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Bringing Geeky back. New interviews with creators of comics, web series, tv movies and more on Tuesdays, and three live episodes a month about fandom and entertainment news and topics.

Bringing Geeky back. New interviews with creators of comics, web series, tv movies and more on Tuesdays, and three live episodes a month about fandom and entertainment news and topics.
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Bringing Geeky back. New interviews with creators of comics, web series, tv movies and more on Tuesdays, and three live episodes a month about fandom and entertainment news and topics.






Chasing Molly- the interview with Shelley Pack and Josh Sutherland

Jeremy and Geekish Cast are back and joined by the writer/actress Shelley Pack and Director Josh Sutherland to talk about their movie 'Chasing Molly' Shelley Pack is an actress and writer, known for G Word (2008), Dashiell a Journey Through Autism (2014) and Beverly Hills Salon (2009). Josh Sutherland is known for his work on Looper (2012), Escape Plan (2013) and The Avengers (2012). About 'Chasing Molly' Molly, a paranormal con artist who cleans people of their valuables instead of their...


The Bay Area's own Horror Hostess

The Bay Areas own Horror Hostess with the Mostest Ms. Misery (Reyna Young) Jeremy is joined by Reyna Young, a horror hostess, actress, writer, director, comic book creator, tv personality, cook and much more. She does more by 9 am than you will probably do with your life/ Links: Website IMDB Facebook Twitter


Jason Lenox and the Lords of the Cosmos

Jason Lenox is an illustrator who specializes in penciling, India ink rendering, and sequential artwork. His current project is the epic sci-fi/fantasy adventure comic Lords of the Cosmos, the second issue of which was released in September 2018, under the UGLI Studios imprint. Jason has an extensive print and poster library, and he can often be seen on the national comic convention circuit interacting with his fans and sharing his artwork. He is in high demand for his commissioned pieces,...


Geekish Cast Live Jan 15th 2019

GEEK OF THE WEEK What are the guys geeking out about this week? NEWS The first Ghostbusters teaser for Jason Reitman’s new film debuts! The Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer is here Movie Reviews Spider-Man Enter the Spiderverse and Aquaman. PICK OF THE WEEK Criminal #1 by Image Comics LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT WEEK Conan the Barbarian #2 by Marvel Comics WHAT’S THE LAST THING JOE READ THIS WEEK? WEEKLY TOPIC What are we looking forward to geeking out to in 2019


Larry Nemecek and the "P" Captains

Larry Nemecek returns and catches us up on Portal 47, Tuesdays Live and his L.A. area tours. Jeremy and Larry then discuss the returning Star Trek Captains Christopher Pike and Jean-Luc Picard, for more on Larry and His goings on.


Brennan Risling of Draw Me In comics

Jeremy is joined by Brennan Risling of Draw Me In Comics, to talk about their new online Indy comic marketplace. Links Draw Me In Comics Website


Stan Lee Remembered with guest Rico E. Anderson

Geekish Cast Week of 20 Nov 2018 This week the guys are joined by actor Rico E. Anderson, and Joe reminds us he is in L.A. We talk dog and Greyhound adoption and of course we discuss Stan Lee and his legacy. GEEK OF THE WEEK What are the guys geeking out about this week? NEWS Marvel Reveals the New Daredevil Creative Team Jeremy Irons’ Watchmen Role Revealed, Jean Smart Added to the Cast Rogue One’s Cassian Andor to Headline a New Star Wars Series PICK OF THE WEEK Mister Miracle #12 by DC...


Geekish Cast Live Deadpool PG-13?

Gi Joe and drugs, Bohemian Rhapsody spoilers, video game talk. Swamp Thing news, and The Walking Dead spoilers. Alan Tudyk Will Voice the Joker in the Harley Quinn Animated Series Ewan McGregor Cast as Black Mask in Birds of Prey! Boba Fett Solo Film is 100% Dead, Says Kathleen Kennedy PICK OF THE WEEK Old Man Hawkeye #10 by Marvel Comics LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT WEEK THE GREEN LANTERN #1 by DC Comics WHAT’S THE LAST THING JOE READ THIS WEEK? Should Rated R movies be re-edited to PG-13?


GC197 Sam Benjamin / The Few Dark Future

Actor/Director/Writer and hater of domino masks Sam Benjamin is back to tell us about his plans for the future of his superhero web series "The Few". The conversation also takes us to the upcoming Joker film and a few other places. Watch "The Few" Series one here Support "The Few" on IndieGoGo here


How Bad was Venom?

Jeremy, Paul and Joe discuss James Gunn going to DC, other top stories and Joe and Paul then give their spoiler filled opinions on Venom. Week of 16 Oct 2018 GEEK OF THE WEEK What are the guys geeking out about this week? NEWS Netflix Cancels Iron Fist After Two Seasons Marvel Reveals New Guardians of the Galaxy Lineup 'It's OFFICIAL' Says DC - JAMES GUNN Attached to Write SUICIDE SQUAD 2 PICK OF THE WEEK Murder Falcon #1 by Image Comics LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT WEEK Cemetary Beach #2 by...


