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318: NFC East Diamonds/Fugazis

SPEEDZ Breaks down the #FantasyFootball Diamonds and Fugazis of the NFC East. The Spittin Statistician unveils his platform to improve the #MLB #AllStarGame festivities to the #StatsOverBeats Cipher, plus another fantasy football remix from Trap Game Maestros #FNTSYRadio #FantasyFootball #NFCEast #Giants #Cowboys #Washington #Eagles


317: NFC West Diamonds/Fugazis, All-Star Rosters + Pace of Play, and More

SPEEDZ continues his division previews giving you all things #FantasyFootball in the NFC West. The Spittin Statistician discusses the upcoming #MLB All-Star Game, and brings back Football Rap Remixes from the Trap Game Maestros!


316: AFC West Diamonds and Fugazis, Model Show Update, World Cup

SPEEDZ is back to break down everything you need to know for #FantasyFootball in the AFC West. The Spittin Statistician chats it up with the Night Owl about the HUGE #NBA Free Agency moves and tells the #StatsOverBeats Cipher who to ride with in the #WorldCup - Plus, takeaways from the Tallest Models Fashion Show!


315: NFC South Diamonds/Fugazis, NBA Draft Breakdown & @SpittinSPEEDZ verse

SPEEDZ breaks down everything you need to know for #FantasyFootball in the NFC South. The Spittin Statistician breaks down the NBA draft with JP the "Night Owl" and debuts his own rap to critique with the #StatsOverBeats Cipher as he continues to put the FUN in FUNctional Sports Radio!


314: AFC South Preview & #WorldCup talk w the Longest Legs in the World!

SPEEDZ is back to preview everything #FantasyFootball in the AFC South and celebrates the World Cup with a special guest...who happens to have the longest legs in the world! The Spittin Statistician also talks NBA Draft and Free agency with JP the Night Owl! #FNTSY #NBADraft #LeBronJames #Cavs #Knicks


313: NFC North Preview, Ohtani Injury, Lonzo Ball Diss Track!

SPEEDZ is back to tell you everything you need for #FantasyFootball in the NFC North this year. Plus, how should the #Angels treat the Ohtani injury? The Spittin Statistician puts the FUN in FUNctional Sports Radio as always discussing the Lonzo Ball diss track of #Lakers teammate Kyle Kuzma (or is it Kylie) with the #StatsOverBeats Cipher


312: AFC North Fantasy Football Diamonds & Fugazis, MLB First Round Picks, Rapping Athletes

SPEEDZ is back to preview the #FantasyFootball Diamonds & Fugazis in the AFC North. Does the Spittin Statistician think Baker Mayfield or Lamar Jackson sees the field more this year? Can anyone threaten the Steelers? SPEEDZ lets you know and also details some tough decisions facing #MLB First Round picks. The #StatsOverBeats Cipher also finally brings up Dame $ as his Rapping Athlete....when the #NBAFinals are still taking place.


311: MLB Trade Candidates, Rapping Athletes, Captain Morgan Watermelon!

SPEEDZ is back to discuss which #MLB players may be on the move this summer. The Spittin Statistician updates the Players right to Protest story (not a debate over the national anthem) and wonders how the #NFL will treat other states rights issues that have come up. Plus, how millennials are making statements via IG and rap lyrics to put the FUN in FUNctional Sports Content with the #StatsOverBeats Cipher


310: NFL Coaches on Hot Seat, Bullpens, Rays Not Using Starters, Rapping Athletes

SPEEDZ is back to break down which #NFL Coaches are sitting on the hottest seats heading into the 2018 season and some #FantasyBaseball closer situations to keep an eye on. The Spittin Statistician keeps the FUN n FUNctional Sports Content as always with his nomination for the 69 days of Giving & critique of Arian Fosters verses as "Bobby Feeno" with the #StatsOverBeats Cipher!


NFL Latest, Concussion Protocol is a Joke, Way too early Fantasy Football Mock!

Dane Martinez goes over the latest NFL news before explaining to you why the NFL concussion protocol is a joke in the playoffs. He then starts to look at a way too early 2018 NFL mock draft he participated in and brings back Speeds vs the kids! #FNTSYRadio #FNTSY #FantasyFootball #NFL #CamNewton #DrewBrees #TomBrady #ToddGurley #NFLPlayoffs


Divisional Round Previews, Head Coach Opening Rankings and More!

Dane Martinez has the mic in the cipher! Dane starts the show questioning the people how the Fantasy Cipher can move on from the loss of their studio mascot, Tedd Finn Jr. Dane ranks the top Head Coaching jobs, and where some of the next skippers will land. Dane says one of the best jobs to land is with the Lions, but candidates would want to stay away from the Giants HC position. Dane's confidence in picking the winners in the NFL Divisional playoff round is low, thanks to the loss of...


