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Lee Rosen speaks to aspiring entrepreneurial and tenured law professionals on law practice management, marketing, technology and finance, increasing your revenues and helping you implement time saving changes.

Lee Rosen speaks to aspiring entrepreneurial and tenured law professionals on law practice management, marketing, technology and finance, increasing your revenues and helping you implement time saving changes.
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Lee Rosen speaks to aspiring entrepreneurial and tenured law professionals on law practice management, marketing, technology and finance, increasing your revenues and helping you implement time saving changes.




Podcast: The Only 3 Ways To Generate More Income

We often make things harder than necessary. The approach we take to increasing revenues is something it's easy to over-complicate. We have vendors pitching us solutions, we're loaded up with articles we need to read, and we're weighed down with ideas we've heard around town. Increasing revenues feels like a complicated, tricky, hot mess. But, we can keep it simple. In fact, we have to keep it simple. Complexity is the enemy when we're working on the business.


Podcast: VisionQuest 2020

For one month, I want you to immerse yourself in a group of ambitious lawyers and successful law firm owners. Activate your energy for growth. Overcome obstacles, build on collective triumphs, and realize new potential in your practice.


Podcast: How To Get Referrals Without Referring Back

Countless lawyers have explained to me that they’re not building their referral network because they don’t want to end up in the bind of receiving referrals and then being unable to reciprocate. I understand the sentiment. I worried that my referral sources would quit referring if I didn't send referrals back. I worried that resentment was building because I wasn't fulfilling my end of the implied bargain. Other lawyers tell me they have the exact same fears. They feel fortunate to be...


Podcast: The Answers To All Of Your Legal Marketing Questions

There is a person who can give you not just an answer, but the correct answer - every single time. This person knows what it takes to get your ideal client to hire you. They understand the emotional impact your marketing decisions have on the conversion process. They understand what it takes to encourage the client to make a decision, they know how much you can charge, and how often to followup.


Podcast: Stop The Law Firm Drama

You have all the drama. It’s like a Broadway show in your office with a canon firing off at random moments. Then a big horse walks on stage and suddenly falls off sideways into the front row. It turns out this isn't supposed to happen and wasn’t in the script. Firefighters come rushing in as the audience evacuates. Yeah, you’ve got drama.


Podcast: The Activity That Gets Big Marketing Results

There’s too much thinking, planning, organizing, and agonizing going into her marketing. You want to do it right, so you research it, ask for recommendations, interview vendors, get price quotes, chart out comparisons, dig into online reviews, and then think about it hoping for a feeling that will guide you to do the right thing. That feeling isn’t going to come.


Podcast: The Complete Guide To Google My Business For Lawyers

A Google My Business listing is an online legal directory your firm is able to leverage to reach the top spots in Google’s organic results when your local people are searching for legal help. As companies like Google, Facebook, and others work to keep users inside of their walled gardens instead of out on websites they don't control, they've been building tools that allow your practice to provide many of the features and types of information you used to provide on your website from inside...


Podcast: Same Service. Different Fee. Why?

Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe you deliver value? Do you believe you are the best solution to the problem? You might think you need to wait for your time. But, I’ll warn you that many lawyers who wait find that their time never comes. Why? Because they still think they're "faking it" and the buyer believes them. Some lawyers believe in the value of that they do. They know, deep in their hearts, that they are the best solution for the client’s problem. Their clients pick up on the...


Podcast: “I Don’t Know” Is The Wrong Financial Answer

When we lack decent data - when we drive without a speedometer, a fuel gauge, or other indicators - we don’t realize when things go wrong. We’re still busy, rushing around getting things done, and we have no way to know that the revenues have slowed while the expenses have increased and the profits are headed into negative territory. Suddenly, profits turn to losses. The clients stop paying. The credit line kicks in. Debt piles up, bills go unpaid, and our lack of information hits us with...


Podcast: Your Vision Should Feel Out of Whack

Building the law firm you see in your mind has awkward moments. You might feel like a toddler whose head is too big for his body. When people see things out of whack, with the wrong proportions, happening out of what they think is the right order, well, some folks will think you’re crazy. Some of them will self-confidently assert that you’re on the wrong path. Every visionary attracts resistance, obstructionists, and doubters. The critics never build a damn thing but they have endless energy...


