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105: Not Your Average Mom with Arianna Bradford

Is your personality way too big for most people to handle? And do you find yourself sometimes trying to become smaller than you really are? Today we're super excited to have Arianna Bradford join us on the show! Arianna is an intensely passionate portrait photographer who specializes in senior portraits and boudoir photography. In addition to this, she's the founder and lead editor of the Not Your Average Mom (NYAM) Project, which is dedicated to celebrating strong women outside of the role...


What's Up!

It's been a while since I've done a solo episode, between my new schedule and our group call speaker recordings. This week, I'd like to share a bit about what we have coming down the pike in the Embracing Intensity Community! Highlights: PatreonXpress Your Power store Links: XPress Your Power Store Patreon Community


103: The Double Blessing of ADHD and Giftedness with René Brooks

Did you know that you could help somebody by just being honest and transparent about who and how you are? It's such a validating experience to know that somebody really gets you. Today's interview is with René Brooks. René's been a typical ADHD personality for as long as she can remember, losing keys, books, homework, and even her glasses sometimes when they were on her face! Although she was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of eleven, she never received any treatment for it until she was...


102: The Gifted Shift

We live in a time that's being increasingly defined by activism and calls for social change. As gifted people, we're a part of this as well under the umbrella of the neurodiversity movement. In this talk, we'll take a short, powerful journey into the history, cultural systems, and real-life, everyday acts of activism that we call 'being different'. We'll define giftedness inside a new dimension- as an identity and culture, a unique way of sensing and experiencing the world. And you'll...


101: With Understanding Comes Calm with Julie Skolnick

You do want to do the very best for your children, right? And help them reach their full potential? At times we need some guidance with that, so today we are thrilled to welcome Julie Skolnick, the founder of With Understanding Comes Calm LLC, to the show. With Understanding Comes Calm passionately guides the parents of gifted and distractable children, mentors, 2E adults, advisers, educators, and professionals, on bringing out the best and raising self-esteem in their students and clients....


100: Celebrating 100 Episodes!

This week we celebrate Embracing Intensity's 100th episode! Join Aurora, past guests and audience members as they share, "What does Embracing Intensity mean to me?" In this episode: Xpress Your Power Store Embracing Gifted Facebook Page Embracing Intensity on Patreon League of Excitable Women on Facebook


99: Andréa Ranae: Together We Rise To Make A Difference

Would you like to make a difference? And help in transforming the world and making it a better place for everyone? Today we are really happy to have Andréa Ranae with us on the show and she's intensely passionate about social justice and liberation. Andrea is a vision led facilitator and coach, who firmly believes that together we rise. She has a program called Coaching As Activism, which she offers to people at a variety of different levels, in order to make it fully accessible to anyone...


98: Talk with Benita J

This week, I have the pleasure to share the presentation that Benita J. shared at the SENG conference! How Old Am I Really? A Meditation on Asynchronous Development The purpose of this presentation is to bring awareness to the personal and professional impacts of asynchronous development in a gifted adult who remained unidentified throughout childhood. This presentation may be useful for gifted adults who are struggling to function in the work environment and may be battling issues like...


97: Making the World More Loving and Compassionate with Dr. Dan Peters

How would you like to see the world becoming a more loving, caring, and sensitive place? Today we are very happy to have Dr. Dan Peters, a really warm-hearted humanitarian, with us on the show. Dr. Dan has a rich history of achievements throughout his life and he is driven to help others achieve as much as possible in their lives too! He is a co-founder of Parent Footprints, an online, interactive, parent training community, with their goal to make the world a more loving and compassionate...


96: Twice Exceptionality

Have you ever heard the term twice-exceptional? In this episode of Embracing Intensity, I share what it means and why it's important. Including:


95: Improving Children's Mental Health with Kimberly Berry

Kimberly Berry is originally from California and is the host of the Being Unnormal Podcast which focuses on mental health, especially children’s mental health. She is also very passionate about child hunger and poverty and Kimberly wants to educate and help people seek the help they need. Kimberly believes that there currently remains such a stigma that it prevents people from seeking help from a professional. Kimberly is responsible for the “Summer Lunch Program,” she founded “Holiday...


94: The Embracing Intensity Journey

On this week's episode of Embracing Intensity, I'm sharing my talk from the SENG (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted) conference in San Diego on The Embracing Intensity Journey I share insights gained from interviewing gifted and outside the box thinkers on my Embracing Intensity Podcast including overarching themes and what tools and habits have helped them to use their fire in a positive way. The participants will then have the opportunity to share their practices that have...


93: Helping People Thrive As The Best Version Of Themselves with Kate Arms

Aurora met today’s special guest, Kate Arms, at the SENG conference recently and was so inspired by her talk entitled "Thriving with Intensity: Mining The Magic From Your Overexcitabilities” that she knew Kate would be the perfect fit for the podcast. Kate’s professional background includes working in a myriad of careers including being a lawyer, administrator, artist, writer, and coach. Kate describes her Signal Fire Coaching Program as a vehicle for her to do her life’s work: helping...


92: Interest Cycling

If you are a multipotentialite, do you prefer to cycle through interests or do a whole bunch of different things at once? In this week's episode of Embracing Intensity, I discuss my own tendencies when it comes to pursuing multiple passions and why I'm moving from a lot of varied activities at once to focusing on just a small few. In this episode, I discuss: Related Links: Find Your Superpower Course Upcoming Group Call


91: Making Soul-Based Relationship Choices with Sunny Joy McMillan

Are you struggling with a difficult relationship? Would you like to find out how to use this hardship as a means to transform your life and discover yourself spiritually? Sunny Joy McMillan joins us on the show today and she is a happy divorcee. After a high-conflict marriage, she learned how to have a really awesome post-divorce friendship with her ex-husband, until he passed away in 2018. Sunny is passionate about empowering adults to make soul-based relationship choices and using divorce...


90: Social Chameleons

Have you ever felt yourself changing in order to fit in? This week on Embracing Intensity, I talk about experiences of past guests and myself of being social chameleons and examine when it becomes a problem and when it can be a positive thing. In this episode: Resources: Find me on Patreon Find Your Superpower Lesson


89: Thriving in the Zig Zag World of ADHD with Clinton Fetters

Do you suffer from ADHD and feel that it holds you back from reaching your full potential? Today we have Clinton Fetters on the show and he, as a husband and father, really understands how hard it is to feel that everyone else wants you to be linear, in a zig-zag world. Clinton would really love to live in a world where adults with ADHD can come out from the shadows and share their greatness with everyone around them. Listen in today to find out what he has to share. Clinton works in a...


88: Coming Attractions

This week on Embracing Intensity, I head to the SENG (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted) conference in San Diego! I also discuss what's coming up in the next couple of months. In this episode, I share:


87: From Refugee With No Voice to Sharing Her Message with the World with Rukshana Triem

Do you have a message to share with the world? Rukshana was once unable to share her message, but she now not only sharing her message but is paving the way for others to do so, as well. Rukshana shares what it is like to be a former refugee and immigrant from Mozambique. Tune in to this week’s episode to hear Rukshana’s story. Rukshana is CEO of her women’s coaching business where she is able to help women overcome their rough pasts and create their desired, beautiful lives through nature...


86: Prioritization

Do you have so many things you want to do that you don't know how to decide what to focus on? You are definitely not alone! This has been a theme this week for me both in coaching and my League of Excitable Women Facebook Group. This week, I touch on the three main things I consider when I decide what to focus on and share a few resources I've created in the past. In this episode: Resources: First solo episode On Paralyzing Abundance Blog post on Energy Balance Blog post on Tools for...