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Why You Don’t Need to Meet All the Job Requirements, with Eric B. Horn

If you’ve ever decided not to apply for a job because you didn’t have 100 percent of the requirements, you may want to revise your strategy. Employers know that there is no perfect candidate for the jobs they advertise. You might be the best applicant with only 60-70 percent of the skills required. But how do you explain the lack of certain skills in an interview? Find Your Dream Job guest Eric B. Horn suggests assuring the hiring manager that you are willing to pursue training and further...


Why You Haven’t Heard Back From an Employer, with Jennifer Tardy

When you apply for a job, you expect to hear back from the employer. But all too often, employers avoid getting back to applicants unless they plan to bring them in for an interview. And even then, you may go in for an interview and not hear back about the final hiring decision. While it seems like common courtesy for employers to respond to everyone who applies, Find Your Dream Job guest Jennifer Tardy says that some hiring managers are so inundated with applicants that they simply don’t...


Overcoming Career Change Challenges, with Travis Puckett

The decision to make a career change can be full of challenges. Rejection, lack of focus, and ignoring networking opportunities can make the transition even harder. On this bonus episode of Find Your Dream Job, Travis Puckett and I discuss his move from the food and beverage industry to data analysis. A desire for traditional work hours and a love of number-crunching motivated Travis to pursue an internship rather than a full-time, traditional position. Travis shares how he got clear about...


What to Do When You Think You Bombed an Interview, with Pharoah Bolding

When you bomb a job interview, it feels terrible. Don’t get discouraged, it’s possible that it wasn’t entirely your fault. Maybe you expected to speak one-on-one with the hiring manager and you walked into a panel of people asking you questions. Perhaps you were prepared to answer behavioral questions, but instead you received off-the-wall questions you did not anticipate. Find Your Dream Job guest Pharoah Bolding says it’s perfectly fine for you to ask the hiring manager ahead of time what...


An Insider’s Guide to Getting a Government Job, with Kirsten Wyatt

If you’re looking to enter a career where you can serve others and work in a variety of positions, consider working in government. Even if you’ve never held a government position, you can land a fulfilling job with a few strategies. As with most jobs, networking is crucial when trying to land a government job. Find Your Dream Job guest Kirsten Wyatt says that while the application system for government positions can be outdated, you need to shift your focus to what government hiring managers...


How to Create a Thriving Career, with Jen Anderson

When you begin a job search, it’s important to know what makes you stand out from the crowd of applicants. Knowing what makes you unique helps employers see how you can help them and allows you to figure out where you will thrive. But how do you discover what makes you unique? Find Your Dream Job guest Jen Anderson says you need to ask yourself some key questions. What are you good at? What do you do for fun? What do people ask you for help with? Employers hire problem solvers. When you step...


How to Own the Room in a Job Interview, with Rachel Beohm

It’s not uncommon to feel as though a job interview is an interrogation and that your entire life is on display for the interviewer to pick apart. But, an interview is a two-way conversation. And while it’s important to prepare for the questions you may get, Find Your Dream Job guest Rachel Beohm says it’s also crucial that you walk into the room with confidence, and the knowledge that you belong there. Rachel shares how eye contact, positive body language, and knowing your value before you...


Change Your Job Search by Applying Strategically, with Alfredo Moreno

If you're a mid-career professional looking to make a career change, you’re likely to face obstacles as you try to find the best possible position. Since finding that next job can take a while, you need to use that time to hone in on your unique strengths and talents. On this episode of Find Your Dream Job, Alfredo Moreno ( shares how refining his elevator pitch helped him to see the things he valued most, as a professional and as a person. Alfredo...


Everything You Need to Know About Executive Search Firms, with Roy Notowitz

As a vice president or C-level executive, you need to find an executive search firm that understands your industry and your expertise. Even if you are not actively seeking a new position, a good executive search firm will continue to build their relationship with you and keep you in mind for future opportunities. Finding an executive search firm can be a challenge, says Find Your Dream Job guest Roy Notowitz. You have to do your research up-front, and identify those people in your network...


How to Find a Job (Without Using a Job Board), with Lisa Rangel

If you depend on job boards alone to help you find your next job, you are limiting your options. Only one in five hires are made through job board submissions. Job boards aren’t bad, says Find Your Dream Job guest Lisa Rangel. But if you want to get hired, you have to start by reaching out to people. Lisa also shares why it’s important to have a goal in mind when you start your job search and how to use informational interviews to discover hidden opportunities. About Our Guest: Lisa Rangel...


