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Who Went Nazi... And Who Will?

In this little wrap-up of Season 2, Joe & Josh discuss Dorothy Thompson's famous 1941 Harper's essay "Who Goes Nazi?" In it, Thompson asked readers to look around the room at their next dinner party and guess who would collaborate with a fascist government in the United States. This piece, and the grim parlor game it describes, made the rounds on social media immediately before and after Donald Trump's election, and it has a lot to say about the personality types that are attracted to...


Virtue Shaming

Mark Fisher (1968-2017), aka k-punk, was one of the most sensitive and original Leftist writers the internet age has yet produced. In both his major work, Capitalist Realism, and his many essays and blog posts, Fisher expounded on literature, technology, and pop culture from a class-conscious but undogmatic perspective. For his gentle but firm critique of the pseudo-progressive call-out culture that still dominates online spaces, "Exiting the Vampire Castle," he was viciously - but...


Nationalist Born Killer

Dylann Roof's murder of nine people at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC shocked the nation in 2015, the most appalling act of right-wing terrorism in the U.S. since the Oklahoma City bombing - and the first inspired by the proliferation of racist, neo-fascist, and Alt-Right ideas online. Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah's masterful 2017 essay for GQ captures the heroism of Roof's victims, the rage of their survivors, and the world of Roof himself, who emerges as both mentally unstable and also...


Wild Broodmares Can’t Be Broken

As this season's readings have already made clear, male grievance and organized misogyny are a crucial feeder into the fevered swamps of the Alt-Right. So why would an otherwise sane, smart, independent woman want to make common cause with the Nazi contingent of the #gamergate and MGTOW crowd? In this episode, Joe & Josh discuss what motivates right-wing women, starting with the portrait of Lana Lokteff and her fascist sorority sisters in "Rise of the Valkyries" by Seyward Darby, from the...


Gaslighting Chambers

The road from paranoid conspiracy theorist to out-and-out Nazi is a well-trod one, but no one has followed that road further than Andrew Anglin, the 5'4" American Goebbels of internet fascism. Founder of The Daily Stormer, perpetuator of long-discredited anti-Semitic canards, Filipino child bride-seeker, and man who is maybe 5'7" in his skinhead boots, Anglin is the big (but not tall) fish of the Alt-Right. In this episode, Joe & Josh break down why anti-Semitism has such staying power,...


Dearth of a Nation

It seems like "traditionalist" neo-Nazi organizer Matt Heimbach has reached the end of his ignoble career, facing accusations of vicious assault in the wake of a sordid affair with the wife of his top deputy, who is also Heimbach's wife's stepfather. (Good work on keeping the family sacred, Heimbach clan.) That story is bonkers, but in this episode, Joe & Josh catch Matt at the inauspicious start of his white nationalist campaign, as the founder of a "White Student Union" on his college...


(((Mrs. Enoch)))

Did you hear the one about the Jewish gal who was married to a Nazi? How about the sorrowful dad who disowned his Nazi son after Charlottesville? Or the one about "edgy" podcasters who went from making dark Holocaust jokes to humorlessly advocating for a second Holocaust? Pure comedy. In this episode, (((Joe))) & Josh examine Andrew Marantz's oddly moving New Yorker profile of white nationalist podcaster Mike Enoch - and of his grieving father - and talk social media cocoons, anti-semitic...



Once a prominent figure only in the wilderness of right-wing internet culture, Richard Spencer has become the smug public face of the so-called Alt-Right. He can lay at least a partial claim to originating the phrase "alternative right" itself, and he has been the subject of numerous profiles since Trump's election, some of which have been criticized for glamorizing him as "dapper," even dashing. How did this seemingly generic frat-kid type from the Texas suburbs become the public face of...


Mansplaining the Manosphere

Manosphere. Men's rights. MGTOW. All dumb names for the same controversial thing. But is it malevolent? Is the connection that so many journalists and analysts have made between these men's movements and the Alt-Right justified? In this episode, Manischewitz & Mendacity red-pill you on Warren Farrell, an early proponent of therapeutic misogyny, with help from a 2015 Mother Jones profile by Mariah Blake. We'll also look at the world of pickup artists and at various attempts to connect the...


Mad as Hell, and Taking it to the Internet

Liberals and leftists hated Andrew Breitbart in life and cursed him in death. "F*ck him," wrote Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone immediately after Breitbart's death was announced in March 2012. "I couldn’t be happier that he’s dead." But even Taibbi had to concede that Breitbart's public humiliation of then-Senator, not-yet-pariah Anthony Weiner was a triumph of crass showmanship and perverse humor. But how to separate Breitbart the brand from Breitbart the man? Did his rage-fueled drive to...


