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Funky Thinkers - Thought provoking interactions delivering a lifetime of insights.


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Funky Thinkers - Thought provoking interactions delivering a lifetime of insights.






FunkQuest Heather v Cathy season 1 - Semi final 1

FunkQuest Heather v Cathy season 1 - Semi final 1 Funkquest is an interactive conversation show. Potential FUNKSTERS get to pick their own questions. They just don't know what they are... We are looking for insights, useful snippets, things we didn't know. We call this FUNK. What are the FUNKQUEST rules? Each FunkQuest episode features five rounds. Potential FUNKSTERS​ ​select an icon from the board​ to reveal a question. Funksters have to think on their feet, with a strict time limit of...


FunkQuest season 1 - Nathen v Rustie - Quarter Final 4

FunkQuest season 1 - Quarter Final 4 - Nathen v Rustie To get the Funk out - surf over to - What did you think ? Leave a comment =========================================== **Click Below to SUBSCRIBE for More Videos: Too busy to listen to full episodes? Check the playlists Funky...


FunkQuest Season 1 - Lana v Leana Quarter Final 3

FunkQuest season 1 - Quarter Final 3 saw number 7 seed Leana Delle take on number 2 seed Lana Nelson. The lower ranked Funkster goes first which was Leana. Q1. Leana picked the car and the question is "What should be compulsary learning in schools?" A strong chorus of "financial awareness" from both Funksters. Q2. Lana picked the roller skates and the question is "What was the last live event you went to?" Lana picked the Siberian Orchestra and Leana picked an evening with Mandy...


FunkQuest playoffs - S1 QF2 - Heather v Tiffany

FunkQuest season one playoff Quarter Final between Tiffany Ann Beverlin and Heather Vickery. Bothe these ladies first round opponents were unavailable so this match up really was a battle of the walkovers. Being the lowest ranked Funkster (13) Heather got the ball rolling. Q1. What's the best way to end a conversation. Bit of a normalite question sneaked it's way in. Good answer from Heather - to ask a clarifying question. My answer - to sum things up and repeat things. Going to...


FunkQuest playoffs - S1 QF1 - Ben v Cathy

Being the lower ranked Funkster, Cathy went first. Q1. The question is "What film can you watch over and over again?" Cathy picked Shrek. "Quest? I'm already on a Quest..." Ben had received this question previously but Funkily gave a different answer. VHS recordings of Ironman races from the 1990's.. To marvel at their efforts given the levels of technology they had back then. Q2. Ben got the magic wand question. He would get his old dog back and Cathy would get her visa for permanent...


Michael v Kristen FunkQuest - season 1 playoffs - 1st round

​This final match up of the first round saw number 5 seed Michael Sherlock take preliminary round Funkster Kristen Tsetsi. Kristen being the lower ranked FUNKSTER went first. Q1. Kristen picked the books and the question is "Which singer did you mine along to as a teenager? Kristin picked Depeche Mode and a discussion about pierced nose rings cropped up. Q2. Michael picked the roller blades. The question is "What was the last live event you went to?" ​A discussion about cirque du soleil....


Rustie v Rebecca FunkQuest Season 1 playoffs

Rustie MacDonald vs Rebecca Norton - Funkquest playoffs - 1st round =========== Being the lower ranked FUNKSTER, Rebecca went first. Q1. What are you interested in that most people aren't? Rebecca went with a TV show and Rustie went with belly dancing. (We moved on to talk about Bhangra dancing and there is a link to that below). Q2. What was the last live event you went ? Rebecca went to "ignite your inner potential" and Rustie went to a roller derby. Q3. Rebecca picked the multi...


Nathen vs Lana FunkQuest season 1 playoffs

Number two seed Lana Nelson (Lana from Montana) takes on number four see Nathen Aswell is this latest first round match in the Funkquest end of season playoffs. Q1. Being a musician, Nathen had his questions selected for him in his regular season epsiode. It was hardly a surprise when the question was "Which artist or singer did you mine along to as a teenager?" A discussion about impressionists followed. (Obviously...) Lana picked Barbara Streisand. Q2. If you could go back in time,...


Leana Delle vs Bryan Falchuk FunkQuest season 1 playoffs

Tedx speaker and author Leana Delle goes head to head with speaker and author Bryan Falchuk in the end of season playoffs. First round. Q1 The first appearance in the end of season playoffs for the rainbow. What are you interested in that most people aren't? Leana was caught a little cold on this one and we discussed Indie music. Bryan chose insurance. Bryan Falchuk insurace guru. Q2. Bryan chose the Thames/London scene and with his magic wand - he would want a new body. Very self...


Ben Reuter vs Kat McLead FunkQuest season 1 playoffs

The Funky Thinkers playoffs continue with number one seed Ben Reuter versus Kat McLead. The first outing for the big hitting Funksters after the preliminary round. Number one seed Ben Reuter up against number eight seed Kat Mclead. (Apologies Kat - it doesn't say so in the show). In this episode Q1. Crazy Rich Asians (trailer below) vesus no way out (Kevin Costner is a Russian/Soviet spy). Q2. People who work in nursing and medical generally...


