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Podcast by Co-hosts and best friends BJ Strait & Johnny Batts team up to create a show with upper echelon fantasy football information paired with complete juvenile comedy.

Podcast by Co-hosts and best friends BJ Strait & Johnny Batts team up to create a show with upper echelon fantasy football information paired with complete juvenile comedy.
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Podcast by Co-hosts and best friends BJ Strait & Johnny Batts team up to create a show with upper echelon fantasy football information paired with complete juvenile comedy.






Major Injury Update and FTLS Playoff Picture

Johnny Batts gets with BJ strait going into the next round of the Fantasy Football playoffs. Sucks but we have to report on the 101 injuries that happened over the weekend!! This way you are ready to make the pivot if you have to and survive this injury plagued start to the playoffs.


Week 13 and Fantasy Regular Season Reactions

Johnny Batts and BJ Strait look back at the regular season of Fantasy Football at some major outliers they noticed. Some guys on this list are guys that probably carried you to the playoffs or crushed your dreams. We also look at some interesting backfields to help you get ready for your 2019 Playoff run!!


Thanksgiving Special Episode!

Johnny Batts and BJ Strait get together to do a special episode themed around our favorite holiday, Thanksgiving!! We set the table with some great player and side dish comps. We also give you our Turkey Day Parlay and break down the 3 games this holiday season. Alot is happening in the FTLS too and we need to talk about the craziness that is the hunt for the Sunpoon Cup Playoffs.


NFL Week 12 breakdown

Johnny Batts and BJ Strait get together for a classic weekly preview show. Tune in as the guys break down all the week 12 action. We cover all the fantasy assets on each team and how we feel about them this week. We also touch on some major injuries. Tune in and make sure your ready to go into the Fantasy Football playoffs on a winning streak!


AFTER HOURS News, Notes, and Week 10

Johny Batts and BJ Strait do a last min podcast! If you are a fan of the show you know how these can go sometimes. Bri was bored, John had the night off of work, both had a few drinks in them, and they wanted to do a show. Tune in to hear some completely comical breakdown of the news and notes from the week as well as some week 10 game breakdowns. Even tho Johnny Batts keeps calling it week 9... we will let it slide, he had a few Trulys. Thank you to the great sponsor of the show Truly...


NFL trade deadline Fallout and Fantasy Football Trade Targets

Johnny Batts and BJ Strait get together after a week off to talk about the NFL Trade deadline and the fallout from that. Who got what and what that means for your fantasy season. We also take some time to talk about the week 9 action. and lastly we are joined by a BUNCH of the FTLS owners with the new recording format we have. Get some great insight for the whole FTLS family on how to attack your Fantasy Football Trade deadline. Hope you all enjoy it!


NFC Midway Reactions

The Guys are back already to talk about the state of affairs in the NFC. Tune in to hear Johnny Batts and BJ Strait break down all the teams in the NFC. What they want to see from these teams going forward and what it means to your teams fantasy success! don't miss this long but very informative show to help fine tune your roster to win a title


AFC Midway Reactions

The guys get together to discuss how the teams in the NFL look at the midway point of that fantasy season. Johnny Batts and BJ Strait break down every team in the AFC and their fantasy outlook going forward. This is a big episode in a crucial time of the fantasy football season!


NFL Facts or Fiction

Today is a great time to break down what has happened so far in the NFL season for fantasy and see if its fact or fiction so far. Brian Strait and Johnny Batts break down some top names that are either underperforming or over-performing 6 weeks into the season. I apologize for the sound quality, we are messing with a new way to record shows and still trying to dial in the sound. It will be better I promise! Please support the show by subscribing, rating, and reviewing us. It goes a long way


FTLS Trade Target Show

Johnny Batts and BJ get together to talk some good trade candidates at this point in the season. What to look for when targeting someone, and at what point is CMCs value?! Per the request of king staff, here is the Trade Target Show!


FTLS Show!!! Quarter Life Crisis in the FTLS

If you listen to this whole show... please go see a doctor. Johnny Batts and BJ Strait bring in some of the Owners for a quarter life crisis show. If you are part of the For The Love of Sundays Fantasy Football league then you will want to listen to the standings and talking about of your team. Actually you may need to because i didn't have any of you sign any content waivers. so please don't sue me. For the rest of you, your just lucky you get to hear this and not feel the hang over. This...


Read and React from Week 4

Johnny Batts and BJ Strait get together to talk about the wacky week that was week 4. They bring the news crew in to talk about a ton of injuries and Melvin Gordon being back! They also try out a new segment where John reads out stat lines to BJ and how to react to them going forward. This was a fun show but the real fun is later this week with the 100% dedicated FTLS League show! Please subscribe to the podcast and we will love you forever!


Week 3 reactions and Rookie QB takeover talk

This is what happens when the guys don't have show notes. You get a little raw emotion and some reactions from the fantasy week. Johnny Batts and BJ talk about their week 3 take aways, vent about some bad beats, and then discuss what these incoming rookie QBs mean for fantasy. Stay up to date on all things fantasy football and have a laugh or two with this show!


Week 3 Waiver Adds & Impressive Players

The Guys get together to discuss players that you probably picked up off waivers and how confident we are at starting them. If you need a quick flex play this week tune in as Johnny Batts and BJ Strait talk some names you should consider. They also break down players that have really impressed them through 2 weeks and some that have been scaring the crap out of us in our lineups! Stay up to date and maximize your roster with this pivotal time in the waivers for Fantasy Football