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Don’t Push Pause is a monthly podcast bringing you discussions on movies from the 70s, 80s and 90s. DPP consists of a main discussion on a featured film, followed up by our Picks of the Week, and closing with our signature (Bill) Murray Moment.


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Don’t Push Pause is a monthly podcast bringing you discussions on movies from the 70s, 80s and 90s. DPP consists of a main discussion on a featured film, followed up by our Picks of the Week, and closing with our signature (Bill) Murray Moment.






Episode 102 : The Obsession From Hell (90’s Special)

Lies… Manipulation… Gaslighting… OBSESSED. Obsession-driven psychodramas are a special sect of early ‘90s cinema. It also happens to be one of our favorite thriller sub-genres. But what makes them so special? What sets them apart & what do they share in common? We’ve honed in & created our own rules for the genre — what we love, the most memorable moments & how do these movies hold up 30+ years later? Let the thrills & chills begin! //***Films Included***\\ The Crush (1993), Fear (1996), The...


Episode 101 : Groundhog Day

Though this is the 30th Anniversary of GROUNDHOG DAY, it continues to feel timeless & evolve in meaning as it ages. This high concept film is triple threat — a holiday film, a fantasy comedy & an unassuming emotional touchstone for many audiences. As profoundly involved as this story may be, this Bill Murray vehicle has no shortage of complexities behind the scenes as well. //***Discussions include***\\ Origin & inspiration, transforming story structure, writing process, continuous script...


Episode 100 : Die Hard

Kicking off our 100th Episode with a Controversial Christmas Classic — DIE HARD (1988)! For a future-franchised film jam-packed with exciting explosions, it’s hard to believe this project was a gamble before it ever went into production. From its humble beginning to creating an iconic action hero, the formation of DIE HARD is nothing short of a surprise for everyone involved. //Discussions include***\\ State of late ‘80s action films; DIE HARD’s early novelization, lengthy writing process &...


Episode 99 : A Few Good Men

Even 30 years after its release, A FEW GOOD MEN tops lists for the most riveting courtroom dramas. Using true events, a coveted director & soon-to-be celebrated writer, the film bleeds talent from all angles & integrity from end to end. All talents behind this film had a clear, unified vision — make a searing, ethically complex drama that would stand the test of time. //***Discussions include***\\ True events behind the film (pre & post release); writer Aaron Sorkin’s humble beginning,...


Episode 98 : Poltergeist (1982)

Combining unrelenting imagination with in-home paranormal activity & child abduction turned into a guaranteed masterpiece with POLTERGEIST (1982). Filmmakers Tobe Hooper & Steven Spielberg proved the horror genre could have emotional depth while remaining absolutely terrifying & creative. And on its 40th Anniversary year, POLTERGEIST still reigns supreme as one of the most memorable ghost stories ever told. //***Discussions include***\\ The lengthy development/writing process of the film &...


Episode 97 : The Ring

We’re kicking off our fifth Halloween by celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Gore Verbinski’s THE RING. Going for more than jump scares, this American film ushered in the blockbuster trend of remaking a pre-existing film. Not only did it reignite the idea of urban legends & invigorate the careers of those involved, THE RING also proved a remake could still fresh, modern & an absolute terrifying delight. //***Discussions include***\\ The origin story, urban legend & folklore behind the...


Episode 96 : Reservoir Dogs

In 1992, Quentin Tarantino’s life would drastically change as soon as his first feature film, RESERVOIR DOGS, would debut at Sundance. Though among many stellar films at the festival that year, it would be RESERVOIR DOGS which emerged as a transcendent feat in filmmaking. Time to go back in time to remember its importance in independent filmmaking. //***Discussions include***\\ How Tarantino rose to stardom based on talent, confidence & luck; the script finding its way into fortunate...


Episode 95 : Lethal Weapon 2

Creating a successful sequel which stands the test of time & elevates a franchise isn’t an easy feat. But LETHAL WEAPON 2 not only proved audiences wanted more from best buddies, Sgts. Murtaugh & Riggs, but that a sequel could be just as vibrant, alive & — in some ways — superior to the original film. //***Discussions include***\\ The evolution of creating a sequel, tonal variations in the script, challenges & major changes; blending action & darkness with evolved humor, friendship &...


Episode 94 : Jackie Brown

After becoming the biggest buzzworthy phenomenon of mid-‘90s indie film, the bar was set extremely high for Quentin Tarantino’s third film, JACKIE BROWN. Often considered one of his most mature films, JACKIE BROWN tied together a classic style with a fresh voice, while also paying homage to a cinema icon. Everything about this films just gets better with age. //***Discussions include***\\ Where JACKIE BROWN fits into Tarantino’s career; adapting the novel into a screenplay & main...


