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A monthly podcast about secondary education, featuring candid thoughts and opinions from teachers on the front lines.

A monthly podcast about secondary education, featuring candid thoughts and opinions from teachers on the front lines.
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A monthly podcast about secondary education, featuring candid thoughts and opinions from teachers on the front lines.




Conversation 51 - Randall Black - Sharing Our Stories

Fellow podcaster Randall Black, host of The Randall Black Show, joins me to talk about his passion for sharing stories. We also discuss failure, what makes great PD, and the three different kinds of teachers there are when it comes to tech in the classroom. Randall is a vibrant, thoughtful educator who is working to make things better for everyone he meets, which makes conversation 51 a convo worth listening to. Links: Randall on Twitter Randall’s Website Sponsored Link: Rotary Club...


Conversation 50 - Geoff Ruggero - The Leading Edge of Change

Self-described Learning Commons Wizard Geoff Ruggero joins me for conversation 50. We talk about the new-found centrality of libraries in learning and how makerspaces are revolutionizing the library space and the actual profession of librarians. With pedagogy pushing further into PBL, design-based thinking, and 21st century competencies, Geoff outlines how his role is essential to pushing the forefront of education. We also talk a lot about cardboard. Links: Geoff on...


Conversation 49 - Derek Rhodenizer - Constructive Failure

After doing several episodes together on the side, it’s finally time to bring educator, podcaster and VoicEd man-about-town Derek Rhodenizer into the official Ed fold. We talk about podcasting, the value of reflection, teacher evaluation, and the best ways to mess with kids heads - and maybe even why you should. Links: EduThoughts (Derek’s Podcast) Derek on Twitter DerekRhodenizer.ca AutoCrat (Google Sheets Add-on)


Check-in 28 - The Student Teaching Experience

In an unusual turn, our normal panel of hosts is out, and in their stead, I’m joined by three student teachers. This episode, we talk about the wins and fails of their early teaching experiences, what works, what doesn’t, and why board games aren’t popular in British Columbia. It’s an honest and inspiring look at the future of the teaching profession. Links: Splendor (Boardgame) Settlers of Catan (Boardgame) The Secret of Kellsf


Conversation 48 - Leanne Hanson - Let’s Blame Francis Bacon

Leanne Hanson bills herself as a, “bad influence, corrupting the world, one classroom at a time”. Along with unpacking what that means, we talk about the need for educational reform, teacher catharsis, why acronyms are so cool, and why we ought to blame Francis Bacon for everything. Links: Leanne on Twitter Bad Teacher on YouTube James Veitch TED Talk


Conversation 47 - Allison Fuisz - Teaching Outward

For this prime-numbered episode, I’m talking with Allison Fuisz. Don’t worry - we get name pronunciations cleared up right away. Allison is a passionate educator devoted to helping students develop healthy worldviews. We talk about helping students to develop and maintain a curious attitude and how we can help them to be independent learners. We eventually wind up talking about what is perhaps most central to her practice: the UN Sustainable Development Goals; why their important, and how...


Conversation 46 - Zach Groshell - Turning the Tables

Zach is a passionate educator currently working in Sudan, although his experiences have also seen him teaching in Vietnam and the US as well. We talk about the differences in student populations, plus the importance of creating a welcoming and dynamic environment for students. Links Zach on Twitter educationrickshaw.com Facebook Group - Over-Posting Educators


Check-in 27 - Smash All the Phones

In setting out to discuss the future of education, it quickly becomes clear that this is an entirely too-complex issue to wrap up in just 40 minutes. Still, me and Joe Reimer give it a shot. We cover everything from smashing cell-phones, to boredom, to the power of the internet, to what the heck a teacher is supposed to do. We’re not sure about any of it, but it’s great food for thought. Links: Joe on Twitter Shane on Twitter Hunt for the Wilderpeople Fortnite


Conversation 32 - Eric Kallenborn - Let’s Get Graphic

Ed Kallenborn is a recognized expert in the field of graphic novels. Hailing from Chicago, his passion for visual storytelling on the page has led him into teaching a course dedicated to comics and graphic novels. We talk about this and how he uses this unique form of storytelling to engage reluctant readers, enhance visual literacy, plus its strong connection to film studies. Listen in for an informative convo with plenty of recommendations for further reading! Links: Eric on...


