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EP 25: 7 Eye Catching Words You Should Include In Your Next Email

Here's the cold hard truth. The average person has the attention span of a toddler when they are rummaging through their email. Capturing and keeping attention is hard. No attention = no conversions = no bueno Today, you will learn 7 attention grabbing, persuasive words you can use to increase your email engagement and conversions today. Listen Now


EP 24: Wake Up Cold Email Subscribers With This Re-Engagement Email Sequence

Just like any other relationship, the one between you and your subscribers can get stale after a while. Your subject lines don't stand out like they used to, your email copy isn't as interesting as it used to be, that once "red hot" spark... ...has faded. But, if you're not quite ready to let go, there is something you can do about it. In today's episode, you will discover a 3 part Re-engagement email sequence you can send when you feel your subscribers slipping away. We...


EP: 23 The Top Email Marketing Services For Beginners Showdown

Choosing the best email service provider for you is never an easy decision. Especially if you are just getting started. Why? Because you have to deal with questions like: “Does it have the features I want? ““How is the support?”“Does it integrate with fill in the blank]”? …plus a million other things to consider…all at once. That's why in today's episode we will be breaking down the Top 3 "beginner friendly" email services... It's gonna be features and benefits battle royale. Who...


EP 22: The Ultimate Clickfunnels Landing Page Builder Review

Is this the ultimate shortcut? Your lead generation and sales pages are the most important pages on your website. Period. If you get them right, then add email automation, you can transform your business overnight. The problem is building them, especially if you can't afford a web or graphic designer. Clickfunnels is the hottest sales funnel builder on the web right now. But is it really all it's hyped up to be? Today, we will provide an in-depth review of the Clickfunnels platform (so...


EP 21: Your Most Frequently Asked Email Marketing Questions, Answered

Effective email marketing should be the #1 priority for both beginners AND veteran marketers alike. Why? Because IF you can get it right, email is the only marketing channel that can deliver 4300% ROI. That's why in today's episode, Mike is in the hot set answering the top email marketing questions from around the web. You will get answers to questions like: How Often Should I Email The List? How Do I Stop people From Unsubscribing? How Do I Make Sure My Email Doesn't End UP In Spam? ...


EP 20: 5 "Sneaky" Tricks To Double Your Email Conversions

Want to write more persuasive emails? Understanding how human psychology and persuasion influence people's thinking is an unfair advantage when it comes to getting them to do what you want. Today, you will learn how to use the same persuasive techniques politicians, expert copywriters and lawyers use to change peoples' minds quickly... So you can write magnetic emails your prospects can't ignore. You're about to learn: Why not listen to the episode now while you're here?


EP 19: How To Get BIG Results from a Small Email List Using High Ticket Offers

FACT. You don't have to be an expert, guru or have a massive email list to make life changing income online. FACT. When I 1st went full time with my online business, I had an email list of just under 300. Even with that small size, I was STILL able to generate over $7k in just my second 2nd month. How? High ticket offers. You can use them in every business to make boat loads of money with just a few subscribers. BUT, successful high ticket selling requires you to have real...


EP 18: Email List Tagging & Segmentation Secrets That Boost Engagement

Effective email marketing is all building relationships and driving action. Because of that, you can’t just talk to every subscriber the exact same way and expect results. You have to send the Right Message to the Right person at the Right time...otherwise your opens, clicks and overall list engagement will suffer big time. That's why in today's episode, we are breaking down expert list segmentation strategies that will get you big results...even if your list is small. You will...


EP 17: How To Avoid The Dreaded SPAM Folder

Here's the cold hard truth. It doesn't matter how good your subject lines, copy or offers are. You will never make a dime from email marketing unless you discover how to beat inbox providers like google and actually reach your subscribers primary inboxes. Most online entrepreneurs trying to grow their businesses with email have no clue how to avoid the SPAM folder that swallows good emails whole. Luckily, in today's episode, we will cover expert secrets to help you avoid that black hole...


EP: 16 “The Email Gravity Formula” How To Write Emails That Sell Without Being Sleazy

You just a new email subscriber! Sweet! Now what? Most entrepreneurs aren't natural copywriters. They have no idea how to write email follow ups that transform new subscribers into customers. So today, we are sharing "The Email Gravity Formula", a step by step way to write emails that sell...without being sleazy. You're about to discover: The PI B + CTA X U Formula that will help you get BIG results even if you have a small list


EP 15 Lead Magnet’s That Can’t Be Ignored

More than 95% of visitors won’t buy anything on their first visit. They’re either just browsing, still in the research phase or not entirely sure your offer is what they need. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs rely on going straight for the jugular & end up losing a massive amount of leads that never come back. In today's episode, we will walk you through creating a lead magnet that will accelerate your email list growth like it's on steroids. The 2 things that will handing over an...


