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Transformational Business Part 2 with Chicco Tatriele, Co-founder of Fivelements

Chicco Tatriele, co-founder of Fivelements, a unique, eco-conscious, wellness retreat in Bali, Indonesia, talks about balance and harmony in creating a transformational business. He relied on a strong connection with vision and values and corporate branding experience to develop this award-winning healing destination. Discover the heart-based business fundamentals of how this transformational business came into being and is expanding to Hong Kong. With a mission of "Creating the space for...


Illness and the Aura: Spiritual Healing with Andrew McKellar

Andrew McKellar is an internationally renowned spiritual healer. He has no religious affiliation and didn't seek out the gifts, but discovered them at the age of 23. Today people travel from around the world to his home in the U.K. to be healed from cancer, tumors, arthritis and other illnesses. Today he'll talk with us about illness, the aura, and spiritual healing. McKellar's work has been reported on by media and witnessed by the thousands of people who have come to him over his 30 +...


Aligning with Your Soul with Author Janet Conner

Can you totally align with your soul and allow your life to become prosperous? Janet Conner, Author of "The Lotus and the Lilly" explores the steps beyond the law of attraction that lead to big results. Janet talks about how to activate the soul's purpose and use the energy of intention with mandalas to create your Breakthrough year. Her powerful method will invite you into inner explorations that will make your heart sing and your soul dance. http://janetconner.com/the-lotus-and-the-lily/


Talking with Departed Souls With Medium Almina Amani

Is there life after death? Is it possible to contact departed loved ones? Internationally renowned psychic and medium, Almina Amani, tells us about how she became a medium (it wasn't a natural ability from a young age), and how being a mediums gives meaning and purpose to life as she helps people on both sides of the veil communicate. Almina Amani, a psychic and medium, in Geneva, Switzerland, is one of the most gifted and accurate psychics around. People from worldwide contact her about...


Wake Up to the Power of Spiritual Healing with Andrew McKellar

"Spiritual healing is like having a gold nugget the size of a skyscraper in a field, and people are walking around with dark glasses unable to see the gift," says Andrew McKellar. Kellar is an internationally renowned spiritual healer. He has no religious affiliation and didn't seek out the gifts, but discovered them at the age of 23. Today people travel from around the world to his home in the U.K. to be healed from cancer, tumors, arthritis and other illnesses. McKellar's work has been...


Hopi Life with Hopi Derek Suwaima Davis

A few years ago I interviewed Hopi World Champion Hoop Dancer, Derek Suwaima Davis. Derek spoke about living on the Hopi reservation and his relationship to seeds, plants, water and nature. The hoop he uses became, for me, a symbol of wholeness and unity. Derek's language and the emotions he communicated, touched me so deeply that I wanted to share through this conversation and learn more about his experiences. Derek will join me on this show to talk about the culture he lives in, the...


Transformational Business Creation with Lahra Tatriele, Co-founder of Fivelements

Lahra Tatrielle, co-founder of Fivelements, a unique, eco-conscious, wellness retreat in Bali, Indonesia, relied on a strong connection with vision and values and her trust of intuition in the development of this award-winning healing destination. With a mission of "Creating the space for Life Transformation and Love in Action" and a vision of "Learning to Love and Respect Life", Fivelements offers raw vegan gourmet cuisine, and inspirational contemporary architecture using recycled bamboo...


Understanding Energy from the Author of "Frequency", Penney Peirce

"The frequency of energy you hold moment by moment in your body, emotions, and mind — is the most important tool you have for creating and living your ideal life." Penney Peirce, author of "Frequency" helps us to understand the importance of the energetic shifts taking place and how they can work to our benefit. Penney Peirce is an internationally renowned author of "The Intuitive Way," "Frequency" and "Leap of Perception". She'll share her recent insights and help us to understand what's...


How to Be Happy with Your Body with Dr. Tara Cousineau

Are you happy with your body? Do you feel like you can never measure up? Are you aware of how media and advertising play critical roles in your self-talk? The question of body image seems more and more critical as young girls and women are hit with a barrage of messages about the ideal body image. One woman even had plastic surgery to look like Barbie! We'll talk with Dr. Tara Cousineau, about what's happening as bikini season approaches and how we can stay comfortable with our bodies. Dr....


Why's It Easier to Talk about Sex than Money? with Manish Thakor

What's your relationship with money? Many people find it easier to talk about sex than to create a dialogue around their personal finances. Manisha Thakor is a financial adviser with a difference. Her father talked to her about money at the age of eleven and this shifted her whole life. Many women have been sheltered from talk about money growing up. In realtionships women often feel uneasy talking about their financial situation. In this open and frank conversation with Manisha Thankor,...


