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Episode 21 - Gail Perry

The path to equality is hardly linear, at least that’s what we’ve been told by those who have been paving the way since long before we began walking down it. Sometimes it feels like we’re hardly making progress, at least that is until our own lived experiences are held up to the wider historical context. It’s easy to look at today’s political & social climate and ask “Why aren’t we further along?”. Yet it wasn’t until I sat down with Gail Perry, author, advocate, and accounting industry...


Episode 20 - Sasha Graham

There’s no dancing around the subject. The stats speak for themselves. The state of equality (or lack thereof) within the executive level workforce is dismal and in dire need of disruption. It’s a problem that to some might seem insurmountable, or at the very least, pretty daunting. However, to the folks at the Equality Group, this is the exact problem they are determined to tackle head-on. The Equality Group is an executive search firm that focuses on placing diverse leaders in the roles...


Episode 19 - Lizzy Cook

If there is one thing I love most, it’s a woman that isn’t afraid to speak her mind. A rule breaker, a no shit taker, a woman that has found her voice and encourages other women to do the same. Looking back now, it's not surprising that I instantly felt a kindred connection to Lizzy Cook. She was simply my kind of gal. Lizzy and I first met in the world of tech and would connect at conferences where we were representing for our respective companies, both of us figuring out how to navigate...


Episode 18 - Special Episode: IWD Panel Discussion

If you are connected to the online accounting community, you probably have noticed that there has been a plethora of noteworthy industry-related conversation emerging recently within the Twittersphere. From the future of bookkeeping to debunking whether certain apps are truly powered by AI, these conversations have sparked lively back and forths, and a variety of subsequent content pieces. As each hot button topic has unfolded, so have a number of carefully crafted responses of so from...


Episode 17 - Alexandra Sirocky

One of the most common misconceptions I see in the world of entrepreneurship is the idea that the path of a founder is linear. We often times hear these tales, particularly about male founders, where they get an idea, go out and get a bunch of funding, and BOOM! They make it. Instant success. As a female entrepreneur myself, I know there are other equally important stories out there worth sharing. Tales of long term ideas turned side hustle where you bust your ass for YEARS before it can...


Episode 16 - Chloe Mason

When you’re young, chances are, you’re figuring life out. You are trying to make sense of who you are as a person, what you believe in, who you are attracted to, and what you want to make of your life. Teenagers typically do not of these elements fully fleshed out, and yet, every so often one of them does, and it makes them a force to be reckoned with. I first met Chloe Mason when we were both 15, and we formed a mutual connection over fashion and boys. I liked the fact that she didn’t take...


Episode 15 - Jessica Blasingame

Starting at a very young age we begin to cultivate ideas of who we want to become when we “grow up”. We want to be an astronaut. A doctor. A painter. A scientist. A rockstar. As we get older, adults and other influences often push us to further refine these ideas of who we want to be. Typically well-intentioned, they want us to have something we are working towards, a single path to stay on. As I reflected upon this recently, I was struck by one thing in particular: we’re conditioned to...


Episode 14 - Stacy Kildal

What does “balance” even mean these days? Does it actually exist for business owners or is it a myth that we need to debunk entirely? As women dive into business ownership we are told to aim for “balance”, but many of us don’t know what that looks like. Especially if you’re someone who is scaling a side gig while working full time, the concept of “balance” likely doesn’t fit into your reality. In the latest episode of the Finding Fearless podcast, I reconnected with my dear friend, Stacy...


Episode 13 - Sami Sweeney

There is nothing that inspires me more than a woman that knows her own strength. When I met Sami Sweeney for the first time, it was obvious that that was the type of woman I was dealing with. A former gymnast and cheerleader, Sami has become Seattle’s very own Pure Barre powerhouse, owning 6 locations in the area. In the past year Sami has expanded her domain even further, launching herself headfirst into both motherhood and the next level of entrepreneurship with a new venture she helped...


Episode 12 - Adrienne Rabena

Sometimes life hands you lemons, or so the saying goes. If there’s anything I’ve learned over time, it’s that it is what you do with those lemons that really matters in the end. So when I discovered my hard drive was corrupted and all 3 of the original episodes of this podcast were lost, I picked myself up (after shedding a few tears), and decided it was the perfect opportunity to re-record something more beautiful & meaningful than had existed before. Luckily for me, Adrienne Rabena was...