Pats Drama, Lavar Drama, and More!

Dane Martinez has the mic in the Fantasy Cipher! Dane looks at the drama surrounding the Patriots, and questions if the Belichick-Brady duo will still be together after the NFL playoffs end. Dane agrees with Steve Kerr that the news and NBA coverage is becoming too sensationalized, hence, you have LaVar Ball, the "Kardashian of the NBA." #FNTSY #NFL #Patriots #Tombrady #BillBelichick #SteveKerr #LavarBall #LiAngeloBall #LaMeloBall #Lithuania #CamNewton


A Dilly Dilly Welcome Home to Dane! NFL Wild Card Recap and More!

Dane Martinez is back from vacation, and opens the show grading his counterparts in Corey Parson and Chris Ventra. Dane has plenty to talk about, with a wild Wild Card Weekend. Dane previews the National Championship game, thinking this one will be too much of a home field advantage for Georgia playing in the Falcons' home stadium against Clemson. #FNTSY #NFL #NFLWildCard #Jaguars #Cheifs #Titans #Bills #Falcons #Rams #Saints #Panthers #NCAAFB #George #Clemson


Hall of Fame Talk, and Ventra's Redemption!

Corey Parson and Chris Ventra open the show looking at their favorite plays in NFL Wild Card playoffs DFS challenges. Later, Chris gets a shot at redemption for his outgoing freestyle. This freestyle gets the guys ranking their favorite athlete/rappers. Looking at the Hall of Fame ballots, the guys question if off-field issues should be factored in to being elected to Canton. #FNTSY #NFL #WildCardWeekend #DamianLillard #Shaq #JulioJones #RayLewis #RandyMoss #TerrellOwens #JerryRice...


Making a Coach, Making a Pitcher and More!

Corey Parson tries his best to mold Chris Ventra into the next coach of the Chicago Bears. Chris tries to teach Corey how to be a solid baseball closer. One of the ideas that Chris has for the Bears is adding Brian Urlacher to the coaching staff as a linebacker coach, and he says he wants to work with Mitch Trubisky. The guys look at some players who underachieved in 2017, including tight ends like Tyler Eifert and Jordan Reed. #FNTSY #NFL #Bears #JordanHoward #MitchTrubisky #Gronk...


NFL Playoffs, Wild Card Predictions and More!

Corey Parson and Chris Ventra hold down the fort as they go over the big names to use in the NFL Playoffs fantasy challenge. The guys give their predictions for each winner of the Wild Card Round. Chris and Corey talk about their separate way of dealing with muggers. #FNTSY #NFL #NFLplayoffs #WildCard #Saints #Rams #Panthers #Falcons #Bills #Titans #Jaguars #Chiefs


Week 17 recap, NFL Wild Card Preview, and more!

Corey Parson and Chris Ventra hold down the cipher on Fantasy Freestyle. Tonight, the guys look back at a will Week 17, where a victory and some luck got the Bills in the playoffs for the first time sine 1999. The guys look at the Wild Card match-ups, and give predictions for who moves on to the divisional round. #FNTSY #NFL #Week17 #NFLplayoffs #Panthers #Saints #Falcons #Cheifs #Titans #LARams #Bills #Jaguars #Bengals #ShoutOuts


Top free agents for 2018 and more!

Corey Parson and Chris Ventra open the show talking about the top free agents heading in to the 2018 NFL season. One of the big names heading in to free agency is Kirk Cousins, though the guys think he will be back in Washington. The guys question is Case Keenum deserves to get paid after leading the Vikings to a strong season. Eddie Lacy is a free agent, but will probably get nothing more than a 1-year deal. Though Carlos Hyde will not be a "bell-cow" RB, he should be considered one of...


Speedz Out, Week 17 questions, and more!

Corey Parson and Chris Ventra are holding the cipher down for Dane Martinez as they break down their championships, except that Chris did not win any. The guys look back at season, and like the emergence of Jimmy Garppolo and the 49ers. The guys look at some running backs they will target next season, including Melvin Gordon. #FNTSY #NFL #JimmyG #BlakeBortles #JoeFlacco #49ers #PierreGarcon #MarquiseGoodwin #MelvinGoodwin #DeAndreHopkins


News and Notes, Week 17 DFS Strategy and More!

Dane Martinez opens the cipher talking about how everything is unraveling in New York, with the latest problem surrounding CB Eli Apple. Dane talks with Miguel Enguidos, a daily fantasy player who won the DKMS Challenge in Week 1 and is gearing up to win the Week 17 DKMS game to go to the Super Bowl. Dane gives his best DFS strategy for Week 17, including using players in the Jaguars-Titans game. #FNTSY #NFL #Week17 #Giants #EliApple #PatrickMahomes #ToddBoles #Cardinals #Jaguars #Titans...