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Lee Rosen speaks to aspiring entrepreneurial and tenured law professionals on law practice management, marketing, technology and finance, increasing your revenues and helping you implement time saving changes.

Lee Rosen speaks to aspiring entrepreneurial and tenured law professionals on law practice management, marketing, technology and finance, increasing your revenues and helping you implement time saving changes.
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Lee Rosen speaks to aspiring entrepreneurial and tenured law professionals on law practice management, marketing, technology and finance, increasing your revenues and helping you implement time saving changes.




Podcast: How Do You Keep Up With Legal Marketing? Don’t Bother

I got interested in lawyer marketing in the early 70’s. I was eleven years old. My father practiced law in North Miami Beach. He was a networker, that’s how he built his practice. 1977 is the year of the US Supreme Court decision in Bates v. Arizona. That’s the case that opened the floodgates for day time TV ads for personal injury lawyers. That’s the year that The Price is Right got overrun by lawyers hawking their services.


Podcast: Don’t Sweat The Recurring Tasks (And It’s All Recurring Tasks)

I used to think each day was different. Each day felt like the first time climbing Mount Everest. I truly believed each day was different. In fact, I thought the variety was the reason I enjoyed my work. I used to tell people that it was never boring. Life felt like a grand adventure. Then a lightbulb turned on over my head - my work repeated over and over. Sometimes it happened in the same day, sometimes the repetitions were separated by weeks, or months. Sometimes it took a year for the...


Podcast: The Most Important Trait of Successful Law Firm Marketers

Marketing a law firm is challenging. We have to find the right people and say the right thing. Most law firms lack subtlety in this two-step marketing approach. They find clients with the problem they solve, and then yell the firm name as loudly as possible, over and over. Surprisingly, this doesn't work so well.


Podcast: When The Team Loses a Player

Your key employee is jumping off. She knows the what and the why and she decided it was time to leap in a different direction. In doing so, she's made you question the rightness of your path. Sometimes it really is best if the employee leaves. It’s tempting to react to the announced departure by trying to convince the employee to stay. But, realistically, they are all leaving. Everyone is a volunteer. There’s value in a realistic understanding of the tenure of members of the team. They truly...


Podcast: The Vision Payoff – Can You Get Rich Quick?

It’s no secret that a clear vision for the future of your business gets you more clients, more revenue, more income, more free time, more satisfaction, and a happier life. If you don't know where you want to go, achievement is impossible. In one way or another, the need for a vision comes up in every business book, every discussion with a management consultant, and in every analysis of every successful business or professional practice. And yet, a lot of lawyers I know haven't bothered to...


Podcast: What Not To Outsource

It’s pretty easy to identify the work that ought to be outsourced. But some work is different. Some work defines you. It’s the thing people talk about; it’s the the reason they come to you instead of your competitor. Sure, you can hand it off, but you run the risk of sub-optimal results. You run the risk of losing the thing that keeps people referring to you, coming back to you, or saying nice things about you: your secret sauce.


Podcast: 3 Years as a Digital Nomad Lawyer

At some point in the past year (I have no idea when it happened) I started feeling at home anywhere in the world. It's odd because I'm not generally someone who's comfortable anywhere. To find myself comfortable everywhere was totally unexpected. It snuck up on me. I was just sitting in a coffee shop one day, expecting to feel like I always feel—a bit out of my element—and it struck me that I felt like I belonged. It happened in all sorts of places. It happened when I least expected it.


Podcast: It’s The Little Things

It was raining. I went to the hotel lobby to pick up the suit I’d had delivered, cursing myself for forgetting an umbrella, as I would now end up getting the suit all wet. That’s when I found the umbrella packed in with the delivery. It really is the little things that count, but finding the right little thing is hard. It requires empathy. Getting it right requires spending time getting into your client's head. It requires you to figure out what they might need and how you might be helpful....


Podcast: 10 Things You Don’t Need To Buy

Buying something makes my brain feel like I’m doing something. Does that happen to you? When I bought my gym membership, had my photo taken, got my fancy card, and went home, it felt like I’d exercised. Maybe the tendency to buy instead of do isn’t entirely our fault. The folks who sell things are pretty good at using marketing to convince us that buying things is progress. Maybe it’s their fault?


