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313: NFC North Preview, Ohtani Injury, Lonzo Ball Diss Track!

SPEEDZ is back to tell you everything you need for #FantasyFootball in the NFC North this year. Plus, how should the #Angels treat the Ohtani injury? The Spittin Statistician puts the FUN in FUNctional Sports Radio as always discussing the Lonzo Ball diss track of #Lakers teammate Kyle Kuzma (or is it Kylie) with the #StatsOverBeats Cipher


312: AFC North Fantasy Football Diamonds & Fugazis, MLB First Round Picks, Rapping Athletes

SPEEDZ is back to preview the #FantasyFootball Diamonds & Fugazis in the AFC North. Does the Spittin Statistician think Baker Mayfield or Lamar Jackson sees the field more this year? Can anyone threaten the Steelers? SPEEDZ lets you know and also details some tough decisions facing #MLB First Round picks. The #StatsOverBeats Cipher also finally brings up Dame $ as his Rapping Athlete....when the #NBAFinals are still taking place.


311: MLB Trade Candidates, Rapping Athletes, Captain Morgan Watermelon!

SPEEDZ is back to discuss which #MLB players may be on the move this summer. The Spittin Statistician updates the Players right to Protest story (not a debate over the national anthem) and wonders how the #NFL will treat other states rights issues that have come up. Plus, how millennials are making statements via IG and rap lyrics to put the FUN in FUNctional Sports Content with the #StatsOverBeats Cipher


310: NFL Coaches on Hot Seat, Bullpens, Rays Not Using Starters, Rapping Athletes

SPEEDZ is back to break down which #NFL Coaches are sitting on the hottest seats heading into the 2018 season and some #FantasyBaseball closer situations to keep an eye on. The Spittin Statistician keeps the FUN n FUNctional Sports Content as always with his nomination for the 69 days of Giving & critique of Arian Fosters verses as "Bobby Feeno" with the #StatsOverBeats Cipher!


309: Supreme Court Legalizes Sports Gambling, Mets Drama, QB Dynamics

SPEEDZ celebrates the Supreme court ruling on sports betting and breaks down the implications for your state! The spittin statistician also highlights some strained Rookie/Vet QB dynamics and all the drama surrounding the Mets in the last week. We put the FUN in Functional Sports content with the #StatsOverBeats Cipher as always, this time seeing if the new Cole Beasley album can match up with a new SPEEDZ Promo from Rotowear's Kenneth Cashman!


308: Fantasy Football Lesson for Rookies, Bauer vs Astros Starters, and Rapping Atheltes

SPEEDZ gives his take on which #FantasyFootball positions are hardest to succeed in as a rookie. The Spittin Statistician named Trevor Bauer honorary member of the #StatsOverBeats cipher, but do we agree with his "accusations" about Astros Starters? We break down another rapping athlete to keep the FUN in Functional Sports Content and Dane shares news even more ways to hear the Vocal Minority!


307: NFL Draft Recap/Analysis, Kentucky Derby Preview, Fantasy Baseball Fugazis

SPEEDZ is rested after his NFL Draft coverage live on FNTSY last week and ready to tell you which rookies will be assets for your fantasy football team, and who just lost their job! The Spittin Statistician gives you his picks for the Kentucky Derby this weekend, and talks baseball diamonds/fugazis with special guest and DKMS Hero Corey Sully. #FNTSYRadio #FNTSY #FantasyBaseball #FantasyFootball #NFL #NFLDraft #MLB #KentuckyDerby


306: NFL Draft RB Preview, Rapping Athletes, and More!

SPEEDZ gets you ready for the #NFLDraft giving you his RB preview. The Spittin Statistician also helps you WIN THAT CASH on the draft with some Prop Bets, and has a fitting Rapping Athlete Draft edition to keep the FUN in FUNctional Sports Content. The #StatsOverBeats Cipher also welcomes Anthony Conners, a DKMS Hero, to talk some NY Baseball.


305: Breaking Down QB and RB Draft Class, Fantasy Baseball Diamonds & Fugazis!

SPEEDZ breaks down the QB & RB draft class giving more reasons why the profiles of Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson don't fit the narrative #AllQBsMatter then welcomes honorary #StatsOverBeats member MIchael Tanney to talk which #FantasyBaseball #MLB starts are diamonds and fugazis! The Spittin Statistician puts the FUN in Functional Sports content and is poppin off w more rapping athletes critiqued by Danny Auto and Meek Mill's surprising visitors log!


295: SPEEDZ Spotlights NL West Bats & NL Central Arms

SPEEDZ Previews the offenses in the NL West and what Pitchers are Fugazis in the NL Central. The Spittin Statistician also takes note of what WASN'T in the news during the #NFLCombine, why the #Seahawks window is closing, and puts the Fun in FUNctional Sports Content discussing the Clippers new "Empowerment Badge". #FNTSYRadio #FNTSY #FantasyBaseball #Giants #Dodgers #Diamondbacks #Rockies #Padres #Cubs #Brewers #Cardinals #Pirates #Reds #Clippers #FantasyBasketball


294: Pace of Play, Former Rays Pitcher Fernando Perez, Wonderlic Test!

