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EATYALL: Chefs Go Behind the Scenes at Farms, hosted by Andy Chapman


EATYALL takes chefs behind the scenes at family farms and artisan food operations, so we can all make more informed food choices. Hosted by Andy & Marianna Chapman.

EATYALL takes chefs behind the scenes at family farms and artisan food operations, so we can all make more informed food choices. Hosted by Andy & Marianna Chapman.


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EATYALL takes chefs behind the scenes at family farms and artisan food operations, so we can all make more informed food choices. Hosted by Andy & Marianna Chapman.




32 - T. R. Jones & Coley Drinkwater at Richlands Dairy Farm in Blackstone, VA

Do you realize that behind mouth watering ice cream and butter goes around the clock work by dairy farmers who have to cater to the milking cows and their requirements while also keeping the farm clean and habitable. More intimidating could be the fact that there’s less than 40,000 dairy farms left in the United States now, less than a half a percent of our population! The vast and beautiful Richlands Dairy Farm in Blackstone, Virginia is over 270 years old, making it a little older than...


31 - Chef Kisha Moore from Hummingbird Macarons & Dessert on location at Richlands Dairy Farm in Blackstone, VA

Chef Kisha Moore, Owner & Chef at Hummingbird Macarons & DessertRichlands Dairy FarmThe Dairy Alliance 00:33 brought the team here to see what it takes to run a farm - build relationships and partnerships with local farms. They are going to go back to work thinking it’s the best job ever because I don’t have to work on the farm 1:07 we read books quarterly -I want them to have life experience 3:44 annual budget is 45 K for ingredients for a year currently 4:34 we rotate our collections -...


30 - Chef Jason Arbusto visits Richlands Dairy Farm in Blackstone, VA

In a fun conversation today, meet Chef Jason Arbusto, a world- traveler, wanna-be dancer, visionary, cook, experimenter and mastermind. He has trained under the best chefs in Paris, Monaco and Las Vegas and has brought his specialized cooking style back home in Virginia after working abroad in France for more than 8 years. He is currently the Culinary Director at Craddock Terry Hotel including the award-winning Shoemaker’s Restaurant and Waterstone Pizza in Lynchburg. A man of grit and...


29 - Alex Willson at Sunnyland Farms talks Georgia Pecans

Have you ever experienced the “fully loaded Cadillac” of the nut world before? Alex Willson of Sunnyland Farms and his family have built their business upon selling just that since 1948. Their high-quality nuts, dried fruits, and gifts have been transforming chefs creations, office gifts, and the kitchens of home bakers for 3 generations. To do this, they’ve had to separate themselves from the pack. With nuts, competition is everywhere: every grocery, Walmart, and corner store sells them....


28 - Rob Forster & Chand Harlow from Wonderbird Spirits

After two and a half years of sourcing, planning, and experimenting with recipes, Rob Forster, Chand Harlow, and Thomas Alexander had developed a gin they loved. But one question remained: If we distill it...will it sell? With the major overhead costs that producers have to cover, that question is one that makes or breaks a business. In their case though, by the time they came to that question they believed with certainty that what they had made was bound to sell. How could they be so...


27 - Kenny Mattingly from Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese in Austin, KY

The state of the dairy industry is fragile, if not grim. After years of selling milk at prices below production cost, hundreds of family farms are selling out, many ending farming legacies going back for generations. But not Mattingly Farms in Austin KY. In the midst of a struggling industry, Mattingly Farms is growing thanks to a key decision made by Kenny Mattingly back in 1991. The decision to make cheese. In this episode, Andy and Kenny of Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese and Mattingly Farms,...


26 - Chef Amy Sins on Finding Success Outside of the Traditional Restaurant Model

When New Orleans chef, Amy Sins decided to start a restaurant, she knew immediately it wasn’t going to fit the mold of “ordinary”. So she set out to create a truly unique dining experience that stood apart from the thousands of other restaurants in New Orleans. Years after finding success, her business model has continued to change, adapt, and in many ways throw out the conventional. In this episode, Amy shares it all. From her journey stepping out of a 20 year sales career into the...


25 - Chef Levon Wallace on How to Create Transformative Relationships with Farmers

Levon Wallace has been a part of restaurants seating 40, and restaurants seating 400. Along the way, he's come to learn what the best restaurant-producer relationships look like at different scales of operations. In this episode, Andy and Levon discuss how chefs and restaurants can begin what Levon refers to as "responsible sourcing" practices: sourcing that not only puts the best ingredients in a chefs hands, but that supports farmers in an intentional, mutually beneficial way. Sourcing...


24 - Sid Miller & Wesley Ward in New Delhi, India

In this episode, recorded live during Eat Y'all's food mission to India, Andy connects with Sid Miller, the President of the Southern United States Trade Association (SUSTA) and the Texas Agriculture Commissioner, as well as Wes Ward, the Secretary of Agriculture fr the state of Arkansas. During the episode, Andy, Wes, and Sid discuss why India is on the radar of the thousands of farmers, producers, and chefs they represent. The conversation gets strategic, as they touch on how farmers and...


23 - Arjun Datta, COO at the International Institute of Culinary Arts in New Delhi, India

Andy sits down with a special guest half the world away, Arjun Datta, COO of the International Institute of Culinary Arts in New Delhi, India. At the top of the episode, Arjun shares how he has been intricately tied to the history behind the IICA, and how the institute's success has been bolstered by their focus on building deep industry partnerships. Andy and Arjun discuss the changes in the culinary profession in India, and why the changes are now helping attract some of the brightest...


