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"Journey of Souls" With Peter Smith, Director of the Newton Institute

Have you ever wondered what happens once a soul leaves the body? Michael Newton’s work and book, Journey of Souls, opened doors to understanding the path many may take before and after life on earth. Peter Smith, director of the Newton Institute, which grew out of this work, talks about “Journey of Souls” and continuing explorations of soul growth. For updates and upcoming guests, sign up for our newsletter at debramoffitt.com.


Emotional Detox, With Sherianna Boyle

Our bodies aren’t the only aspect of us in need of detoxing. Sherianna Boyle, author of Emotional Detox: Seven Steps to Release Toxicity and Energize Joy, shares a process for purifying and releasing unprocessed emotions from the emotional body. For updates and upcoming guests, sign up for our newsletter at debramoffitt.com.


Finding Peace and Bliss From the Inside Out, With Pam Butler

Life isn’t always a smooth, easy journey, and most of us haven’t been equipped with tools to get us through the challenges. Author Pam Butler shares her personal stories of suffering and struggling, along with tools to stay anchored in bliss during the roughest times. For updates and upcoming guests, sign up for our newsletter at debramoffitt.com.


Women Building a Healthy Relationship With Money, With Meriflor Toneatto

How’s your money vibe? If you’re a woman, it may be less than healthy. Meriflor Toneatto, author and CEO of Power With Soul, says, “Money is part of your spiritual purpose.” It can be used to make a positive difference in the world. We’ll explore money, power, and women’s relationships with both. For updates and upcoming guests, sign up for our newsletter at debramoffitt.com.


Vibrant Energy Through Working With Chakras, With Michelle Fondin

Illness can be related to energy patterns. Becoming aware of illness and the energy patterns behind them can bring insights and gifts of healing. Michelle Fondin, author of Chakra Healing for Vibrant Energy, shares her insights about the deeper causes of her thyroid cancer, relating to self-expression and how others can explore energy for healing. For updates and upcoming guests, sign up for our newsletter at debramoffitt.com.


Graceful Exit With Dr. Gustavo Ferrer

When faced with the end of life of a loved one, the challenges can become overwhelmingly stressful. Dr. Gustavo Ferrer shares his experiences with how to prepare responsibly and act with compassion at their final exit. Sign up for the newsletter for updates at debramoffitt.com.


Circlework and the Power of Community With Dr. Jalaja Bonheim

One of the greatest ills of our time is isolation and loneliness. Dr. Jalaja Bonheim, the author of Circlework, shares experiences of the ways coming together in circles can transform lives. Sign up for the newsletter for updates at debramoffitt.com.


Mastering Alchemy With Jim Self

One of the first steps of becoming conscious is being aware of being unconscious. Author and teacher Jim Self, shares powerful, experiential tools that help in stepping out of the old 3D structures and stepping up into what he calls fifth dimensional living. Sign up for the newsletter for updates.


Charge and Subtle Energy With Anodea Judith

Energy is life. If we don't have any energy, then getting through life can be tough. Having too much energy also creates challenges. Anodea Judith, author and founder of the Sacred Centers, will explore ways to work with energy. Stay informed about upcoming shows by signing up for the newsletter.


Energy Clearing With Denise Linn

Subtle chords of energy run through and between us and connect us to everyone and everything. Author and healer Denise Linn talks about the strands of energy that deplete us, how to cut the ties, and also about the energy that heals us. Sign up for the newsletter for updates at debramoffitt.com


The Miracle of Intention Groups, With Lynne McTaggart

If you’re looking for miracles, you won’t want to miss this show with Power of 8 author Lynne McTaggart. She will talk about the science behind the miracles of group prayer, the rebound effect, and how to start an intention group of your own. Sign up for the newsletter for updates at debramoffitt.com.


Connecting With Loved Ones on the Other Side, With John Holland

Facing the death of a loved one can be one of life’s most challenging experiences. Where do our loved ones go? Can we still be aware of them? Internationally renowned author and psychic medium John Holland shares about his experiences based on his book, Bridging Two Realms. Sign up for the newsletter for updates at debramoffitt.com.


Harmonizing Heart and Head With HeartMath Institute’s Howard Martin

The HeartMath Institute’s work has influenced many authors from Gregg Braden to Dr. Joe Dispenza, and it is having far-reaching effects around the world. The tools the Institute provides give quick and easy ways to move into “coherence” and alignment between heart and brain. Howard Martin, one of the cocreators of the Institute, shares about HeartMath. Sign up for the newsletter for updates at debramoffitt.com.


Living an Examined Life, With James Hollis

The second half of life can be a time of wisdom and depth. Jungian analyst and author James Hollis shares about the spiritual awakening that can happen in the second half of our lives when we’re called to find deeper meaning and grow.


Heaven Is Already Here, With Dr. Leo Galland

Do you believe in something beyond the physical realm of existence? Even for spiritual seekers this can be a difficult leap to make. But Dr. Leo Galland is confronted with moving beyond belief when his departed son begins to reveal messages of spiritual truths that broadened his perspective of the world.


Finding Joy on the Way to Being Lost, With Victoria Price

Victoria Price, daughter of world-famous Hollywood actor Vincent Price, chose to become intentionally homeless, embarking on a metaphoric and literal road trip to find her way home to her truest self. Her inspirational memoir is a candid account of rediscovering joy and purpose after years of challenges. Sign up for our newsletter at debramoffitt.com.


Living With Alan Watts—With His Daughters, Joan and Anne Watts

Alan Watts, prominent 20th-century philosopher who popularized Zen Buddhist philosophy, continues to influence today’s culture. His daughters, Anne and Joan Watts, share their experiences with their father and also talk about his collection of letters curated in the book, Collected Letters of Alan Watts.


The Luminous Life, With Dr. Jacob Liberman

Light and vision make up principle ways for us to connect with the world. In his book, The Luminous Life, Dr. Jacob Liberman explores the power of sight and how paying attention and soft focus open up views into the expanded world of the mystics and the power of light. He shares his path to regaining clear eyesight and his vision of connectedness. For information about future guests and workshops and retreats, please join our newsletter at debramoffitt.com.


The Joy of Doing Nothing, With Rachel Jonat

Do you dream of what it would be like to have time on your schedule to do nothing? Rachel Jonat has turned doing nothing into an art and gives guilt-free guidance on how to get away with it and even enjoy it! Sign up for the newsletter at debramoffitt.com.


How Astrology Influences Us and What’s in the Stars for the Year, With Kelley Rosano

Astrology and the movement of the planets has long been believed to influence world events and our personal and professional lives. Kelley Rosano, an experienced astrologer, talks about tendencies and trends for 2018. Sign up for the newsletter at debramoffitt.com.