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Episode #123 Success Is Defined As Doing More Right Things Than Wrong ... So What Are They?

In this podcast you can get a list of successful actions you must do in order to change your life so you feel like you are winning and happy with results. Your true greatness lies in the power of your thought. So what should you be thinking? Doing these few things taught in this episode is not magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals as if they are daily habits. In real estate investing, it is too easy to get lost in your own...


Episode #122 The Deal After The Deal ... Avoiding Dangers and Traps!

In this 30-mintue podcast find out why most get caught with their pants down. What most think of as important stuff in real estate really only qualifies as common knowledge! By listening today we will help you uncover those 'blind spots' so you don't fall into the trap of losing on deals. By the way... some of these approaches might conflict with advice you've heard most of your life. One of he biggest obstacles to success - and real engird killer - is the fear that you don't know how to do...


Episode #121 Interview With A Stay At Home Mom Who Flips One House And Banks Full Years Salary ...

Think you need lots of time, money, or special training... Listen to what Randi, a stay at home mom, did in about 4.5 months to make her whole years salary, in the bank. Plus she has 3 other deals in the pipeline that once done is expected to bring her about 3.5 years of income in about one year. It is possible she will 'out do' her husband's slurry substantially. In this episode, get the reality on how anyone, in any situation, at any time, can actually take control of their life and win...


Episode #120 Why I Don't Do Due Diligence Before I Make An Offer ...

Flipping houses shouldn't take much time or cause much anxiety. That is why Pete and Bill will reveal how to remove 90% of the stress when doing deals. These simple cheery-pucker benefits are not what the general public are aware of - or use - when buying and selling real estate! In fact, if you don't know these simple laws you will most often end up with very skinny margins a lot of times. Most investors today don't have the credit or money to use banks, so they have no choice but to start...


Episode #119 Who Should Be On Your Dream Team

In this podcast Bill and Pete reveal who you should surround yourself with and trust when doing deals. Also, learn when and how to build this core network of reliable people so you put your attention on the deals -- not trying to figure out how to do the deals. Once you fully understand and absorb what's in this podcast you are ready to apply the most critical part of your real estate investing - delegating! This is true only because today we will cover not only who... but the major duties...


Episode #118 30-Minute Talk On Being Tongue-Tied While NegotiatingA Deal With A Seller ...

In this podcast we will share with you the 4-critcal deal points every 7-figure investor uses. The information crammed into this episode could be the sole difference between being 'dirt poor' or 'filthy rich'. If you are struggling to make deals - his podcast is for you! You can actually end your 'foot-in-mouth-desease' today, and discover the most important parts of every deal and how to apply it for success. In fact, by doing what we talk about will actually remove stress from the...


Episode #117 30-Minute Talk On The CliffNotes To Making Offers That Get Accepted

Mastering getting offers accepted when doing real estate could quite easily be your most important skill for an investor. In this podcast you will get what you need to make it easy to get more deals. After making thousands of offers Bill has narrowed the process down to 5-very easy to learn laws that once known will make anyone with or without trainmen look like a pro and do more deals. So if you are looking to ‘break into’ real estate profits, this podcast is for you, so enjoy …


Episode #116 30-Minute Talk On Real Estate Investing Gone Bad!

Ever notice when people are in a group they tend to be on their best behavior? And in most cases your skeletons stay in the closet where they belong? This happens with real estate speakers and mentors too. You only hear about the "good" deals. Never about the "bad" deals, or the problems, so today I am going out on a limb and let folks know that sometimes it is not a bed of roses and that sometimes the rose colored glasses have to come off. In this episode not only will you hear about Bill's...


Episode #115 30-Minute Talk On If You Have A Low Real Estate Investor IQ And Have To 'Fake It Till You Make It'

In this podcast you will get a true understanding of why you don't need a very high real estate IQ these days. And how you can get in and out of deals in less than 45-days so you get paid quickly. In this episode we will reveal the 5-important factors every 7-figure investor does to make a deal so you can do it too. Once you hear and understand these 5-important factors your confidence will soon soar and you can start making more deals!


Episode #114 30-Minute Talk On Where To Get Money To Buy Real Estate

If you want or need to put money together to buy real estate as soon as possible, this podcast is for you! Ever thought you wanted to flip real estate so you can make more money in less time but hit the barrier of there to get the money? This 30-minute episode will describe to you how anyone can do it - even when your 10-year old daughter’s credit. Give us 30-minutes of uninterrupted attention (without distractions) and we will share with you how to get all the money you ever need to buy...


