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Living for God

Are you really living for God? Guest speaker, Scott Penick, challenges us to be transformed from our old life into our new life in Christ. If we are really living for God, our lives should be transformed daily. Scott uses Romans 12 to help us understand what it means to be living transformed lives…


The Next Steps: Develop a Rule of Life

If Jesus were to arrive at an unexpected moment, would you be found doing what he wants? We would be found ready and find it very rewarding if we intentionally cultivate a “Rule of Life.” A Rule of Life” is way to intentionally structure our lives so that God is at the center. This is the final lesson in emotionally healthy spirituality, but our work is just beginning as this lesson suggests many elements of spiritual discipline we can more fully integrate into our lives…


Becoming Emotionally Mature Adults

One of the unmistakable fruits in the life of a believer is love. And yet, we often find ourselves struggling to love well. In this sermon, we discover the difficulties behind our attempts, and discuss how we can learn to love well. The reality is that we do not naturally love others when we become Christians, its something we have to work on. The parable of the Good Samaritan gives us three portraits that will help us to love well…


Finding a Rhythm

What does your daily/weekly rhythm (schedule) look like? How do you balance your time with work, play, and God? In this lesson, we examine two spiritual disciplines that can help in slowing us down so that we can rest better. Too often we feel like we are on a hamster wheel that never stops spinning. The daily office and the weekly Sabbath are two disciplines that God encourages us to take in order to have a more balanced life. It is time to rest!…


Enlarge Your Soul Through Grief and Loss

We have difficulty facing our limits and going through losses, but processing through these experiences is required for wisdom. Avoiding grief and deflecting sadness is spiritually and emotionally unhealthy. In this lesson we learn from the examples of Job and Jesus about how to accept our limits and enlarge our souls&heliips;


Journey Through the Wall

The spiritual life is like a journey that occasionally brings us to difficult places. These challenges can be positively transformative if we allow ourselves to journey inward. God uses these ordeals to operate on our most deeply rooted spiritual problems. Using Jonah as an example we will explore what these spiritual journeys are like, what precious insights we can get out of them, and the negative consequences if we do not take this inward exploration of our souls...


Going Back to Go Forward

We are often unaware of how much our past has affected our present patterns of thinking and behavior. In this sermon, we examine the necessity of revisiting the things that have impacted us, in order to move forward with the life God has intended us to live. Jesus may live in your heart, but grandpa (your family) is in your bones...


Knowing Yourself

Every day, we experience a myriad of emotions. But do our emotions have anything to tell us? In this sermon, we examine how knowing yourself and knowing God work together to have an emotionally healthy spirituality. We look at the story of David and his emotional health when he defeats Goliath...


Unhealthy Spirituality

We begin our series Emotionally Healthy Spirituality discussing the challenges of 'iceberg' spirituality. Everything may look good on the surface, but, below we're suffering, frustrated, angry, and even paralyzed with our faith and we don't even know why. Embark on this journey with us as we explore the concepts of emotional health and contemplative spirituality...


The Measure of Maturity

What stage are you at in your Christian life? Are you just starting out in the baby stage? Or are you at the wise, gray haired stage? Or are you somewhere in between like a teen or an adult? Today Carl talks about Christian maturity and the various stages we go through. Are you letting God challenge you in each stage or are you being lazy? It's ok wherever you are, just as long as you're growing in Christ. How do you measure? Listen to find out…


Reverent Surrender

At Christmas time we can start to get a sense of entitlement, thinking that the Holidays are designed for our own selfish desires. We tend to look for gifts for ourselves and only want to participate in holiday activities that we enjoy. But the perfect picture of our Savior Jesus Christ is one that is not entitled, but instead Jesus humbles himself to do the will of the Father in heaven. Carl takes us through the biblical text found in Hebrews 5…


Resting In Jesus

At Christmas time we can start to feel really tired with all the busyness of this season. Carl reminds us that a position of rest is still available to those who will have faith in Jesus this Christmas season. Jesus completes all the work of salvation when he says on the cross, It is finished!…


Us – With Unveiled Faces

Are you letting God's glory shine out of you like a flashlight or the sun? Listen to find out how to let God's glory shine in your life…


Moses – Show Me Your Glory!

Join us in encountering God along with the Old Testament character Moses. Carl walks us through how we can encounter God in the moments of life…


The Generosity of the Church

What does Christian Generosity look like? In this lesson we study where Paul writes in 2nd Corinthians about a collection for the Jerusalem Church and how God loves cheerful givers…


Obedient In Faith

Carl shares a first-person account of the text from Acts 6:1-7. We believe that this retelling of the true story of God’s people will engage faith questions in each of us. Our prayer is that God will speak to you through this first-hand account as we seek to be people who look Godward in our everyday life…


Recognize Your Family

If we are going to draw closer to God, we need to take steps to be reconciled to others. Taking cues from the book of Philemon and Martin Luther King Jr. we explore ideas of reconciliation, the power of persuasion vs prescription, and recognizing those we dislike as fellow human beings or even family…



What are you filling your life with? What are you filling your heart with? This world distracts us to what we should really be filling our life and heart with…Jesus. Listen and fill your life and heart with an encouraging message from Gateway…


It’s Not About the Shoes, But About How You Walk

Take a walk through the lives of several biblical characters including Naaman, Gehazi, and an unnamed servant girl. Carl asks the question, is this a good man? Are you a good person? In this compelling lesson we search for the character of God in order to become the people of God…


Trust God With Your Life

Today is the final lesson in a four part series on Trusting God. Carl wraps it up by challenging us if we really trust God with our lives. Do we really trust God with our lives or are we paying Him (and ourselves) lip service? What does it take to completely trust God with our lives. Listen to find out…