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Lee Rosen speaks to aspiring entrepreneurial and tenured law professionals on law practice management, marketing, technology and finance, increasing your revenues and helping you implement time saving changes.

Lee Rosen speaks to aspiring entrepreneurial and tenured law professionals on law practice management, marketing, technology and finance, increasing your revenues and helping you implement time saving changes.
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Lee Rosen speaks to aspiring entrepreneurial and tenured law professionals on law practice management, marketing, technology and finance, increasing your revenues and helping you implement time saving changes.




Podcast: Paying Late Costs You More Than You Think

Whenever I browse the web from this Airbnb in Bangkok, a message from the internet provider pops up. Apparently my landlord isn’t paying his bills on time. Unfortunately, his current financial situation may impact his future financial situation. The same could happen to you. One day during our first week here, the Internet shut off for four hours. The owner paid the bill and the service was restored a short while later, but the interruption was disconcerting. I suppose his bill-paying habits...


Podcast: The Hotel Trinity (And What Matters to Your Clients)

Hotels, like law firms, make promises to their prospective clients. Those promises aren’t always articulated. Often, they’re implicit. It wasn’t until the first time I checked into a hotel room without a window that it occurred to me that "windows" were optional. Your clients probably have their own beliefs about what's included in their representation, whether or not you say it.


Podcast: Our Messy Path To Outsourcing Our Bookkeeping

The first time we outsourced our bookkeeping, we hired a woman in Texas. She explained that our books were a mess and promised to “clean them up.” We knew our books were messy before we hired her, but it was manageable. Our doors were open, payroll was processed smoothly, and the bills were being paid. Let’s face it. Accounting is made-up nonsense. It’s arbitrary, random, and often illogical. But we have to do it. I had to get the bookkeeping done or face the consequences, so I pushed on...


Podcast: 5 Ways To Make More Money (In 2023)

Nobody wants the slow fix. We want the magic bullet. We want the secret. We want to get-rich-quick. I always wanted to get rich quick. I still like the idea. I also want to lose 20 pounds by next month, read five times faster in five days, get the girl, and go all night long without losing my erection. Buy the search engine optimization, the leads, the landing pages, the new website, the review management software, and the online efficiency webinar. But be careful not to spend five years...


Podcast: Negotiation Is Sometimes A Waste Of Your Time

Every one of us has had a moment when we realized all the time we spent in negotiations was wasted. In retrospect, it should have been clear at the time. “There was never going to be an agreement,” we say to ourselves. “That person was impossible.” “Know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away, and know when to run.” That’s from Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler.” Go watch the video. It’s awesome. How do country musicians know so much? I don’t even like country music, but...


Podcast: Do Your Clients Feel Like Dollar Signs?

Tourists in India feel like dollar signs. Touts crowd around, shouting above the street noise, imploring tourists to buy whatever they’re selling. Feeling like a dollar sign is never a good thing. Tourists don’t like it. They feel less like humans and more like objects. As buyers, we turn into non-buyers quickly when the pressure cranks up.


Podcast: How I Outsourced My Way Out of Management

In retrospect, outsourcing worked out pretty well for my law firm. Of course, it would have been much easier if I had known what I was doing at the time (which is why we recently created a course on outsourcing – so you can do it without all my challenges). When I started my firm, I had no idea how hard it would be to get employees to do what I needed. Getting results from other humans is difficult. It will never be easy. As the leader of your business, your goal is to get work done...


Podcast: 5 Things I’ve Learned About Lawyers

There are lots of differences between us lawyers. We’re each unique in our own way. We have different strengths and weaknesses. We have a broad range of interests. We spend our time differently. We’re a diverse bunch of folks. But we’re a lot alike, too. We have many things in common, like education, that create a lot of similarities. But we also have some (counterproductive) things in common that hurt our practices, reduce our income, and make us unhappy. After working in the legal field...


Podcast: Short, Simple, Easy Law Firm Marketing Plan

Marketing is important. Having a plan is essential. Sticking to that plan can make the difference between success and failure. But plans get complicated. Complexity is the enemy of execution and the cause of much of our procrastination. When things become challenging, we put them on the back burner. If you execute this plan, you’ll build your practice. It’ll grow steadily. It’ll become more profitable.


