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#019 - How a Community Sales Event Became a Life-Changing Franchise ft. Shannon Wilburn from Just Between Friends

Shannon Wilburn is the co-founder and CEO of Just Between Friends, North America's leading children's and maternity consignment sales event franchise. Her business is so much more than a big sale - it’s changing lives for her franchisees, and for those who live in their communities. Listen to hear her inspiring story, including the life-changing event that started it all, the impact her business has had on families across the country, and what it takes to be a Just Between Friends...


#018 - How to Build a Franchise Brand from the Ground Up ft. Jen Saxton from Tot Squad

Jen Saxton came up with the idea for her business, Tot Squad, while she a student in business school seeking solutions for women trying to achieve the seemingly impossible - work-life balance. Today, her business has grown into an emerging franchise, and could be a great opportunity for women or men looking to be “pioneers” within a new franchise concept. Listen to hear how she got started, how her business has grown, where she’s taking it next, and who could be the ideal franchisees to...


#017 - Inside the Journey of Co-Owning a Fit4Mom Franchise ft. Michele Lewis and Sara Mooser

Have you ever considered buying or investing in a franchise, but don’t want to go at it alone? If so, you have to hear this week’s episode with Michele Lewis and Sara Mooser, co-owners of FIT4MOM SF Peninsula. Michele and Sara share their experience buying the franchise, and the three key qualities that helped them grow their business that started as a hobby into a growing, profitable one. What We Cover * Introducing Michele Lewis and Sara Mooser * How their business partnership began *...


#016 - Why You Need Franchise Sales Systems and Processes ft. Violet Rainwater

One of the greatest benefits to buying a franchise is the brand recognition, systems, and processes you inherit right off the bat. But, what happens if some of those systems aren’t fully functioning? What if the brand lacks a streamlined sales system? This week, Emily chats with Violet Rainwater, sales strategist and founder of Rainmaker Way, on the importance of sales systems. They cover the questions you need to ask and the answers you should hope to hear to ensure a franchise’s sales...


#015 - From Mortgage Broker to European Wax Center Franchisee ft. Emily Palmer

Do you ever feel like your plate is too full, and wonder if you can manage franchise ownership on top of everything you already have going on? Meet Emily Palmer, European Wax Center Franchisee, owner of a mortgage brokerage business, and mother to two young boys. This week, Emily shares her experience as a first-time franchisee with Erin, going into the good, the bad, and everything in between. Listen to hear the lessons she’s learned about the franchise world and the valuable tips she has...


#014 - Exiting Corporate, Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs, and Juggling it All ft. Lisane Basquiat

Lisane Basquiat is the owner of Hera Hub Carlsbad, founder of Shaping Freedom, and the co-founder of Transition Haven. While running three businesses may make her sound like a serial entrepreneur, Lisane’s background is actually in corporate - she worked for Fortune 500 companies for 23 years before deciding it was time to take control of her destiny and work for herself. Listen to hear what it was like for her to transition from corporate to entrepreneurial life, the difference business...


#013 - DNA of a Single Unit Franchisee ft. Angela Coté

Erin and Angela Coté chat again this week, this time discussing “The DNA of a Franchisee”. In her years in the franchise space as a franchisor, franchisee, and now franchisor consultant, she’s noticed there are 10 qualities that every successful franchisee shares, not matter the brand. Listen to hear the qualities Angela has found the most successful franchisees have in common, and the ways those qualities can shape their business outcomes. What We Cover * The importance of being...


#012 - How to Buy a Franchise: An Exploration in the Paths to Franchise Ownership w/ Jane Stein

Jane Stein is a franchise consultant whose company, “Your Franchise is Waiting”, provides support and services for women looking to buy a franchise. Franchise ownership can take many forms, so this week Erin and Jane discuss different models of franchise ownership: Owner-operator of a single unit Multi-unit ownership Semi-absentee ownership Buying an existing franchise Area developer Master Franchise As you listen, think about which model looks most like the pathway you envision for...


#011 - Social Media for Franchisees and Franchisors ft. Deb Evans

Deb Evans is the founder of Deb Evans Consulting, where she specializes in training franchise industry leaders in marketing, specifically focusing on ways they can use social media to grow their brands. She’s also the co-host of Social Geek Radio, a podcast that covers the latest trends in technology and digital marketing. This week, Deb and Erin discuss the power of social media - what brands should be doing to promote themselves on social, and ways prospective franchisees can use social...


