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A monthly podcast about secondary education, featuring candid thoughts and opinions from teachers on the front lines.

A monthly podcast about secondary education, featuring candid thoughts and opinions from teachers on the front lines.
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A monthly podcast about secondary education, featuring candid thoughts and opinions from teachers on the front lines.




Conversation 71 - Shauna Pollock - Tiger Speed!

Tigers have two settings: off, and high. Shauna Pollock is definitely a tiger. A teacher with a thousand tales to tell, this conversation represents the first of a two-part conversation all about her adventures as an educator. We discuss her origins as a teacher and why she felt alienated by the education system; her various exploits in education in varied settings; her philosophy of education and how that led to the formation of her latest endeavour, Blue Sky School. It's a big journey, but...


Conversation 70 - Rebecca Chambers - (Un)Learning

Rebecca Chambers likes to do one thing every day that scares her. While it's a quote that many people like to put on their walls, Rebecca truly lives it. We talk about her adventures as she moves beyond a straight curriculum delivery system and goes all-in on PBL and community engagement and how that helps to redefine her role and bring purpose to her classroom. Links: Rebecca on Twitter UnLearnWithUs.com (Rebecca's blog) Ken Robinson's TED talk: Schools Kill Creativity The Ed Podcast...


Check-in 34 - The Art of Teaching

It's a common refrain that "anyone can teach". Honestly, some part of this statement is true. This month, though, I'm joined by Shaun Smith and John Courville to unpack this idea and just what it truly means to be a teacher. We've also got a raft of wins and fails, plus our timeouts. Oh, and we also talk a lot about pirates and doubloons. Links: Shaun on Twitter The Ed Podcast on Twitter Timeout - Shadow of the Tomb Raider Sponsored Links: Back to School Again Podcast ATB...


Conversation 69 - Dan Scratch - Democracy in the Classroom

Dan Scratch is a Social Studies teacher in Edmonton, AB. More importantly, he's an educator who's passionate about social justice and equity for his students. We talk about the power of personal stories, bringing controversial topics into the classroom, and we focus in on the single biggest indicator for future student success. Links: Dan Scratch on Twitter Dan Scratch on Medium The RAD Educator Network The Ed Podcast on Twitter Sponsored Links: Let's Do Coffee Podcast ATB...


Conversation 68 - Caleb Endfield - Bridging the Gap

Caleb Endfield teaches STEM and is a counsellor on a reservation in Arizona. Having little experience with this area of the education world, it was a real honour to sit down and have this conversation with him. We talked about life on a reservation, the role that STEM plays in helping students prepare for the future, and the challenges students face as they decide whether to cross out of the reservation culture. Links: Caleb on Twitter The Ed Podcast on Twitter Paper Tigers on...


Conversation 67 - Caterina Rylance - Surviving Teaching

Caterina is a three-year veteran of teaching and a newly minted masters student. An ELA and Social Studies teacher, she is passionate about language and culture. We talk about how those impact her teaching and her success with establishing a cultural centre at her school. We also talk about her favourite hashtag, "survivingteaching" and what it means to be less than perfect, and why it's important to share our imperfect selves with others. Links: Caterina's Blog Caterina on Twitter The...


Conversation 66 - Tonya Gilchrist - Curiosity at the Core

Tonya Gilchrist is a language & literature teacher, an instructional coach, a literacy consultant and a speaker. Our conversation hinges on what happened after Tonya became disatisfied with teaching in America and how that lead her to where she is today. We talk about her current role and the way she uses inquiry and creative thinking to help her students find success. We also dive into the way that inquiry changes roles for both students and teachers, plus how to confront fear for everyone...


Check-in 33 - Blow it Up!

Sometimes tweaks just won't do. Instead, we're faced with the option of either abandoning ship or completely rebuilding from scratch. On today's show, I'm joined by Shaun and Joe as we talk about those times where we just want to burn it all down and start over. It may be a unit, a lesson, a methodology, or an entire career; we talk about why we do it, when it's appropriate, and the pros and cons of taking such a drastic approach. Links: Joe on Twitter Shaun on Twitter The Ed Podcast on...


Ed Stories - Volume 1 - Brad, Brian & Eric

Every teacher knows that the life of a teacher can get pretty weird. We all have "those" stories. Well this special edition of Ed, called "Ed Stories" is all about that: the weird, the funny, the touching. This is a series that will run intermittently, as I gather stories from some of the best educators out there. This first episode features stories from Brad Shreffler, Brian Aspinall, and Eric Kallenborn. Links:


Conversation 65 - Jacinta Yanders - How to Make a Student

Jacinta Yanders is a podcaster and PhD candidate with a focus on TV, film and pop culture. This week, we got to talk about why it's so important for our students (and ourselves) to understand these things. Of course, we also branched out to touch on how to better integrate high school and post-secondary institutions, the troubles facing public education, plus a few film and TV recommendations along the way. Links: Jacinta's Blog - Teach to Learn. Learn to Teach Jacinta on Twitter The Ed...


