian that ends in Vivian's death....or does...


Diva of DOOL's 333rd Blogtalkradio Show

Join the Diva of Days of our Lives and friends for our 333rd Blogtalkradio Show. Topics this week include: "Days of our Lives" wins big at the Daytime Emmys, Chloe is kidnapped, Brady deals with alcohol poisoning, Marlena, Kate, and Vivian get drunk in the DiMera tunnels, Chad is arrested for assaulting Stefan, Gabby makes a deal to get immunity for her and Stefan in exchange for disclosing the whereabouts of Marlena, Kate, and Vivian, Gabi is in the prison infirmary due to her injuries...


The Diva's 332nd Blogtalk Radio Show

Join The Diva as we discuss this week's show. Topics will include Abby finally being exposed. Chad beats up Stefan. Gabi gets a smack down in prison. Eli and Lani begin to bond over the baby. Yes Julie is a busy body Migel. Chloe is kidnapped and leaves a note for Lucas. Migel drugged the wrong guy and Brady ends up in the hospital. Eve was being such a bitch to Brady. Tripp and Ciera discover what Claire did. Jen and Eric are too cute. Marlena, Vivian and Kate are still missing and locked...


The Diva's 331st BlogTalk Radio Show!

Join the DIva as we discuss this past week in Salem. Andre helps guide Abby in coming to terms with who killed him. Excellent performances from Thaao Penghlis and Marci Miller as they took us back to those old Film Noir days filled with mystery and suspense. Wonderfully written and performed. Vivian, Marlena and Kate are all locked in the tunnel as they are a threat to Stefan getting Gabby. Kate saw the black haired lady and called Chad who returns just in time to catch Stefan and Gabby in...


The Diva's 330th Blogtalk Radio Show!

Time for another Diva of DOOL and the happenings of this past week in Salem. Marlena figures out Abby's DID and Stefan hides her in the DiMera tunnels. Will John find out the truth? Abby is fighting to get out and hears Andre. Gabby and Stefan are determinded to be together. Will goes to work for the Spectator and Andrianne wants him to write about his death and resurrection. Paul overhears Vivians plot with Leo. Sonny wants nothing to do with Leo after finding out he is working at Titan....


The Diva's 329th Blogtalk Radio Show

Join the Diva as we return after two weeks off. Topics to catch up on will include the baby daddy reveal from Lani and her baby scare. Abe and Valorie reconcile. Vivan and Leo set up Sonny. Kate hires Paul to spy on Vivian. Adrianne and Justin reconnect. Jen and Eric make love. Will and Paul make love. Lucas and Chloe are dating as a stranger has a proposition for Chloe. Dr Laura as Abby throws Gabi under the bus. Gabi awaits her verdict. Chad plays a game of chess with Stefan to have his...


The Diva's 328th Blogtalk Radio Show

Join the Diva as we dicuss this past week's show. Victor threw Brady under the bus by telling Eve their plan. Maggie agreed to come home. Brady is really in love with Eve and it looks like Eve loves him too but is hurt by what he did. Brady is determined to win her back. Jen are Eric are so damn cute and so are Ciera and Tripp.Ciera decides to enter The New Faces contest and Tripp takes her pictures and seems to have won her heart. I love these two! JJ can't understand why Valerie is so...


The Divas 327th Blogtalk Radio Show

Join the Diva as we discuss this past wild and crazy week in Salem. Excellant show on Monday with the ROPE wedding. Best part was when Ciera punched Claire for telling Hope about Rafe sleeping with Sami. OK loved the discussion between Rafe and Hope and can see both points of view. What constitutes cheating? Let's discuss shall we. Jen and Eric have their first fight over Rafe cheating or did he...Julie was vicious going after Gabi and the Hernandez family becaue of Rafe. Loved Doug...


The Diva's 326th Blogtalk Radio Show

Sorry for the technical issues last week when trying to call in. Blogtalk has assured me the problem has been resolved .So please join us and call into The Diva as we discuss this past week's show. Claire busted Rafe when she blurted out that he cheated on Hope with Sami right before ROPE could tell everyone they were already married..oops! Someone needs to slap Claire right now! As always Jule and Doug were a joy to watch and the cutest thing ever. Valerie is still being such a pain to...


The Diva's 325th Blogtalk Radio Show

Join the Diva as we discuss this past week's show. So many secrets just waiting to be revealed. When will Gabigail be found out? The Rope wedding is about to explode. Gabi will soon find out about Eli and Lani. Will Brady really come clean with Eve? Stefan discovers Gabi/Abby in his room planting evidence and soon figures out she is two different personalities. Will he cover for her as she has evidence against him or confide in Chad about her illness? Rafe and Hope go to the Horton cabin...


The Diva's 324th BlogTalk Radio Show

Join The Diva as we discuss this past week's show. Friday's cliffhanger revealed Abby was the one dressed as Gabi when Stefan confronted her in his room. Meet GABIGAIL! This starts the DID storyline and Abby's split personality. Steve catches John putting something in his IV. Bille and Kayla have a tense moment when Billie drops by to visit Steve. Eve and Brady bond over Tate on Valentines Day. Stefan and Trask cozy up over drinks and snarky exchanges. Eric claims Jennifer's donut! Doug...


The Diva's 322nd Blogtalk Radio Show

Tonight the Diva will discuss Andre's funeral and the signs that he will be back soon...Kate and Abby gave loving farewells to Andre, who's funeral turned into a circus of sorts. Andre deserved better. Hattie and Vivian were a hoot. John figured out Hattie sent the letter and set up Anna. Carrie returned to defend her parents and tell off Rafe and Hope. And she knows Rafe's secret. She won't tell but Will is close to figuring it out. Will and Paul team up to figure out why John is...


The Diva's 321st Blogtalk Radio Show

On tonight's show we will be discussing this past week on DAYS, the pre-noms for the DAYTIME EMMYS and our intereview with Thaao Penghlis. Topics include who killed Andre? Anna is the prime suspect and Roman is covering for her. Kate and Chad have their motives as do Stefan and Vivian. Abby and Gabi are pointing fingers at each other. John is poisoning Steve, but why? Roman hires John to find out who wrote Anna that letter. Eric is dreaming of Jennifer while she is trying to move on with...


The Diva Interviews Thaao Penghlis!

The Diva of DOOL welcomes back Thaao Penghlis to the show this Thursday January 25th at 9 PM EST and 6 PM PST. As we all know Andre was murdered on Friday and we are left to wonder why and what is next for fan favorite Thaao Penghlis? Please join us as we get Thaao's insights into Andre's untimely and unpopular death. Please call in with your thoughts and questions for Thaao at 914-338-1239.


The Diva's 320th Blogtalk Radio Show

Please join The Diva as we bitch about the killing of Andre yet again! This week was the setup for the demise of one of DAYS most intriguing characters. Andre has become a fan favorite and Thaao Penghlis has redeemed him with his excellant portrayal of a man who has found love and his heart but can still be as ruthless and cold when needed. Kandre finally found love with each other only to have it snatched away. So who killed Andre? Many suspects out there but is it someone we completely...


The Divas 319th Blogtalk Radio Show

Join the Diva as we discuss this week on DAYS. Andre finally gets laid after three decades of no sex! But will he go out with a bang? Andre gets murdered! NOOOO! Lani is pregnant and Steve is dizzy. Theo is leaving for treatment in South Africa. Brady is playing Eve but is she playing him. Viv and Stefan are playing Andre. Stefan and Abby have the chemistry! Vivian is a gem and highly entertaining. And so much more!