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Episode #93 Have You Got These Symptoms Of Nerve Exhaustion Form Real Estate Investing?

Have you ever said "I can't seem to get started in real estate investing?" Or, you learn one way to do real estate investing only to find out there are 5 other ways to make money simpler? Possibly you did one deal and said "I got it" then you can't seem to do another? Maybe you have spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours trying to learn and have not got a return on your effort only to realize you are almost as confused as when you started! Listen to this podcast and become twice...


Episode #92 Don't Make Real Estate Offers Naked

Do you feel if you had to make a real estate offer today you would be exposed; maybe really embarrassed? Or perhaps your batting average is not so good at closing deals? Possibly taking it a little further, you don't feel like you have fundamentals down so you can think quick on your feet and make killer deals at someones kitchen table? Listen to this podcast to begin to develop a successful uniform record of closing deals with this simple system


Episode #91 Making the Real Estate Skeleton Dance...

Worried about not telling your seller the correct thing when making an offer? Or not making the correct offer? Maybe worse... Pay too much and get burned later because you made a bad deal? Are you confident in what to say when? Perhaps looking bad in front of your seller. Possible create a total embarrassment for yourself to the point yo actually blow up the deal? This podcast can help you totally blow threw these phenomena so you can get out there, feel comfortable, and make deals like a...


Episode #90 Battling the Real Estate Mofia. . .

Have you ever notices how hard it is to break into the real estate investing industry so you can make real and consistent money? Well you may not know this. . . but the real estate industry is actually an organized group using a controlling influence and actually extorting fees and information from us so that most of us can't be part of that 'secret' society of success. You may think this is being cute on words. You may have to listen to this podcast to really understand how sever it is...


Episode #89 How To Make More Deal By Picking The Losers!

If you are worried about making real esatate investments . . . this podcast is for you! Learn things like - How to find investment properties you can do and not do. How to pay a fair price when making offers. And how much you need to get started in real estate investing. Finally, the most asked question is: How do I finance my first deal? Enjoy this one, I know you will.


Episode #88 Can You Trust Your Ability To Flip A House?

Do you wonder of you are completely competent on how to flip a house without pitfalls, losing money, or doing bad deals? So much so that these fears implode your ability to make consistent and dependable income? In this podcast we talk to guest speaker Tim who tells his story of how he overcame the conversation in his own head to get going, and made some great deals. Enjoy . . .


Episode #87 Can You Pass This Real Estate Investor Test?

Do you flip houses for cash? Or, maybe have a mad passion to flip houses for cash? Please take a moment and listen to this podcast and take the test to see if you are actually qualified for the task! Then find out how these cats you have been taking advice from is like taking drugs from a drug dealer. And you don't even know it. You may murder after you hear this podcast. . .


Episode #86 A Question You Always Ask Before Making An Offer

Do you worry or wonder if you can get through a deal? Or, do you wonder if you are missing something? Or, even worse, do you have the correct market value so you don't over pay? Maybe you are worried about paying for the property, or it's monthly payments. Did you ever think those were voices in your own head? Listen to this podcast as it convinces you not to take your own advice. Enjoy . . .


Episode #85 Can I Get A Raise? A Thousand Bucks An Hour, Por Favor!

It's actually not that hard to be worth $100 per hour. For the most part, you simply need to be competent and able. But to be consistently worth $1,000 or $10,000 you must be excellent at it. In this podcast we will talk about how to build your excellence in the $1,000 per hour job or activity so you can get your raise today.


Episode #84 Have You A "Worry" In Real Esate Investing

Most newcomers "worry" about real estate investing only because they fear they can't trust their own ability to flip a house without losing time and money! But if they could just learn it they could burn off debt month after month. In this podcast Bill has his 20 year old college student explain how he used Bill's simple system and started flaunting profit checks. Enjoy . . .


Episode #83 Is This Legal?