Podcast: Working Less Gets You More

Running a law firm means hard days, long nights, and unexpected bursts of adrenalin and cortisol. Sleep is often elusive. We took our first big vacation after the practice turned four years old. Prior to that, our trips had all been work-related and typically involved networking at an American Bar Association meeting. I suggest you take a few minutes today to schedule a vacation.


Podcast: Will This Year Be Good? Or Great?

2017 was an exceptionally good year for me. It started on January 1st when I made a decision. One quick and easy decision made the difference. You can do the same for 2018 right now. The beginning of the year feels like a fresh start. We focus on what’s to come instead of our lingering concerns about the year gone by. It’s a time when we hit the reset button and see fresh possibilities, opportunities, and a path toward a better tomorrow.


Podcast: I Sold My Law Firm and You Can Too

It’s hard to remember that I don’t need to worry about revenue. It’s hard to remember that I don’t need to worry about angry clients. It’s hard to remember that I don’t need to worry about negative Google reviews. I feel the relief now, but it came slowly as the sense of obligation seeped out of me, little by little.


Podcast: The 2018 Law Firm Marketing Plan

This is the marketing plan for those who don’t have a marketing plan. You don’t need this plan if you’ve already got something good going on. If you’re busy executing your plan, don’t mind me today. In fact, you can stop reading right now. Of course, you won’t stop. You’re not that kind of lawyer. This is a simple plan. It’s a plan that works. There are no radical ideas. The tactics are proven. This law firm marketing plan will take a newbie from zero to three hundred thousand in the first...


Podcast: Eliminate Mistakes With This Magic

We’ve read articles imploring us to let go of tasks. “Delegate and stay out of it,” they teach us. The experts tell us to stop micromanaging and grant autonomy. They instruct us to step back so our team members can learn, grow, and own their projects. But when the work is ignored, delayed, forgotten or otherwise left undone, it's a nightmare. That's how you end up outside a courtroom missing key exhibits and spewing profanity at your paralegal.


Podcast: Premature Death Is Not An Exit Plan

I meet a shocking number of guys who believe they aren’t going to live past 40 (or some other arbitrary age). We fail to invest in long-term planning since we figure we won’t be around. We focus on the present and leave the future to take care of itself. That type of short-term thinking isn’t just ill-advised. It’s dangerous.


Podcast: Building A Positive Culture

My biggest problems have always been rooted in the way my team reacts to me. When things go badly, they spiral downward in a vicious cycle. It's easy to be subtly destructive. When we’re under pressure and feel stressed, we tend to feed our team negativity. Systems can solve this problem. People systems eliminate many of the mistakes managers like me make on daily basis. They create a positive culture and eliminate the friction that impedes our progress.


Podcast: What’s your why? And why it matters

Knowing why you want something is what drives you to work for it. Your 'why' energizes you, sustains you, and pushes you forward when things are awful. There might be a lot of positive reasons to want whatever you want from your business. Your 'why' will be fuel in the tough moments when you need to reignite your engine.


Podcast: Busy and Broke?

At first, you're thrilled - the phone is ringing, the clients are retaining, and you're working like crazy. After a while, you realize that despite putting in more hours than you want, despite all the clients, and despite the frenzy at the office - you're not making any money. Staying busy can easily become a death sentence for your practice if you can't bring in enough revenue to keep the lights on. How do you escape the cycle of being busy and broke? Listen in Browser | Download MP3 |...


Podcast: Office Space is More Than Just a Place To Meet

Office space characterizes your brand, impacts trust and influences profit. Finding the ideal location could mean the difference between breaking even and doubling your fees. Listen in Browser | Download MP3 | Subscribe in iTunes


Podcast: Understanding – Your True Superpower

Convey an authentic understanding of someone's circumstances and you'll have fast-tracked your way toward a deeper connection and instant trust. The question is, how do you use the knowledge you've accumulated about your past clients to make your potential clients think you're a superhero? Listen in Browser | Download MP3 | Subscribe in iTunes


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