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Watching the ping pong balls grow for Memphis, and more!

Scott Engel and Tony Cincotta look at the fact that the Memphis Grizzlies are the worst team in basketball, and question if teams should be able to use the draft lottery ping pong balls as part of trade leverage. The guys go on to look at the latest baseball news, getting you ready for Opening Day, which is officially less than a week away. #FNTSY #NBA #DraftLottery #Grizzlies #NCAA #MarchMadness #Sweet16 #MLB #fantasybaseball #SpringTraining


Jets not making the right move? Thome without Wahoo, and more!

Tony Cincotta and Scott Engel open the arguing if the Jets made the right move by trading up to the 3rd pick in the NFL draft, with Scott thinking the Jets made a desperation move. The guys go on to talk about how Jim Thome will be heading in to the Hall of Fame, but will not wear any Indians apparel bearing the Chief Wahoo logo. Tony still doesn't understand why we in America glorify pirates. #FNTSY #NFL #NFLdraft #Jets #Giants #Browns #SamDarnold #MLB #HOF #JimThome #Indians #ChiefWahoo...


Orioles get Cobb, PGA groupings, and more!

Tony Cincotta and Scott Engel open the show talking about how the Orioles signed Alex Cobb to a 60 millions dollar deal. Tony and the Scott look at the upcoming PGA tour, and Tony thinks Phil Mickelson will be put in the easiest group. The guys go over the rest of the news out of Spring Training, and question the future of Bryce Harper, who is hitting .371 in Spring Training. #FNTSY #Orioles #AlexCobb #SpringTraining #BestBall #MarchMadness #CodyBellinger


Spring Training News as we wind down to opening day!

Scott Engel and Tony Cincotta have the latest Spring Training news with less than 10 days to go before Opening Day. The guys look at the some pitchers, including the MLB return of Clay Buckholz. The guys also talk about how Aaron Hicks is not only making Jacoby Elsbury a second thought, but making sure the Yankees know he is a needed outfielder for his team. #FNTSY #MLB #fantasybaseball #SpringTraining


March Madness hits all parts of sports: We get ready for Tout Wars!

Tony Cincotta and Scott Engel have March Madness fever, but keep it to the diamond, as the guys get ready for the big Tout Wars auction draft coming up this weekend. Scott and Tony go over some of the top pitchers, but Tony comes up with naming issues for Sonny Gray. #FNTSY #MLB #fantasybaseball #MarchMadness #NCAA #ToutWars #SonnyGray #WhiteCastle


Sifting through all the moves made on Day 1 of NFL Free Agency

Scott Engel and Tony Cincotta look at the biggest moves made on the first day of NFL Free Agency. The guys question if Richard Sherman has enough in his tank to still be an elite DB for the 49ers, and Scott says it will depend on his health. The Giants signed their left tackle, Nate Solder, and think the move hurts the Patriots more than it helps the Giants. Looking at some NBA action, the latest blown lead by the Celtics has the guys thinking the Raptors, not Boston or Cleveland, are the...


NFL Free Agency Goes Wild!

Tony Cincotta and Scott Engel break down the biggest NFL free agency news, including Kirk Cousins going to the Vikings, how Sammy Watkins will fit in Kansas City, and how big a downgrade Danny Amendola is from Jarvis Landry for the Dolphins. Scott is back in the NBA locker rooms, as he talks with Mavericks players Dennis Smith Jr. and J.J. Barea. #FNTSY #NFL #Chiefs #Broncos #Giants #Dolphins #Patriots #Vikings #Packers #Raiders #SammyWatkins #KirkCousins #JonathanStewart #JohnBrown...


NFL free agents on the move, Fantasy baseball rosters, and more!

Scott Engel and Tony CIncotta open the show looking at the latest moves in the NFL, including Case Keenum heading to Denver, and a possible deal with Allen Robinson going to the Bears. Scott and Tony argue how good the Bears running game is and will be in 2018\. The guys look at the latest moves in MLB< noting a solid signing by the Yankees, grabbing second baseman Neil Walker on a one year deal. #FNTSY #NFL #Bears #Jaguars #Vikings #CaseKeenum #MitchTrubisky #JordanHoward #AllenRobinson...


Arrieta in Phili, NBA recap, and more!

A big weekend in sports is broken down by Scott Engel and Tony Cincotta. The guys go over the 3-year deal Jake Arrieta signed with the Phillies, with both guys thinking that the team is looking to get back to World Series contention. Scott brings up how Kevin Harvick has now won 3 NASCAR races in a row. #FNTSY #NBA #NFL #MLB #SpringTraining #Phillies #JakeArrieta #NASCAR #KevinHarvick


Big news in the NFL, MLB, and The Land not for Cleveland!

Tony Cincotta and Scott Engel look at some of the bigger news around sports, including the Royals resigning Mike Moustakas. The guys also look at the Titans releasing DeMarco Murray, and question if Derrick Henry will be the lead back going forward. Later, Tony questions why the Cavs use "THE LAND" as part of their jersey scheme. #FNTSY #NFL #Titans #DeMarcoMurray #MLB #Royals #MikeMoustakas #NBA #Cavs


Raptors are in, Rockets are soaring, and we're taking it all in step by step!

