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The Truth About Job Postings, with Christine LaPorte

In today’s world, applying for a job online means you’re bound to face some fierce competition. In some cases, you may be competing with an internal candidate. And in other instances, you may be competing with recruiters working for the hiring manager. Any number of online job postings may attract hundreds of applicants. How do you stand out from the crowd? Get expert insights from talent recruiter and owner of PDX Career Coach, Christine LaPorte. About Our Guest: Christine...


How to Handle Job Rejection, with Añuli Ola-Olaniyi

Anyone who has gone through a job search can tell you that rejection is par for the course. Even the most skilled professionals have failed more than once. And even perfect candidates can lose out on a job because of something outside of their control. One of the keys to a successful job search is to maintain positivity and perspective in the face of regular rejection. To do this, you need to be vulnerable, share your feelings, and lean on your support network to maintain your confidence...


Finding New Opportunities by Volunteering, with Julie Dalrymple

Julie Dalrymple moved to Portland from a small, tight-knit community in Napa, California. When she first moved to the Pacific Northwest, she missed that built-in network of connections. But from attending networking events, volunteering with local organizations and conducting informational interviews, Julie was able to build a solid network of contacts who opened up new opportunities for her career. On this bonus episode of Find Your Dream Job; I talked with Julie Dalrymple about how...


Your Self-Worth Is Not Your Net Worth, with Lauren McGoodwin

Connecting salary and success can be a losing game. Don’t equate the amount of money you make with how happy you are in life. Instead, know that your self-worth is more than your paycheck. And when you do negotiate for salary, focus on understanding the market value of your skills and ask for the pay that compensates the type of work you do. About Our Guest: Lauren McGoodwin Lauren McGoodwin is the founder and CEO of Career Contessa (, a career site for...


To Get The Best Job Fit, Know Your Strengths, with Mary Blalock

What do you do when you know you need to move forward in your career, but you need some direction? Many people end up in career paths that aren’t a great fit for their natural talents and passions. If you’re looking for a better job fit, start to observe yourself at work, name your strengths, and rewrite your career story to show off your enthusiasm and ability. Portland-based career coach Mary Blalock joins us on this episode of Find Your Dream Job to share tips, tricks, and resources to...


Make the Most of Your First 90 Days in a New Job, with Joey Price

Each new job on your resume presents new opportunities, new challenges and new setbacks. In this episode of Find Your Dream Job, we discuss the best ways to capitalize on your first few months in a new position with human resources executive and business coach Joey Price. We also dive into the six steps you can take to turn career setbacks into personal growth. About Our Guest: Joey Price Joey Price is an award-winning human resources executive, business coach, and professor. He’s the...


Ask for the Money and Opportunities You Want, with Kate White

What’s holding you back from the pay raises, promotions, and new work opportunities you really want? For many of us, it’s about a fear of being shot down when we ask for it. On this episode of Find Your Dream Job, our guest Kate White encourages you to raise your hand at work. Ask your boss “what’s missing?” Volunteer for new projects. Document your accomplishments and build a case for the compensation you deserve. About Our Guest: Kate White Kate White (


The Hidden Job Market in Action, with Doug Wells

You’ve heard it again and again: it’s all about who you know. Especially in a job search, experts encourage everyone to reach out to their friends and professional connections to find work opportunities through word of mouth. That’s the Hidden Job Market. But what does it look like in action? Doug Wells ( lays it out for us. On this bonus episode of Find Your Dream Job; Doug explains how he reached out to his network with curiosity and...


3 Things You Must Do to Find a Job Faster, with Jim Stroud

Nobody enjoys a long job search. To speed things up, many candidates put more and more time and effort into the job hunt. Our guest expert this week is recruiter Jim Stroud. He says if you want to find your next job faster, you need to work smart. Jim says there are three steps you can take now to find your next job. About Our Guest: Jim Stroud Jim Stroud is the global head of sourcing and recruiting strategy for Randstad Sourceright. He has consulted on recruiting for such companies as...


3 Career Lessons Learned from 65 Conversations, with Polina Selyutin

We can all learn from the success of those around us. On this episode of Find Your Dream Job, our guest Polina Selyutin shares common themes she has heard in dozens of conversations with successful women who love their careers. From having an abundance mindset to approaching networking with the goal of creating real connections, these lessons will resonate for anyone feeling stuck or discouraged in the job search. About Our Guest: Polina Selyutin Polina Selyutin is the cofounder and host...