#010 Buying a Franchise, an Overview of the Sales Process ft. Dan Durney of FranMaster

Dan Durney is the owner of FranMaster, an outsourced franchise development and coaching company for emerging franchisors. Best known for his involvement in the launch of franchise behemoth Massage Envy, Dan‘s brings unique insights into the world of franchising based on his 14+ years of experience. This week, Dan and Erin take a deep dive into the four main steps in the process of buying or investing in a franchise: Qualification Disclosure Validation DiscoveryWhat We Cover * Introducing...


#009 - New Career as a Cookie Cutters Franchisee ft. Katie Smith

Katie Smith had been a stay at home mom for 11 years when she decided to take the plunge into entrepreneurship, opening a Cookie Cutters franchise in the Boise, Idaho area. This week, Erin dives into her inspiring story, and Katie shares her fears before opening, the successes she’s experienced so far, and how she manages to run a business while being a mom to four daughters who are always on the go. What We Cover * Introducing Katie Smith, Cookie Cutters Franchisee * The process of...


#008 - The Importance of Values, Fit, and Networking in Franchising ft. Aubree Coderre

Aubree Coderre has spent about four years in the franchise space. While that makes her a relative newbie, her voracious appetite for education and networking has helped her learn the industry inside and out. This week, Erin sits down with Aubree to cover a range of topics related to franchise investment and ownership, learning Aubree’s tips to help franchisees thrive. What We Cover Introducing Aubree Coderre, National Sales Manager at C Squared Social What is a franchise’s “secret...


#007 - 5 Rockstar Questions to Ask When Becoming a Franchisee ft. Angela Coté

Erin connected with Angela Coté last Fall at during the FranTech conference, where they immediately connected over their passion for innovation and supporting women. Angela is an expert in the franchise space in every sense of the word - her family owned a major Canadian franchise, she’s a multi-unit franchisee, and she now consults franchisors to help them achieve exponential growth. In this episode, Angela shares her Five “Rockstar” Questions every prospective franchisee should ask...


#006 - What is a Franchise? ft. Carmen Chavez de Hesse

Ever considered turning your business into a franchise? Thought about buying or investing in an already existing franchise? You’ll need to know exactly what a franchise is before doing either of these things. In this episode, Erin chats with Carmen Chavez de Hesse, owner of Echo Growth Strategies, about the three factors that make a franchise a franchise vs. a licensed business: National trademark registrationSystems and supportOngoing fees in exchange for the trademark, systems, and...


#005 - Career reinvention, Challenging ‘Follow Your Passion’ Advice, and Buying a College Nannies, Sitters, and Tutors franchise ft. Debbie Lou

In this episode, Erin chats with Debbie Lou, owner of College Nannies, Sitters, and Tutors Poway. Debbie shares her experience moving from the nonprofit world to franchise ownership, including details about the sales process, the role passion plays in business success, and her goals for the future. What We Cover Meet Debbie LouDebbie’s journey to franchise ownershipHow important is it to follow your passion? How Debbie discovered CNST was the best fit for her The breadth of franchise...


#004 - Why Do Women Buy Franchises? Ft. Carmen Chavez de Hesse

In this episode, Erin sits down with Carmen Chavez de Hesse from Echo Growth Strategies. Carmen has worked in the franchise space for 17 years, now working to help companies in the process of scaling from local to national through franchising or licensing. Carmen explains the top six reasons why women choose to buy or invest in a franchise, and the ways that franchising can help them achieve their goals - both professionally and personally. What We Cover Introducing Carmen Chavez de Hesse...


#003 - A Better Solution in Home Care, Women in Home healthcare franchise, and more ft. Lia Smith

In this episode, Erin chats with Lia Smith, founder and CEO of A Better Solution in Home Care. Lia lives by the motto “rise and grind,” and it’s obvious that her hard work and dedication have paid off - just wait until you hear how quickly her franchise brand is expanding! She explains the reasons why women are such a great fit for a home healthcare business model, tips for achieving the ever-elusive work-life balance, and the nitty-gritty details involved in building and growing a...


#002 - From Assistant in Corporate to Club Pilates Franchisee ft. Bri Boos

In this episode, Erin sits down with Brianna Boos, owner of two (going on three!) Club Pilates locations in the San Diego area. They discuss Bri’s transformation from the corporate office, to pilates instructor, to business owner - the highs, the lows, and everything in between. Bri details the entire franchise sales process: Her decision to get into franchising Selecting the best location for her franchise How she was able to finance her new business Corporate training and...


#001 - Welcome to Franchise Rising

Welcome to the first episode of the Franchise Rising podcast. Our goal in this show is to help educate women who are interested in owning or investing in a franchise. In this episode, we explain the mission of Franchise Rising and set the stage for what you can expect as a listener. For more information, go to . Twitter: @franchiserising Instagram: @franchiserising Facebook: