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LIVE on YouTube every Monday at 6pm EST or 23:00 UTC - podcast of the show posted within 12 hours. Go EOS!

LIVE on YouTube every Monday at 6pm EST or 23:00 UTC - podcast of the show posted within 12 hours. Go EOS!
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LIVE on YouTube every Monday at 6pm EST or 23:00 UTC - podcast of the show posted within 12 hours. Go EOS!








EOSRad.io 16 - DUCATUR (3rd place in EOShackathon.io), EOS Emerge, Thomas Cox & Moti w/ ECAF

Hear about a new app on EOS called DUCATUR, along with Polish BP candidate EOS Emerge and special guest Moti, head of the EOS Core Arbitration Forum (ECAF). And of course, Thomas Cox. First, Kev & Bluejays talk a bit about the week, recap weekend events with the accounts freeze by BPs acting to help EOS holders but without consent from an arbitrator, and why this is historic for EOS. About 15 minutes in, CEO George Bell of DUCATUR comes on to talk about winning 3rd place at the Block.one...


EOSRad.io 15 - Election Night! Tom Norwood, Thomas Cox, Tulip Recap

EOSRad.io is back after the launch - live "vodcast" (video podcast) every Monday at 6pm EDT / 2200 UTC. Episode 15 was a special election coverage night! Hosts Kev & Bluejays discuss the live results, their thoughts on the launch, recap the Tulip conference with EOS community members, and more. Our guests for this election coverage night are two prominent EOS community members who aren't running for block producer - Tom Norwood and Thomas Cox. First, Kev & Bluejays cover the live election...


EOSRad.io 14 - Pre-launch Mega Show! 7 BP Candidate Interviews From Around the World

The EOSRad.io pre-launch mega show, 7 BP candidate interviews! We had scheduled for 8 but Bluejays' power went out during our last interview with EOSLove. Hear from them on May 31! Overview: ~ 5 mins - BITSPACE has been around since the Bitshares days as a witness. They have a green energy facility to house their servers. 25 mins - SW/EDEN features Eric and Vahid talking about their security moose, extensive community testnet history, and pants. 50 mins - EOS UK starts with "Why?" and...


EOSRad.io #13 - Gee w/ Tulip Conference, EOSVibes, EOS.CYBEX, & Final BP Panel w/ Thomas Cox

Three guest interviews plus a final block producer panel with six candidates and Thomas Cox. First is GEE WITH TULIP CONFERENCE, the premier blockchain gathering coming to San Francisco, U.S.A! Tulip Conference has confirmed a significant EOS turnout with numerous companies and prominent community members in attendance. Second, we welcome EOSVIBES about 30 minutes into the show. Their app HireVibes is their cornerstone project, designed to drastically reduce fees associated with job...


EOSRad.io 12 - EOS Tribe, EOS SOCAL, EOSUnion, & BP Panel #2 w/ Thomas Cox

Three guest interviews plus a second block producer panel with six candidates and Thomas Cox. First is EOS TRIBE - a block producer candidate from U.S.A. and an expert team with a focus on security and community reinvestment. Plus, we talk about an interesting project they eventually hope to spearhead - launching a distributed EOS network into space with inexpensive satellites! Second, we welcome EOS SOCAL about 30 minutes into the show. They are a block producer and also reveal their NEW...


EOSRad.io #11 - EOS BlockSmith, EOS Nairobi, OracleChain, & Arbitration w/ Thomas Cox

Three guests plus special Thomas Cox arbitration discussion - first is EOS BLOCKSMITH - a block producer candidate with distributed team and a unique approach to block production. Second, we welcome EOS NAIROBI about 30 minutes into the show! As one of two known candidate from Africa, EOS NAIROBI is determined to educate others in their area about EOS and the ways it can impact society. Third, ORACLECHAIN from Beijing comes on about 65 minutes into the show! Co-founders John and Harvey...


EOSRad.io 10 - Dapp Teams DEIP.World, Uncloak.io, & Special BP Panel w/ Thomas Cox

Two guests plus a special feature - BP candidate panel with six (6) candidates discussing the launch with Thomas Cox! - first is https://DEIP.WORLD - an app on EOS bringing scientists and researchers into decentralized autonomous communities to collaborate, share resources, and earn reputation. Second, about 30 minutes in we welcome https://UNCLOAK.IO - a cyber security app building in the UK! Uncloak.io is going to utilize a model of advanced artificial intelligence for "Zero Hour" cyber...