Podcast: Will Your Law Firm Survive The Coming Recession?

In the United States, over the past 100 years, there have been seventeen periods defined as recessions. Unfortunately, a recession is the U.S. often impacts the rest of the world — sorry. Typically a recession is “technically” over fairly quickly. But the effects linger — sometimes for years. Large firms lay off associates who end up competing with smaller firms. Medium-sized firms reduce prices and impact smaller firms who lose business. Clients reduce legal spend and take a long time to...


Podcast: These Two Words Are Costing You Money

I am a walking social interaction experiment. I’m out here learning on your behalf. The dumb things I say to people? Research. I only say awkward, insulting, dumb things in the name of science. I’m here in the field doing the dirty work — for you. Mostly, I learn the wrong things to say by saying them. I've learned that “I know” are the two words you don't want to use because I've watched the reaction I get over and over. When I use “I know” as my response my relationship with the other...


Podcast: Are You Unwilling To Struggle?

Executing on vision often hangs us up, because that's when we pay the price. It’s in executing on the plan where we find out if we’re dreamers or doers. It’s in execution that we find out if we’re all talk or if we’ve got it in us to organize, motivate, and lead. When it comes to paying the price, many of us turn our focus to distractions. We let ourselves get carried away from the execution by the client busyness, the family requirements, the distraction of the shiny object, or the...


Podcast: Get Out Of Your Own Way And Assume The Sale

Your client came through the door wanting his problem solved. You’ve now offered a solution. He's in your office and ready for action. You look at him with a long pause, stare at him with concern, glance quizzically, and ask him what he wants to do. Isn't it obvious? He didn’t go to the pool for a swim, to the spa for a massage, to the car repair place for a tune up. He came to a lawyer to get a legal problem solved. You've shifted gears from a confident leader who just defined the path to...


Podcast: Can You Practice Law From Namibia?

I'm working in Namibia at the moment. I meet other lawyers who tell me they’re jealous of my lifestyle. Some would like to do what I’m doing. Some want to travel while they work, some just like the idea of not being tethered to an office and working from home, and one lawyer who talked to me about my remote work doesn’t want to travel at all. She just wants to deal with clients via text based conversation only - no calls, no meetings, no contact except email or messaging.


Podcast: Parties Only Take You So Far

Then the first guest arrived. A few more showed up at the door, a few more came within minutes. Suddenly, I was distracted by talking to people as the violinist was played in the background. I looked around after an hour and the room was full. It wasn’t a huge crowd, but it was respectable. The chatter was loud enough, the music drifted through the office space, people were laughing, talking, and engaged with one another. "A marketing success", I thought to myself. But the next day, I...


Podcast: The One Thing People Don’t Want To Talk About

“He talked about himself for a solid hour,” she said. “It was annoying,” she complained. She’d invited him to lunch in an effort to build a relationship, so that he might refer cases to her. Later that day I happened to visit her website, looking for her email address. I scanned from page to page reading the text. Incredibly, the pages on her site amounted to little other than talking about herself. It didn’t take me an hour to read it all, but it took long enough. It was annoying.


Podcast: Top 7 Reasons Small Law Firms Fail

There’s no drama when a small law firm fails. The practice simply closes its doors and disappears. In fact, the failure often looks like a lawyer accepting a job elsewhere and many folks congratulate the lawyer like it’s a step up. But the lawyer knows what it feels like and it doesn’t feel good. Because by the time he shuts down, he's emotionally exhausted, saddled with outstanding debt, and feeling the stress for months, or years, of the burden of closing out cases for clients to whom he...


Podcast: Are You Automating The Wrong Thing?

Trying to get lawyers to automate or outsource work is so painful that it makes me ache. I pitch the idea of automating workflows and creating document automations and I’m told how most of what’s produced is customized so automation is a waste of time, or I get snickers and am told “it can’t be done”. Oddly, the same lawyers who are stressed about having too much work and generating too little revenue resist the automation and outsourcing of much of the work causing the stress. But it gets...


Podcast: What If We’re Doing It Wrong?

Too often, the way we do things isn't the result of wanting to solve the problem or improve the status quo. It's about simply looking at how others are doing it and copying them. We're experts at explaining the way we do things - even if we really are just doing it because that's the way it's done and we've never thought to do it differently.