Episode 93 : ALIENS

We’re back! And with an epic sequel which rivals its predecessor — James Cameron’s ALIENS. Though considered one of the best sequels of all-time, the road to fruition for this marvelously monstrous tour de force was a battle from start to finish. Stop your grinnin’ & drop you linen because this backstory has as many bumps in the road as the film itself! //***Discussions include***\\ Why an ALIEN sequel took so long, James Cameron’s methodical scriptwriting & becoming the director for...


Episode 92 : The Breakfast Club

It’s the 4-Year Anniversary of Don’t Push Pause! THE BREAKFAST CLUB is one of the most well-known American films from the 1980s. It roped audiences in with sarcastic, yet endearing humor, then captivated us with its sincere depiction of cutting teenage truths. It became an iconic pinnacle of achievement for all those involved in its creation, but continuing to have mass appeal makes THE BREAKFAST CLUB a legendary film. //***Discussions include***\\ Pre-Breakfast Club career history of...


Episode 91 : Ivan Reitman Retrospective

Ivan Reitman was an illustrious filmmaker whose creative ingenuity & lifelong desire for audiences to laugh was born from an unimaginable beginning. With more than 50 years of directing & producing, Reitman turned comedians into movie stars, reinvented careers & subgenres of comedy & sci-fi, while forging longstanding friendships throughout the business. Focusing on themes of friendship, family, perseverance & the fantastic, from toga parties to marshmallow men, Reitman never stopped...


Episode 90 : The Wedding Singer

Throughout the last 30 years, Adam Sandler has remained current while evolving as an entertainer, yet staying true to his comedy roots. Cranking out hit after hit, join us on this ride through Sandler’s career, making a pit stop at a giant pivotal moment in time with 1998’s THE WEDDING SINGER. //***Discussions include***\\ —Sandler’s break into comedy, acting & how college set the stage for his future career; early acting jobs & forming a creative pool of friends, partners; Saturday Night...


Episode 89 : The Godfather

Celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year, THE GODFATHER is largely considered one of the most influential & important films to date. While it catapulted careers, it also forever changed American cinema & the modern organized-crime film. But the road to fruition was not without constant roadblocks, only adding to what makes this film nothing short of iconic. //***Discussions include***\\ State of the Hollywood studio system & mafia movies pre-GODFATHER; writer Mario Puzo’s involvement &...


Episode 88 : Girl, Interrupted

For being based on a true story, GIRL, INTERRUPTED’s highly-praised & harrowing ensemble cast had to lead with sincerity to leave an enduring impact. Just like the memoir on which it was based, this film continues to affect those looking for authentic connection, while also being well-deserving of rediscovery. //***Discussions include***\\ The challenging transition from memoir to screenplay, Winona Ryder’s initial involvement & writer/director James Mangold’s fable-style adaptation of the...


Episode 87 : Ghost

It’s hard to believe a voyeuristic tale about mortality became the biggest blockbuster of 1990. Although GHOST embodied the essence of human connection, it was not the easiest to initially sell. Nevertheless, the film went on to inspire real world conversations about life & death, solidifying its place in pop culture history & proving to be a love that would last forever. //***Discussions include***\\ Studio reluctance & unimaginable director choice; story inspiration, script alterations &...


Episode 86 : The Shawshank Redemption

For a film about imprisonment, THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION is an unassuming & bold entry as one of the most popular films of all-time. With inspiration in the face of adversity as an undercurrent, the film speaks in universal themes, emotionally effective & profound in its storytelling. Hope may be a dangerous thing, but for how SHAWSHANK came to fruition & the enduringly powerful impact, this authentic tale remains an timeless touchstone for all audiences. //**Discussions include**// Frank...


Episode 85 : Raiders Of The Lost Ark

As soon as it hit theaters, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK became the blockbuster pinnacle of where imagination meets adventure. Forty years after its release, this powerhouse pairing of George Lucas & Steven Spielberg remains a massive achievement within its genre, the film to which all others are compared. And the journey of how Indiana Jones became an icon is a complex & wild ride all by itself. //**Discussions include**// Origin story & humble, inspired development behind Indiana Jones, plus...


Episode 84 : The Evil Dead (1981)

A low budget horror film becoming a massive success is almost unheard of. When it evolves into a cultural phenomenon, its called Sam Raimi’s THE EVIL DEAD (1981). With its blood-spattered intensity, ingenuity & masterful achievements in resourceful filmmaking, this picture had a brutal, exhausting road to tread. Now entering its 40th year of existence, it’s clear this film will never die. //**Discussions include**// Evolution of high school film hobbyists gaining experience into full-on...


Episode 83: My Bloody Valentine

Even with previous slasher movie influences, MY BLOODY VALENTINE stood out in amongst the saturated horror market of 1981. But even a well-crafted, creative story couldn’t guarantee immediate success for this film, yet it continues to be a celebrated slasher 40 years later. //**Discussions include**// State of horror movies in 1981 & the Canadian horror pop; unique story & character setups, atmosphere & importance of location; playing on & against horror tropes; multiple problems during...