Paleo Purity Diet

While hardly a counter-cultural figure himself, the late Samuel Francis was enormously influential in fringe right-wing movements at the turn of the century, helping to popularize with his writing both an explicitly racialist view of civilization and a "Gramscian" strategy - after the theories of Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci - of cultural warfare. Without Francis, the Alt-Right and "white nationalism" as we (unfortunately) know it today would almost certainly not exist, at least not...


A Normies Guide to Season 2

In this full-length introduction to Season Two, Joe & Josh explain why they've devoted this next batch of episodes to discussing the Alt-Right, that tangle of ugly political and cultural phenomena that has been explained, attacked, and analyzed to death by all quarters of the media in the past two years. What else is there to say by now? Starting with their reactions to Angela Nagle's widely (and rightly) praised book Kill All Normies, your hosts try to defend their choice of theme and their...


Season One: Wrap-Up

BONUS! Joe & Josh do a newly-recorded season wrap up. We talk about what we did well, what we could have done better, and what's on tap for next season. Thanks for listening!


Andrew O'Hagan: Who's the Alpha Male Now, Bitches?

The normalization of mass shootings is perhaps the most horrifying aspect of modern American life - which is saying something. In this episode, Joe & Josh delve into the minds of of the men and boys who commit such crimes, with the help of Andrew O'Hagan's masterful synthesis of their self-serious, self-pitying manifestos, "Who's the Alpha Male Now, Bitches?" O'Hagan manages an admirable literary analysis of these beta male killers and their violent alpha fantasies without either glamorizing...


Richard Hofstadter: The Paranoid Style in American Politics

Populist anger. Viral conspiracy theories. "Fake news." Anti-immigrant fear and loathing. Belief that an alien religion threatens to destroy our way of life. To say that "The Paranoid Style in American Politics" by Richard Hofstadter is just as relevant today as when first published in 1964 is a painfully obvious truth. As low-level minions of the Illuminati, sinister Hebrew/Papist conspirators Joe & Josh do what they can to undermine American liberties and the Protestant values that...


Dwight McDonald: Masscult & Midcult

In this sister episode to last week's discussion of "Avant Garde and Kitsch," Joe & Josh continue their less-than-plausible attempt to present themselves as highbrow snobs by tackling Dwight MacDonald's "Masscult and Midcult." While the tech-driven atomization of American culture has largely destroyed the homogenous commercial machine MacDonald, writing in 1960, called "mass culture," many of his arguments are still bracing today, especially his condemnation of declining artistic standards...


Clement Greenberg: Avant Garde and Kitsch

What is art? It's a perennial, impossible question, one made even more difficult to answer by the fact that so many people tend to bristle - in America especially - at the idea of making quality distinctions between serious art and mere entertainment in the first place. In this episode, Joe & Josh sorta try to provide a defense of whatever "art" is, with help from Clement Greenberg's seminal essay "Avant-Garde and Kitsch." Join them as they lament the middling taste of their friends and...


Seymour Hersh: The Killing of Osama bin Laden

Most of us remember exactly where we were when President Obama announced that Osama Bin Laden had been killed, bringing an end to the War on Terror and restoring peace to the Middle East. But ever since that fateful night, when all Americans celebrated our unmitigated victory in the most tasteful and least bloodthirsty way possible, some skeptics have questioned the official account. Is it possible that the United States government would lie to its own citizens? The possibility seems...


Norman Mailer: The White Negro

Dig this and don't goof, hepcats and hepkittens: Joe & Josh are going to school you in cool by reading Norman Mailer's 1957 essay "The White Negro." This seminal examination of the mid-50s zeitgeist - the work that popularized the term "hipster" - is 9,000 words of streamed consciousness that your hosts genuinely struggled to comprehend. In trying to make sense of the whole thing, they discuss the connections between race, American pop culture, bohemian affectations, and the appropriation of...


H.L. Mencken: Hills of Zion

On this episode of the "Old Time Gospel Program," Joe & Josh search the scriptures for answers to the most hotly contested questions of our day. They also have a look at the most famous essay from skeptic, cynic, and so-called "sage of Baltimore" H.L Mencken, "The Hills of Zion." Mencken's report from the Scopes Monkey Trial in Dayton, TN paints a picture of American religion at its most carnivalesque. And while it's a fascinating time capsule of rural, evangelical America just beginning to...