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Free Form Radio - Episode 080

Update on our week: We are back, Noel give us his take on Golden Boy Promotions first MMA PPV event Liddell vs. Ortiz 3. Also in the world of gaming, he gives us his take on Pubg. He believes it's the most realistic shooter out now. Did black friday live up to the hype this year? Hear Andy's thoughts on this year's black friday, let say he was not impressed. Star Trek Generations, hear they guys take on this movie and all of the Next Generation movies. A snow storm rolls into Chicago, listen...


Free Form Radio - Episode 079

Update on our week: In this episode the FreeForm crew discuss the Christmas season that is upon us. When do you think its the right time to get into the Holiday...or Christmas spirit? Daniel talks about enjoying Christmas music and getting into the Christmas movie viewing experience. Daniel gives us all his thoughts on the new hot video game Red Dead Redemption II for the Playstation 4. Where do games go from here and is this our first step into a more realistic complex gaming experience...


Free Form Radio - Episode 078

Update on our week: Daniel recants his day with his wife Alana as they visit Panera Bread, Benihana and watch the new Halloween movie. Listen to how Panera Bread was the first place Daniel took Alana for there lunch date. Benihana's, is it a nice dinning experience. Will Daniel and Alana go again? Noel bing watches The House of Hill House. Does the hype live up to it. Noel catches us up to the latest UFC pay-per-view. Listen to his breakdown on the fights. Noel is a PC games and he is taken...


Free Form Radio - Episode 077

Update on our week: Noel give his thoughts on UFC 229 Khabib vs. McGregor and breaks down the rest of the PPV. Andy has Chicago Bears viewing party. His boys show up and have some old man beer and is it ok to double dip on dip? Also, he goes on a mini road trip to Michigan. Daniel makes a decision that will impact on how his family eats. He switches to a new warehouse clubs, was it the right one? Also, he upgraded his gaming, going with a PS4 Pro and takes his gaming to whole new...


Free Form Radio - Episode 076

Update on our week: This week Andy talks about binge watching Jack Ryan, a new Amazon TV series that has people huddled by the watercooler to discuss. Noel talks about his frolfing experience and UFC fights that weekend. Daniel fills us in on Daniel Jr starting a new instrument. Article for the week: California man scratches Lotto Tickets to win $750,000. Virginia...


Free Form Radio - Episode 075

Update on our week: As we gather for this podcast, Noel gives us his review on UFC 228 between Woodley and Til. His thoughts on a 2nd round submission. Some conversation on UFC women fighters including Tatiana Suarez. Noel finds a new YouTuber, Jujimufu and the King of Random. Listen to how they make a portable air conditioner. Andy meanwhile has been watching a documenty "Hot Coffee". This documenty drives into the McDonald lady that spilled hot coffee on her lap in 1992. This documenty...


Free Form Radio - Episode 074

Update on our week: Back and better then ever! Here updates on out lives. Danny JR and Danny are back to school and one of them is not excited about going back. Noel is an turning into an avid outdoormans. Hear what he is up to. Also, hear his take on a sport that invloves a frisbee. Andy is getting into the swings of outdoor life, he joined a softball league. Article for the week: Girl, 6, buys $350 worth of toys on mom's Amazon...


Free Form Radio - Episode 073

Update on our week: Happy Labor Day everyone! This week we take some time to discuss whats new and exciting in our individual lives. Noel does an Ancestry Test and shares his results. Andy starts and finishes a new TV show titled GLOW. Daniel has a regrettable experience with Amazon on Prime Day. Warning: May have Strong Language and Content. ========== Thank you to everyone who enjoys what we do. If you like what we do, please spread the word of our show. Email questions or...


Free Form Radio - Episode 072

Update on our week: Since we have been back, we have been talking just about us. This week we discuss three articles starting with guns for teachers, what do we need to protect our kids? Do we expect teachers to keep firearms at the ready? Are mental health improvements needed to really stop this growing problem? We find out that not all firearms lovers are bad, listen to us talk about Dr Matt. He cares for his family, guns and animals. Daniel talks about his experience with dog adoption....


2 Daniel - Episode 009

Daniel Jr and Sr are back to talk about our new dog, Bagel. We talk about a new Five Nights at Freddy's game call Ultimate Custom Night. The game lets you choose which FNAF character will try to scare you. We also bring up Juniors latest Roblox gaming with Jailbreak. Do you want to be a prisoner or the police, which will you choose. Visit Daniel Jr Corner on YouTube at ========== Thank you to everyone who enjoys what we...