Nana Nana Nana Batwang

This week the guys talk about the top news stories which lead them to discuss: Venom, Wendigo, Odin, Split, Jack Kirby, the new Joker movie, and Batman's Batwang. Top Stories and Topics: What are the guys geeking out about this week? Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy’s contract renewed through 2021 Chloe Zhao Will Direct Marvel Studios’ Eternals Movie First Look: Joaquin Phoenix in Full Joker Makeup PICK OF THE WEEK Heroes in Crisis #1 by DC Comics LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT WEEK Cosmic...


What is going on with the DC movie Universe? Geekish Cast Live 195

WEEKLY TOPIC What the hell is going on at DCEU? In this week's discussion: What are the guys geeking out about, Paul is on Spider-Man PS4 NEWS Doom Patrol set photos reveal good look at Robotman Marvel Throws Shade At Batman Wedding With Fantastic Four Wedding Announcement Captain Marvel Trailer PICK OF THE WEEK Superman #3 by DC Comics LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT WEEK Return Of Wolverine #1 by Marvel Comics What did Joe read last?


GC193 Derek Haugen from Good Cops and I had a Bloody Good Time at House Harker

Derek Haugen one of the creators of Good Cops web series and the movie I had a blood Good Time at House Harker drops in to talk about his movies and film making in general. This episode was uploaded out of order.. due to my lack of foresight. About "Good Cops" Three "good" cops try to nab a notorious "perp" known as "The Nightflasher." In the process, one of the cops (Sledge) is mortally wounded (or so the three cops think). Without Sledge's knowledge or consent, a plan is hatched by the...


Geekish Cast Live Sept 4th 2018

The gang is back, but find a slow news week, they still manage to talk about the Spider-man video game, Swamp Thing, Batman and Robin and more. Planned topics: What are we geeking out about this week?Henry Cavill to star in WitcherSuperhero Video GamesSleepy Hollow’s Len Wiseman to direct Swamp Thing pilotCody Rhodes wins NWA titl


GC192 Hits the ground running

This week right in. The guys started talking Batman and it led right into the show. Top Stories this week (August 27th 2018) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Has Been Delayed Indefinitely Dominic Monaghan joins Star Wars: Episode IX STARMAN Returning in JUSTICE LEAGUE (and JUSTICE SOCIETY?!) All of this, plus Paul's Picks and what's Joe been reading. Then they wrap up with talk about streaming services, and the future of streaming content.


GC191 Sam Benjamin interview

Jeremy talks to Sam Benjamin an actor-director and producer from the UK. They discuss, Peter Capaldi, Patrick Stewart, acting as a career choice, and producing a web series.. then they get nerdy about pro wrestling. SAM BENJAMIN Credits include Doctor Who, Justice League, Peaky Blinders Sam writes and stars in Amazon Prime short Double Cross watch here Also, check out "the Few" on


Top geek news for the week of Aug 20 2018

The gang is back talking about the new Mr. Spock, Season 2 of Iron Fist, the comics Joe and Paul are reading and discussing James Gunn's firing by Marvel. We also veer off into toys, wrestling and other topics as we cover this week's biggest geek culture topics.


Geekish Cast Paul's return and the top stories for the week of August 10 2018

Paul, Joe and Jeremy get together and talk about the top stories of the week. GEEK OF THE WEEK What are the guys geeking out about this week? NEWS Ruby Rose is The CW’s Batwoman! The CW has found its Batwoman! Ruby Rose (Orange is the New Black, John Wick: Chapter 2, The Meg) has been cast as the Gotham superhero. Jon Favreau Star Wars series has a $100 million budget Actor and director Jon Favreau (Iron Man, The Jungle Book) is currently hard at work executive producing and writing a...


Gc188 Wrestler and Rockstar Robby Vegas

Jeremy talks with "Rockstar" Robby Vegas an indie wrestler and musician from Buffalo. Robby talks about his love of wrestling, horror movies and 80's metal. What is the day to day life of an indie wrestler like? What bands and wrestlers inspired Robby's career choices? When is the right time to use a superkick? Who are his favorite slashers from horror films? Find out about "Rockstar" Robby Vegas on this week's Geekish Cast. Follow Robby on Twitter


GC187 Penny Palabras with Ken Carlson

Creator of the web series "dead Drift" joins us again to discuss his newest movie "Penny Palabras". Ken talks about making movies on a micro-budget away from Hollywood, working on his first licensed property and the challenges of being an indie filmmaker. As usual, Jeremy just wants to talk about himself. About PennyPalabras Penny Palabras is being tormented by a malevolent entity called the Straw Man. She's not sure why he's chosen her, but his pranks are escalating and he grows more...