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Alice and Bob

Intro Hello my friends. You are listening to the very first episode of “Explaining Cryptocurrency”. I am Jason Rigden and I am your host. Thank you so much for listening. On this episode we will be talking about the two of most famous people in cryptography. The pair have been working together for decades. The have worked with almost every cryptography researcher in the world. I am of course talking about, Alice and Bob. And the most interesting thing about Alice and Bob is that they...


The Trailer

Welcome to the Explaining Cryptocurrency podcast.I’m Jason Rigden and I’ll be your host. This isn’t going to be another hour long cryptocurrency podcast where I interview some boring startup founder. I’m not gonna be talking about investing or trading crypto. And I’m not gonna be pushing any alt-coin pump and dumps. There are plenty of other people making those show. This show is going to be about teaching you how and why cryptocurrency and the blockchain work. I’m going to introduce a...