EOSRad.io #9 - Tokenika, EOS Asia, EOS Dublin, Thomas Cox Q&A

Three guests plus Thomas Cox Q&A - first is TOKENIKA - a block producer candidate from Poland with a long history in DPOS blockchains. Second, we welcome EOS ASIA about 35 minutes into the show! A recently announced block producer candidate, they have team members from all around the world and experience in both the blockchain world and technology industries. Third, EOS DUBLIN comes on about 55 minutes into the show! Two founding members of the team talk about their roots, passion for EOS,...


EOSRad.io 8 - EOS Canada, Ivan on Tech & Sweden, Ke Xu from ONO, & Thomas Cox Q&A

Three guests plus Thomas Cox Q&A - first is the entire team from EOS CANADA - a new block producer and architects of the BIOS boot software to launch EOS. Second, we welcome IVAN ON TECH with ERIC and VAHID from Sweden about 35 minutes into the show! The crew is hosting Bloxpo, the largest blockchain conference in Europe, and we hear more from these experts about blockchain education, EOS testnet progress, and their thoughts on the future of EOS and blockchain in general. Third, ONO SOCIAL...


EOSRad.io #7 - Chintai, Erik Hoel, EOS New York, and Thomas Cox Q&A

Three guests plus Thomas Cox Q&A - first is David Packham and David Kalin from CHINTAI - a token rental dapp and the first community project. EOS holders will be able to rent out their tokens for extra income. Second is ERIK HOEL, 30 minutes in. Erik is on the Forbes 30 under 30 list as a neuroscientist in New York City and popular EOS community member - back to discuss EOS token economics, Dawn 3.0 news, and EOS future potential with Kev and Bluejays. Third, EOS NEW YORK arrives at about...


EOS Go / EOSRad.io Episode 6 - eosDAC, EOS Nation, and Weekly Q&A with Thomas Cox

Interview #1 with eosDAC, the first decentralized autonomous collective on EOS and a candidate for block producer. Michael Yeates and Robert Allen of eosDAC come on to talk about their revolutionary model, token airdrop, upcoming tools, and more. Around 40 minutes in, three members from EOS Nation come on to discuss their community building efforts, block producer candidacy. Ambassador program, upcoming meetups, and secret talks with Ethereum projects coming to EOS. Starting around 70...


EOS Go / EOSRad.io Episode 5 - Jan L. of EOSIndex, the EOS.Cafe team, and Thomas Cox Q&A live

Jan Langheimer with EOSINDEX.IO on how his site shows any EOS projects listed by the creators or community. Features include the ability to sort projects based on any criteria such as "Airdrop", and will soon include a "Verified" button for project legitimacy. Around 35 minutes in, Troi and Syed from EOS.CAFE take over to discuss their project. EOS.cafe recently announced their funding of real world projects with block producer rewards, their stance on achieving the "mass adoption" for...


EOS Go Live - EOSRad.io Episode 3 - Interviews with Iryo CEO, EOS Gravity in China, and Erik Hoel!

Three interviews in one show! First, ERIK HOEL - Forbes 30 Under 30 scientist from New York City comes on to discuss EOS speculation, news, and future potential with Kev and Bluejays. Next, EOS project Iryo from Slovenia takes over. CEO Vasja Bočko and two team members describe their vision for redefining global healthcare, their token airdrop details, and further information. Finally EOS GRAVITY, a block producer candidate in Shanghai, China - come on to discuss their 14 member company,...


EOS Go / EOSRad.io 02/26/18 - Interview w/ Dan Calinescu, CEO & Co-Founder Carmel + Thomas Cox Q&A

This week we're speaking with DAN CALINESCU - CEO & Co-Founder of Fluid Trends - about EOS project Carmel, a new education dapp to provide incentive-based learning. Check out their website http://www.carmel.io/ and read their beginner-friendly whitepaper to learn more! We are also introducing our Thomas Cox Q&A video, shot live in Blacksburg Virginia the same day we did the Dan Sit-Down Q&A. Thomas goes in depth about Elinor Ostrom's book Governing the Commons and how the EOS constitution...