Conversation 64 - Ramona Meharg - Ice Cream & Armour

Podcaster and educator Ramona Meharg joins me this week to talk about her experiences in the Special Ed classroom - we cover the ins and outs of what it's like to be in a room with every student having special needs, the challenges and the rewards, and the incredible potential that ice cream has in all areas of education. Links: Ramona on Twitter The Ed Podcast on Twitter Sponsored Links: The Well Endowed Podcast ATB Financial The Alberta Podcast Network


Conversation 63 - Levent Erdogan - The Ultimate Authentic Task

In the world of education, Levent Erdogan is a rare bird, despite his very common (Turkish) name. Located in Hong Kong, Levent is a teacher of physical education, music, and film. It is this last subject which occupies the lion's share of our conversation, as we dig deep into the challenges - for both teachers and students - to take on a major PBL task. Whether you teach film or not - likely not - our conversation is a revealing and helpful look at how to approach the complexity of...


Check-in 32 - Is School Work?

For this special Check-in, I'm joined by fellow podcasters Ramona Meharg of I Wish I Knew EDU and Leanne Hanson of EDUNauts to unpack the question of what school is: we often define our students role as that of employees in a workplace, but is that really an adequate metaphor to describe the school experience? We dive deep into this whilst also rabbit-trailing all over the place - from bears and flushing toilets, to William Shatner and album recommendations. Links: The First 15 Lives of...


Conversation 62 - Raymond Steinmetz - Blended Learning

Raymond Steinmetz is the multi-hyphenate co-host of the brand new Instant Relevant Podcast, alongside being an education writer and a math teacher in a blended learning classroom. In our conversation, Raymond shares his personal journey towards becoming an educator, plus his insights on going 1:1, and the lessons he's learned from establishing a blended learning classroom. Links: blendedlearningmath.com The Highlander Institute Blended Learning Universe goformative.com Raymond on...


Conversation 61 - Eric Kallenborn - Better than Romeo & Juliet

For the first time ever, this episode marks the return of a previous "Conversations" guest, Eric Kallenborn. For the past year, Eric has reviewed a new graphic novel every day. We discuss that journey, the deeper magic of comics, plus tips for aspiring blogwriters and how best to understand the graphic novel medium. Links: Eric's Website Eric's Top Ten Graphic Novels Eric on Twitter The Ed Podcast on Twitter Sponsored Links: The Well Endowed Podcast ATB Financial The Alberta...


Conversation 60 - Emily Langerholc - Music for Rebels

Emily is a music teacher with a style all her own. What makes her unique is her use of pop music in her band program - but not in the way you might think. We talk about empowering students in a music classroom, music analysis, why Emily is still mad at Rick Springfield. Links: Emily's Website - Rebel Music Teacher Emily on Twitter The Ed Podcast on Twitter Sponsored Links: ATB Financial The Alberta Podcast Network


Conversation 59 - Tatiana Adurias - Homeschool Stereotypes

When first faced with the possibility of homeschooling her kids, Tatiana was decidedly against it. After presented with a strong case from her son, however, she began her journey of schooling her six kids herself. Our conversation does much to dispel stereotypes often associated with homeschooling and homeschoolers, as Tatiana shares her experiences, challenges, successes and even doubts. If you've never had the chance to consider this often maligned sector of education, this conversation is...


Check-In 31 - Positivity

Check-In 31 is yet another team-up between myself and frequent guest/co-host/co-conspirator Brad Shreffler. This time out, we set our sights on positivity: everything from how its pedagogical impact, to it's effect on student self-efficacy. Links: Brad on Twitter The Ed Podcast on Twitter Sponsored Links: ATB Financial Entrepeneur Centre The Alberta Podcast Network


Bonus Episode 5 - Dress Codes

Dress codes are a big deal - a complex issue with many ins and outs touching on appropriateness, empathy, sexism, misogyny, and the very definition of school itself. For Bonus Episode 5, we've convened a panel of big thinkers - Noa Daniel, Brad Shreffler, and Chris Cluff - to discuss all of this and a wee bit more. Be sure to check out the link below to the tweet which we discuss in the show. Links: The Tweet that Started it All Noa on Twitter Brad on Twitter Chris on Twitter The Ed...


Conversation 58 - Mile Zero Dance - Let's Dance!

In a first-ever cross-over episode, I'm joined by the host of I Don't Get It, Fawnda Mithrush as we chat with Gerry Morita and Jody Vanderkerkhove of Mile Zero Dance. Functioning both as a cutting edge dance ensemble and an in-school residency program, Mile Zero is an incredible example of how the arts can augment and enhance all areas of curriculum. We talk about movement, the ethics of dance, and why I should never actually be seen dancing. Links: Mile Zero Dance I Don't Get It Ed on...