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A podcast about two queer femme friends discussing nerdy stuff, sexy stuff, feminist stuff... so much to know! Give us a listen!

A podcast about two queer femme friends discussing nerdy stuff, sexy stuff, feminist stuff... so much to know! Give us a listen!
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A podcast about two queer femme friends discussing nerdy stuff, sexy stuff, feminist stuff... so much to know! Give us a listen!






28. Peter Pan and the Lost Episodes

You've probably never considered that somewhere out there, an adult human being could ramble on excitedly about Peter Pan for hours on end. Well, it would shock you how much of this episode had to be trimmed down, because Diana is precisely that adult human being. But don't worry! We also talk about other, more interesting topics to help you get through this episode! Like Horoscopes, The Craft, Jumanji, Hogwarts Houses, and Avalon's namesake! But mostly, this is the deep dive you never asked...


27. Cosplay Costumes and Chaos

In this mutual Femsplained extravaganza, Avalon and Diana talk about their experiences with Cosplay, Costuming, conventions, and crafting. With special guest topics: LARPing, pirates, Avalon's allergy to hops, and Diana's allergy to shutting up.


26. Tabletop RPG Free For All Madness

By Grabthar's Hammer, what a tangent. This episode is almost about tabletop RPGs! Diana and Avalon talk about D&D, Pathfinder, White Wolf and World of Darkness, Warhammer, the demonic presence of Claire's novelty shops, Become Human, Nintendo, Critical Role and honestly so much more. This episode was a joy to record and a pain to edit so enjoy, Femsplainers!


25. Nerdlesque Burlesque

In this episode it's Avalon's turn to be the splainer! She talks all about her experiences as a burlesque performer and producer as well as Magic Mike, the Suicide Girls, strip clubs, queer identities, people who don't respect boundaries and MORE.

24. Chilly Down with the Femsplained Gang

This episode is a mutual nerd out over Jim Hensen's The Labyrinth. This has been a lifelong love for Diana and Avalon and like all of those mutual topics, it leads to a lot of tangenting. So get ready for puppets, David Bowie headcanons, sports metaphors, the morality of American Football, fae lore, and a surpringingly personal interlude sometime in the middle of the episode.


23. RENT: The Original Long Winded Rant

This episode features Diana Goldbluming her way through her heated defense of this award winning show to Avalon, who has some perfectly reasonable criticisms. Guest starring: Jeff Dunham, Steve Irwin, Avenue Q, and many other unrelated topics!

22. Neopet Pet Park

In this episode of Femsplained, Avalon and Diana mutually reminisce about the weird fads of online fantasy pet ownership in the early 2000's. There's talk of Neopets, Gaia Online, Second Life, and most importantly - how to download Java on a Mac.

21. Team Anxiety

In this episode, Avalon and Diana get a little serious - but not too serious - and talk about their experiences living with Anxiety. There's commiserating, storytelling, and a surprising amount of laughter in this slightly serious adventure in Femsplaining.


20. Clone Splained

Just one, I'm a few. No family too. Who are we? This week, Avalon and Diana join the Clone Club and mutually geek out over their love of Orphan Black. Some brief tangents include Rock Paper Scissors and Doctor Who's elusive Jim the Fish. Come listen and enjoy the fact that while both Avalon and Diana share a love for this show, the only thing they manage to agree on the entire episode is how much Breaking Bad sucks.


19. Supernatural: Femsplain On My Wayward Sons

This week it's Avalon's turn to nerd out, this time over the TV show Supernatural. This episode is jam packed with shipping, fangirling, and ends with a very elegant game of FMK. Along the way we also recap all the good Coheed and Cambria happenings, the reason why Avalon has been having sex dreams about Matt Mercer, and how Diana can always find a way to relate anything to the TV show Charmed. Strange changes in the audio this week were brought to you by Technical Malfunctions and Diana's...


18. Coheed and the Queerplatonic PolyAmory Wars

In this episode Diana finally blisses out over her long standing chemical dependency on Coheed and Cambria, femsplaining both the band and the story of the Amory Wars that coincides with the music. As usual, tangents include some teenage embarrassment, sci-fi tropes and problematic female characterization, and Francis the mansplainer's breakfast smoothie. Children of the Fence, man your battlestations, we're going home!


17. Homework Time - Moon Princesses and Critters

It's time to be studious Femsplainers again. This time, Diana had to suffer through the offensive Clara episodes of Doctor Who, and the wildly emotional ride that is Sailor Moon. Avalon finally had a pleasant homework experience and is now firmly established as a Critical Role obsessed fangirl.


16. Sex Toy TMI

In this episode, Diana and Avalon finally explore a little bit of the "sexy stuff" mentioned in the theme song by talking about sex toys! There's so much to know, and they barely scratched the surface this week, discussing taboos, sex toy parties, Adult Stores, and some personal horror stories. This topic is too big to be finished, but at least the cherry's been popped.


15. Doctor Who Would You Bone

This week, Avalon and Diana geek out over their mutual love of Doctor Who, starting with the Davies era and ending with a mutual hatred of Clara. Featuring a great deal of crying about David Tenant, complaints about the teachings of the Catholic Church, confusion over what the Doctor does and does not remember, and debating over which alien species is most bonable, it's clear that this topic will certainly come back around once Diana catches up on the series.


14. Sailor Moon says...

In this episode, Avalon delights Diana with an epic geek out over the Sailor Moon series. There is a lot of excited yelling, personality quiz taking, and only one instance of Diana groaning in horror. Featuring special guests: Avalon's dogs and the Transformer boss fight happening outside Diana's apartment.


13. Critical Role and the Adventures of Femsplained

This week, Diana femsplains the Critical Role twitch show and podcast to Avalon. Along the way they team up with other topics that become increasingly more tangental, like tabletop rpg Changeling the Lost, the show Supernatural, Geek & Sundry, Felicia Day, and my personal favorite: internalized misogyny.


12. Damsels of Femsplainington: Honey Heist!

In this off the rails episode of Femsplained, Diana and Avalon team up with the Damsels of Dorkington to play a one-shot drunk game of Honey Heist DM'd by Diana. The ladies play some crime-hungry bears hell-bent on stealing the largest supply of Honey the world has ever seen! Will they be successful? Will one of them betray the party? Or kill all the humans? Listen and find out!


11. A Warhammer Quest/Saga is the Most Perfect Comic

In the latest Homework episode, Avalon regales Diana with the epic journey of awkward social interaction and oppressive male energy she had to navigate to obtain a mini-figure, while Diana talks way too fast about her newfound obsession with the Saga comic book series. This episode was brought to you by: the alignment chart, violent camping injuries, and the word "pots".


10. Steampunk:Day Old Cat Face

In this mutual gasm of nerdy love, Avalon and Diana discuss Steampunk and the cultural phenomenon around the genre. Along the way we discuss Diana's old band, the 1990s batman flicks, Wild Wild West with Will Smith, and Avalon's new love of toilet humor.


9. Saga: Shakespeare and Space Genitals

In this episode, Avalon Femsplains the Saga comic book series to Diana! Come along on a sci-fi fantasy adventure in which we revisit the Roswell television series, discuss the differences between Introverts and Extroverts, the anatomy of television-headed love-making, and Diana's one and only opportunity to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.