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A monthly podcast about secondary education, featuring candid thoughts and opinions from teachers on the front lines.

A monthly podcast about secondary education, featuring candid thoughts and opinions from teachers on the front lines.
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A monthly podcast about secondary education, featuring candid thoughts and opinions from teachers on the front lines.




Conversation 88 - Maire Cervenak & Janet French - The Stories We Tell

This episode brings together former teacher Maire Cervenak and education reporter Janet French. Both have a distinct experience to share when it comes to how stories about teachers are told in the media. Our conversation is a frank and open discussion on how stories are made, which ones get to be told, and how some of those stories impact their subjects. Links: Maire on Twitter Janet on Twitter The Ed Podcast on Twitter Sponsored Links: Edmonton Public Library's Spring Break...


Conversation 87 - Sara Candela - Podtalk

Sara Candela recently jumped coast lines as part of what can only be described as a big change. A veteran of classroom teaching for 14 years, she decided to leave that behind, cross the country, and pursue podcasting full time. Her gamble paid off and she is now a podcast producer working in California. But her passion for students and teaching hasn't left her. As we explore her journey, we come back around to the importance of giving a voice to students and the opportunities that podcasting...


Conversation 86 - Don Goble - Broadcast

Don Goble has been teaching journalism and broadcasting for fourteen years. We talk about his passion for enabling student voice and helping students to think for themselves. Don's passion is for using media creation as a way for students to explore their ideas and express their thoughts in creative and powerful ways. Links: Don on Twitter DonGoble.com The Ed Podcast on Twitter Sponsored Links: Park Power ATB Financial The Alberta Podcast Network


Check-in 38 - Podcasting for PD (LIVE!)

In our first ever live podcast, I get together with Joe, Jeremy, and Shaun - plus our audience - and we talk podcasting for PD. As professionals, we often question the value of traditional professional development settings because their value is often so limited. We open the door to the possibility that maybe personal PD just might be a better solution. As we dive in, we try to disentangle the benefits from the drawbacks and look for a way forward that might accommodate both traditional and...


Conversation 85 - Rita Wirtz - Giving it All

From the moment we first begin chatting, it's clear that Rita is not a woman of half-measures. After 48 years of teaching, she is as passionate and motivated to do what's best for her students and for the education system as ever. Our conversation ranges from how to motivate students, to problems with education system, to how to effectively create culture change in a school. Links: Rita on Twitter The Ed Podcast on Twitter Sponsored Links: Let's Do Coffee Podcast ATB Financial The...


Conversation 84 - Maire Cervenak - Two Sides

It's easy to say that there are two sides to every story, but depending on what side you're on, the experience of this truth can be devastating. This week, I'm joined by Maire Cervenak who knows just how damaging a media story can be. Formerly a highly praised classroom teacher, Maire is now in a stage of "figuring it out" after having left the profession. In our conversation she relates her experience following a mistake at work that, vis-a-vis media attention, was spun into a story that...


Conversation 83 - Kelly Hoggard - A Champ for Kids

Kelly Hoggard is a special resource teacher who believes in bringing out the best in her kids. We talk about her journey towards becoming a CHAMP for kids and the importance of reflective practice. Links: Kelly on Twitter The Ed Podcast on Twitter Sponsored Links: The Well Endowed Podcast ATB Financial The Alberta Podcast Network


Bonus Episode 7 - Podcasting as PD

This special episode of Ed is a recording of the session I recently did at the NCTCA teachers convention. It's a quick session all about how to use podcasting as a source of personal professional development, both from the listening and the creation side. This was recorded in front of a live audience and was the first part of a two-part session. The second half will be coming out as a check-in at the start of March. Links: The Ed Podcast on Twitter Sponsored Links: ATB Financial The...


Conversation 82 - Jennifer Casa-Todd

Jennifer Casa-Todd is a Teacher-Librarian with a passion for connections. We talk about her work as she strives to join together disparate subjects, helping to co-plan, co-teach and co-assess. We also talk about her work with social media, and how she helps students recognize ways they can make a positive impact using it. Links: Jennifer on Twitter Jennifer's Website The Ed Podcast on Twitter Sponsored Links: Let's Do Coffee Podcast ATB Financial The Alberta Podcast Network


Check-in 37 - Blinders On

Well, its finally happened. This month marks the first solo flight for Ed. On my own, I reflect this month on the importance of personal challenge. We regularly encourage our kids to overcome obstacles and accept failure as part of the learning process, but how often do we engage in this same mindset? I talk about some recent challenges I've taken on, plus the need to remain focused on a single goal in order to achieve truly deep learning and that level of high polish that can only come with...


