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Diva of DOOL's 353rd Blogtalkradio Show

Join the Diva of Days of our Lives and friends as we discuss last week's episodes of "Days of our Lives." We have a lot to discuss. Hattie breaks out of the hospital to see Roman who brings her back. Sami bribes Stefan to tell her where EJ is. Brady is using Kristen to find out her secrets. Brady sees that Kristen is taking care of EJ. Eric finds Nicole married to Xander who is blackmailing her. Ericole make love. Eric vows to spy on Xander to find his tape of Nicole confessing to Deimos's...


Diva of DOOL's 352nd Days Blogtalkradio Show

Join the Diva of Days of our Lives and friends for our 352nd Blogtalkradio Show. We had a lot of exciting events happen this past week. Maggie told Eric where Nicole is, and he shows up at her door. We find out Baby Bon Bon is really Mimi's baby when Mimi comes back to town. Kristen wants Brady back. John and Hattie get married. Kristen and Roman struggle for her gun while she's in Marlena's room. Kristen gets away. John updates an awakened Marlena on what he did to keep the plug from being...


Diva of DOOL's 351st Blogtalkradio show

Join the Diva of Days of our Lives and friends for our weekly podcast about " Days of our Lives." Topics this week include the Eric/Brady showdown, Jennifer confesses to Eric then tells Brady, Eve tells Brady that she's the reason he lost custody of Tate, John marries Hattie, Marlena wakes up to find Kristen in her room, Eric looks for Nicole, Lucas is the father of baby Bon Bon, Ciara and Tripp kiss, and Shawn and Rafe find proof that the evidence against Ben was staged.


The Diva's 350th Blogtalk Radio Show

Join The Diva of DOOL as we discuss this past week's show and the new Fall Preview with many surprises and returns. Hattie replaces Marlena and isn't happy and suggests a quickie wedding to John. Lucas you are the father! Bonnie hides Baby Bonnie from Lucas and demands he keep her out of prison. Did Hope frame Ben? Rafe and Shawn think so. Cierra gives up on Ben and retruns to Tripp who is kissing Claire again. Dark Gabi is stepping it up on her Abby revenge with drugs and a wig. Chad again...


Diva of DOOL's 349th Blogtalkradio Show

Join the Diva of Days of our Lives and friends for our 349th Blogtalkradio Show. Tonight we will discuss the latest episodes of "Days of our Lives." Marlena's family says goodbye to her. John lashes out when Belle tells him about Marlena's medical wishes. Rafe escorts Sami to the hospital even though she was declined bail. Hope alledgedly finds new evidence against Ben and arrests him. Sonny and Will decide to tell Paul tlhat they are reuniting until they find out that Paul is paralyzed....


The Diva's 348th Blogtalk Radio Show

Join the Diva as we discuss this past week in Salem. Marlena is hanging on to life but with Belle's discorvery will it all be over for her? Sami hits Rafe on the head with a thermos and escapes to find Kristen with Brady. Susan and Eve both are recused from Dougs's freezer. Paul also figures out Brady went after Kristen and falls out the window with Kristen while trying to save Sami. Kristen escapes yet another window fall and finds refuge with brother Stefan. Will and Sonny declare their...


The Diva's 347th Blogtalk Radio Show

Join the Diva as we discuss the wacking wedding week of John and Marlena. The Bachelor and Bachelorette parties find John being struck in the eye by Paul's fast ball, but Valerie saves the day. While Susan Banks crashes Marlena's party with a doll and some tarot cards. Will remembers everything at the wedding and him and Sonny have an emotional reunion. Kayla promises to tell Steve everything after the ceremony.. Marlena has a pre wedding nightmare. A bandaged Roman makes an appearance. A...


Diva of DOOL's 346th Blogtalkradio Show

Join the Diva of Days of our Lives and friends for our weekly podcast about "Days of our Lives." This week was an exciting week leading up to the John and Marlena wedding next week. Steve captures Bonnie and calls Adrienne. Paul is told by Sonny about what happened to Leo. Horita profess their love for each other in front of Sonny. Adrienne talks Sonny into going after Will. Will confides in Kate about Ted's blackmail. Kate pulls a gun on Ted instead of paying him off. Steve investigates the...


Diva of DOOL's 345th Blogtalkradio Show

Join the Diva of Days of our Lives and friends as we discuss the latest episodes of "Days of our Lives." Topics this week include: Ted reveals to WilSon that he is the one blackmailing them, Ben gets hypnotized by Marlena and realizes he could not have started the fire, Rope shares a kiss, Jennifer confesses to Kayla about knowing Nicole didn't willingly break up with Eric while Kayla confesses she's keeping a secret from Steve not realizing that Steve overheard her, Steve has a lead on the...


Diva of DOOL's 344th Blogtalkradio Show

Join the Diva of Days of our Lives and friends for our 344th Blogtalkradio show. Topics this week include: Chad reacts to Stefan being the father of Abby's baby, Gabi and Kate team up to bring down Stefan, Steve gets his sight back, Jennifer confronts Eve for planting drugs in JJ's apartment, Eve tells Jennifer that Nicole dumped Eric because Brady blackmailed her for killing Deimos, Eric proposes to Jennifer who accepts after talking to Eve, Lani returns to work and comforts Eli, Claire...


