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Your home for horror, macabre fun, music, and interviews. Join Bane Hellborne and Matt Jordan each week.

Your home for horror, macabre fun, music, and interviews. Join Bane Hellborne and Matt Jordan each week.
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Florence, SC




Your home for horror, macabre fun, music, and interviews. Join Bane Hellborne and Matt Jordan each week.






Is That Blood On Your Zombie

Matt has been exploring the dark side of YouTube, finding all things weird such as; KrainaGrzybowTV, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtNSf-WBK1HJug8ti1Y1tgQ . Bane is very interested in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, but she found out that The Satanic Temple is upset by the show's use of their Baphomet Statue and are looking into cease and desist of their use of the statue.. A new Minis that talks about Minecraft Update of 1.14, Village and Pillage.. a 4th time visit of Sarah Giercksky...


EMZT Radio's Halloween Spooktacular Extravaganza 2018

Bane and MJ happily celebrate Halloween time! They talk about Costume Ideas that they've always wanted to do but haven't done, MJ talks about Georges Meilias, director of The Trip To The Moon, Bane talks about Miskatonic Institute is really putting out Horror Classes, A new Minis that talks about Trick or Treat Dos and Don'ts, a Christopher Lee Fireside Tale of The Monkey's Paw(W.W. Jacobs 1902 Original Story) BBC Radio Play 2004, http://www.box.net/shared/0er6u7l00p , Episode 14 of Dead...


Was That The Boogeyman?

The Sinister Sisters once again run the show while MJ is busy at his day job.. ScorpioGirl talks about a review of the New Halloween Remake which Bane doesn't like the idea of another remake of a classic horror film.. Bane talks about Night of the Comet is up for remake, she's not happy about that either.. BoomDoom and Bane talk about Jason Voorhees on a new Minis. Episode 13 of Dead Things Game Audio Stories, http://deadthingsgame.com/audio.html. Double dose of Tribal Realities with Deno...


Who Needs Chicks When You've Got Demons

Bane and MJ talk about Six Flags in Missouri doing a 30 hour Coffin Event for chosen participants to complete to win Six Flags' prizes and cash, and Tony Todd joining Scream Season 3 cast. No Minis this time, but we do have Episode 12 of Dead Things Game Audio Stories, http://deadthingsgame.com/audio.html. MJ talks about Sports Horror movies, there is a Horror Gaming Report, and a Sinister Sisters Real Halloween Murders. Bane also reads a Creepypasta about Amazon's Alexa and there is an Old...


Mommy It's Raining Red

Bane and MJ talk about The Walking Dead with some thoughts and theories about Season 9 and some upcoming announcements for EMZT Radio, some Halloween laws in Canada and Alabama. Episode 11 of Dead Things Game Audio Stories, http://deadthingsgame.com/audio.html, a Creepypasta Minis, No Sinister Sisters but an Old Time Radio play from 1937.. also a Tribal Realities/Deno Sandz Horror track! Music From: KittenHead - Confusion http://www.reverbnation.com/rpk/KITTENHEAD Marco Spada/Tribal...


All Among The Goblins

MJ is back! He updated us on what he did during Hurricane Florence to be safe at his place of work because he couldn't be home during the storm. He provided the Horror Gaming News! There is Episode 10 of Dead Things Game Audio Stories, http://deadthingsgame.com/audio.html . No Creepy Minis, BoomDoom has been too sick and crouping hacking coughing, his throat is sore. New Sinister Sisters segment still working on British Horror, with British Urban Legends. Bane talks about Top 5 Horror...


Bats For Dinner, Bats For Tea

MJ still wasn't able to make it to podcast, but he was safe during and after the storm, so hopefully he will be back next week.. Sinister Sisters was once again in the driver's seat for this episode. There is a new Creepy Minis Creepypasta from BoomDoom, Look At Me.. Episode 9 of Dead Things Game Audio Stories, http://deadthingsgame.com/audio.html. Bane talks about Scream Kings, An Indie Horror Spotlight on a Horror Screenwriter from NC, Dexter Williams, who survived Hurricane Florence as...


Sinister Sisters In Charge

MJ's home area has been struck by Hurricane Florence and he has limited internet and power, which will not allow for him to meet up to record the podcast, we hope that he stays safe and takes care of himself to survive the storm.. so the Sinister Sisters have stepped up to put together this episode, with special EMZT Radio fan from the UK, Mr. UK, who discusses with us British Serial Killers. BoomDoom reads a Creepypasta story, Episode 8 of Dead Things Game Audio Stories,...


Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun

A new Creepy Minis about Eyeless Jack, BoomDoom reads the Creepypasta story as well, Part 3 and wrap-up of Sinister Sisters Creepy Urban Legends Across the US.. Episode 7 of Dead Things Game Audio Stories http://deadthingsgame.com/audio.html MUSIC FROM: Calabrese - Every Day is A Funeral http://www.calabreserock.com/ Sects - The Glory of War https://sects666.bandcamp.com/ Creeping Beauty - Best Day of My Death https://www.facebook.com/CreepingBeautyKills OUR LINKS: Twitter: @emztradio,...


