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How to Clinch a Job Offer, with Jan Melnik

It’s not enough to get an interview; you need to turn that interview into a job offer. There are several things you can do to close the deal, including preparing for the most common questions employers ask, drawing an employer out about the needs of the company, and sharing how you will meet those needs after you begin work. Our guest this week on the Find Your Dream Job podcast, Jan Melnik, shares her top strategies for clinching a job offer and her #1 secret strategy for standing out...


Setting Clear Career Goals, with Becca McCulloch

It can be discouraging to face dead ends and disappointment during your job search but knowing your skill set and being clear about your goals can take you all the way from defeat to your dream job. On this bonus episode of Find Your Dream Job, Becca McCulloch ( and I talk about how to build rapport during an interview, how trusting your instincts can help you know when a job is the right fit, and how learning to go with your gut can...


How to Customize Your Resume (Without Making Yourself Crazy), with Louise Kursmark

Job seekers who customize their resume for each individual job application have a huge advantage over those who rely on using a single generic resume. It takes less time than you might think to customize your resume and it’s not at all complicated. Our guest this week on the Find Your Dream Job podcast, Louise Kursmark, says that you have to be a great candidate on paper before you can be a great candidate in person. By using simple methods that include a yellow highlighter and a printer,...


How to Nail Your First Impression, with Merryn Roberts-Huntley

It is critical to make a great first impression when job hunting. As soon as you walk in the door, you are being judged on your looks, speech, and behavior. However, being on your best behavior is only one aspect of making a great first impression. You also have to be aware of anything that may come up in a Google search of your name. Our guest this week on the Find Your Dream Job podcast, Merryn Roberts-Huntley, says that you need to pay attention to how others see you online. She also...


How to be Unforgettable in an Interview, with Dr. CK Bray

Are you nervous about making a good impression and standing out in an upcoming job interview? You don’t have to be! Scientific research shows that you can become the hiring manager’s friend, form a connection, and win over any interviewer with just a few simple steps. Our guest this week on the Find Your Dream Job podcast, Dr. CK Bray, says that by preparing ahead of time, you can overcome your fears and anxieties and learn how to form a bond with the hiring manager, doubling your chances at...


How to Negotiate a Nonprofit Salary, with Catalina Rojas

Do you want to work in the nonprofit sector and still make money? There’s a common misconception that working for nonprofits means you have to give up a competitive salary in exchange for mission-driven work. Our guest this week on the Find Your Dream Job podcast, Catalina Rojas, says that you don’t have to choose between a nonprofit job and competitive pay. By doing your research, knowing your worth, and advocating for yourself, you can have a fulfilling job and the compensation you...


How to Network Without the Ick Factor, with Halelly Azulay

Up to 80 percent of jobs are never posted online. So how are these positions filled? Through networking. Networking is essential to landing a fulfilling job you love, but most people feel icky doing it. Today’s Find Your Dream Job guest, Halelly Azulay (, shares what good networking looks like and how it can help you find your next role. Halelly says that networking is all about authenticity and service to others. Giving without thinking of receiving...


Highlighting Your Skills to Land the Perfect Job, with Drake MacFarlane

When you’re a recent college graduate, it can feel daunting to search for a job without previous experience in your field. The good news is, all you need to find a great job are: a good network, special skills that set you apart, and knowing how to use those skills. On this bonus episode of Find Your Dream Job, Drake MacFarlane and I talk about how he used his strengths and interests to pinpoint and highlight his unique skills to land his dream job at Columbia Sportswear - and get promoted...


How to Get a Job Without Applying Online, with Austin Belcak

As a job seeker, what is the first thing you do when looking for your next job or career move? Do you get online, find jobs you might be interested in, and then go through the online application process? If so, you might be shocked to learn that you have a better chance of getting into Harvard than you do of finding a job you love through an online system. On this episode of the Find Your Dream Job podcast, career expert Austin Belcak tells you how to get around the online application...


Why We Need to Talk About the F-word (Feelings) in Negotiation, with Jamie Lee

When preparing for a negotiation, especially about money, people are often told that their feelings don’t matter. We are warned to not get emotional at the negotiating table. Women are seen as emotional while men are seen as rational thinkers and therefore better negotiators. But are your feelings truly a weakness when it comes to negotiations? On this episode of the Find Your Dream Job podcast, Jamie Lee helps us understand why we should pay attention to our feelings and why emotion has...


