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Ep 43: Whatever Gets You There (Move-vember Pt 2)

This week we talk about movement items and how to use them - what they do, how they can combine with each other to give you a greater advantage (or disadvantage), and overall effectiveness. We also touch on the new AR and the unheralded new training ground floating above the map in playground mode. Follow the Show: Follow the Hosts: Bennett - Matt - Zander -


Ep 42: You're My Vehicle, Baby (Move-vember Pt 1)

It's week one of Move-vember, and in this episode we kick things off with a focused discussion about vehicles - what's available, where they are, what they can do, and how you can use them to shift your game up a gear! Follow the Show: Follow the Hosts: Bennett - Matt - Zander - Join the FTR Champions Discord:


Ep 41: A Moving Discussion feat. OP3nguin

This week we kick off "Move-vember" with the first in a month long series of episodes based around movement and mobility. Our focus this time is specifically on the limited introduction of glider re-deployment and the impact it has on the game. We also sit down with our good friend OP3nguin to get a fresh perspective from a high level console player! Follow the Show: Follow the Hosts: Bennett - Matt -...


Ep 40: A Change of Pace

FCP is back after a week off! This week we take some time to look at the news at hand before also looking a little harder at ourselves - our format, our focus, and our path moving forward into the future. Follow the Show: Follow the Hosts: Bennett - Matt - Zander - Join the FTR Champions Discord:


Ep 39: A Brief History of Epic Games

Apologies for the delayed episode! This week, we look at a topic that we've wanted to talk about for a while - the development of the company that created Fortnite, Epic Games! We talk about the other projects and technologies that have come out of the nearly 30 year run of Epic Games as a company, whether they were developed recently or when the company was a one man start-up out of Tim Sweeney's parents' home in Maryland. Follow the Show: Follow the...


Ep 38: Season 6

Season 6 came out less than a week ago, Loot Lake has a new floating island / vortex / skydiving center, and a bunch of stuff was vaulted...what did you think we'd be talking about? Follow the Show: Follow the Hosts: Bennett - Matt - Zander - Join the FTR Champions Discord:


Ep 37: This vs That

37 weeks in and we've come to a an interesting point - with a ton of promising new games and DLC on the docket, what keeps us coming back to FN? What pulls us away? We dig into this question with some of our recent experiences. Follow the Show: Follow the Hosts: Bennett - Matt - Zander - Join the FTR Champions Discord:


Ep 36: Skirmishes

This week Bennett is out of town, so we go completely remote for the first time! With the Fall Skirmish getting ready to start, we break down the Summer Skirmish and the implications it has on the Fortnite Comp scene moving forward - how will the lessons learned this summer carry forward into the fall? And how will the "Entertainment" portion of the contest be implemented? Follow the Show: Follow the Hosts: Bennett -


Ep 35: Grappler? Hardly Even Know 'er!

This week Matt is out for a wedding, so Bennett and Zander hold down the fort(nite...champions..podcast). We discuss possible new strategies for and the overall implications of the Grappler to aggressively take the high ground, as well as look at the importance of practicing the same way you play. Follow the Show: Follow the Hosts: Bennett - Matt - Zander -


Ep 34: Dev Updates and More New Stuff

This week we're a little content-light, but we break down the recent dev update (storm damage to structures and item changes being the key points) as well as the most recent content update and impulse nades 2.0! Follow the Show: Follow the Hosts: Bennett - Matt - Zander - Join the FTR Champions Discord:


Ep 33: Zander Returns feat. zombiezander

This week marks Zander's return! We get a few stories of his trip to Mongolia before addressing the 5.30 patch, the state of development (and implications for competitive play), and Summer Skirmish Week 7. We also look at a few new ways to practice before announcing our Koozie Giveaway winners! Follow the Show: Follow the Hosts: Bennett - Matt - Zander - Join...


Ep 32: Skirmish, Slowdown, and Splodes

This week we start a transition from "just build lol" to the more updated and correct "lol..should I actually build?" We take a look at the number of weapons and items that seem focused building destruction and discuss whether there are starting to be too many overlaps in usage as well as too few mats to make it all worthwhile. We also take a look at how entertaining and effective the Kingpin ruleset has been for Summer Skirmish weeks 5 and 6 (our answer is basically "very")! Follow the show...