Episode #113 Who's Got My Money

What if there was a way to wealth that you never heard of? Once you commit to the simple concepts in this podcast money will follow you like a puppy dog ... So many go into business or through life and never ask this question. In this episode we will talk about getting money to follow you like magic. There is no shortage of money on this planet. So where is yours? If you don't have any or enough ... you have a deficiency regarding money and we need to talk about it so you can resolve it...


Episode #112 Fake Real Estate - And The Men In Black ...

I am losing big money on a deal right now - and today I want to talk about how it happened and what I did ... Being dumb is no excuse in today's mean world, this is a lesson that I had to revisit because of a bad deal. This one very huge mistake has helped me re-anchor my business and bring me much closer to those who are just starting out. So in today's episode I would like to tell you my sad story. Then share 12 scientific facts that I will follow from this point forward, and I know...


Episode #110 If You Bought A Property, What Would You Be Most Nervous About, Or Keep You Away At Night? Let's Talk About It In This Podcast

One of the biggest obstacles to success (and real energy killer) is the fear that you don't know how to do the stuff that your ideal career plans require. And, managing your personal energy is like managing budgets in a company. If you are afraid more of doing it wrong than being a fix it personality... this podcast is exactly for you! Chances are the best job for you won't become available at the precise time you declare yourself ready. So let's confront those fears in today's episode and...


Episode #111 Let's Make Real Estate Great Again - We Can do It By Becoming FSBO Agents!

In this podcast you will learn exactly what a FSBO agent is. And how it will help you make tons of money ... The big question has always been ... realtor vs for sale by owner? In this episode we will cover come precise and specific points that will put the real estate industry back in balance so that sellers will flock to you (the FSBO agent) when it's time to sell their property. The methodical methods that we will talk about today is a major jump start to you getting and making more deals...


Episode #109 With This Podcast You Be The Judge ... Are You Really 'Gutless' When It Comes To Being Risky

If you think you can create freedom through real estate you need to start putting yourself in a position to do so. Assuming, of course, you posses a few key ingredients - so let's talk about that today ... The shocking truth about most of us is when rubber meets the road - we don’t have the courage to do it! In this episode I’d like to talk about if you are gutless or do you have the nerve of steel you really need to be rich with freedom? Will you truly take my secrets (as the risk taker I...


Episode #108 Do You Have These Creative Real Estate Investor Qualities?

Have you ever questioned - like most real estate investors do - if you have what it takes to consistently turn houses into cash; then this podcast is for you ... This exact episode will give you the precise proof whether or not you should be (or pursue) real estate investing. If you are struggling with investing profits, and feel you have tried everything imaginable, including using coaches, and mentors, and you still haven't packed your bank account full. Then your about to hear what...


Episode #107 Millionaire Math ...

How many different ways can you collect a million dollars? Have you don the math to know the possibilities? Listen to this podcast to gain a new perspective on how real it can be ... Wealth requires simple, basic math, ask any wealthy person and they will tell you this! In fact ... math with create the possibility in your mind. Once this is done you can then create a strategy. Most don't do the basic step, thus the strategy doesn't work. SO if you have a goal of making a million dollars...


Episode #106 Where Do You Get Money To Buy Real Estate Without Partners Or Good Credit?

Where to get the dough is what keeps a lot of people out of the real estate business. Listen to this podcast to figure out it is actually the easiest hurdle to overcome ... Not knowing how to pay for a house is the most common road block for making offers. And if you don't make offers you will NOT buy real estate. It's just that simple. If you want to get out of life more than a job and mere survival than you need to know how to blow threw the 'how to get the money' barricade. And if you...


Episode #105 Constructing And Presenting Offers So You Get The Most Equity ...

In real estate the pot at the end of the rainbow is equity. In this podcast we will talk about how to easily get lets of it from your seller ... You would think most sellers don't want to give up their equity, or you need to be a 'slick' salesperson to sneak the equity past the seller without them knowing it. In this podcast, we will reveal exact ways to create income and wealth out of thin air. And some of the most unspoken ways power investors don't speak of in public because it could...


Episode #104 Selling Houses Fast. . .

It is not a secret that you make all of your money when you buy... and collect it when you sell. But, what is the fastest way to sell and collect? On this podcast learn how the selling process should be the easiest part of you business, and if you don't sell what are the 14-main reasons why you don't sell quickly! Plus what you can do about it to collect your big check faster, and not stress about it. Enjoy. . .