Why Go on a Retreat? with Muni Natarajan

Spiritual retreats are growing in popularity. But why are so many people drawn to step out of their habitual experiences into a space of quiet? To take a retreat means to withdraw your senses from the outside world and go inside to discover yourself. We'll talk with Muni Natarajan, a yoga teacher (who lived as a Hindu monk for 37 years but is now married) about the keys to why people seek out retreats and how they can get the most from them. Muni has been leading retreats to India for many...


Writing Down Your Soul with Author Janet Conner

What if you could easily get all of the answers and guidance for your biggest questions from your soul? Janet Conner, Author of "Writing Down Your Soul" explores how to use deep soulful writing to tap into Theta states (related to theta brainwaves) to gain access to the highest, deepest, and best creative insights. Janet's method will make your heart sing and your soul dance. Also discover Janet's new "Soul Discovery Coloring Book".


Seeing Like a Psychic With Almina Amani

If you could see and experience life like a psychic, what would that look like? Can you read other's thoughts and see the future? Do you see people who have died? And if so, how do you cope? Does everyone have these abilities? Almina Amani, a psychic and medium, in Geneva, Switzerland, is one of the most gifted and accurate psychics around. People from worldwide contact her about business and personal matters. I've studied with her and she's one of the most accurate psychics I know. She's...


5 Steps to Write to Heal with Dr. John Evans

Self-expression is vital to health. Dr. John Evans has worked with James Pennebaker to explore and research how writing can help in the face of major life events. Think cancer, post traumatic stress, suffering, loss, grief. In conjunction with Duke University and Duke Integrative Medicine in North Carolina, Dr. Evans is conducting a study on the power of language and expression to bring about healing. His "Writing to Heal" program teaches caregivers how to use writing as a tool to bring...


# 1 Key to Develop Intuition with Sonia Choquette

Join Debra Moffitt with intuitive guide, author, and teacher, Sonia Choquette for an exploration of the most important ways to connect with your Intuition. Sonia Choquette's NYT bestselling books teach readers worldwide about how to connect with intuition. We'll hear from her first hand about how intuition evolves, how it's linked to self-confidence, and how it brought her to move to Paris, France.


Nature, Relationships, and Writing with NYT Bestselling Author Mary Alice Monroe

February is all about relationships. In this live broadcast with NYT bestselling author, Mary Alice Monroe, we'll talk about the power of nature and how it defines us and our relationships. In her books, Mary Alice's characters grow and expand as they discover their connection with nature. In this live interview, we'll explore how nature connects us to ourselves and to each other. Mary Alice's books evolve around nature. She lives on the Isle of Palms in South Carolina and has scouted the...


How to Help Your Heart Feel at Home When You're an Immigrant or Expat

Nilsy Rapalo grew up in Columbia. She moved to San Francisco and now lives in South Carolina. Despite many years of living in the U.S., she still feels strong roots and attachments to her home country. Nilsy, a psychologist, has struggled with how to respect her roots and also find her path in America. We'll explore some of the challenges facing expats and immigrants. 1) How can one overcome a sense of isolation? 2) How can we develop a sense of community in a place where we feel we have...


From Self-Harm to Self-Care with Nathalie Doswald, Founder of Reconnect Yoga

"Psychology Today" defines "self-harm" as: "the deliberate infliction of damage to your own body, and includes cutting, burning, and other forms of injury." Nathalie Doswald, who is a scientist, founder of Association Reconnect, and a gifted yoga teacher in Geneva, Switzerland, will talk about her experiences with self-harm and ways to move from self-harm to self-care. She includes yoga, meditation, and positive affirmations as some of her tools for transformation. Find out more at:...


Protecting the Earth with a Community of One with Carolyn Rivers

Charleston, South Carolina has been the center of a lot of debates and anxiety recently around race, climate change with increasingly high tides and floods, and it's perched on the edge of many of the big and divisive issues facing the world today. Carolyn Rivers, founder and director of the Sophia Institute and head of the Charleston Global Contemplative Alliance, works to bring together members of the community from a wide array of backgrounds to focus on how to make big changes that...


Three Things to Spark Your Creative Fire with Extreme Artist Alex Inchbald

Want to discover some ways to be more creative in every day life? Join Debra Moffitt with extreme artist, Alex Inchbald to discover ways to spark your creative fire and open up to more inspiration. Every day we can be creative. You don't have to be an artist or a writer. Being aware and present in the moment allows everything from taking a shower to making breakfast to become a moment to open to creative inspiration. Time is 18h in Geneva/Paris, Noon Eastern Standard Time, and 9 a.m....