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Time To Kick The Sh*t Out Of Your Inner Bully

Your inner bully has been kicking the sh*t out of your self-esteem and confidence for years, convincing you you're not good enough. Now it's time to tell your inner bully (and anyone else who tries to bully you) who's boss.


Beware Dating Burn-Out & Bitterness!

Daters, beware: it can happen if you're not careful. Getting burned out and bitter from being single too long is all too common, especially if you've suffered through repeated disappointments or chronic rejection. If you're going to be in the game, if you want to be a successful dater and find love, you're going to need endurance, staying power, and a better attitude. Coaching you with insight and experience, is psychologist and dating expert, Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell.


How To Find Love While Finding Yourself

On this week's episode, we're proving you don't need to have your shit totally together to find love. We're all a work in progress, and the quest for betterment is noble, but trying to find yourself shouldn't preclude you from finding love. You shouldn't have to wait. As a single woman and wellness expert, guest Debi Carlin Boyle shows you how to do both.


Getting To The Heart of Love & Loss

In this very real and raw episode of Done Being Single, we share our stories of losing loved ones: from processing grief and finding healing, to understanding the impact of loss on relationships and dating, to surrendering to the power of love. Joining the conversation with his own inspiring story is midlife dating coach Jonathon Aslay.


Encore: I Love You, But I Hate Your Politics

Like it or not, politics is everywhere: social media, around the dinner table, and in our personal lives. Politics have divided families, broken up friendships, and turned dating into a minefield.


Encore: Forget New Year's Resolutions, Make Valentine's Resolutions

We make New Year's resolutions to improve our we live, why not make Valentine's resolutions to improve how we love?


Bad Dating Habits To Break In 2020

Breadcrumbing, benching, gaslighting, and ghosting, are just a few hideous dating behaviors that must go in 2020. So are putting up obstacles and making excuses. Whether you're a perpetrator or a victim, make it your resolution to clean up your act and take back your power. With expert guidance from Behavioral Relationship expert, Tracy Crossley.


How To Get Past Your Past

You can’t be fully present, free of limiting beliefs, and living your best life unless you take deliberate steps to unshackle yourself from your past. Your past was then; your potential is now. Don't take your past into your future. Hit the reset button with best-selling author and acclaimed self-realization expert Guy Finley.


Encore: Are Men Still From Mars, And Women From Venus?

In one word, YES. 27 years after John Gray's best-selling book, 'Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus,' little has changed in the way we communicate our needs with each other.


Who's Got The Power?

When it comes to the gatekeepers of sex and relationships, who has the power, women or men? Who's got control? Is there even such a thing as power dynamics in today's modern world of love? Offering expert insights, keen observations, and smart takeaways, is Love & Life Transformational Coach, Suzanne Oshima.


Making The Case For Dating Age-Appropriate Women

Hitting midlife is no laughing matter, but on Done Being Single, Allison Cane & Jillian Franklyn, hosts of the hilarious YouTube show “Pretty Over,” are laughing all about it. Sex, menopause, aging gracefully (or trying to), and making the case for age-appropriate dating, because there's nothing sexier than a guy who dates age-appropriate women!


Face It, You Need Therapy

If life sucks, and you're mad as hell, depressed as shit, or confused AF, and it’s not getting any better, you may need some therapy. For pros who’ve been on the couch before, you know the drill, but for those who’ve never unloaded in front of a therapist, the next hour is for you. With Gottman Institute psychotherapist Jenny TeGrotenhuis.


Are You Crazy For Chaos?

Are you a love junkie? Do you need a fix of drama or a hit of psycho to make you feel alive? Does danger turn you on? Are you jonsing for crazy, or attracted to people who drive you insane?


The 4 Habits Of ALL Successful Relationships

Looking to improve your marriage, friendships, or business partnerships? Look no further. Your keys to relationship success are right here, and their names are Dr. Andrea & Jon Taylor-Cummings.


To Swipe Or Not To Swipe

To swipe or not to swipe, that is the question. What are the Dos and Don'ts of online dating? What should you look for in a profile? What are some red flags to watch out for? How can you design a profile that will get you maximum attention and traction?


Keeping Married Sex Alive!

There's no one better to speak on the topic of married sex and keeping it alive than our guest, Susan Bratton--sex guru, goddess, and trusted sex advisor to millions.


How To Be A Confident MF'er

David Snyder, a world renown expert on hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming says, “Confidence is relentless determination combined with expectations of a positive result.”


What Does 'Doing The Work' Really Mean?

"Doing the work" means everything and anything you need to do in order to heal, grow, change, evolve, and get stronger.


When Quitting Is The Best Thing You Can Do

If your current path isn't getting you anywhere, if you keep grinding it out without joy, if you keep hitting walls, or fail to get the results you want, it's time to quit.


I'm Doing Everything Right, So What's Going Wrong?

I'm Doing Everything Right, So What's Going Wrong? Episode Description This episode is dedicated to those of us who despite all our good intentions, desire, and hard work, still come up empty.