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Flix and a Six is podcast about movies and beer. Anthony and Al are cousins that love to grab a couple drinks and discuss films. They thought it would be fun to share it with you. This is the first podcast in a series of creative entertainment outlets produced by The Spinchoon.


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Flix and a Six is podcast about movies and beer. Anthony and Al are cousins that love to grab a couple drinks and discuss films. They thought it would be fun to share it with you. This is the first podcast in a series of creative entertainment outlets produced by The Spinchoon.




Episode 205: We follow a Maverick into the Lake Shore Fog

Synopsis 4 episodes in 4 we-- nah we're back to being a fully operational battle station for real. Just how we planned it. A blockbuster episode for a blockbuster movie. Plus a blast from the past, fucking hell, and more. We're on the highway to the danger zone. The Basics FlickTop Gun: MaverickSixSouthern Tier Lake Shore FogHostsAnthony Costanzo & Alessandro Biolsi Toot-length Reviews A wonderfully executed requel that tells its own well structured story and pays homage to its origin...


Episode 204: We think The Menu is a Mega Treat

The Basics FlickThe MenuSixTree House Mega TreatHostsAnthony Costanzo & Alessandro Biolsi Tweet-length Reviews A delicately balanced satirical comedy and psychological thriller, The Menu’s insane premise is perfectly executed by Oscar worthy performances all around. 8/10 — Anthony Terrifyingly funny, deliciously dark, and poorly marketed. Don't watch this movie: experience it. 8.5/10 — Al


Episode 203: We hop on a Bullet Train for a quick ride to Newburgh

The Basics FlickBullet TrainSixNewburgh Sláinte Dry Irish StoutHostsAnthony Costanzo & Alessandro Biolsi Tweet-length Reviews Bullet Train is a non-stop, frenetic, hodgepodge of and homage to most of my favorite movie tropes. 8/10 — Anthony A fun time in the style of a Guy Ritchie film, with the action sensibilities of a John Wick film, by way of a mid-aughts Asian crime drama. 7/10 — Al


Episode 202: We wade through a Cranberry Bog to reach the Glass Onion on the other side

Synopsis BACK!! After a partially planned, and also partially unplanned, hiatus that was significantly longer than we anticipated, we return to ring in the new year with a new movie. We're a little more free and organic in this one; we're less tied to our regular format strictly separating new/notes/nuggets/etc. It's just us (and you) talking about the last few months and then our movie conversation. This is an important infraction point in the run of our show. The Basics FlickGlass...


An Uncharted Special Brewed with Heart

The Spinchoon Three gather for a momentous occasion: celebrating Flix & a Six's 200th episode! Of course, in true Spinchoon fashion, this isn't the 200th episode. O well. We celebrate by having a round table chat about our favorite TV, Movie, & Video game properties of the past year, decade, and all time, before reviewing Uncharted (the 2022 movie). Cheers!


Episode 201: We watch Thor Scoot Scoot Scoot his way to victory

The Basics FlickThor: Love & ThunderSixCarton Scoot Scoot Scoot NE DIPAHostsAnthony Costanzo & Alessandro Biolsi Tweet-length Reviews While it lacks the cohesion of Ragnarok, Love & Thunder remains a worthy successor. 7/10 — Anthony While it may lack the alchemical brilliance of its predecessor, it certainly shares DNA with it. Thor: Love & Thunder is quite a ride, both darker and dorkier than Ragnarok, and features the best Marvel Villain since Thanos, even if Gor doesn't get enough...


Episode 200: We enter a new District in search of our Prey

The Basics FlickPreySixDistrict 96 Essential JuiceHostsAnthony Costanzo & Alessandro Biolsi Tweet-length Reviews Well paced dumb predator fun. 6/10 — Anthony The clear best entry in the series since the original, it’s a refreshing take on what had become largely a stale premise, with some of the best and goriest kills. 6.5/10 — Al Bookmarks Six00:01:55News & Nuggets00:07:53Consumption01:01:58Flick02:13:36


Episode 199: We try to become the Alpha of the Multiverse of Madness

The Basics FlickDr. Strange and the Multiverse of MadnessSixTin Barn Alpha QueenHostsAnthony Costanzo & Alessandro Biolsi Tweet-length Reviews Similar to Thor under Taika, Doctor Stephen Strange officially finds his identity under the direction of Sam Raimi. 8/10 — Anthony Amidst the renewed, and barely more qualified, complaints of "Superhero Fatigue", here's a movie that should stave off such quibbling. Unabashedly Raimi, and incredibly… strange, this movie is not quite like any of its...


Episode 198: We discover the Secrets of that old Rogue, Dumbledore

The Basics FlickFantastic Beasts: The Secrets of DumbledoreSixRogue Chocolate Stout NitroHostsAnthony Costanzo & Alessandro Biolsi Tweet-length Reviews Wait, what were the secrets? 4/10 — Anthony JK Rowling wrote one of the most iconic book series of all time; that doesn't automatically translate to the ability to write screenplays. I can't recall a movie that had more things going on and yet nothing happening. 4/10 — Al Bookmarks Six00:03:01News &...


Episode 197: We Return to the 1940's and Just Tap it In

The Basics FlickBatman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 & 2Six1940's Just Tap it InHostsAnthony Costanzo & Alessandro BiolsiPanelPeanut Gallery (Dominick Biolsi) Tweet-length Reviews The best and most influential depiction of The Batman in the most faithful adaptation of any comic book, period. 9/10 — Anthony An old Batman who’s stuck in the past but who can still learn some new tricks. He even has a mustache. 7.5/10 — Al Bookmarks Six00:01:36News &...


