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EP #35 Facebook Marketing: The Safe Way to Social Media Success w. Dennis Yu

There are endless good answers to the question: Why should I invest in Facebook marketing? - and according to the CTO at BlitzMetrics Dennis Yu, you do not actually have to invest more than 1$ a day to make an impact on the popular social media. In this episode, Dennis Yu lets you in on all his Facebook strategies and tactics so you can use Facebook marketing to drive more sales. Yes, you heard it right: This will be the final episode of E-Commerce Boost. For now. Maybe. Do not get...


EP #34 Abandoned Cart Emails: The Dos and Don'ts w. Roland Pokornyik

We all know it, cart abandonment is a pain - but with the right emails, you can recover some of your lost shoppers. It is not as easy as it sounds, though. In this episode, you will meet Roland Pokornyik, who is the CEO of EDM designer and chamailion.io, and he shares everything you need to know about creating and sending abandoned cart emails. Definitely worth a listen. Get your hands on this weeks bonus material by sending a screenshot of your 5-star rating of this podcast to...


EP #33 Boost Conversions on Your E-Commerce with User Research W. Karl Gilis

Stop making CRO decisions based on your gut feeling! Rely on user research instead! According to Karl Gilis, too many marketers make decisions based on their ideas, not based on facts. And that can cost companies loads of money. In this episode, you will learn how to optimize your site so your visitors move on an completes their purchase rather than leaving by doing user research.


EP #32 Link Building: Get The Right Links The Right Way w. Julie Joyce

Are you having a hard time reaching out and asking for links? Are you unsure how to find good and bad sites? And what is the best way to reach out? Julie Joyce, the founder of Linkfish Media, shares how her team collects more than 120 links each month with just a small team. Definitely worth a listen. BONUS: Get a massive spreadsheet with growth ideas you need to steal for 2018 by giving this podcast a five-star rating, send a screenshot to me at jf@sleeknote.com - and receive this...


EP #31 Customer Centric Conversion Optimization Done Right w. Talia Wolf

Do you know your customers? If your answer is yes, do you then base that answer on your customer personas and loads of data? Another yes? Then listen in - because you are missing out on an essential aspect: the actual human beings! Hear the founder and Chief Optimizer at Getuplift, Talia Wolf, explain how to conduct successful surveys and how to optimize your site based on those learnings.


EP #30 Influencer Marketing: Get the Biggest Players on Your Team w. Ryan Robinson

It can seem like a scary task reaching out to massive influencers and ask them to collaborate with you - trust us, we know! Luckily Ryan Robinson is an absolute champion when it comes to working with influencers - and in this episode, he will give you a hands-on guide as to how to go about reaching out to those super popular influencers, how to suggest collaborations and nurture the relationship.


EP #29 SEO in 2018: How SEO’s Can Adapt To Google w. Pete Meyers

In case you have not noticed, Google has become so much more competitive in the past five years. This podcast episode goes in depth with featured snippets, knowledge panels and SEO for E-Commerce, as Pete Meyers from Moz talks about how Google adapts to the fact that humans and technology are changing. The world is changing - and so is Google. Find out how to take advantage of those changes.


EP #28 Lifecycle Marketing - An E-Commerce Game Changer w. Philip Storey

Hello, e-tailer! Meet lifecycle marketing! The concept that will completely change how you treat your customers, how you nurture your relationship and how it forces you to think only about the customer journey or customer personas - as they are just building blocks in the bigger picture: lifecycle marketing. Lean back, Philip Storey will take you through how your e-commerce can do lifecycle marketing from a-z. Also, get your hands on this episodes bonus resource - 41 E-Commerce Emails You...


EP #27 The E-Commerce Crystal Ball: A Survival Guide w. Sïmon Saneback

This episode provides a rare look into the e-commerce crystal ball. Where is the industry heading? What must e-commercers do to not only survive but stay on top of their industry? And what tactics can you implement that will help your e-commerce survive? Hear the e-commerce expert Simon Sanebacks insights here.