Because this New Era Investing is so simple the legal beagle's run & hid when we show it to them. Why? Cause they can't get away with the ugly fees they normally charge and they are actually ashamed. And oh-yeah, the Realtor's do the same thing, and the insurance guy, the title guy, etc. In this podcast we will cover why so many have trouble understanding this VERY SIMPLE way to make money in real estate investing. It is right under our nose and can't see it. It is failure by design!...


Episode #82 Is Making A Living Keeping You From Making Money And Weath

Truth is . . . what stops most people from wealth is the information they already have that isn't working for them. What if that information was lies or not correct? Listen to this podcast and get the underground truth so you start getting profits fast and easy!


Episode #81 People Who Listen To This Podcast Will End Up With Money

The definition of success is doing the things that work. Listen to this podcast to learn what it took Bill and his team 14 years to learn. Then use those successes to make money yourself for $100, no risk , and no surprises! Enjoy!


Episode #80 Stop Dreaming and Start Making Money

Do you "dream" or imagine what it would be like to make steady profits with real estate investing? Is it a curiosity to you? Maybe it isn't as hard as you think. Or, worse, maybe it's really you stopping you. Ever think of that. In this episode the guys cover some amazing stuff (while joking around) that will help you figure out what is actually holding you back! At the end of the day only you will help you. So why not dig in and look at why your environment doesn't match your thinking...


Episode #79 How To Buy Real Estate Without A Loan . . .

Ever wonder why you can't get your real estate investing business going? Does it almost seem like there is something, or someone, working against you? But you can't see it? All you know is it's way too hard! Well, you are correct. You don't have just one person against you, but several. In fact it is so insidious. It's like asking a fish to notice the water, and the fish replies what water? The fish is so entrenched in the water he doesn't even notice it anymore. This is happening to you...


Episode #80 What Your Realtor and Attorney Don't Want You To Know About Real Estate Investing

Want to know why it has been so hard for you to learn how to flip houses. Let's just say you have had a few people (or industries) working against you, and didn't even know it. In fact, they are actually telling you they are helping (and believe they really are) but in fact are shooting you full of bullets every time they talk to you.This podcast is a MUST LISTEN TO if you plan to make money flipping houses. You will be amazed at how crazy this is. Or, why you haven't made enough money...


Episode #76 The Great American Heist (Getting Free From The Rat Race)

Are you stuck in the rat race? Are you tired of it? Looking for a simple way to unlock your freedom in today's weary society? In this episode you will find simple solutions to help you work your way to a life style you want and deserve. And you don't need to study like you are getting a Yale degree either. You can actually follow some simple steps and get you moving in the right direction. This podcast will minimally get those conversations in your own head moving in the right direction,...


Episode #77 Do You Actually Believe You Can Flip A House On Your Own?

In this episode the guys go over how you can get enough confidence to actually get started flipping houses for profit. Bill covers some really easy strategies that will keep you from loosing and getting caught with your pants down. If you think you want to buy real estate for a profit but can't get off the fence, this episode is for you all the way, enjoy . . .


Episode #75 Twelve Reasons Someone Would Want To Sell A House To A Real Estate Investor

WOW . . . most will take this for granted? But if you fully understand why someone would sell a house, it is quite possible you could 2X, 3X, maybe 5X your house flipping income. At the end of the day you need to really understand what is pushing your seller to be motivated. So much so that he/she is going to pay you in equity to solve this "ONE BIG PROBLEM!" Wouldn't it make sense to know how to find it and at least talk to the seller about it? Listen to this episode and find out how to...


Episode #74 How To Buy Houses With $100 Deposit

You might have heard you could buy a house for $100 deposit in the past. In this episode Bill, Pete, and Naomi are very specific on how to do this. In fact they actually speak of real live deals where they have just done using this exact strategy. You will be amazed at how easy it is once you hear what to look for and the steps on how to do it. By listening to these real case studies (where we do it) you will start to unwind things in your own head because when it is explained in practical...


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