Podcast: 15 Things You Can Do Now to Change Your Results

If the results you get aren’t the results you want, you need to change the system. Some people say they don't have a system, but that's not true. We all have a system. If the system is bad, the results are bad. The system works perfectly to deliver bad results because the system is designed that way. Most of us have systems that deliver bad results repeatedly. However, we can change the system. We can alter the input to get new output.


Podcast: No Lawyer Can Do It Alone

Once upon a time, I felt like I had to do everything by myself. Those days were chaotic, horrible, and stressful. It was especially bad when a deadline loomed—I seized control, kicked everyone out, and acted like I was the only person on the planet who could fix whatever problem I was dealing with. I had to do it all by myself because I was sure that was the only way to get it done. So I pushed everyone away, often with an obnoxious, alienating, mean-spirited outburst that would later come...


Podcast: What’s Your Key Performance Indicator?

Your KPI (key performance indicator) is your North Star. It's the guiding light that helps you focus your energy, make decisions, and align your team. It’s the one number that matters more than the rest. I love to work the abbreviation "KPI" into conversations because it makes me sound like I know business stuff. Using KPI in a sentence makes me sound smarter than I am.


Podcast: Marketing Only Works If You Do This One Thing

Some lawyers lie to me. It happens like this: “My marketing isn’t working,” they say. “I’m doing the networking thing. I’m meeting other lawyers, doing lunches and coffee. And I even joined a Business Network International group.” (The BNI thing always annoys me. I’ve never encouraged anyone to join a BNI group. “Why did you join a BNI?” I ask them. “Because it’s in your networking course,” they say. “No it isn’t,” I tell them, then try to get back to the important part of the conversation....


Podcast: 10 Quick Ways to Undermine Your Credibility

Sometimes it’s the little things that wreak havoc with our carefully manufactured image. We spend a lot of energy playing the part. We get a nice haircut, we make ourselves smell nice, and we dress up in a fancy suit. Even our office space plays a role in our quest to make the right impression. We hang diplomas on the wall next to our law license, opposite the perfect piece of art. The furniture is solid and brightly polished. Some of us lay out fancy $100 pens. We hide the piles of...


Podcast: Making The Most Of Conferences

This is the time of the year many of us attend conferences. Attending events - any event - is a good thing. It’s good to get out of the office and talk to other humans. It’s good for business. It connects you with other people. It’s good to attend conferences, even if the only thing you accomplish is exchanging business cards with the woman in the Starbucks line in Macau. She might refer your next big case.


Podcast: Great Advice Gets You There Faster

Advice is valuable. It often saves us wasted time and effort. That's especially true when it comes to running and growing our practices. It’s important to ask for advice. Lots of advice. You can always choose to ignore it. Unfortunately, lawyers hesitate to ask for advice when it comes to the practice of law. We fear that asking for help makes us appear ignorant, weak or clueless. But that isn’t the reality. Asking for advice has the opposite effect. It makes us seem likable, approachable,...


Podcast: Preparing Your Law Firm For Disaster

Disasters strike unexpectedly. They are unpredictable. Yet they occur with some frequency. It’s wise to assume disaster will strike at some point. It might happen soon. It might be devastating. It's better to be prepared. I talk endlessly about systems. Many of us have done a pretty good job of documenting our procedures, but only for normal days.


Podcast: Keep The Client From Turning On You By Avoiding Unexpected Detours

When we were in Bali, we hired a driver for a tour. At one point, she stopped unexpectedly and the next thing we knew, we were trapped in a sales pitch. She tried to sell us bags of coffee beans. If this has never happened to you, I’ll warn you that it’s a common thing in many tourist areas. The drivers get a small commission for delivering warm bodies to salespeople.


Podcast: How to Go Home at 5 PM (Without Working Nights or Weekends)

Once upon a time, the days right before the beginning of a vacation were the most productive of the entire year. We would focus, push ourselves, and get things done. Those pre-vacation sprints used to be incredible. We knew that if we didn’t hit the deadline, we’d have to either cancel our trip or accept the consequences of being late. But the internet and our portable devices have diminished that effect.


Podcast: What If You Could Outsource It All?

I loved/hated owning a law firm. The team, the clients, the other lawyers, the judges, the clerks, the expert witnesses... I loved/hated them all. It was awesome when I loved them. But there were days when I hated opposing counsel, my associates, the judges, the clerks, my team, and especially the clients. They wore me down, tired me out, made me cry, and destroyed my optimism. I finished many of my days broken and discouraged.