Conversation 31 - Scott Hebert - Making School Not Suck

For my latest conversation, I’m joined by Scott Hebert, a grade 7/8 science teacher with a strong bent towards gamification. For the past several years, Scott has slowly been building his Scientia Terra world - a place where students form clans, battle goblins, and, almost coincidentally, learn about science. Scott shares the origins of his passion for gamification, plus the impact it has on his students desire to learn. At the core of all of this: his desire to help students rediscover the...


Check-in 22 - Censorship

This month, we’re running a small crew: just Joe and me. After sharing our wins and fails, we talk censorship: the good, the bad, and the be-careful. As teachers of the arts, the issue has constantly been a part of our practice and has affected us in various ways. We talk about the challenges censorship presents and why it can be a source of frustration, but also why it’s sometimes a necessity. Links: Joe on Twitter Shane on Twitter Manoush Zamradi’s TED talk on boredom Creative...


Conversation 30 - Melissa Chouinard - Let Your Nerd Flag Fly

My conversation this week is with Melissa Chouinard - a prolific blog writer and unabashed sci-fi nerd, not to mention a teacher who is truly passionate about connecting with each and every one of her students. We talk about what it’s like to blog every day for a year, being a nerd for Dr. Who and Star Trek (and how that affects her classroom), plus her one sure-fire method to make sure that every student feels valued as they find their voice in her classroom. Join in and get ready to nerd...


Conversation 29 - Krista Penrod - Embracing Your Freakouts

Krista Penrod, grade 8 ELA teacher, is the real deal; let that be said. We begin by talking about embracing our freakouts (and the unusual response Krista has to nerves) and go deep on the idea of failure - not so much for students but for teachers. We ultimately land on the isolating environment of teaching and how to break out of it. Honest, freewheeling and fun, our conversation reveals Krista to be a truly inspiring educator. Links: Krista on Twitter Krista’s Blog


Conversation 28 - Teresa Gross - Nerdy for Books

It sure feels good to get all nerdy once in a while, and this time out, I’ve got Teresa Gross to help me do just that. A reading teacher from X, Teresa is an avid (and self-proclaimed) book nerd. We talk about books (of course), building positive student relationships, and how to get carpool karaoke happening in your class. Links: Teresa Gross on Twitter Play Like a Pirate by Quinn Rollins Launch by A.J. Juliani & John Spencer


Checkin 21 - Failure

After 20 checkins we’ve finally decided to tackle it: failure. What is it? How can we use it? What are the benefits and drawbacks? It’s a speedy but thoroughly thoughtful conversation all about one of the hottest educational terms. Of course, there’s also wins and fails along with our timeouts. Links: Joe on Twitter Jon on Twitter How Not to Land an Orbital Rocket Booster via YouTube


Bonus Episode 3 - Maker Spaces

Bonus episode 3 is a live check-in which we broadcast on VoicEd radio as a part of their live radiothon done at the end of August. I’m joined by Aaron Camponi and Jon Thomas to talk about makerspaces, collaborative learning, and how to use a 3D printer to make fair trade chocolates (it’s not how you think!). Links: Aaron Camponi on Twitter Jon Thomas on Twitter


Conversation 27 - Danny Bauer - Charging Up Change

Danny Bauer is an administrator and consultant specializing in school leadership. His approach, fueled by a true passion to see schools improve, focuses on the health of teachers and helping them to pursue their passions within the educational realm. Our conversation is a must-listen for any and all administrators and will be a charge-up for teachers, too! Links: Danny Bauer on Twitter BetterLeadersBetterSchools.com The Better Leaders Better Schools Podcast


Conversation 26 - Starr Sackstein - Perfectionism & Authenticity

Sometimes, it’s simply amazing how much ground you can cover in a short amount of time. Such is this week’s conversation with teacher and author Starr Sackstein. In our brief chat we cover dealing with transitions, perfectionism, listening and leadership, finding authentic audiences for our students and much more. Settle in and listen fast, cause there’s lots to hear in this fantastic exchange between myself and master teacher Starr! Links: Starr on Twitter Starr’s Blog on EdWeek


Conversation 25 - Jen Burdis - Chatting with the EduNinja

My latest conversation is with Jen Burdis, grade 4 teacher, American Ninja Warrior, and all-around champion of fitness in the classroom. We talk about early morning yoga, doing push-ups between chapters, and finding your own madness that you can bring into the classroom. Links: Jen Burdis on Twitter EduNinja.net


Check-In 20 - Starting Up

With the start of the new year, Jasmine, Jon and I talk about back-to-school strategies for starting off the year right.


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