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Supreme Court Roundup

Discussed on this week's 5in5: Carpenter v. USUS v. Microsoft Corp.Trump v. HawaiiJesner v. Arab Bank, PLCMurphy v. NCAA Relevant Articles Cell Phone Privacy and Warrant RequirementsCLOUD Act Makes Microsoft Case Moot, Microsoft AgreesSupreme Court Backs Trump’s Travel BanNo Foreign Corp. Liability Under Alien Tort StatuteSCOTUS: States Free to Allow Sports Betting Legal Limerick of the Week: You can ban a religion or race; if the law keeps a presentable face; but the meaning is...


Playboy, Prison Porn, Fantasy Football

Discussed on this week's 5in5: Nixon v., Inc.Residents at the Fort Dodge Correctional Facility v. IowaPeople v. RodasDavid L. v. Mariana C.Daniels v. FanDuel, Inc. Relevant Articles Playboy Sued by Blind Man Wanting to Read the ArticlesIowa Prison Porn Ban: 58 Iowa Inmates Suing for Right to PornographyCan Someone Declared Incompetent Stand Trial Later?Personal JurisdictionCollege Athletes’ Suit Against Fantasy Sports Fails Legal Limerick of the Week: Playboy's websites, it...


Satanists Settle, Habitual Drunk, Honey Badger

Discussed on this week's 5in5: Church of Satan v. NetflixRoe v. HalbigWorkman v. Superintendent Albion SCITomasczuk v. WhitakerGordon v. Drape Creative, Inc. Relevant Articles Satan Sues Netflix, and No, It’s Not a Horror FlickSandy Hook Families Sue Alex Jones and InfoWars for Defamation5 Signs You May Have Ineffective CounselCancellation of RemovalHoney Badger Does Care About a Cease and Desist Notice Legal Limerick of the Week: The Netflix settlement is ideal; no trial, no need for...


WikiLeaks, Beer, Drugs

Discussed on this week's 5in5: Wilson v. Dynatone Publishing CompanyJulian AssangeFlorida v. Purdue PharmaJ.E.F.M. v. WhitakerPabst v. MillerCoors Relevant Articles Copyright Registration of Sound RecordingsU.S. May Charge Julian Assange, WikiLeaks With Espionage, Theft of Gov. DocumentsFlorida Sues Walgreens, CVS for Opioid SalesThe Right to CounselPabst v. MillerCoors: Battle of the Brews Heading to Trial Legal Limerick of the Week: The end of the battle of budget beer; may be...


Satanists, Hell Creek Dinosaurs, Immigration

Discussed on this week's 5in5: United Federation of Churches LLC v. Netflix, Inc.US v. BagleyAshby v. Warrick County School CorporationUS v. McClure-PottsMurray v. BEJ Minerals Relevant Articles Satan Sues Netflix, and Not, It’s Not a Horror FlickPets as Property?The Americans with Disabilities Act - OverviewImmigration OverviewNinth Circuit Splits on ‘Dueling Dinosaurs’ Legal Limerick of the Week: Satan's trademarks may have some value; that they seek to protect and accrue; better keep...


Insane Hitman, Slow Computer, CIA Secrets

Discussed on this week's 5in5: US v. PorterKucera v. Central Intelligence AgencyFastcase, Inc. v. Lawriter, LLCBeaton v. SpeedyPC SoftwareJuliana v. US Relevant Articles Insanity DefenseCan You Sue Government Officials?What is a Copyright?Litigation Issues: What is a Class Action?Ninth Circuit Hears Arguments in Children’s Climate Case Legal Limerick of the Week: Children are the future they say; But they are the ones who will pay; If we do not leave; Some air they can...


Chocolate Horror, Domestic Terrorism, Dallas Sexpo

Discussed on this week's 5in5: Doe v. NestleCode Revision Commission v., IncSandifer v. Hoyt Archery, IncorporatedUS v. DoggartThree Expo Events, LLC v. City of Dallas Relevant Articles No Duty to Disclose Child-Slave Labor in Chocolate CaseDetermining Whether a Work is in the Public DomainProduct Liability LawIs It Illegal to Threaten Someone OnlineFirst Amendment Legal Limerick of the Week: Texas protesters are on a mission; To stop an adult exposition; Because...