Tony Cincotta and Scott Engel look at the latest action around the NBA. The guys talk about the Raptors being the first team to qualify for the playoffs, and the how the Rockets may be the most dangerous team in the NBA. #FNTSY #NFL #NBA #Rockets #Raptors


NFL Free Agency getting interesting

Tony Cincotta and Scott Engel look at the latest news around the NFL, specifically how Sammy Watkins and Allen Robinson will be two top wide receivers hitting the open market next week. The guys also question why Jake Ciely thinks the Giants should steer clear of drafting Saquon Barkley. #FNTSY #NFL #FreeAgency #JarvisLandry #SammyWatkins #Rams #Jaguars #Giants #Ravens #ColinKaepernick #SaquonBarkley


NBA Recap, Spring Training, and More!

Tony Cincotta and Scott Engel open the show looking at the Phoenix Suns being the first team eliminated from 2018 playoff contention, and ponder if anyone in Phoenix cares. Staying with the warm weather of Arizona and Florida, the guys go over some of the latest news and notes from the Cactus and Grapefruit leagues. The guys look at the resurgence of Matt Harvey, and wonder if he can withstand any more injuries. #FNTSY #NBA #MLB #SpringTraining #Suns #Hornets #Mets #MattHarvey


History at the Scouting Combine!

Tony Cincotta and Scott Engel recap a historeic weekend at the scouting combine, where a one-handed linebacker, Shaquem Griffin, ran the fastest 40 ever. Sports invaded the oscars last night, as the guys break down the victories of Icarus, Best Documentary about the Russian doping scandal, and Kobe Bryant winning an oscar for best documentary short. The guys also pay tribute to late fantasy legend, Steve Moyer. Tony explains why he is tired of Bradley Beal. The guys question if former...


NFL Offseason news, Previewing NBA Action, and Spring Training news!

Tony Cincotta and Scott Engel preview tonight's NBA action, after recapping a low Thursday night. Scott talks about how he was the only person growing up that liked both rock and disco music. Scott tells Tony he is optimistic Jacob DeGrom and Steven Matz having solid fantasy seasons. #FNTSY #MLB #NFL #NBA #Cavs #Sixers #Mets #JacobDeGrom #BeeGees


NBA Recap, Spring Training, Chuck E. Cheese, and more!

Tony Cincotta and Scott Engel look back at the night in the NBA, looking at how the Wizards and Bucks had the strangest game of the night. The guys break down the science involving baseball players and picking their walk-up music. The guys look ahead to tonight's NBA action, but question what kind of games they will get now that so many teams are trying to lose. Tony thinks it to be considerate if you knock over someone's pizza at Chuck E. Cheese to buy that person another person. #FNTSY...


Recapping the NBA action and Spring Training

Tony Cincotta and Scott Engel go through all the action from around the NBA, looking at the hot play of the New Orleans Pelicans. The guys realize there are more teams in the NBA trying to win the draft lottery than teams trying to win the Championship. Going over to Spring Training, Tony looks at the Marlins, who seem to be playing well derspite all their issues in the front office. #FNTSY #NBA #Pelicans #AnthonyDavis #Suns #Warriors #Kings #Grizzlies #Knicks #Hawks #Jazz #MLB #Marlins...


Odell's preseason, NBA action, and more!

Scott Engel and Tony Cincotta open the program looking at how Odell Beckham is saying he will miss the upcoming preseason, but for contract purposes, not his injury. Tony and Scott look back at the action from the weekend in the NBA, including the continuing dominance of the Rockets. Looking at Spring Training, the guys say not to sleep on a slimmed-down Kyle Schwarber. #FNTSY #NFL #NBA #NASCAR #MLB #SpringTraining #OBJ #Giants #Cubs #KyleSchwarber


Spring Training begins, Franchise tagging gets interesting, and more!

Scott Engel and Tony Cincotta open the show looking at how the Rams may franchise tag DB Lamarcus Joyner over WR Sammy Watkins. Spring Training is finally upon us, and the guys look at some free agent news, including the White Sox being linked to Mike Moustakis and Carlos Gonzalez. #FNTSY #NFL #FranchiseTag #Rams #SammyWatkins #Jaguars #MLB #SpringTraining #WhiteSox #Rays #DerekJeter #NBA #Knicks #Wizards #Cavs #LeBron


Olympics, Brees contract talks, and more!

Scott Engel and Tony Cincotta congratulate the US Women's Hockey on beating Canada in the Gold Medal hockey game in a shootout. The guys go on to talk about the Saints looking to meet with Drew Brees at the NFL combine to discuss a short term contract. The guys question the Rays signing Carlos Gomez, right after trading Steven Souza for contract reasons. The NBA is back from All-Star break, and the guys break down all of tonight's match-ups. Tony think Marks Cuban will take a lot of heat for...