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A podcast for school nutrition innovators. Listen on the go and be inspired by programs that think outside the lunchroom! Presented by Horizon Software.

A podcast for school nutrition innovators. Listen on the go and be inspired by programs that think outside the lunchroom! Presented by Horizon Software.
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A podcast for school nutrition innovators. Listen on the go and be inspired by programs that think outside the lunchroom! Presented by Horizon Software.






Ep 14 - CACFP 101: Chapter 2

Today we have our first repeat guests on Gab 'N Go Podcast! Ashley Gill and Georgia Perez of AGP Resources joined us earlier this year to discuss the basics of the Child and Adult Care Food Program, or CACFP. In this episode, they dive a little deeper into CACFP, including some fun facts about the program and how it fights food insecurities. If you missed their first episode, you’ll definitely want to check it out because they pointed us to a ton of resources in that episode. Click here to...


Ep 13 - Engaging High School Students in the Cafeteria

If you’re a member of the School Nutrition Professionals Facebook Group, you may have seen Tory Gibson’s pictures of her cafeteria staff’s name placards. She uses these at North Myrtle Beach High School (SC) to make it easy for students to learn her staff’s names. Tory joins us to share how she will also use her placards at Freshman Orientation, as well as some “out-of-the-lunchbox” ideas to market your program to high school students. Tory brings a lot of fun and enthusiasm to this...


Ep 12 - How to Create a Promotional Video For Your Program

At Gab N Go Podcast, we like to tackle topics that may seem difficult or even intimidating and make it easy for our listeners to try new things in their department. Well, if you think hiring a videographer, writing and recording a voiceover, and getting a school full of students and staff to cooperate for a marketing video is out of the realm of possibility, then this episode is for you! Stefanie Giannini is the Assistant Director of Food & Nutrition Services at Marquardt School District...


Ep 11 - Incentivizing Staff and the Benefits of Healthy Competition

Helen Heidler is the Foodservice Director at Dover Area School District in Pennsylvania. Last year, Helen won Whitson’s Culinary Group’s First Annual Foodservice Director of the Year Award, and we have followed Helen’s child nutrition department on Instagram and Twitter for years. Helen joins us to share how she uses healthy competition to incentivize her cafeteria staff and what she does to recognize the winners. Topics discussed: - Managing School Nutrition Teams - Staff Appreciation -...


Ep 10 - The One Marketing Campaign You Can't Skip and Optimizing Your Time at SNA Conferences

Stefanie Dove RDN, CDN, SNS of Loudon County Public Schools (VA) shares her advice for creating a marketing plan, including the one campaign your plan absolutely needs to include. She also shares her tips to maximize your team’s time at School Nutrition Association Conferences. This is the kind of episode that is chock full of resources and actionable takeaways, and is timely, so we are eager for for you to hear it! Topics discussed: - Communications and Marketing - School Nutrition...


Live Video: The Future of School Nutrition Marketing

Amanda Venezia is the Dining Services Director at Londonderry School District in New Hampshire, and is an innovator in many ways, but especially when it comes to live streaming video. She uses the power of live video to communicate with students, parents, her local community and, really, the entire child nutrition industry. We’re very excited that she has joined us on Gab ‘N Go to share her insider tips to live video. Topics discussed: - Social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - Live...


[Exclusive Episode for Horizon Customers] Solana eLearning

This is the first episode of Gab ‘N Go Podcast created specifically for Horizon customers. We are excited to announce the launch of Solana eLearning, which will help Solana customers become power users. If you’re not a member of the Horizon Family, don’t worry. We will be back to our regular rotation of school nutrition innovators and influencers in our next episodes! Jessica McCulley is an Implementation Specialist on the Customer Care Team at Horizon and she joins us to share a behind...


Tips to Reduce Unpaid Meal Balances with Your Online Payment System

Lydia Cox is the Business Analyst on the MyPaymentsPlus Team and she joins us to share some functionality in MyPaymentsPlus that makes it easy for you to reduce unpaid meal balances. Even if you don’t use MyPaymentsPlus, this is a good reminder of functionality that should be in your online payment system that you can utilize to collect on those unpaid balances. Topics discussed: - End of the School Year - MyPaymentsPlus Get social: - MyPaymentsPlus on Facebook:...


Ep 6: School Nutrition Through the Eyes of a Dietetic Intern

You may remember Tamara Earl of Mason City Schools, who shared some of her favorite nutrition education resources in Episode 4 of Gab ‘N Go Podcast. One of those favorite resources was dietetic interns, and we are delighted to welcome her most recent intern, Rachel Lizzio, to the show! Rachel graduated from Mason City Schools, so she brings a unique perspective to Gab ‘N Go as a recent student and now a child nutrition intern. We hope you enjoy this episode of Gab ‘N Go Podcast! Topics...


Nutrition Express and Crusin' Cafe Bus

Under the leadership of Joanne Kinsey, Chesapeake Public Schools’ School Nutrition Department implemented the first mobile program of its kind in Virginia – a bus that both serves meals and nutrition education classes. In this episode of Gab ‘N Go Podcast, Joanne walks us through almost every aspect of implementing the bus and share her advice for other districts that would like to implement similar programs. Topics discussed: - Watch the Nutrition Express and Cruisin’ Café Video:...


Nutrition Education Resources for Kindergarteners

Like many directors, one of Tamara Earl’s biggest goals for her district’s students is instilling healthy eating habits that extend outside of the school cafeteria. So, to start their students off on the right foot, she implemented nutrition education programs targeted to kindergartners. You may not have heard of her resources, but you be glad you heard about them here! Topics discussed: - USDA Two Bite Club: - MyPlate - Dietetic Interns -...


Lessons Learned Implementing Breakfast "at" the Classroom

Lessons Learned Implementing Breakfast "at" the Classroom by Gab 'N Go Podcast