EP 14: 3 Automated Emails Every Business Should Send

As an entrepreneur time is your most valuable asset. Unlock money & people, time is the ONE THING in life you can never get back. Not understanding the power of email automation literally handicaps your business against the competition. Without it you are wasting time and leaving easy money on the table. That's why in today's episode we are covering 3 "set & forget" automated emails every online entrepreneur should use to save time & sell more. To get the Free Resources mentioned in...


EP 13: How To Live Free & Escape The Endless Grind

One thing all entrepreneurs struggle with is time management. Growing your business while still making time for family and friends is a endless battle. If you still have a 9-5 gig in the mix things get 10X harder. Sometimes it's deeper than marketing & automation hacks That's why we had 6 figure attorney turned online entrepreneur & “Freedom Fighter”, Tom Clifton, hop on the show and share his real life story about unlocking his freedom and building a successful online business. To...


EP 12 The Secret To Landing Pages That Convert

A high converting landing page is the cornerstone of every successful online businesses. You can literally explode your email list at light speed if you can combine a winner with paid traffic. IF you know what to include on the page. That's why today we will reveal the secrets to persuasive landing pages that generate leads and sales like clockwork. You will discover:


EP 11: How To Grow Your New List Using Facebook (Without Breaking The Bank)

Facebook can be an amazing way to grow your new email list fast...WITHOUT breaking the bank. But that’s only if you play it smart... If not, you are on the fast track to wasted money, time...and confidence. In today’s episode, we are breaking down 3 strategies that will help you use Facebook to grow your new email list at light speed...without going broke. You will discover: How to create an irresistible “lead magnet” your ideal clients will gladly fork over their contact information...


EP 9: "How I Got My 1st 642 Email Subscribers From Facebook Ads"

Facebook just passed 1.94 BILLION monthly users. How many potential customers do you have swimming in that pond? Sadly, most entrepreneurs either don’t know how to use Facebook Ads to generate leads or have they have tried and been burned in the past... Fact. If you are not fishing for leads on Facebook, you are basically taking money out of your own pocket. The Good news? In today’s episode we are interviewing Dave Thibault from to talk about how he was able to...


EP 9: The 7-Step Welcome Email Formula "Love At 1st Sight"

Welcome Emails are more 4 times more likely to be opened than other mailings. Most entrepreneurs don’t understand the power of a good Welcome Email. This means hey don’t spend time putting together one that will arrest subscribers from day one. In today’s episode, we will walk you through an irresistible 7-step Welcome Email Formula that will make subscribers fall in love with your brand and increase the open rate of every email you send after. In this episode you will learn: 4...


EP: 8 Copy These Email Marketing Examples To Get More Opens, Clicks & Sales

"Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal" -Pablo Picasso Now why would one of the greatest artists in history have a belief like this? The truth is this, you can fast track your success in virtually anything just by following in the footsteps of the most successful. To many entrepreneurs are so focused on being original they get stuck trying to re-invent the wheel. Don’t be that person... In this episode we will break down both good AND bad emails in real time, so you can learn expert...


EP 7: 3 Fatal Email Marketing Mistakes You Could Be Making Right Now

You can’t believe everything you read/hear/ see online. (No, the irony of me being “online experts” telling you not to believe online experts doesn't escape us) Seriously though, there is a lot of bad and downright DANGEROUS advice online being spread like STDs. Which brings us to today’s topic. We are going to expose 3 Fatal Email Marketing mistakes that look and SOUND like good ideas… ... But trust, if you fall into one of these traps, you are in for painful, expensive...


EP 6: “ Email Autoresponder Magic” How to Connect, Persuade and Sell while You Sleep

Have you ever wondered how experts and big companies do it? How they are able to build relationships with so many subscribers and generate sales on such a massive scale? The secret is in Email Automation. You're about to discover the easiest way to shift your business into overdrive without spending all your time marketing it. Today you'll learn: The most important step in setting up your autoresponder (skip this at your own risk) Best practices you could implement in your email right...