Episode 11 - Reyna Marrufo

I think it’s high time we dispel the perception that women need to be of a certain age to be on their way or “making it” in the world. I, for one, have been lying about my age for years so that people would stop using it as a means to discredit my abilities. That’s right, I’ve been lying about being older, not younger. I am sure I’ll find this ironic when I get to be in my sixties. It’s become increasingly apparent to me that we need to be highlighting the stories of the next generation....


Episode 10 - Lindsay Behringer

Social media is a fascinating thing. I think that's why journalists and the rest of us can't stop talking about it. It's so dichotomous. It has sparked us questioning the impact of things like device dependency, online bullying, and what happens to our social fabric when a big segment of the population is living just for the 'gram. But it also has brought us a whole other level of cross cultural connection over areas of passion. It's sparked movements like #BlackLivesMatter, #MeToo, and...


Episode 9 - Edi Osborne

There is this incredible super power that many of the women in my life have where they identify another woman I need to know and then they make sure we get connected. Maybe it’s a because they see a similarity in our stories, or a common way of being, or some sensed shared history. Every time I’ve been introduced to another woman in this way through a friend, I always end up saying “Where has she been all my life?” That is exactly how I felt when I first was introduced to Edi Osborne....


Episode 8 - Evandra Tager

Whenever we see another woman #CrushingIt in the working world, it’s easy to assume that she got to that point by possessing a skill or quality that’s out of our reach. She had more education, better networking abilities, some element of privilege, or a leg up in the world that others lacked. But more often than not I’ve found in my conversations with successful women that there is one underlying factor that separates them from the pack, and that is their consistent ability to show up and...


Episode 7 - Jeny Rae

As women, so much of the way we see ourselves is tied to the way we perceive our bodies. Our self worth and self image is seemingly defined by our sex appeal, and our surrounding culture often exists to further amplify our doubts and imperfections. In our teens and early twenties, we often search for answers about who we are far outside ourselves, and sometimes the things we discover prove to do more harm than good. In a culture all too concerned with appearances, how do we help women tune...


Episode 6 - Jaye Hill

Confidence is hard to come by, and for many women, it’s something cultivated over time rather than something that just happens naturally. Any woman in business knows that it is one thing to have confidence in yourself, and it’s another thing entirely to have confidence in your work and to feel secure in sharing it widely with the world. With the rise of social media and people promoting the perfect image, it’s all too easy to compare yourself to others and unknowingly let it impact the way...


Episode 5 - Jenna McDonald

What does it take to navigate on the road less traveled? How do you sustain when support isn’t always there? Where do you look to to find guidance along the way? At the core, these are some of the questions that were driving my recent conversation with Jenna McDonald, founder and owner of Passion For Practice, a global yoga business based off of Bainbridge Island, WA. My inquiries stemmed from some of my underlying knowledge of Jenna’s deep yoga lineage, and also my own curiosity as to the...


Episode 4 - Allegra Lowe

One of the most difficult and valuable skills to develop in life is the ability to listen to your inner voice. For some of us this voice is so quiet we may hardly know it exists at all. But we all have one. This is the voice inside us that speaks to our greatest ambitions and our deepest desires. In many ways, I believe that if we were able to truly listen to this voice and were able to act on it fully, we would be able to live fully as our truest, most authentic selves. The challenge of...


Episode 3 - Jax Cassady

What exactly does misogyny feel like? Is it omnipresent and in your face, or is it something more subtle? Chances are it’s a bit of both. It’s the comments made by male coworkers about your outfits. It’s realizing that you were only invited to a work event to be eye candy for male clients. It’s knowing that regardless of your skills and know how, you were actually hired to fill a female headcount quota. It’s being just as experienced and hardworking as the guys to your left and right, and...


Episode 2 - Martina Chavez

What does it take to find your path? How do you navigate when the road ahead isn’t entirely clear? What does it mean to ‘protect your energy’? How do you operate in a corporate culture where misogyny is part of of the mainstream? These are just a few of the questions I unravel with my dear friend and former colleague, Martina Chavez, on Episode 4 of the Finding Fearless podcast. Martina and I both started our journey as “women in tech” at the same company, and it was an eye opening...