Ep 31: The Bennett and Matt Show feat. Not Zander!

This week, Bennett and Matt realize that Zander serves as a moderator to keep them on track! We still manage to cover a good deal of content though, including patch 5.20, the weapons/building update, and the format for the upcoming Summer Skirmish Week 5! We also OFFICIALLY announce our first twitter giveaway, which anyone can enter between 8/13 and 8/20 by following and keeping a lookout for our announcement there on 8/13! Follow the Hosts: Bennett -...


Ep 30: Pre/Post Game Habits (Plus Zander Leaves for Vacation)

This week Zander gets in one last episode before leaving for Mongolia for the next 2 weeks! We talk about some updates, a giveaway, and our warm-up/cool-down habits that help us really get into (or out of) the zone for game time. Interested in some Fortnite Champions Podcast swag? This week we're giving away FCP coozies to 10 listeners - check our Twitter below for more info and your chance to win! Follow the Show: Follow the Hosts: Bennett -...


Ep 29: Matt Shortage ft. 00Flour

This week, we're facing a Matt shortage - it's just Bennett and Zander running the show! This week we've got a ton of new weapons, SMG nerfs, and building changes to talk about, as well as the format of Epic's Summer Skirmish Week 3. For the last point, we bring in Rogue's @00flour, who played with DrLupo this week and took home a $6500 prize for their 10 kill game. Follow the Guest: 00flour - Follow the show: Follow the Hosts:...


Ep 28: Season 5 and Summer Skirmish

After a week off for GuardianCon and a delayed post this week, we're back! This week we start talking about season 5 and the Epic Summer Skirmish series, including conversation on the 2nd weekend's Pub Stomp format - should an event with $100k or more on the line be cross platform when the experience can be so different on each? Follow the show: @fortnite_champs Follow the Hosts: Bennett - @mynameisbennet1 Matt - @runsonmt Zander - @zombiezander Join the FTR Champions Discord:...


Ep 27: Pros of Playground Mode feat. OKSteel and ReddCinema

PLAYGROUND MODE IS OUT! We freak out over how great it is for a bit before bringing back OKSteel of Team Wawa's Bootcamp, joined this time by teammate ReddCinema, to get a pro take on how to use Playground Mode to bring your game to the next level. Btw, just another reminder that the three of us will be at GuardianCon in Tampa, FL next weekend! Let us know if you'll be around or give us a yell if you see us. Follow the Guests: OKSteel - @steelsniper ReddCinema - @reddcinema Follow the show:...


Ep 26: Burnouts, Breaks, and Restarts

Zander's back after abandoning us for 2 weeks! With summer starting to really turn up the heat, we talk about how to approach the game when you either feel like you're getting burned out and take some time off or you're forced to take an extended break - how do you get back into a game you haven't played in a week or two without getting tilted at your own rusty skills? By the way, the three of us will be at GuardianCon in Tampa, FL just 2 weeks from now - let us know if you'll be around by...


Ep 25: Epic's Hand in the Meta Part II - Active Changes

As if to give us the perfect material for a sequel episode, Epic recently released news that they would be taking an active role in defining the way that Fortnite is played, including changing current/future metas and working to increase viable playstyles. Let's talk about it! BTW, Twitter is BACK! Follow the show: @fortnite_champs Follow the Hosts: Bennett - @mynameisbennet1 Matt - @runsonmt Zander - @zombiezander Join the FTR Champions Discord:


Ep 24: THERES A WORLD CUP (for Fortnite)

Epic came in hot during E3 with both a professionally produced Pro-Am that showed off their spectator modes and custom matchmaking as well as a BIG announcement about the future of Fortnite Competitive Play. We break down the future of Fortnite broadcast events and improvements that could be made as well as why a lack of Fortnite team franchising should matter to you. Follow our NEW Twitter (currently unavailable): Follow the three of us: @mynameisbennet1...