Dane Martinez discusses the pace of play rules, tanking, and unsigned players in the MLB. He is joined in studio by former Rays pitcher Fernando Perez. Lastly, Danny comes up from the pit of misery so he and an "old man" can take the Wonderlic Test! #FNTSYRadio #FNTSY #FantasyBaseball #FantasyFootball #WonderlicTest #Rays


293: NL West Pitching Preview & Concussion discussion w Trainer Thomas Loew

SPEEDZ previews the arms in the NL Central and continues the #StatsOverBeats conversation on concussions bringing back friend of the cipher and Certified Trainer Thomas Loew to discuss if the rise in concussions is a good thing and how blood tests may be able to help in the future. The Spittin Statistician puts the FUN in Functional sports radio explaining how a Philly company wants the 76ers to #CompleteTheProcess. #FNTSY #MLB #NLCentral #Cardinals #Pirates #Cubs #Reds #StatsOverBeats...


292: What to Look for in QBs at the NFL Combine, A Rapping Second Baseman?

SPEEDZ previews what to look for as the QBs participate in the #NFLCombine this week, as well as which pitchers to grab from the AL Central. The Spittin Statistician also critiques another rapping athlete as he puts the FUN in Functional Sports with the #StatsOverBeats Cipher! #FNTSYRadio #FNTSY #FantasyFootball #FantasyBaseball #MLB #NFL


291: AL Central Preview, NFL notes, and the shoes dropping on the Mavericks and Louisville!

SPEEDZ is a 2-sport athlete like Deion Sanders or Brian Jordan starting his AL Central preview and giving you the Top NFL injuries to monitor in the offseason before Free agency takes center stage. Also hear how the next shoe dropped in Dallas and why Rick Pitino can't vacate any wins if they're inked in! #FNTSY #NFL #MLB #NCAA #Louisville #RickPitino


290: Off-Field NFL Stories, AL West Fantasy Baseball Preview!

SPEEDZ discusses the major Off-field storylines for the NFL Offseason & Begins his MLB Previews by looking at the bats in the AL West! #FNTSYRadio #FNTSY #FantasyBaseball #FantasyFootball #NFL #MLB #Angels #Rangers #Astros #Mariners ##As


289: MLB Free Agents Risking it to go to Camp, McDaniels spurning the Colts, and More!

Dane Martinez discusses the slow moving MLB free agency market and if these players are risking it by reporting to the FA camp. He also discusses Josh McDaniels spurning the Colts, the Frank Reich hire and a whole lot more! #FNTSYRadio #FNTSY #FantasyFootball #MLB #NFL #JDMartinez #EricHosmer #MikeMoustakas #JoshMcDaniels #Colts #Patriots #FrankReich


288: NBA Updates, Super Bowl Week Kicking Off and More!

Dane Martinez has the stats over beats for you as he breaks down all the big moves and injuries in the NBA, including the Pistons acquiring Blake Griffin. Don Burns joins the program to talk about the Griffin trade, as well as the Pelicans losing DeMarcus Cousins for the season. Dane talks about the start to Super Bowl Week, including how the Eagles seem to be starstruck on media day, while the Patriots are all business. #FNTSY #NFL #SuperBowl #Patriots #Pistons #Clippers #BlakeGriffin...


287: Pro Bowl Skills Recap, New and notes, G-Cinco, and more!

Dane Martinez looks back at the action from the Pro Bowl Skills game, and previews the actual game coming up. Looking at the news and notes, Dane breaks down the mushroom cloud that is the Larry Nassar scandal, now reaching the likes of Michigan St. Dane thinks the Vegas Flu is real as the NHL's Vegas Golden Knights keep winning at their home on The Strip. Dane has some ideas for the Pro Bowl game, thinking of ideas like having it be a "Rising Stars" challenge or a natural college rivals...


286: Pro Bowl Skills, XFL, and more!

Dane Martinez opens the show looking at some news and notes, including some of the new concussion protocol improvements that may be implemented for 2018\. Dane looks at the Pro Bowl Skills games, and is very interested in the dodgeball game. Dane goes on to question if the likes of Colin Kaepernick, Tim Tebow, and Johnny Manziel will be apart of the new XFL come 2020. #FNTSY #NFL #CTE #Gronk #SuperBowl #ProBowSkills #DodgeBall #AFC #NFC #VinceMcMahon #XFL #Kaep #TimTebow #JohnnyFootball


285: HoF Announcements, Believe in UCF, and more!

Dane Martinez opens the show looking at the MLB Hall of Fame inductees, and how he was excited about Jim Thome and Chipper Jones getting in on their 1st ballot. Dane talks about how the NFL is "firing back" at him and how Cam Newton did not have a concussion in the NFL Wild Card game. Dane likes the fact that the University of Central Florida football team is still celebrating the fact that they are "National Champions." Later, Dane looks at another athlete-turned-rapper contender in...