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Bringing Geeky back. New interviews with creators of comics, web series, tv movies and more on Tuesdays, and three live episodes a month about fandom and entertainment news and topics.

Bringing Geeky back. New interviews with creators of comics, web series, tv movies and more on Tuesdays, and three live episodes a month about fandom and entertainment news and topics.
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Bringing Geeky back. New interviews with creators of comics, web series, tv movies and more on Tuesdays, and three live episodes a month about fandom and entertainment news and topics.






Gc184 Fallout 76 A First Look

The hosts of the Nucleus Podcast; Chris, Anna, and Cyrus have seen the new Fallout 76 trailer. They have some opinions guesses and hopes they'd like to share. Where will it take place? When will it take place? What genre will the game belong to? Get their take in this episode of Geekish Cast! Pre-order Fallout 76 from Amazon


Going Solo a spoiler heavy discussion about Solo: A Star Wars Story

Jeremy and Joe Slepski discuss Solo: A Star Wars Story. This episode is filled with spoilers. What worked, what didn't... also How good was Donald Glover as Lando? Story Sinopsis: During an adventure into the criminal underworld, Han Solo meets his future copilot Chewbacca and encounters Lando Calrissian years before joining the Rebellion.


GC182 Yo Joe Slepski

Joe Slepski was kind enough to come by and teach some of the history of GI Joe to me. We talk about the toys, comics, cartoon series and movies. Joe also tells us about running into Tommy Wiseau....again. About Joe on Joe Every week Joe Slepski and a special guest breaks down an episode of G.I. Joe A Real American Hero, designed to watch along with the episode you're watching! We are also on Patreon at where you can get access to my entire back catalog of episodes...


GC181 Marsfall the audio drama

Guests This Episode Erik Saras -writer / director Dan Lovley -writer / voice talent Sam Boase-Miller -voice talent / composer A group of friends/colleagues created an audio series about human exploration of Mars. They join me to discuss some of the characters, their inspirations and soundtracking a show. About In an era of environmental and geopolitical uncertainty,Sequoia Industries stands as a proud member of the Mars Century Collective. As one of the five largest companies tasked with...


GC 180 Wrestling with Aliens and Monsters

Evan Quiring is a renaissance man. he not only writes but illustrates and letters the book "Lucha Mystery" a comic about wrestlers with superpowers. he tells us how he got interested in comics, and how he hooked up with the guys at Scattered Comics, how he got into music and then we talk about pro wrestling. Evan shares a lot of his journey becoming an artist, getting published and just being a geek-ish guy in Winnipeg. About Lucha Mystery follows the adventures of Rey Diablo and other...


GC179 All hail Brian King

After a rough several weeks I am almost back to normal and had a great interview with Brian King. So here it is. Brian and Jeremy talk acting, comic book movies, DC vs. Marvel, The Last Jedi and every other nerdy topic you can cover. As they talk they also cover Brian King's career and his path to becoming an actor. About Brian King Brian King was born and raised in Chicago. After graduating from Columbia College he went on to work as a copywriter in the Chicago advertising community for...


GC178 On the bus with Actress Sadie Katz

Warning there is some language in this, and Sadie has appeared in many adult-oriented films... About Sadie Katz Sadie Katz is a triple threat Actress, WGA writer and Director living in Los Angeles. Her most recent film credits include a starring role in 20th Century Fox's very popular and successful horror franchise "Wrong Turn 6" playing the twisted, sexy Sally Hillicker. Showing her versatility, Sadie also played the sweet sensitive, leading lady in "Chavez: Cage of Glory" co-starring...


GC177 The Last Word on The Last Jedi

It has been three months since The Last Jedi hit theaters, and it is now available in to watch at home. This has been one of the more divisive movies in the series, and we wanted to see how people feel about it now. Panel members: Host Jeremy Vilmur Danimal Faustine Daniel Swensen Chris Saunders About The Last Jedi: Buy The Last Jedi Here Get a Lightsaber Here Rey develops her newly discovered abilities with the guidance of Luke Skywalker, who is unsettled by the strength of her powers....


GC175 Tammy Gillis of Ghost Wars and the upcoming show Siren

Tammy Gillis was kind enough to call up and talk about her life as an actor. She answers Jeremy's questions about Candian accents, acting, whether she is a ner or not and what her dream role would be. About Tammy (from IMDB) Tammy Gillis grew up in rural Manitoba, acting from a young age, playing a variety of roles in school plays. After high school, she went on to study at the University of Manitoba, where she was discovered by a modeling scout and cast in both a series of commercial for...


