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Episode 20 "Talk About It" Featuring Jef Lyte

Salute to @jef_lyte for coming to the show to discuss, his early childhood on which he was forced to move 22 different times, him being very Versatile in his music craft, the support he gets from rapper Fabolous plus more. (Be Sure) to be on the lookout for his newest project “The Summer Switch Up”. Host: @in_max_we_trust & @smh_badd Guest: @jef_lyte


Episode 17 "Can't Do Right" Featuring Neef Buck

This week, Max, Tina, and Ashley sit down with Neef Buck from Young Gunz. He open up about his early days on Roc-a Fella, Advice From Jay-Z, His Growth In Music, We broke down His new project "Forever Do Me 9" which you can find on all music platforms, also check out his advice that he give for upcoming Artist and so much more. Link Below For Neef's Album Album Link: Guest @Neef_Buck All Host: @In_max_we_trust @singtinayao...


Episode 18 | Special "Women's Month" Playlist

This week the team release a Special playlist to honor Women's month. which feature talented upcoming women's musician from around the world. so (Be Sure) to sit back and listen to some new fresh music from some new fresh talent. Below will be the name of each artist that's on the playlist. Following Them!! Podcast Host| @in_max_we_trust | @singtinayao | @eyeamze 1. Bianca Jade | Sleeping Naked | @biancajademusic 2. Phe | About Us | @phemusic 3. Cheyenne Reece | Genuine Love |...


Episode 11 "I Write To Myself Because It's A Promise To Myself" Featuring Tina Yao

The Team is back with with talented singer Tina Yao. We'd spoke about her Amazing EP S.H.A.D.E, wanting to make music about her parents, Her Love for Alicia Keys, and so much more. Listen to her music on all music Platform. Guest Artist Instagram: @singtinayao