22 - Chef Dwayne Ingraham: Get Cast on a Food TV Show - and WIN!

After competing on Cutthroat Kitchen, The Spring Baking Championship, and winning Best Baker in America, Dwayne Ingraham dishes out the inside scoop on how chefs can position themselves to get casted, standout, and win on competitive cooking shows. Along with his to-the-point, actionable advice, Dwayne shares about his experience on each show, giving listeners a glimpse behind the scenes at the chaos and excitement that comes with food competitions. Plus, Dwayne dispenses wisdom drawn from...


Bonus Episode: The Recipe For Restaurant Success in Orange Beach

When eating out in Orange Beach, AL, southern classics like fried gulf shrimp, fish, and oysters will always hold a special place in every beach goer's heart. But to settle for fried only leaves a lot of incredible food on the table. In an agricultural and aquacultural hotbed like Orange Beach, chefs like David Pan have been cultivating coastal culinary excellence by bringing fresh ingredients, fresh events, and fresh food concepts together. In this episode, David shares his unique...


Reinventing The Orange Beach Food Scene with Bill Briand and Brody Olive

Andy heads down to the Gulf Coast to talk with several of the chefs responsible for reinventing the coastal culinary scene. 10 years ago, the area was predominately known only for "standard" resort foods and fried seafood. Today, Orange Beach boasts a list of outstanding restaurants and food festivals that are drawing hundreds of thousands of tourists to the area, along with award-winning chefs. In this episode, Andy sits down with two of the chefs responsible for helping to transform...


Simplifying Success: 3 Accomplished Chefs On What Success Has Looked like for Them

In this episode, Andy sits down with chefs during an Eat Y'all Chef Camp in Virginia. To kick things off, Chef Ender Oktayren discusses the culinary journey that took him to Chicago and has now brought him back home to Virginia where he has launched a food truck. This food truck, however, differs from almost every other one out there, and Ender explains the reasons behind this unique, locally rooted concept. Chef Melisande Colomb explains what brought her back into the culinary industry...


A Ballet With Knives: Chefs Luke Hawke, Justin Thompson, and Will Lacey at Eat Y'all Chef Camp

In this episode, Andy is back at Eat Y'all Chef Camp in Kentucky and talks with three outstanding chefs as they slice off a hunk of their experience at Eat Y'all's Beef Chef Camp. At the top of the episode, Andy talks with Luke Hawke about Luke's vision to revolutionize the culinary scene in Huntsville, AL. Luke how seeing a large animal breakdown at the University of Kentucky Meat Cutting School was a dream come true and brings it full circle by explaining how what he learned influences...


Chefs Damaris Phillips and Paco Garcia on Beef, Bourbon, and Building a Meaningful Career in the Culinary Industry

In the first segment, Andy talks with Food Network star and Kentucky-born chef, Damaris Phillips. They talk about Damaris’s first Eat Y’all Chef Camp experience, touching on some of the highlights that have made a lasting impact on her. Along the way, chefs and consumers alike will gain a deeper appreciation for great, local meat after Damaris shares her unique perspective on beef that she developed after marrying a vegan. Having grown up in Kentucky, she explains how and why Kentucky of...


Cracking the Collaboration Code with six pastry chefs during Eat Y'all Chef Camp in Asheville, NC

Pastry chefs want to bring their best ideas to life on their menus. But the prevailing competitive mindset across their industry often crushes collaboration and the sharing of ideas...which as our guests point out is a powerful source of inspiration. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this episode, Andy Chapman is joined by six guest pastry chefs who share how they cracked the collaboration code by taking a step back from competition and stepping into camaraderie at Eat Y’all Chef Camp....


An Inside Look At Eat Y'all Chef Camp at Simmons Catfish with Matt Wyatt in Yazoo City, MS (Part 2 of 2)

In the second episode of Eat Y’alls two part series with guest host Matt Wyatt, Matt and Andy are joined by a handful of chefs and producers from across Mississippi who give an insider’s perspective on what keeps coming back to Eat Y'all Chef Camp, and why first-timer Cameron Shaw can hardly sleep just thinking about it. Listeners will also catch the story behind Chef Cole Ellis’s success bringing stunning, locally sourced dining to Cleveland, Mississippi, what got his restaurant Delta Meat...


How a Commitment to Quality Transformed a Failing Farm into a Catfish Kingdom with Farmer Harry Simmons from Simmons Catfish in Yazoo City, MS (Part 1 of 2)

In this episode, Harry Simmons, owner of Simmons’ Farm-Raised Catfish, casts us back to the first Simmons ponds back in 1978, and fishes out some wisdom as he shares how his family-owned company’s deep commitment to raising the highest quality catfish grew the company from stocking local fishing ponds, to harvesting 18 to 20 million pounds of catfish to serve some of America’s best restaurants. Along the way, Andy and Matt Wyatt touch on why more and more chefs are moving beyond the price...


What to Expect from 5th Annual Sweetest Chefs pastry chef showcase event with special guest Angel Lanier-White, our Eat Y'all Event Coordinator

In this episode, Angel Lanier-White, the Event Coordinator at Eat Y’all, dishes on participating chefs for the 5th Annual Sweetest Chefs pastry chef showcase event coming up on September 9 in Ridgeland, MS. Find out who’ll be on the Demo Stage, which pastry chef favorites are returning to the showcase - and which new chefs you’ll want to meet! Sweetest Chefs is an Eat Y’all signature event held each fall to showcase the outstanding creativity and talent of the South’s top pastry chefs as...