GC174 Game Development with Meg Stivison

Meg Stivison from small Monsters Games drops in to tell us about her new game 'Takeout" and how it was developed. About the Game Takeout As you play, you can politely order food from the waitress, or use everything at your disposal to complete your meal before your friends do. Grab your Chinese phrasebook to order the special dish you want, steal your friends’ dishes with your superior chopsticks skills, or send your friends’ meals to be wrapped for takeout. Order your copy on Amazon here!


GC Live 01/18/18 Larry Nemecek has some news

"Doctor Trek" Larry Nemecek will be joining us to discuss this week's top stories. Also, Larry has some news! This will be edited and corrected as the week goes on.


GC172 Apple Juice Production's Amanda Taylor

Jeremy talks to Amanda Taylor from Apple Juice Productions ( ) to talk about her interest in geekdom, filmmaking, the creative scene in Salt Lake City and more. About the Fan Productions by Apple Juice Productions Lily Evans and the Stroke of Midnight:A Harry Potter Fan Film It's year seven at Hogwarts for Lily Evans and her friends, but with the Wizarding War raging, tensions are high. Stoneybrook Revisited:A Baby-Sitters Club Fan Film What...


GC171 Let The Past Die

Star Wars The Last Jedi is out, and fans are of two minds on it. And we are here to add out 2 cents. Hear what we liked, didn't like, what we expected and what we didn't get.... This weeks panel: Dominic Davi: the founder and bassist of Tsunami Bomb, artists/writer Dinosaur Factory, host of 3 Gigs podcast. Joe Slepski: Co-Host of Geekish Cast and host of Joe on Joe. Paul V: Co-Host of Geekish Cast Robbie Ellinor: Host of Legacy of Power, a recurring co-host on The View From Dog River Oz:...


Geekish Cast Live Dec 14th 2017

Jeremy and Paul ruin Chanukkah by talking nerd stuff What are we geeking out about? What comics did Paul love this week? Will there be a guest host?


GC170 Bobby Blaze Returns

We brought author/wrestler Bobby Blaze (aka Bobby Blaze Smedley) back to Geekish Cast to talk about writing, selfpublishing, and marketing. How can you use Twitter to help get the word out? Are conventions a good place to find an audience? Bobby clues us into some of what he has learned. Links @bobbyblaze744 @thegeekishcast


Geekish Cast Live Dec 7th 2017

GEEK OF THE WEEK What are the guys geeking out about this week? NEWS ‘Star Trek’: Quentin Tarantino Made Paramount and J.J. Abrams Agree on R-Rating Disney and Fox are closing in on deal, could be announced next week: Sources DC Films Restructuring in the Wake of ‘Justice League’ Disappointment REVIEWS Doomsday Clock Crisis on Earth X Justice League PICK OF THE WEEK Doctor Strange #382 by Marvel Comics LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT WEEK Rumble Vol2 #1 by Image Comics JOE KNOWS COMICS Joe...


GC169 Marc Zicree of Space Command

Writer / Producer Marc Zicree stops in to talk about his upcoming "Space Command", its Kickstarter campaign and why optimism is leading the way for the future of sci-fi. Space Command is a multi-generational space opera with a cast and crew of Sci-Fi royalty. You can still get in on the final $7,500 push of the Kickstarter this week, or just tune in to check out Marc's insider info and great showbiz stories. Many thanks to Ryan T. Husk for making this possible. Links The Kickstarter page...


GC167 Brian C. Baer author of How He-man Mastered the Universe

Brian C. Baer author of How He-man Mastered the Universe joins us. We talk about his writing career, his time abroad as a teacher and his books. We delve into the history of the MOTU toy line to talk about its inception and some of its adaptations. Links Buy How He-man Mastered the Universe on Amazon Brian C. Baer on Twitter Visit us on Twitter Follow us on Facebook


Geekish Cast Live Season 2 Episode 11

Jeremy, Joe, and Chris talk about the week's news and rumors. Andrea Kile Peterson joins them in the drummer's chair. Paul is away on a secret mission. Possible Topics Justice League Thor Stranger Things The Disaster Artist


Geekish Cast Live s02 e10

Jeremy and Paul welcome award-winning filmmaker and pizza aficionado O. Corbin Salaken to talk comics and movies November 9th 2017 7 pm pacific time What are the top 3 items of the week? What are Paul's picks? Where has Joe gone? Tune in and find out!