The Diva's 343rd Blogtalk Radio Show

Join the Diva as we discuss this past weeks show. Gabi is out for revenge on Stefan and Abby when she "accidentally" shows Stefan the baby results after Abby decides to go for an abortion. Leo is a no show again and the judge dismisses the case. Chad and Sonny disagree on Titan matters. Kate and Will have a discussion about his memory and the body... Speaking of bodies, Ked seem to fit together just fine. More hot sex for Kate! Ted confronts Stefan over his blackmail of Kate. A Roman...


The Diva's 342nd Blogtalk Radio Show

Join the Diva as we discuss this past week on DAYS. Ok so who is the daddy? What look was that on Abby's face? Did Gabi some how mess with the results? Gabi was in pain and went to see Kayla who told her she had an infection and may not be able to have any more children. Of course Kayla has to leave the office and they bring the results of Abby's paternity tests in for Gabi to see. Ked goes at it hot and heavy. Kate did not disappoint ua. How long will this last? Stefan comes to see Kate and...


The Diva's 341st Blogtalk Radio Show

Join the Diva of DOOL as we discuss this past week's show. Theresa and Brady play dirty in their custody battle for Tate, Brady tells Eve he knows who killed Deimos....and what will Eric hear? JJ comforts Lani on the loss of her baby. Claire tries to jump Tripp again. Sonny accidentally kills Leo. Will helps him cover it up and they roll the body up in the rug. Maggie walks in...Rafe and Hope are tracking Ciera's phone. Batty Ben returns as Ben is off his meds. Ciera talks him down after he...


Diva of DOOL's 340th Blogtalkradio Show!

Join the Diva of Days of our Lives and friends for our 340th Blogtalkradio Show. Topics this week include: Stephen Nichols (Steve Johnson) and Christopher Sean (Paul Norita) both quit the show, Eileen Davidson quits the Young and the Restless, Stacy Haiduk is announced as the new Kristen DiMera, Ciara contacts Hope who figures out that Ben may have Ciara, Ben and Ciara grow closer, Kayla takes incriminating photos of Kate with Leo and his lawyer then shares the info with Stefan, Kate...


The Diva's 339th Blogtalk Radio Show

Join the Diva as we discuss this past week in Salem. Topics will include the shuffling of players at Titan and DiMera. Chad is offered the CEO of Titan while Brady and Eve are thinking of joining Stefan in business. Kate confesses to Chad about Leo. Kate tempts Chad with the Phoenix ring as head of the family...but wasn't Andre buried with it on? Hmm rewrite or is he alive? Gabi is out for revenge on Stefan. Arianna tells Gabi she hates her. Heartbreaking story as Lani loses her baby. Will...


The Diva's 338th Blogtalk Talk Radio Show

Join the Diva as we discuss this pass week's show and all the crazy comings and goings on Days of Our Lives. Topics will include the Brady/Eve/Theresa Triangle and Eve making a deal with Stefan. Ben and Ciera in the cabin. Lani/Eli/JJ Brady and Eric having a civil conversation. Will gets injected with the memory serum. Kate and Ted have dinner. The DiMera's have been MIA. In fact many of our favorties have been missing and are gone from Salem. Thaao Penghlis, Stephen Nichols, Marci Miller,...


The Diva's 337th Blogtalk Radio Show

Join the Diva as we discuss three days of DAYS. We had a short week because of tennis coverage. Brady threw Theresa out and ask Eve to take him back which she did. Theresa ran into her old friend JJ who offered to let her stay with him. Brady and Victor had it out and Maggie once again has Victor sleeping alone. Kayla made a deal with the devil agreeing to get the goods on Kate in exchange for Stefan helping Steve. Kate hires sexy lawyer Ted to help her and Leo win their sexual harassment...


The Diva's 336th Blogtalk Radio Show

Join the Diva as we catch up on the past two weeks of the show. Topics will include Theresa returning to Salem and leaving Chloe behind. Chloe returning to Salem and exposing Theresa. Brady tells Theresa to leave and she threatens to take Tate with her. Tripp and Ciera break up when Chase haunts Ciera. Theo dumps Claire. Tripp and Claire comfort each other over their breakups. Victor fires Sonny as CEO of Titan. Xander wants the job. Gabi is to be released from prison but is attacked again...


Diva of DOOL's 335th Blogtalkradio Show

Join the Diva of Days of our Lives on May 19th at 10 pm est live for our 335th Blogtalkradio Show. Topics this week include: Theresa tries to escape Mexico with Xander, Lucas debates on whether or not to look for Chloe, Vivian dies after Kate shoots her, Kate is fired from DiMera and kicked out of the DiMansion, Abby learns from Gabi that Gabby slept with Stefan and Chad knew about it and didn't tell her, Hope reconsiders her annulment of her marriage to Rafe, John and Marlena plan a...


The Diva's 334th Blogtalk Radio Show

Join the Diva of Dool as we discuss this past week in Salem. Thaao Penghlis was back in heartbreaking scenes as Abby remembers she killed Andre. Chad battles Laura and Gabby as he fights to get Abby back. Stefan loses Gabby. Brady and Eve are about to reunite when Victor interrupts. Xander is back! Chloe and Theresa sceme to bring down Mataeo. Paul and Will are all over each other. Sonny tells Paul to back off of Leo. Kate has a showdown with Vivian that ends in Vivian's death....or does it?...