The Creepy, The Spooky and The Haunted

Bane and MJ discuss what would be a good Creepypasta movie, they each read the Creepypasta story they think should be made into a movie.. Gaming News Report, Episode 6 of Dead Things Game Audio Stories, http://deadthingsgame.com/audio.html A new Creepy Minis about Black Eyed Kids(BEKs), Part 2 of Sinister Sisters Urban Legends Across the US.. MUSIC FROM: Lucan Wolf - Vampire's Kiss http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/LucanWolf1 Our Untold Story - Hell House...


Scary Noises

Bane and Matt talk about horror movies that are based on or supposedly based on real events.. Episode 5 of Dead Things Audio Stories http://deadthingsgame.com/audio.html .. No Minis but there is quite a long Sinister Sisters that is Part 1 of Small Town Urban Legends across the USA.. Music from: CALABRESE - Flesh and Blood http://www.calabreserock.com/ KITTENHEAD - NYB http://www.reverbnation.com/rpk/KITTENHEAD Dr. Death + Mr. Vile - We'd Love To Eat Ya https://ddandmv.bandcamp.com/ Our...


Alon Young PATRON

Matt came back after having some time off to recupe and celebrating his birthday week(July 22)! Bane and Matt chatted with Alon Young about his Indiegogo campaign short film, PATRON, a horror drama about sexual harrassment during a job interview. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/patron-horror-drama/x/3171108#/ https://www.facebook.com/PatronShortFilm/ @PatronShortFilm A new Creepy Minis about Entity 404, No Sinister Sisters, they are working on a 3 part list about Urban Legends across...


Bane does SHARK WEEK!

MJ took off this week to celebrate his birthday (July 22)! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT! (birthday gift is arriving late, sorry) Bane worked on putting together Shark Week's episode! No interview, but there is a Sinister Sisters and a Creepy Minis.. Thanks to David Fitzgerald(Dead Things Game), episode 3 of Dead Things Audio Stories!http://deadthingsgame.com/audio.html and there's horror news about Stranger Things Season 3, Double Shudder News about a new horror series coming in 2019 and Joe Bob...


David Fitzgerald DEAD THINGS GAME

Bane & Matt talk to David Fitzgerald writer/creator of DEAD THINGS GAME, a zombie boardgame that was also turned into audio story episodes of the characters from the game! The first 2 part episodes of Dead Things Audio Stories are in this week's podcast!(with permission from David Fitzgerald) PLUS, Creepy Minis and Sinister Sisters episodes! Dead Things Game Website - http://deadthingsgame.com/ We were contacted by a band who wanted to join our band friends family! KITTENHEAD! a killer...


Ronni Menzies-Stirling DEMONOLOGIST FOR HIRE

Matt had a lovely chat with Ronni Menzies-Stirling from DEMONOLOGIST FOR HIRE, a YouTube Webseries filmed in Scotland, Bane was unable to make it to the interview.. Ronni's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ronniactor/ Twitter: @ronniactor Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ronniactor/ Website: https://www.ronni.online/ DEMONOLOGIST FOR HIRE Links Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/demonologist4hire/ Twitter: @thed4h Instagram:...


Antonio Pantoja ONE MUST FALL

Bane and MJ have a fun chat with Antonio Pantoja, writer and director of ONE MUST FALL, indie 80s themed horror-comedy slasher, that was crowdfunded on Indiegogo in 2017 and we're awaiting news of when it will be released! Antonio Pantoja - https://www.facebook.com/antonio.pantoja1 @antoniopantoja Discussion of new video game news, TV and a Shudder Movie Marathon in July with Joe Bob Briggs.. A Sinister Sisters Father's Day double feature, a Creepypasta story and a story from the movie,...


The Pre-Stream Episode

Well, our final audio only podcast has arrived. Enjoy! Music this week from: A Fallen Mind: http://afallenmind.com/ Calabrese: http://calabresestore.com Calling All Astronauts: http://www.callingallastronauts.com/ Gallows Humor: http://gallowshumorband.com/ Vanilla Wafa: https://vanillawafa.bandcamp.com/ Audible: http://audibletrial.com/emzt T-Shirts: https://teespring.com/emztradio Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/emztproductions Maker Support:...


Memorial Day Best Of

Bane and MJ took Memorial Day off, so enjoy the best of EMZT Radio Twitter: @emztradio, @EMZTsInfamous,@BaneHellborne Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EMZTPodcastRadio/ Audible: http://audibletrial.com/emzt T-Shirts: https://teespring.com/emztradio Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/emztproductions Maker Support: https://www.makersupport.com/EMZTProductions Twitch: Http://twich.tv/emztproductions Discord: https://discord.gg/kuuAm7m Our Website: https://emztradio.wordpress.com/


Lee Esposito and Lilith

Lee Esposito joined us this week to discuss his new project, Lilith. He stuck around for the entire show, and we had a whale of a time. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1582565143/lillith-a-feature-length-horror-film Also on the pod: If you had to cast The Expendables using only horror video game characters, who would you cast? Send your thoughts to emztradio@gmail.com The House That Jack Built Cannes Audience Walk...


Sunshine Boy Productions

This week, Bane and MJ interview Kevin and Jennifer Studer from Sunshine Boy Productions. They are on tour talking about their new short film "Heartless." It was a wonderful interview and I hope you get the chance to check out their projects. http://www.sunshineboyproductions.com/ On the podcast this week: Friday the 13th: The Game Single Player Challenges SOON! https://1428elm.com/2018/05/12/13th-game-devs-play-single-player/ The House That Jack Built Cannes Audience Walk...