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#59: Balance with Alex Kurland

This week we talk to Alexandra Kurland about the topic of Balance in training. I asked Alex to talk about this, because the word Balance tend to have a particular usage in dog training circles, and that's not at all what Alex means when she says the word balance. Of course, Alex isn't a dog trainer. She's a phenomenally skilled horse trainer, who is responsible for introducing clicker training concepts to the horse world back in the 1990s with her first book Clicker Training for Your Horse....


#58: Maximizing Food Drive

What exactly is "food drive"? It's a fuzzy term for sure, but what do we mean when we talk about a dog's food drive? Is it a fixed characteristic, or is there something we can do to influence it? (IMHO, there is a lot we can do!) Why do we care so much about food in dog training? Well, mostly because it's convenient! It's easy to dispense. We can carry it around in our collective pockets. And all healthy dogs eat food! (Because living animals eat food or they don't stay living for very...


#57: Specific Reinforcement Cues

This week we are going to tackle the topic of multiple event markers or specific reinforcement cues (both names for the same thing). This is a really hot topic on the internet right now, and lots of different trainers have their own recipes and systems. As usual, I want to go deeper than the recipes and look at what is actually happening with the behavior. Because when you understand how a particular system of cues (and they are all cues!) is applying the principles of behavior, then you can...


#56: The Value of Reinforcement Procedures with Emelie and Eva

This week we are hanging out again with our Swedish dog training buddies, Emelie and Eva, of Carpe Momentum. And we are talking about the importance of defining, building, and maintaining our reinforcement procedures. During our conversation, Eva shares something that gets her a little worked up when she’s talking about training. Of course, since these guys are the authors of the book Agility Right From the Start, the initial examples that we discuss are agility-focused but don’t worry...


#55: Generalization In Dog Training

This week’s topic is generalization. Before we jump into that, I want to give you a heads up that I am about to open up some spots in my Online Mentorship program: Zero to CD. For the full show notes or more info on Zero to CD, visit: https://wonderpupstraining.com/podcast/55/


#54: Behavioral Momentum

Behavioral momentum applies the idea of momentum (from physics) to the realm of behavior. Same idea here - once you get something started, it's easier to keep it started. It works for trains, and it works for trainING, too! For full show notes, visit: https://wonderpupstraining.com/podcast/54/


#53: Puppy Thoughts

Getting a puppy can be a bit of a crapshoot. What can we do to select the best puppy for our lifestyle and goals, and what can we do to optimize our training to help that puppy reach his potential? For full show notes, visit: www.wonderpupstraining.com/podcast/53


#52: Operationalize This

The process of operationalization takes a fuzzy concept or construct, and makes it clear… so that we can talk about it, we can measure it, and we can have internet arguments and know that we are talking about the same thing. This is critical to dog training and animal behavior discussions where we are often using subjective terms to describe concepts like "enthusiasm" or "aggression". These concepts can have different meanings to different people, based on their culture, life experience and...


#51: Husbandry with Laura Monaco Torelli

This week Laura Monaco Torelli and I talk about husbandry in the dog training world, and it turns out it's not ENTIRELY about teaching dogs to trim their own nails (though that could be part of it). During our conversation, we talked about exactly what “husbandry” means, and how we can work it into our training routines without a whole lot of effort and time commitment, we also talked about how she gets her pet clients to buy in and participate in husbandry training solutions, and a few...


#50: Frustration Tolerance

Can we even operationalize “frustration” in order to define “frustration tolerance”? What does that look like? How do we measure it? Can we, should we, expose a dog to frustration in training to teach them to tolerate frustration? For full show notes, visit: www.wonderpupstraining.com/podcast/50


#49: The Value of Offered Behavior with Emelie Johnson Vegh & Eva Bertilsson

In this episode, we discuss what we mean by "offered" behavior, why it's useful to structure our training around having the dog volunteer behaviors off cue, and some practical tips and tricks to apply to our training sessions. As Emelie and Eva say, the more things we add into our training session, the more things there are to pay attention to. From where I'm sitting, that means the more things there are for me to screw up! For full show notes, please visit:...


#48: Setting Priorities

What are your training priorities? Join me as I discuss mine and why they're at the top of my list. For full show notes, visit: www.wonderpupstraining.com/podcast/48


#47: Task Analysis with Dr. Mallory Quinn and Theresa McKeon

How many different components go into accomplishing the smallest of tasks? In episode 47, we breakdown task analysis with Dr. Mallory Quinn, owner and founder of Applied Behavior Analysis Sports Innovations, and Theresa McKeon from TAGteach International. For full show notes, visit: www.wonderpupstraining.com/podcast/47


#46: Using Feedback with Andrea Harrison

In episode 46, we sit down with Andrea Harrison again to discuss the importance of using feedback. Andrea teaches online classes through the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, that help trainers get their head in the game with good planning, coping strategies, and generally making the most of what you have. For full show notes, visit: www.wonderpupstraining.com/podcast/46


#45: Training a Deaf Dog with Terrie Hayward

In episode 45, Terrie Hayward joins me for a discussion about the obstacles and special skill-building needs that come with training a deaf dog. Terrie, M.Ed., CSAT, CPDT-KA, ACDBC, KPA-CTP is a Karen Pryor Academy Faculty Member. She has written several behavior and training articles for Bark's Magazine, Grooming Business, Deaf Dogs Rock, and KPA. Terrie owns PAW, LLC and regularly travels the globe to hone her training skills with a diverse group of animals. For full show notes, visit:...


#44: The Fine Line Between Prompt and Cue

In this episode, we break down prompts and cues. How are they different? Where do you draw the line? Are some "good" and some "bad"? The words are used interchangeably in our everyday language, but let’s see if we can unpack them a bit. For full show notes, visit: https://wonderpupstraining.com/podcast/44/


#42: Five Key Concepts for 2018

We're rounding out 2017 by forecasting 2018. On this episode, I explore 5 key concepts for 2018 with Ryan Cartlidge, the founder of Animal Training Academy. For the full show notes, visit www.wonderpupstraining.com/podcast/42/


#40: Motivating Operations

This week…..well, I hope you’ll bear with me. If you thought previous episodes were extraordinarily geeky, this one may set a new standard. For full show notes, visit: https://wonderpupstraining.com/podcast/40/


#39: Motivation with Dr. Susan Friedman

In dog training circles, motivation is - well - kind of a hot topic. It's a big concept and we care a lot about it because, of course, reinforcement drives behavior. So, it's worth spending some time unpacking, and this week I had the ridiculous good luck of unpacking it with Dr. Susan Friedman! For the full show notes, visit: www.wonderpupstraining.com/podcast/39


#38: Lego Blocks Not Cinder Blocks

To be most effective in our shaping, we want to strive for continuous incremental progress. When we are doing it at our very best, we increment every rep, but in such small increments that the dog is always winning. Easier said than done! For the full show notes, visit: http://www.wonderpupstraining.com/podcast/38