EP #26 How E-Commerce Can Do Conversational Marketing And Boost Sales w. Daniel Murphy

According to Daniel Murphy from Drift, the way marketers and e-commerce do sales and marketing is broken. The cure? Conversational Marketing. Imagine if you could connect with every single visitors on your site in real time, identify their needs and pains, help them and in the end: close a sale. With conversational marketing, you can do just that. Learn all about how e-commerce can rock at this in this episode.


EP #25 The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Selling w. Giles Thomas

The business opportunities on Instagram are huge, and this episode will teach you all the fundamentals of how e-commerce sites can start selling products on Instagram. Giles Thomas from AcquireConvert guides you through all the steps from setting up your account, what content you should go for to how you take your Instagram game to the next level. You can find more information about Giles Thomas and Instagram selling here: acquireconvert.com wholedesignstudios.com risepro.co


EP #24 The Anatomy Of A Really Good E-Commerce Email w. Mike Nelson

Where is the email marketing world heading? Should you automate more or take a step back and do more personal contact? Can you add a human touch and scale your email marketing efforts? Mike Nelson, one of the masterminds behind Really Good Emails, guides you through the email marketing world right now, so you can stay up to date. You are welcome!


EP #23 Become A Social Media Champion w. Jeff Bullas

How do you get followers, drive engagement and all in all; grow your business on social media? Jeff Bullas must be one of the ultimate social media experts with over 9 years of experience and 560.000 twitter followers. In this episode he goes over how e-commerce stores can build an audience and build credibility and trust on social media - including how to engage visitors, get their attention and interact with them.


EP #22 Next Level Email Marketing Automation For E-Commerce w. Chris Davis

Do not just base your email automation on your customers actions! Chris Davis from Active Campaign is one of the absolute experts in email marketing automation for e-commerce, and in this episode he will teach you how to automate emails, what emails should be automated, what triggers and frequency to go for - and you will also find out if there are some emails, that actually shouldn’t be automated at all. BONUS: Send a screenshot of your 5-star rating of this podcast to jf@sleeknote.com...


EP #21 Mobile User Experience For E-Commerce: How To Get It Right w. Linda Bustos

It is time to actually optimize your e-commerce mobile user experience. This is not just about making the site work O.K. on mobile, but to make the user experience on your mobile version fantastic. Linda Bustos, the Director of Merchant Strategy at Workarea Commerce Platform shares everything you need to know to up your mobile UX.


Ep #20 Key Google Analytics Reports You’re Probably Not Using w. Zaid Ammari

The more you know about your site, the better you can tailor your site and take advantage of the traffic you receive. That is the main point from Zaid Ammari, founder of PPC Masterminds, and in this episode, he will tell you what key Google Analytics reports you probably do not know about - but definitely should. Take your Google Analytics game from meh to yay in no time!


EP #19 Keyword Research Done Wrong: Go Beyond Conventional Research w. Tim Soulo

You are probably doing keyword research wrong! In this episode, Tim Soulo from Ahrefs explains how e-commerce can go beyond conventional keyword research - and how you take your keyword research a step further. Find out what data you should not rely on and how you should do keyword research to boost the traffic to your e-commerce site.


EP #18 The New Era of Customer and Brand Engagement w. Brian Solis

The days where good customer service and personalized newsletters were more than enough to give your customers a great experience with your brand are over! It is time to understand the new era of customer engagement - and Brian Solis is the absolute expert in this field. Find out what the new era of brand and customer engagement means for your e-commerce and how you can make your customer experience truly meaningful.


EP #17 How E-Commerce Can Get Free Publicity With Newsjacking w. David Meerman Scott

E-commerce companies can actually get free media coverage if they master the art of newsjacking. In this episode, you will get the infinite guide to doing newsjacking by the man who pioneered the term, David Meerman Scott. It is not PR, it is not pure marketing - it is tapping into breaking news stories with clever tailored content that will catch the reporters attention - and it can generate thousands of dollars in revenue if done right.


EP #16 Conversion Rate Optimize Your Site With Effective Tests (Including Guidelines) w. Peep Laja

In this episode, you get conversion rate optimization tips from the ultimate CRO-expert Peep Laja, the principal of CXL Institute. He goes over what types of research you must conduct to find out where to optimize your site, how to run tests, and finally, he shares guidelines on what high-converting pages look like - and tells you what elements you must include. Peep Lajas recommendations, if you want to learn...