Conversation 81 - Rob Alvarez - A Crisis of Engagement

Rob Alvarez is a professor of business, a podcaster and a gamification expert. We talk about all three this week, but of course our focus is on the last of these three. Rob thinks there's a "crisis of engagement" in education today and we talk about ways to revive students' thirst for learning. And it's not just simple incentivizing; instead gamification is about helping students to find a reason for their learning, and helping them to see purpose in the goals of whatever course they're...


Conversation 80 - Kate Lindquist - Questions of Curiostiy

After 79 episodes, it's about time that art teachers have their say. Enter Kate Lindquist, the heARTIST. As the first-ever art teacher on the show, Kate doesn't disappoint. We talk about her desire to open the minds of her students to new possibilities and perspectives, and the importance of stirring the curiousity of students. Links: Kate on Twitter peaceloveart.org The Ed Podcast on Twitter Sponsored Links: Park Power ATB Financial The Alberta Podcast Network


Conversation 79 - Michael Ralph and Laurence Woodruff - Read Your Research

Michael Ralph and Laurence Woodruff are both teachers, podcasters, and strong advocates of research-based classroom practices. Their approach to education is both rigorous and passionate. In this week's conversation, we talk about the importance of reading research on best practices, bee-keeping (not as off-topic as you might think), and the controversy surrounding grading and how to make it a significant experience for both teacher and student. Links: Michael Ralph on Twitter Two Pint...


Conversation 78 - Jen Cort - Just One Sentence

Me and Jen Cort chat this week about the power of a single sentence. Jen works as a diversity consultant with schools, helping them to build places that are safe for all students, regardless of their situation. We talk about the power of listening in difficult situations and even what the right things to say might be in those scenarios - even if the right thing to say is nothing at all. Links: Jen on Twitter Jen's Website The Ed Podcast on Twitter Sponsored Links: The Well Endowed...


Check-in 36 - New Years Resolutions

Happy new years! Nadine Young and myself kick off 2019 with our own set of edu-focused resolutions. For Nadine, it's all about supporting students better. For me: marking. We break down our own desires to be better teachers and really get into the pitfalls that we both encounter day to day. As always, there's wins/fails and timeouts, too. Links: The Ed Podcast on Twitter The Final Table on Netflix Sponsored Links: ATB Financial The Alberta Podcast Network


Conversation 77 - Kristyn Borrero - A Thirst for Learning

Kristyn Borrero is a teacher and the CEO of CT3, a company specializing in creating meaningful PD for teachers and administrators. Our conversation uncovers her incredible passion for teaching teachers through research-based best practices. In particular, we hit upon relationships and the value of instant feedback from coaches. It's an inspiring and info-filled convo that will inspire you to do better every day. Links: Kristyn on Twitter CT3 Education The Ed Podcast on...


Ed Stories - Volume 2

It's time for another round of teacher stories. Our storytellers this time around are Ramona Meharg and her tale of plant murder; Caterina Rylance with her adventures in mis-interpretation; and Emily Langerholc with the weirdest story involving termites you'll likely ever hear. Links: The Ed Podcast on Twitter Sponsored Links: ATB Financial The Alberta Podcast Network


Conversation 76 - Tara Martin - Gas for the Fire

This week, I'm joined by cannonballer extraordinaire Tara Martin. A former classroom teacher and instructional coach and now a media and communication director with Dave Burgess Consulting, she joins me to talk about helping teachers make the most of...well, everything. Tara's energy is explosive and contagious and we talk about where she gets her energy from and how she helps others to get that energy. We cover the role of enthusiasm in teaching plus the importance of forging genuine...


Conversation 75 - Jessica Roberts - That Vivacious Feeling

Jessica Roberts is a Film Production teacher from Memphis Tennessee. She's also a troublemaker. We talk about that, plus how to organize a large, complex problem-based task like creating a film. Jessica shares her decade of experience working with students to help them tell their stories, and how she helps them stay organized and on-task. Links: Jessica on Twitter AHSTigerLife.com The Ed Podcast on Twitter Sponsored Links: Let's Do Coffee Podcast ATB Financial The Alberta Podcast...


Conversation 74 - George Evans - Changing the World

George Evans teaches English and Social Studies in Japan. And while we begin our conversation focused on the peculiarities of his position, where we ultimately arrive is at the very heart of what it means to be a teacher. George strongly believes that the purpose of a teacher is to take part in world-changing events through helping our students become better people. An inspiring and informative conversation, this is one not to be missed. Links: George on Twitter The Ed Podcast on...