Cathy v Dana on Funkquest - Season one - Playoffs

Cathy Weiss vs Dana Pharant is the first match in the first round proper of the Funky Thinkers playoffs. In this episode, WHO is Jar Jar Binks and do they have cars where he lives? Bothe Funksters missed the point a little in question 2 (the cassette tape). But that's what it's like battling under the pressure and trying to win the title, champion Funkster of season one. The steam train cropped up again and a hybrid, going with the flow and planning seems to be the norm. Dana admitted...


Childfree girls- 3 childfree girls go head to head

3 childfree girls go head to head in the preliminary round of the Funky Thinkers end of season one playoffs. The winner will go through to the first round proper. Who will triumph Isabel Firecracker, Kristen Tsetsei or LeNora Faye? YOU can decide - There are FOUR steps. 1. Watch/Listen to the whole episode 2. Listen for which Funskter gives you the biggest FUNKY INSIGHT. (The rest of the world call's these aha moments) 3. Follow the instructions at the end of the show on how to...


Tiffany Ann Beverlin worried about the usual stuff

Getting divorced with three small children who were US citizens meant that Tiffany was marooned in the US. Since then she has established herself as the number on choice for advice in the divorce sector. Funky Thinkers, Funky Thinkers insights, Jon Senior's Funky Thinkers To get the Funk out - surf over to - What did you think ? Leave a comment =========================================== **Click Below to SUBSCRIBE...


Leana Delle-Claimed she had a Doctors appointment FUNKY...

Leana Delle claimed she had a Doctors appointment to record this episode. If you are listening or watching boss. Hope you enjoy it... Q1. Leana picked the hippy chicks and the question is "What was the last photo you took?" A photo of a photo on a phone of a friends cat. And that's the thing. Previously, photos had a currency, a value. You could only take either 24 or 36 (if you had money). Now they are a throwaway currency. Someday when you got Grandkids, you will be saying to them...


Kerry Heaps - Another copyright thief in her youth...

Kerry Heaps is an author, speaker coach and publishes a magazine for young people wanting to get into modelling and beauty pagents. Kerry took part in Jonthan Seniors Funkquest podcast Q1. Kerry chose the cassette tape and the question is "Tell us about your record and tape collection when you were younger" Michael Jackson, Madonna, recording from the radio. blah de blah. We need to change this question. You have got this off to a T. I asked Kerry what year Michael Jackson's off the wall...


Vicki Wusche - From scuba diving to THIS...

Q1. Vicki picked the cassette tape and the question is "Tell us about your record and tape collection when you were younger" Much of the music Vicki listened to, the artists are in prison or helping police with their enquires. It is like having part of your childhood ripped away... We recounted the days of recording the top 30 at 5pm on Sundays. 79 points scored. (Because that was when cassette recorders went mainstream). Vicki knew the shirt was the old soviet union and therefore...


LeNora Faye - One more point than Kristen...

LeNora Faye is a former violin teacher turned book keeper. She is co-creator of child free girls, a community supporting women's rights not to have children. LeNora was under pressure to beat her previous colleagues, Isabel Firecracker and Kristen Tsetsi. LeNora was under pressure coming into this, as her previous two collaborators had already been on the show. Q1. LeNora picked the cassette tape and the question is "Tell us about your record and tape collection when you were growing...


Kristen Tsetsi - Literally the best Funky Thinker ever

Kristen Tsetsi is an independent author of 2 books and a key part of the child free girls community, advocating and promoting the child free lifestyle for women. Q1. Kristen picked the cassette tape and the question is "Tell us about your record and tape collection when you were younger" Kristen had a music station with record player on top, double cassette tapes and cd player. Music included INXS, The Cure, New Order and Depeche Mode. Link to World in Motion 1990 is below. 81 points...


Bryan Falchuk - Someone else who would be choosy in a traffic jam...

Bryan Falchuk lives one day at a time. And working out how he can do what he wants to do and achieve his goals while looking after his family is a challenge for all of us. Q1. Bryan picked the VW camper van and the question is "What brand are you most loyal to?" Bryan said Apple or Garmin BUT did indicate that he isn't a total slave. When his Garmin watch broke, he couldn't get on with Apple. I suggested that large corporations being in a space that they just felt they needed to. First...


Nathen Aswell- What happens if music runs the whole show?

In this Funky Thinkers with Vancouver based musician and speaker, Nathen Aswell, the rock group XTC how musicians make money in the days of YouTube and spotify and the comino. Being a musician, I told Nathen that I would be picking all the icons for him. He agreed and his pre game reconnaissance led him to that conclusion also. Q1. Nathen picked the cassette tape and the question is "Tell us about your record and tape collection when you were younger" Nathen mentioned a couple of artists...