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Fiber Talk Midweek Chat, 2-26-20

Vonna and Gary are doing the chatting this week and Sassy Jacks is sponsoring the show. Topics include all of our upcoming events/SALs, breaking down the Agnus Dei chart so it will be finished by Easter, bike riding, charted-canvas needlepoint, linen preparation, rotary cutters, and whatever else fell out of our heads. Join us Saturday […]


Fiber Talk with Candice Williams

Candice Williams is our guest this week and the show is sponsored by Fire Poppies Needlework Boutique. Candice is the sister of Kimberly Ann Carter and new owner of Kimberly Ann Needlepoint. Kimberly passed away this past November, leaving behind a family and a growing painted-canvas needlepoint business. Candice didn’t want that business to go […]


Fiber Talk Midweek Chat, 2-19-20

Fire Poppies is sponsoring this week’s chat between Arlene and Gary. Topics include upcoming Fiber Talk activities, Arlene’s Kurdy Biggs interpretation, keeping threads and needlework clean, old-thread integrity, when stitching becomes a chore, and Arlene’s Nashville 2020 introductions. This podcast is accompanied by a special video we made in which we talk in-depth about Arlene’s […]


Fiber Talk with Susan Winter

One of the best things in this needle arts world is celebrating a new shop and learning the story behind it. This week that shop is the Fire Poppies Needlework Boutique and the owner, and our guest, is Susan Winter. In our conversation, we’ll answer your first question: Where did the Fire Poppies name […]


Fiber Talk Midweek Chat, 2-12-20

We are half way between Sundays and Gary and Vonna have gathered once again to talk about our favorite hobby. The show is sponsored by Sassy Jacks Stitchery and we’re talking about cloche, helping Barbara Huston raise funds for the Mary Orr 1831 sampler (information below), laying tools, charted-canvas needlepoint, keeping thread and projects clean, […]


Fiber Talk with Krista Gramer II

Krista Gramer of Just Stitching Along joins us this week for a show sponsored by Sassy Jacks Stitchery. It’s been two years since we talked with Krista and, at the time, she had just introduced Lucy Calcutt 1825, her first reproduction. Since then she has introduced Lucy Calcutt 1826, begun her own collection of original […]


Fiber Talk Midweek Chat, 2-5-20

It’s the middle of the week and Debbie Rowley and Gary have gathered for another chat. Topics this week include the upcoming Royal Garden project, the Fiber Talk Starters series, the process of putting together designs/proposals for national events, and Jean Hilton and her impact on needlepoint in general and charted-canvas designs in particular. Sunday’s […]


Fiber Talk with Rebecca Dallimore

Rebecca Dallimore joins us this week for a special show about how needle and thread are making a true economic and social difference for the people of Sainte Luce, Madagascar. The show is sponsored by Sassy Jacks Stitchery. Rebecca is the Corporate Liaison Officer for SEED Madagascar and Marketing & Sales Coordinator for Stitch Sainte […]


Fiber Talk Midweek Chat, 1-29-20

Vonna and Gary are back for another Wednesday chat and we’re sponsored by Sassy Jacks Stitchery. Our subjects this week include our overwhelming number of unfinished projects, SALs, Nashville Market, Angel’s motif books, Friday Night Live shows, and other random topics. Sunday’s guest is Rebecca Dallimore of SEED Madagascar–Vonna and Gary Listen to the podcast: […]


Fiber Talk with Lizzy Pye

Lizzy Pye of Laurelin Embroidery and Needlework joins us this week to talk about her years of study and teaching at the Royal School of Needlework, how she developed her design and education business, the many techniques she offers, working on Kate Middleton’s wedding gown, and her new book “Goldwork Embroidery.” We’re confident you’ll enjoy […]


Fiber Talk Midweek Chat, 1-22-20

It’s chatting day and Arlene and Gary have things to talk about. Our subjects include Australian fund-raising efforts, stitching on high-thread-count linen, Nashville designs, and modifying a project so it reflects your vision. Join Vonna and Gary this Friday for Friday Night Live and don’t miss Sunday’s guest, Lizzy Pye of Laurelin Embroidery.–Arlene and Gary […]


Fiber Talk with Allie Dudley

Allie Dudley is our guest this week and the show is sponsored by Sassy Jacks Stitchery. Allie is a multifaceted textile artist and a weaver at heart. She practices several needlework techniques, designs needlework, and reproduces antique samplers for the Sassafras Samplers brand, owned by Sassy Jacks Stitchery. Allie is also venturing into a new […]


Fiber Talk Midweek Chat, 1-15-20

It’s Wednesday, Sassy Jacks is the sponsor, and Gary and Vonna are the chatters. Topics include Australian Fire fund-raising charts, a new live show on Saturday, Men’s Night at the Attic, beer, our many current projects and a lame plan to finish them, and several other things that fell out of our heads. Sunday’s guest […]


Fiber Talk with Lianne van Leyen

Our guest this week is Lianne van Leyen of 1897 Schoolhouse Samplers and our show is sponsored by The Attic Needlework shop, where samplers rule. Be sure to check out the January Sampler of the Month (not the December Sampler as Gary said), Pour Ta Fete from Lindsay Lane Designs. Lianne van Leyen has a […]


Fiber Talk Midweek Chat, 1-8-20

We’ve reached the middle of the week once again. This time the conversation is with Debbie Rowley and the topics include the Sassy Jacks Australian benefit chart, a limited-edition design from Glendon Place (order before 1-14-20), ground-cloth storage containers, this week’s Friday Night Live show, Men’s Night at the Attic, stitching Debbie’s Royal Garden design […]


Fiber Talk with Kate Tume

Kate Tume, of Mother Eagle Embroidery, is our guest this week. Kate is a a true needlework artist in that she uses whatever technique, thread, or embellishment delivers the look/texture/design she needs to express her vision. Her work these days is focused on our endangered and vanished wildlife as her way of calling attention to […]


Fiber Talk with Clare Hunter II, Encore

During our holiday break, we offer an encore of the second show we did with Clare Hunter, author of “Threads of Life.” In this show, sponsored by Sassy Jacks Stitchery, we talk with Clare about the inspiration behind her book, the work that went into assembling all of the historical information, writing a history book […]


Fiber Talk Midweek Chat, 12-24-19

Yes, it’s a new Midweek Chat. Cathe Ray of Needle in a Haystack generously offered a terrific package of needlework goodies to give to our listeners and we said Thank You! Instructions for how you can be included in the drawing are in the podcast (submissions go to, along with a discussion about the […]


Fiber Talk with Ilke Cochrane III

Ilke Cochrane returns for a third visit this week. We learn more about her RSN activities, her upcoming embroidery SAL, slate and scroll frames, and a variety of other topics. We also establish proper terminology for how you position your seat/fanny frames and learn about another seat-frame option. It’s an informative and fun-filled conversation with […]


Fiber Talk Midweek Chat, 12-18-19

It’s the third day after Sunday, Sassy Jacks is the sponsor, and Gary and Vonna are the chatters. The subjects include our Friday Night Live shows; recent videos; favorite podcasts; a book suggestion from Gary; Vonna’s dreams; Vonna’s Big Foot obsession and a visit from the elusive one, captured by Doug, the Floss Jedi, and […]