Episode 196: We Scream into the cavernous expanse of the Grand Canyon

The Basics FlickScream (2022)SixGrand Canyon Black Iron IPAHostsAnthony Costanzo & Alessandro Biolsi Tweet-length Reviews A completely self aware homage to an homage, but even if the acting is terrible by design… it makes the entire movie cringeworthy. 6/10 — Anthony Just clever enough a requel to keep its head above water, it’s the only type of horror movie I actually like: one grafted on to another genre, mystery in this case, and not supernatural. 6/10 — Al Bookmarks Six00:03:37News...


Episode 195: We rule out that the Southern Tier is our own personal Holy Grail

The Basics FlickMonty Python and the Holy GrailSixSouthern Tier Live SessionHostsAnthony Costanzo & Alessandro Biolsi Tweet-length Reviews A master class in unadulterated nonsense. 9/10 — Anthony A surreal, borderline incoherent, parodic masterpiece… sorry the man who was writing this review has been fired. 8/10 — Al Bookmarks Six00:01:08News & Nuggets00:09:20Consumption01:12:50Flick002:07:29


Episode 194: We get chased up a Tree by a pack of Reservoir Dogs

The Basics FlickReservoir DogsSixBeer Tree Trippy TreeHostsAnthony Costanzo & Alessandro Biolsi Tweet-length Reviews Reservoir dogs keeps you locked in that room from start to finish regardless of the number of times you’ve seen it. 8/10 — Anthony A sleek and stripped down version of the best of what Tarantino has to offer when he isn't getting in his own way: bad people saying and doing bad things to each other to try to get one over. 8/10? — Al Bookmarks Six00:02:14News &...


Episode 193: We beat down some Dirty Rotten Scoundrels with our Wrenches

The Basics FlickDirty Rotten ScoundrelsSixIndustrial Arts Impact WrenchHostsAnthony Costanzo & Alessandro Biolsi Tweet-length Reviews As with many comedies, some bits don’t hold up, even so,Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is the perfect embodiment of a lost genre. 7/10— Anthony A throwback comedy of the highest order. Laughs and heart and a solid hang all around. Caine & Martin are as unlikely a comedy duo as you can find and do not disappoint. 9/10 — Al Bookmarks Six00:06:19News &...


Episode 192: We respect our Kachinas on our cruise down the Nile

The Basics FlickDeath on the Nile (2022)SixGrand Canyon KachinaHostsAnthony Costanzo & Alessandro Biolsi Tweet-length Reviews With a pinch of mustache origin story, a dash of Egyptian ruin dry humping, and a big helping of bat shit crazy, Death on the Nile, although predictable for a murder mystery, is well worth the ride due to some truly on-point performances. 7/10 — Anthony I forgot because I didn't write it in my notes. IDR/10 — Al Bookmarks Six00:04:28News &...


Episode 191: We're a bit perturbed to learn that Guy is a Kilt Lifter

The Basics FlickFree GuySixFour Peaks Brewing Kilt LifterHostsAnthony Costanzo & Alessandro Biolsi Tweet-length Reviews Free guy starts as a silly, cutesy nostalgia driven pop-comedy and quickly levels up into an unexpectedly entertaining movie with a decent though generic story… catchphrase. 8/10 — Anthony A surprisingly well thought out and fun ride. A video game movie done right, perhaps bc it's about the story around a game, but not based on one. 7.5/10 —...


Flix & a Whisk, Part 3

The Basics FlickOscar TalkWhiskWaterford The Cuvée & Redbreast 15HostsAnthony Costanzo & Alessandro Biolsi


Episode 189: We hear that Business is A-Boomin' for The Batman

The Basics FlickThe BatmanSixAlternate Ending Business is A-Boomin'HostsAnthony Costanzo & Alessandro Biolsi Tweet-length Reviews Matt Reeves manages to honor the spirit of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight, while creating his own unique on screen presence for The Batman, shining a light on the previously under-explored Detective. He gives us the hero we deserve, as well as the one we need right now. 8/10 — Anthony Dark, brooding, calculating: that describes Riddler, Batman, & The Batman...


Episode 188: We avoid a Nightmare scenario of getting lost in the Alleys of Newburgh

The Basics FlickNightmare Alley (2021)SixNewburgh Litmus Test Vol. 5: Berry DeliciousHostsAnthony Costanzo & Alessandro Biolsi Tweet-length Reviews A captivating yet harrowing neo-noir take on man architecting his own demise 7/10 — Anthony Dark and twisted, from the dark and twisted mind of Guillermo del Toro. A gripping tale with standout performances from the incredibly talented Cooper, Blanchett, Mara, Strathairn, & Jenkins. 8.5/10 — Al Bookmarks Six00:03:47News & Nuggets00:13:44Fun...


Episode 187: We wield the Power of the Dog on our trip to Cigar City

The Basics FlickThe Power of the DogSixCigar City Florida CrackerHostsAnthony Costanzo & Alessandro Biolsi Tweet-length Reviews Y tho? 0/10 — Anthony A long, slow, depressing, bland look at frontier life and depression. Come for the Cumberbatch performance, stay for precisely nothing else. 5.5/10 — Al Bookmarks Six00:06:51News & Nuggets00:21:33Consumption00:56:34Fun & Games01:59:23Flick02:14:55