Free Form Radio - Episode 071

Update on our week: Danny and Andy are back! We have technical difficulties on this weeks episode. Listen to Andy special intro. Also hear about his Andy's recent trip to a craft brewery beer tasting festival. Hear about his converstation with local Chicago drunks. Hear about his recent vacation, South of the border. Danny tells about his flask and its one time use. Also, hear Danny's tales about Alexa and does Alexa know music? Can Alexa get her grove on? Hear about Danny's recent home...


Free Form Radio - Episode 070

Update on our week: The guys are back together for some conversation and catching up on there lifes. Entire episode is about what we all have been up to. Article for the week: No article this week. Warning: May have Strong Language and Content. ========== Thank you to everyone who enjoys what we do. If you like what we do, please spread the word of our show. Email questions or suggestions to ========== See FACEBOOK page...


Free Form Radio - Episode 069

Update on our week: We bring up current events with Andy's thoughts on finally finishing tv series Mad Men. Does it go out on a high note? Andy gets a taste of his health insurance and rakes up some medical bills. Man the ER sure is expensive. Andy and his fiance gets in fidget spinners and buy up stock at there local 7-11. What is all the craze about. Daniel watches The Goonies with his son, does it hold up to todays movies. What childhood movies do you hold dear to you? The Corral family...


Free Form Radio - Episode 068

Update on our week: We talk current events such as the Facebook live killer, hear our thoughts on this troubling subject. Andy talks about doing his first communion. Daniel talks about the lastest Star Wars trailer, DC's Justice League trailer does not excite the FFR hosts. Daniel take on the Split movie and hear Andy's Unbreakable review, it's a must listen. Amazon prime beer, dont mind if i do! Hear now!!! Article for the week: Amazon Prime Beer Delivery Article Links:...


2 Daniel - Episode 008

Daniel Jr talks about his WWE trip. We had a blast at the event with our posters that Daddy made and one that Junior made. The Corral family bought some WWE swag and see a bunch of our favorite wrestlers. Hotel fun while in Moline IL. We head down to the pool and eat snacks in our room. We want to remind you about Daniel Jr Corner and all his awesome videos. Remembering our old dog Fluffy and some memories. Visit Daniel Jr Corner on YouTube...


Free Form Radio - Episode 067

Update on our week: Daniel takes the family on trip to Moline IL for a WWE wrestling house show. The show was so good, he subscribed to the WWE Network. Talking about NXT and it younger wrestlers, Tyler Breeze. Daniel and his wife have been hooked on Total Bellas. The house show had some of Juniors favorite wrestlers, John Cena, The Miz, Randy Orton and Calisto. We recap WrestleMania and give our opinion. How many suplexs would keep you down? Andy has troubles streaming Mania. Andy finally...


Free Form Radio - Episode 066

Update on our week: We're back, we talk about our lastet happenings. Daniel talks about his UFO expirence. Did he see what he thinks he saw? Also, Andy give us an update on his week and much more. Article for the week: Subway fight back with lawsuit about their chicken Article Links: Warning: May have Strong Language and Content. ========== Thank you to everyone who enjoys what...


2 Daniel - Episode 007

Daniel Jr talks about playing Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sisters location. Listen to how the character Baby is the scariest and how you can see the animatronics exoskeleton. It’s not all scary, there is a part were you eat popcorn, Ha. The Corral family gets Playstation VR. Junior describes the head gear and one of his favorite games, Job Simulator. Who hasn’t dreamed of having an office job, work at a restaurant, at a convenience store and be an auto mechanic? It is super excited. The Corral...


Free Form Radio - Episode 065

Update on our week: We take a quick look behind the curtain and close it again. Andy lets us know his displeasure with his new computer. Our discussion about Apple computers, Window PC and free software bugs. Do you put up with issues for a free version vs paying and getting a better product. Talk about back in the day money orders. Internet talk, Daniel household is without internet. Is he really that cheap? Andy rematches Wolf of Wall Street. Can you win a fight with a bear, Revenant...


Free Form Radio - Episode 064

Update on our week: Daniel takes out his wife on a special date to a special restaurant. Hear his thoughts on this special place. Also, hear his review on the new Fifty Shades of grey sequel. Does it live up to the hype? Daniel is looking for a smart TV. WIth so little money and so many TV's, what is man to do? Andy has a list of must listen podcasts, hear who he listens to. Who knew that recording a podcast is so hard, especially when there is traffic! Joe Rogan Podcast has two...