Dust Huffing, Stash Houses, False Imprisonment

Discussed on this week's 5in5: Allen v. Walmart Stores LLCLosantiville Country Club v. Commissioner of Internal RevenueUS v. SellersClark v. LashbrookMoon v. City of El Paso Relevant Articles Can I Go to Jail for Sniffing Glue?Nonprofit OrganizationsCan Cops Pretend to Be Drug Dealers?Drug Cartels and Organized CrimeFalse Imprisonment Legal Limerick of the Week: You best beware before you run up on a stash spot; Five-oh could have you set up with a honeypot; If it's not a...


Skynyrd Blood Oath, Eloquent Jailbird, Free Willy Redux

Discussed on this week's 5in5: Van Zant, Inc. v. PyleUS v. ArpaioUS v. PorterAlcocer v. MillsPETA v. Miami Seaquarium Relevant Articles Court Lifts ‘Blood Oath’ Injunction on Lynyrd Skynyrd MovieAmerica’s Toughest Former Sheriff Guilty of ContemptCriminal SentencingThe 14th AmendmentKiller Whales Not Covered by the 13th Amendment Legal Limerick of the Week: Skynyrd's drummer's got a story or two; *ooo ooo ooo* That make the singer's estate blue; *boo hoo hoo* If you ask his...


Supreme Court Roundup

Discussed on this week's 5in5: Animal Science Products, Inc. v. Hebei Welcome Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.Azar v. GarzaMasterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights CommissionGill v. WhitfordMinnesota Voters Alliance v. Mansky Relevant Articles International Trade RegulationUndocumented Teen Abortion Case Ruled MootWhat Does the ‘Masterpiece Cakeshop’ Ruling Mean for Small Businesses?So, What Did the Supreme Court Say About Gerrymandering?Political Apparel at the Polls Now Allowed in...


Bears, White Supremacist Advertising, Weed

Discussed on this week's 5in5: Crow Indian Tribe v. USAAmerican Freedom Defense Initiative v. King CountyCommonwealth v. CosbyJW v. Birmingham Board of EducationParents on Behalf of Student v. Rincon Valley Union Elementary School District Relevant Articles Grizzly Opinion: Bears to Keep Endangered Species ProtectionNot-So-Free Speech: 5 Limits on 1st Amendment RightsBill Cosby Sentenced to 3 to 10 Years in Prison, Classified SVPPepper Spray Dangers and State LimitationsGirl Can Use...


Strippers' Rights, Elvis Guitar, Frivolous Litigation

Discussed on this week's 5in5: Doe v. LandryNational Music Museum v. JohnsonAbdurrahman v. DaytonFikre v. FBIGreene v. Sprint Nextel Corp. Relevant Articles Minimum Age for Louisiana Strippers Rejected AgainElvis Guitar Fight Moves Forward in Federal CourtWhat is the Electoral College?‘No-Fly List’ Rules are Unconstitutional: Federal JudgeWhat is a Frivolous Lawsuit? Legal Limerick of the Week: There once were 3 strippers from Louisiana; Who sued the state over age restrictions gone...


Matisse, Music, SXSW

Discussed on this week's 5in5: Williams v. The National Gallery, LondonAmerican Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada v. Paramount Pictures CorporationSmit v. SXSW Holdings, Inc. Brady v. Bayer CorporationUS v. Matusiewicz Relevant Articles ‘Stolen’ Matisse Can Stay in London’s National Gallery: U.S. Appeals CourtWhat is Collective Bargaining?SXSW Crash Kills 2; Alleged Drunken Driver ArrestedMisleading AdvertisingWhat is Cyberstalking? Legal Limerick of the Week: When...


Nazi Punch, Prison Break, Robocop

Discussed on this week's 5in5: Virginia v. WinderFord v. MassaroneDuhe v. City of Little Rock, ArkansasMartin v. City of BoiseMotorola Automated Cop Car Patent Relevant Articles Penalty for Punching a White Supremacist: $1Post-Conviction ProceedingsProtest Laws by StateIs It Illegal to be Homeless?Ford Automated Cop Car Patent Legal Limerick of the Week: Technology has grown leaps and bounds; And a robot policeman may sound; Like a fine thing tonight; But when you ask for your...


BitTorrent, Net Neutrality, WTF

Discussed on this week's 5in5: Fort Lauderdale Food Not Bombs v. City of Fort LauderdaleG and G Productions Ltd. v. RusticCobbler Nevada, LLC v. GonzalezMozilla Corporation v. Federal Communications CommissionProctor & Gamble Trademarks LOL Relevant Articles First Amendment Protects Sharing Food With Homeless PeopleLawsuit Claims Verizon Throttled Internet for CA FirefightersProctor & Gamble Wants to Trademark WTFLOL, P&G Wants to Trademark Internet Acronyms. WTF? Legal Limerick of the...


Free Speech, Threatening Cops, Boston

Discussed on this week's 5in5: Newark Cab Association v. City of NewarkAbbott v. PastidesSeals v. McBeeEmerson v. DartScholz v. Goudreau Relevant Articles University Didn’t Violate Students’ Free SpeechCourt Strikes Down Louisiana’s ‘Don’t-Threaten-to-Sue Law’Court Quotes Poop Emojii, Upholds $17K Sanction Legal Limerick of the Week: You might be an arrogant slob; The cops pepper spray right in the gob; And they might make you pay; But it's OK to say; I'll sue you and I'll take your...


Old Laws, Smoky Prisons, and the Death Penalty

Discussed on this week's 5in5: Masterpiece CakeshopFresenius Kabi USA, LLC v. State of NebraskaWashington v. DenneyHass v. RhodyCo ProductionsClameur de Haro Relevant Articles SCOTUS Rules for Baker in Masterpiece CaseMasterpiece Cakeshop, LTD v. Colorado Civil Rights CommissionDeath Penalty Laws by StateAssumption of Risk DefenseWhat is Common Law?Wrenn v. District of Columbia Legal Limerick of the Week: The warden thought it was a joke; When a prisoner complained about smoke; But...


Drug Saints, Beer Companies, and Alcoholics

Discussed on this week's 5in5: DeHoog v. Anheuser-BuschManning v. CaldwellUS v. FomichevUS v. Ancient Coin Collectors GuildUS v. Valencia Relevant Articles Beer Drinkers Lose Anheuser-Busch Antitrust AppealBeer Drinkers Fail to Meet Antitrust Bar in Anheuser-Busch Merger SuitAncient Coins as Cultural Property: A Legal Perspective on "Numismatics and the Antiquities Trade" Legal Limerick of the Week: When you pray to a drug dealer's saint; The police will find it quite quaint; Their...


Nazi Thieves, Beer, and Blue Jeans

Discussed on this week's 5in5: City & County of San Francisco v. TrumpCorren v. CondosMarcel Fashions Group, Inc. v. Lucky Brand Dungarees, Inc.Excelled Sheepskin & Leather Coat Corp. v. Oregon Brewing CompanySaher v. Norton Simon Museum of Fine Art Relevant Articles: Injunction Against Anti-Sanctuary E.O. Upheld Legal Limerick of the Week: Pretty pictures that are bought on a whim; Might have histories both foul and grim; With claims by the Dutch; And Nazis and such; Where's Indiana...


Guns and Nuns

Discussed on this week's 5in5: Berg v. NYCP CommissionerDefense Distributed v. US Department of StateYoung v. HawaiiFreedom From Religion Foundation, Inc. v. Chino Valley Unified School District Board of EducationAdorers of the Blood of Christ v. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Relevant Articles: Settlement Allows Gun Publisher to Distribute 3D-Printed Gun Specs (Again)If Printing Could Kill: 5th Circuit Denies Appeal on 3D Printed Gun Injunction3D Gun Printers Take Their Case to the...