Why Your Bio Matters More Than Your Resume, with William Arruda

When you apply for a job, your competition is probably pretty similar to you in terms of experience, expertise, and credentials. But we all have something unique to offer, and that’s what you should sell in your professional bio. Tell your story in your bio! There’s no other story like it, and it will help you stand out from the crowd. On this episode of Find Your Dream Job, William Arruda explains why your biography matters more than a resume. About Our Guest: William Arruda William...


Applicant Tracking System Myths Debunked, with Marie Zimenoff

Applicant Tracking Systems get a bad rap. That’s understandable, since job seekers receive competing advice on how to “beat” or “get through” an ATS screening. It’s difficult to determine the best way to work with an ATS, but our guest Marie Zimenoff says it’s important for job seekers to understand why and how employers use an ATS in the first place. Marie explains some of the common misconceptions people have about Applicant Tracking Systems. About Our Guest: Marie Zimenoff Marie...


Introducing the Top Career Podcasts Guide for 2018

On this bonus episode of Find Your Dream Job, Mac announces the launch of the newest Mac's List resource: our Top Career Podcasts Guide for 2018. Each year, Mac gleans Apple Podcasts for shows that can help people find meaningful, rewarding work. The Top Career Podcast Guide is the culmination of this work - a single directory with the best of the best programs for job seekers and active career managers. This is our biggest podcast guide to-date, with 78 shows, many of them new to the...


How to Tell Your Story on LinkedIn, with Shelly Elslinger

You probably know that you shouldn’t treat your LinkedIn profile as an online resume. Instead, says this week’s guest expert, Shelly Elslinger, use LinkedIn to tell your professional story. And she says if you do it right you can establish yourself as a leader in your industry. Shelly and I talk more about LinkedIn’s story telling powers later in the show. About Our Guest: Shelly Elslinger Shelly Elsliger is a globally recognized LinkedIn trainer and the president of Linked-Express....


Finding Career Success After a 15 Year Hiatus: Leslie Yearger’s Job Search Success Story

Returning to the workforce after a substantial break can be daunting. Leslie Yeargers managed this reintegration successfully, landing in a new role as an Intake Career Counselor, but she learned a lot, herself, along the way. Leslie credits her success to having clear goals and demonstrating how her volunteer work during her stay-at-home-parent years gave her valuable experience and skills for her new role. In this bonus episode of Find Your Dream Job, I talked with Leslie about how she...


Get Recruiters to Notice You on LinkedIn, with Donna Serdula

Last year LinkedIn offered a new option. You can now check a box visible only to recruiters that says you’re open to new opportunities. Recruiters can now search and find people who use this feature. Our guest expert this week is Donna Serdula, a nationally recognized LinkedIn expert. She says you need to do more if you want recruiters to find and talk to you. About Our Guest: Donna Serdula Donna Serdula is an nationally recognized expert in LinkedIn profile optimization. She’s also the...


Are You Making These LinkedIn Mistakes? with Christie Mims

We all know that LinkedIn is an important part of any job search. But too many people keep making basic mistakes on LinkedIn. Our guest expert Christie Mims shares four LinkedIn mistakes we can all avoid to improve the way we build and engage our network on LinkedIn. The key is the invest in your network before you need a favor. About Our Guest: Christie Mims Christie Mims is the Founder and CEO of The Revolutionary Club (, the number one destination for smart...


Job Interview Mistakes Smart People Make, with Thea Kelley

Most professionals avoid rookie blunders in a job interview. We do the research, practice answering questions, and shake hands and make eye contact in the meeting. But hiring managers say even the savviest of professionals make some errors again and again. And many of these errors are based in a lack of communication and self-knowledge. Our guest this week, Thea Kelley, says you need to know what makes you stand out, and sell yourself to the employer in the interview. About Our Guest:...


How to Make a Hiring Manager Like You, with Dalena Bradley

Culture fit and team chemistry are important factors in hiring today. If you’ve got a job interviewer, the hiring manager probably knows you’re qualified for the job. What they want to find out is whether you’ll fit in and work well with their team. While you need to prepare to answer tough questions in a job interview, you also need to be friendly and win over the hiring manager. In this episode, our guest shares lots of tips to do just that. About Our Guest: Dalena Bradley Dalena...


Navigating A Cross-Country Job Search, with Stephen Marc Beaudoin

Taking a leap mid-career can be scary, especially when you’re looking at new roles across the country. Stephen Marc Beaudoin made it look easy to land a new nonprofit leadership role, but he approached his job search with a clear strategy, support from trusted advisors, and “a long runway.” Stephen has simple-sounding advice for every job seeker to strive for: know yourself and make decisions accordingly. Listen in to this bonus episode of Find Your Dream Job. I talked with Stephen about...