Why Mindset Matters When You Pivot Careers, with Angela Yeh

Your mindset not only affects how you see yourself, but it also affects how others see you. However, mindset is often confused with goals. Find Your Dream Job guest Angela Yeh explains that mindset is having a healthy awareness of your strengths, weaknesses, and what type of situations you thrive in. A healthy mindset about yourself, your career, and your abilities allows you to clearly identify what opportunities might be right for you. Angela also shares the importance of leaving behind...


How Staffing Agencies Work, with Heather Gordon and Moira Farnsworth

If you’re considering enlisting a staffing agency to help you find your next job, you need to understand exactly how they work. Find Your Dream Job guests Heather Gordon and Moira Farnsworth join Mac this week to underline that recruiters are not career coaches. A recruiter works with both the job seeker and the employer, trying to find the perfect position for the job seeker and the right person for the employer. Heather and Moira also share the importance of having clear goals before...


Why You Don’t Need to Go to Networking Events, with David Burkus

Do you attend networking events but find yourself talking only to people you already know? Meetups and mixers can be awkward, especially if you’re shy or you don’t know anyone there. Find Your Dream Job guest David Burkus says you can confidently skip any event where the only purpose is a vague sense of connecting. If you do attend, David says, focus on conversations that delve into topics outside of work. And whenever possible, look for events that have a purpose, such as a charity drive or...


Fostering New Connections To Grow Your Career, with Liz Mead

Networking is crucial, not only when you’re looking for a new job, but even before you find your first one. Your college professors can be a great resource for networking with leaders in your chosen field of study. On this bonus episode of Find Your Dream Job, Liz Mead and I talk about how she used LinkedIn and her university contacts to find companies that reflected her values. Liz also shares how she began building up her list of connections at a young age and how she used those...


What You Must Do Before Applying to Jobs, with Connel Valentine

When you see a job posting that you're interested in, your natural inclination might be to get your application in as quickly as possible. After all, you’ve got a better chance of being seen if you get it in early, right? Not so, according to Find Your Dream Job guest Connel Valentine. Sending in a general resume, no matter how early, is a great way to end up on a huge pile of other discarded, generic resumes. Connel says the best way to get ahead of the competition is to understand the job...


How to Find Your Career Purpose, with Erin Thomas

Figuring out the next step on your career journey takes energy and focus. If your strategy so far has been to apply everywhere and see what happens, getting clear on your purpose can reap powerful benefits. Find Your Dream Job guest Erin Thomas says you need to know exactly what type of job is going to leverage your unique talents and strengths. Erin also shares the five-step process she uses with clients to get clear about who you are and about what matters most to you in a job...


How to Deal with Resume Gaps, with Chris Villanueva

No matter who you are or what you do, eventually, you will have gaps on your resume. It’s simply unavoidable. Whether you take time off to raise a family, get laid off, or you leave a job after a short period of time, you will have to deal with gaps. Find Your Dream Job guest Chris Villanueva says that how you deal with these gaps on your resume can mean the difference between getting a callback or your resume being thrown in the trash. Chris also shares how to positively reframe resume gaps...


How to Find & Impress Recruiters in Your Industry, with Blake Thiess

Recruiters receive dozens of cover letters and resumes every day. How can you increase your chances of getting noticed by recruiters online and receive more job offers? Find Your Dream Job guest Blake Thiess offers a specific set of strategies. In order to get noticed online, Blake says you need to engage with recruiters in your chosen industry often enough to be recognized. Blake also shares the types of content you need to be posting online on a regular basis. About Our Guest: Blake...


Building a Nonprofit Career, with Amy Chu

Switching job sectors can be challenging for any job seeker. But it's not impossible to make the switch, especially if you have a strong network of support around you. On this bonus episode of Find Your Dream Job, Amy Chu ( and I discuss how she went from a career in technology to a more fulfilling one in the nonprofit world. Amy also shares how she used networking and professional organizations within the nonprofit field to build up a significant support...


How to Transfer Your Job Skills to a New Industry, with Minda Harts

Leaving your job sector for an entirely new industry can seem impossible, especially if you have been in your career for a number of years. It is possible, however, to transfer your skill set to a new sector, without having to go back for an advanced degree or specialized training. Find Your Dream Job guest Minda Harts shares the three steps you need to take to convince a hiring manager that your current skills can easily transfer to the job you want. Minda says that the better you can...