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119: Shining the Spotlight on Giftedness through Filmmaking with Marc Smolowitz

Why is intensity often cast with a negative connotation? Today’s show highlights an intense and “extra” person who is finding success in the world of filmmaking, embracing intensity, and happy to take the risk to be a shining creative! Marc Smolowitz is a multi-award-winning director, producer, and executive producer who has been significantly involved in over 50 successful independent films. He wears many hats across the film and entertainment industry, and the combined footprint of his...


118: The Gift of Self-Love for the Intense Person with Melissa Snow

If you’re an intense person, then you’ve probably known feelings of being out of control, unvalued in relationships, and being unable to set boundaries. My guest today has a wonderful story about how she came to a place of self-love, so she could then ask for what she wants and needs to be her best self in the world. Melissa Snow is a certified life coach who specializes in helping women improve their lives by learning to like, love, and value themselves more. She understands firsthand what...


117: The Hard Truth About Potential

Do you ever have the feeling that you are "never enough"? This week, Aurora talks about how our ability to see the potential in everything, can actually get in the way of achieving it! In this episode, Aurora shares:


116: Finding Balance Between Passive and Aggressive

How good are you at speaking up for yourself? The problem in today’s society is that assertiveness is usually equated with aggressiveness---and that is not considered a favorable quality for most women to have. So, how do we find the balance between being too passive and not being too aggressive? Do we have to be unkind to speak up for ourselves? We’re answering these questions and so much more in today’s show! Amy Smith is a Certified Confidence Coach, masterful speaker, personal...


115: On Resilience with Silver Huang

“We don't want to simply bounce back, we want to bounce forward.” This week, on Embracing Intensity, Silver Huang shares her wisdom on the topic of resilience. As both a profoundly gifted and autistic individual, her perspective is simultaneously unique and universal. She lays out concepts that can be hard to grasp in a very tangible and actionable way. Plus, she’s just really fun to listen to! In this talk, Silver will share: Working definitions of adversity, resilience, and...


114: Harnessing Your Power

This week on Embracing Intensity, I'm sharing the first lesson of my Ignite Your Power Course. In this lesson, we will observe our own powers, get clear on how to harness them and develop a “power toolkit” to help harness them more. You can find the full group discussion and other materials related to the lesson in the Embracing Intensity Community! In this episode, I discuss: Links: Firmina Foundation Ignite Your Power Course Embracing Intensity Community


113: Using Language to Express Your Intensity with Abbi Wood

How do you think it feels to feel stifled and suppressed your whole life, always being told what to say and what to do? It doesn’t sound like a fulfilling way to live, does it? It’s especially difficult for someone with intensity, unable to express their thoughts and words. Today’s show tells the inside story. Abbi Wood loves words and having fun with language. Perhaps this love stems from the fact that her words were suppressed for so long. She now loves the growth and evolution of words,...


112: When Nothing Goes According To Plan!

Quick update on the upcoming week's. Links: First Ignite Your Power Group Call Group Call with Silver Huang Embracing Intensity Community


111: Shining the Light on Positive Disintegration with Chris Wells

How does it feel to identify as broken and immensely different from all those around you? If these feelings continue and compound, then one ends up feeling mentally ill---doomed to be always on the outside of normal. Chris Wells joins us today from The Gifted Development Center in Westminster, CO. We met at the SENG conference, and then Chris’ name came up again in a conversation with Kate Arms, our guest from Episode 93. Chris has the knowledge and in-depth experience on the topic of...


110: Fostering Self Compassion in Gifted Individuals

We are super excited to have Heather Boorman, of the Fringy Bit Podcast, share her talk on Self-Compassion from the SENG (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted) conference last summer! Self-Compassion has been proven to be an effective mindset and intervention toward more sustainable mental health and self-concept. This presentation will apply the work of Dr. Kristin Neff in the field of self-compassion to the gifted population and typical struggles faced by many gifted...


109: Become the Best Version of Yourself with Jaiden Love

Are you a humanitarian? Today's episode is with Jaiden Love, a healer, educator, and humanitarian and the author of the book Saving My Life. Jaiden is a very spiritual person who has been passionate about serving and helping others for all of his life. He has been running his own business for the last ten years, and although it has continually morphed and changed over this time, it has always been about helping people to live their truth. Listen in today to find out about Jaiden and the way...


108: Building Community

I'm back after my month off! I was supposed to be resting and taking a break, but last week I had some divine inspiration for the direction of the year to come! In this episode: Links: Power Zone Toolkit Embracing Intensity Community


Winter Break

I'm taking the month of December off! Stay tuned in the new year for our awesome upcoming monthly group calls! And feel free to binge listen and share past episodes - there are a bunch of good ones to choose from!


107: Finding Balance as a Gifted Adult with Alexis P. Morgan

Are you a gifted adult? if so, are you putting your intellectual gifts to good use? Today we're super thrilled to be talking to Alexis P. Morgan. Alexis fills her time and earns her keep as a writer, artist, and troublemaking socialite. She does all of this as the proprietress of her blog, Death, Sex, and Taxes. Alexis is a truly remarkable person who has really shared so much of herself in her work, and in her powerful writing about her navigations as a gifted adult. Listen in today to find...


106: Your Rainforest Mind - Book Study with Paula Prober

Your Rainforest Mind is one of my all-time favorite books for gifted adults, and we had the privilege of having author, Paula Prober, join us for a group call to discuss her book! In this episode, we share highlights from the conversation and inspiration for other rainforest minded people! We explore questions including: Links: Find Your Power Word for 2019


105: Not Your Average Mom with Arianna Bradford

Is your personality way too big for most people to handle? And do you find yourself sometimes trying to become smaller than you really are? Today we're super excited to have Arianna Bradford join us on the show! Arianna is an intensely passionate portrait photographer who specializes in senior portraits and boudoir photography. In addition to this, she's the founder and lead editor of the Not Your Average Mom (NYAM) Project, which is dedicated to celebrating strong women outside of the role...


104: What's Up!

It's been a while since I've done a solo episode, between my new schedule and our group call speaker recordings. This week, I'd like to share a bit about what we have coming down the pike in the Embracing Intensity Community! Highlights: PatreonXpress Your Power store Links: XPress Your Power Store Patreon Community


103: The Double Blessing of ADHD and Giftedness with René Brooks

Did you know that you could help somebody by just being honest and transparent about who and how you are? It's such a validating experience to know that somebody really gets you. Today's interview is with René Brooks. René's been a typical ADHD personality for as long as she can remember, losing keys, books, homework, and even her glasses sometimes when they were on her face! Although she was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of eleven, she never received any treatment for it until she was...


102: The Gifted Shift

We live in a time that's being increasingly defined by activism and calls for social change. As gifted people, we're a part of this as well under the umbrella of the neurodiversity movement. In this talk, we'll take a short, powerful journey into the history, cultural systems, and real-life, everyday acts of activism that we call 'being different'. We'll define giftedness inside a new dimension- as an identity and culture, a unique way of sensing and experiencing the world. And you'll...


101: With Understanding Comes Calm with Julie Skolnick

You do want to do the very best for your children, right? And help them reach their full potential? At times we need some guidance with that, so today we are thrilled to welcome Julie Skolnick, the founder of With Understanding Comes Calm LLC, to the show. With Understanding Comes Calm passionately guides the parents of gifted and distractable children, mentors, 2E adults, advisers, educators, and professionals, on bringing out the best and raising self-esteem in their students and clients....