Don’t Believe These Job Search Myths, with Clark Finnical

Do you think it’s a best practice to never call or write a hiring manager? Or that you should only apply for jobs where you meet 80% of qualifications? How about the notion that you must tell a hiring manager what you earned at your last job? Our guest Clark Finnical debunks these jobs search myths and unlocks the keys to finding more career satisfaction. About Our Guest: Clark Finnical Clark Finnical is the author of “Job Hunting Secrets (from someone who's been there)”:...


Crafting a Cover Letter To Impress Employers, with Zerline Hughes Spruill

If you're in the midst of a long job search, it can feel like you've exhausted every possible avenue to find a new job. Consider taking a closer look at your LinkedIn profile and connections, and revising your cover letter to find more success in your job search. On this bonus episode of the Find Your Dream Job podcast, I chat with Zerline Hughes Spruill, who is the Managing Director of Communications at the Advancement Project in Washington, DC about she used LinkedIn as a platform to grow...


Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Job, with Jessica Hernandez

If you find yourself experiencing doubts about your current job position, look for warning signs that it’s not worth sticking it out. A toxic workplace culture, stagnant company growth, no room for career development and other indicators can be clear signs that it’s time to move on. Our guest expert Jessica Hernandez shares how to overcome obstacles as you face a career change. About Our Guest: Jessica Hernandez Jessica Hernandez is an executive resume writer and President and CEO of Great...


Career Advice From Three Years of Job Search Conversations

Today, the Mac’s List team marks a major milestone. This month marks the third anniversary of the Find Your Dream Job podcast. We’ve now recorded more than 160 weekly shows. Add the more than 50 bonus episodes, and that makes more than 200 podcast programs. To mark the occasion, the Mac’s List team gathered in the podcast studio to share their favorite career lessons learned and most impactful job seeker advice they’ve discovered along the way. Here’s a few of the big takeaways the team...


How To Find Out if a Company’s Culture is Right for You, with Dorianne St Fleur

In order to find a job where you will thrive, it’s essential to determine if the company’s work culture is the right fit for you. Do you thrive in structured work environments or do you need to work remotely? During the interview process, ask tactical, specific questions about the company’s culture and determine if it fits your needs. Dorianne St Fluer, HR practitioner and diversity/inclusion enthusiast joins us to examine how to identify if a company’s culture is a good fit before you...


Why You Can't Keep Your Options Open, with Caroline Adams

It’s a common phrase when you’re looking for a job, “keep your options open.” However, keeping all of your options open and applying everywhere is typically not the best approach. Career coach Caroline Adams reveal why it’s in your best interest to be strategic, intentional, and laser-focused with your job search. About Our Guest: Caroline Adams Caroline is a career coach, writer, and business owner, helping millennial women design careers with purpose. Before becoming a coach, Caroline...


Tell Me About Yourself Tips, with Kerri Twigg

Every interview typically includes the classic opening line: "Tell me about yourself." Your answer to this introductory question can be a gamechanger. Career coach and job search strategist Kerri Twigg shares why your response needs to be prepared in advance to ensure that it’s conversational, enjoyable, and strategic. About Our Guest: Kerri Twigg Kerri Twigg is a Certified Resume Strategist with more than 15 years experience as a consultant and workshop facilitator. She holds an M.Ed in...


How to Make Your Resume Attractive to Recruiters, with Taranum Khan

With today’s competitive job market, submitting your resume online to recruiters can sometimes feel like throwing it into a black hole. However, there’s a better way to highlight your skills, select strategic keywords, and build a better resume that will attract recruiters who are hiring. Tarunum Khan, certified career strategist shares how to get started. About Our Guest: Taranum Khan Taranum Khan, Ph. D is a Certified Career Strategist and Ambassador, Career Professionals of Canada. In...


The Power of Your Network to Drive New Career Directions, with Mariana Lindsay

Job searching can feel difficult if you’re approaching it alone. One way to go farther in your job search is to team up with friends, coworkers, and mentors to lighten the load, get their advice, and make your job search journey more bearable. On this bonus episode of the Find Your Dream Job podcast, I chat with Mariana Lindsay (LinkedIn: who is the the urban rural connection coordinator at the American Leadership Forum of Oregon. Learn...


How to Read Between the Lines of a Job Posting, with Justin Dux

You might think that every job posting is a list of facts about the position. That’s a mistake, according to Justin Dux, CareerCloud Radio podcast host. If you learn to read between the lines you can become a more competitive candidate and stand out from dozens of other applicants. About Our Guest: Justin Dux Justin Dux hosts CareerCloud Radio, a podcast for job seekers that began in 2007. He regularly interviews job hunting experts who offer useful and actionable tips. And he is proud...