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Tomlin mastery, the incredulously magnificent Francona, and an Indians World Series lead

While Josh Tomlin carried the Indians' rotational burden once again, and was virtual impossible to hit, the real story of the night was Terry Francona's incredulous moves that just kept working! Is he for real, or does he use some sort of voodoo to win World Series games? WFNY's Jim Pete and The Tribe Daily's Nino Colla serve up some World Series fun, with the Indians up in the series!


EHC Podcast #42: Nino and Mike Talk Fandom, Media and Attendance

EHC Podcast #42: Nino and Mike Talk Fandom, Media and Attendance by Everybody Hates Cleveland


Lindor leading off? Brantley batting clean-up? The Indians' insanity

Jose Ramirez could be the glue that holds this Indians' team together. Where will he get the most reps in the field, and where will he bat in the line-up? With his versatility, could Francisco Lindor bat lead-off, allowing Michael Brantley the ability to move to the clean-up role? EverybodyHatesCleveland's Jim Pete, Jeff Nomina and Nino Colla are joined by Didthetribewinlastnight.com's Danny Madden to discuss the lineup, Jose Ramirez, Francisco Lindor and the insanity of moving Mike...


The Cleveland Indians Positional Previews: The Starting Rotation, Part One

The Cleveland Indians boast one of the best potential starting rotations in baseball. EHC's Jim Pete and Mike Hattery take a close look at the Indians 'Big Three.' Can Corey Kluber match his 2014 performance, and was 2015 really a 'bad year?' Can Carlos Carrasco continue to reach higher, or did we see his best already? Can Danny Salazar be the best of the bunch, or is he just a reliever? And what about Trevor Bauer? This is Part One, or a two part series.


The Cleveland Indians Positional Previews: The Outfield Conundrum

Michael Brantley is out for the early part of the year with an injury, and now Abraham Almonte is suspended for 80-games for PED use. With the Cleveland Indians hoping to contend in 2016, the outfield couldn't be in any more chaos. EHC's Jim Pete and Michael Hattery talk about Brantley's return, Almonte's exit, Chisenhall as an anchor, and the variety of in-house candidates the Indians may turn to. Oh, don't forget about Marcell Ozuna either.


The Cleveland Indians Positional Previews: Second Base

The Cleveland Indians are looking for Jason Kipnis to continue his outstanding production from his 2015 season. EverybodyHatesCleveland.com's Michael Hattery and Jim Pete discuss Kipnis entering his prime, and also opine about the great Jose Ramirez, who is slowly working himself into the consciousness of America's hearts.


The Cleveland Indians Positional Previews: First Base

EHC is talking first base, and the newbie, Mike Napoli. Mike and Jim also dive into Carlos Santana, and how he's going to take his move to DH, and whether or not he can rebound after his year-long battle with back issues in 2015. Oh, and Yan Gomes at first base?


Are the Cleveland Indians ready to pounce on another free agent?

The boys of Everybody Hates Cleveland talk about the potential for the Indians to go after another free agent or two before spring training, and discuss the dynamics of the new look front office. Is it new, or the same ole, same ole.


The Cavs fire David Blatt: a Cavaliers Hate Story

The Cleveland Cavaliers have fired David Blatt...Mike Hattery and Jim Pete talke why...and what happens from here on out for the Cavs, and for Blatt.


The Cleveland Indians and the hot stove season

With the Winter Meetings looming, will the Cleveland Indians make a move to improve their team, or will they stand pat with what they have?


Indians say goodbye to Swisher and Bourn, and hello to roster freedom

The Cleveland Indians cleared the decks of Michael Bourn and Nick Swisher by dealing the two and nearly $10 million to the Braves for 3B/1B Chris Johnson. What does the deal mean going forward for the Indians in 2016 and beyond, and what hasn't really been discussed...what about 2015? EHC's Adam Burke, Miggy Hattery and Jim Pete stroll about the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario, and discuss the Indians big trade, and where they go from here...


Ohio State Football's Summer Frenzy

THE Ohio State Buckeyes have had about as exciting an offseason as you could expect following a National Championship season. Things seemed to "culminate" last week with Friday Night Lights, Braxton Miller's BIG announcement, and Nick Bosa's official signing to join his brother as a Buckeye. Former Lantern Assistant Director Hayden Grove joins me for Part 2 of our conversation, discussion everything above, and then some. Ohio State is bearing talent fruit, and this is going to get fun...


Are the Cleveland Indians a sinking ship?

The Cleveland Indians are treading water, and perhaps even sinking a bit. Indians Baseball Insider's Hayden Grove and Everybody Hates Cleveland's Jim Pete explore the Indians organization, while trying to shine the light on what they can do to improve, if anything? While the team is most definitely struggling, there really ARE things they are doing right.


"This is it, the (Cavs) summer of LOVE"

While the 2014 NBA offseason initially brought back the King, LeBron James, as well as Michael Phelps, the 2015 offseason may prove to be the best in the history of the franchise. Why? Kevin Love put meat behind his words and became a Cleveland Cavalier over the next five season, joining LeBron in a long-term quest for an NBA title.


Terry Francona, "...there's trouble in paradise..."

While it's too early to say that the Cleveland Indians are fighting for their playoff lives, they certainly have dug a hole that they'll need to quickly climb out of if they want to stay relevant in the playoff chase. EHC's Michael Hattery and Jim Pete put the spotlight on one of the best managers and front offices in baseball in order to fully understand his role in the Tribe's struggles this year. Being one of the best doesn't make you infallible.


The Indians at the All-Star Break

The Cleveland Indians are 42-46 at the All-Star break, and haven't quite hit their stride yet. EHC's Mike Hattery and Jim Pete look at where the Indians are and why, and what they may or may not do to make it to the playoffs in 2015 and beyond.


Yan Gomes and improving the outfield

Mike Hattery and Adam Burke talk about the #Indians outfield, and changes that could be made in the coming weeks to improve the make-up. They also talk bullpen, and how big a difference Yan Gomes could make to the lineup, and the rotation.